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Volume 27, No. 2 (2022)

"Cities in the forest" and "cities of the forest": an environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) spatial approach to analyzing the urbanization-deforestation relationship in a Brazilian Amazon state   PDF Version

Renata Maciel Ribeiro, Silvana Amaral, Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro and Ana Paula Dal'Asta

Multistakeholder platforms for natural resource governance: lessons from eight landscape-level cases   PDF Version

Blake D Ratner, Anne M Larson, Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti, Hagar ElDidi, Delia Catacutan, Fiona Flintan, Diana Suhardiman, Thomas Falk and Ruth Meinzen-Dick

Do all roads lead to Sapporo? The role of linking and bridging ties in evacuation decisions   PDF Version

Timothy Fraser, Daniel P. Aldrich and Larissa Morikawa

The invisible thread: women as tradition keepers and change agents in Spanish pastoral social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Maria E. Fernández-Giménez, Federica Ravera and Elisa Oteros-Rozas

Strategic spatial planning in emerging land-use frontiers: evidence from Mozambique   PDF Version

Eduardo Oliveira and Patrick Meyfroidt

Water quality and forest restoration in the Lake Tahoe basin: impacts of future management options   PDF Version

Mariana Dobre, Jonathan W. Long, Charles Maxwell, William J. Elliot, Roger Lew, Erin S. Brooks and Robert M. Scheller

Reviewing the relationship between neoliberal societies and nature: implications of the industrialized dominant social paradigm for a sustainable future   PDF Version

Jeanne M. Bogert, Jacintha Ellers, Stephan Lewandowsky, Meena M. Balgopal and Jeffrey A. Harvey

Visions for development and management of urban green and blue infrastructure: a citizen's perspective   PDF Version

Julia Palliwoda, Annegret Haase, Constantin Suppee, Dieter Rink and Joerg A. Priess

Praying for rain, resilience, and social stability in Murcia (southeast Spain)   PDF Version

José-Antonio Espín-Sánchez and Salvador Gil-Guirado

Unintended consequences of sustainable development initiatives: risks and opportunities in seagrass social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Benjamin L. H. Jones, Leanne C. Cullen-Unsworth, Maricela de la Torre-Castro, Lina M. Nordlund, Richard K.F. Unsworth and Johan S. Eklöf

Spatial distribution of bat activity in agricultural fields: implications for ecosystem service estimates   PDF Version

Christopher T. Fill, Craig R. Allen, Dirac Twidwell and John F. Benson

Collective action in the area-wide management of an invasive plant disease  

Sara Garcia Figuera, Bruce Babcock, Mark Lubell and Neil McRoberts

From stories to maps: translating participatory scenario narratives into spatially explicit information   PDF Version

Dula W. Duguma, Jannik Schultner, David J. Abson and Joern Fischer

More than just information: what does the public want to know about climate change?   PDF Version

Michael Murunga, Gretta T. Pecl, Emily M. Ogier, Peat Leith, Catriona Macleod, Rachel Kelly, Stuart Corney, Ingrid E. van Putten, David Mossop, Coco Cullen-Knox, Silvana Bettiol, Paul Fox-Hughes, Chris Sharples and Jocelyn Nettlefold

Forest management under uncertainty: the influence of management versus climate change and wildfire in the Lake Tahoe Basin, USA.   PDF Version

Charles Maxwell, Robert M. Scheller, Jonathan W Long and Patricia Manley

Resilience in the times of COVID: what the response to the COVID pandemic teaches us about resilience principles   PDF Version

Marta Berbés-Blázquez, Michael Schoon, Karina Benessaiah, Elena M. Bennett, Garry D. Peterson and Rajiv Ghimire

Conceptualizing multidimensional barriers: a framework for assessing constraints in realizing recreational benefits of urban green spaces   PDF Version

Manuel Wolff, André Mascarenhas, Annegret Haase, Dagmar Haase, Erik Andersson, Sara T Borgström, Jakub Kronenberg, Edyta Łaszkiewicz and Magdalena Biernacka

Modeling the Risk Reduction Benefit of Forest Management Using a Case Study in the Lake Tahoe Basin   PDF Version

Samuel G Evans, Tim G Holland, Jonathan W Long, Charles Maxwell, Robert M. Scheller, Evan Patrick and Matthew D. Potts

Examining abiotic and biotic factors influencing specimen black oaks (Quercus kelloggii) in northern California to reimplement traditional ecological knowledge and promote ecosystem resilience post-wildfire   PDF Version

Cory J. O'Gorman, Lisa Patrick Bentley, Clint McKay, Margaret Purser and Kylie M. Everly

Expectations about voluntary efforts in collaborative governance and the fit with perceived prerequisites of intrinsic motivation in Sweden’s ecosystem-based moose management system   PDF Version

Maria Johansson, Annelie Sjölander-Lindqvist, Sabrina Dressel, Göran Ericsson and Camilla Sandström

Interactive governance of whale ecosystem services: governability assessment of three case studies in the Arctic   PDF Version

Laura Malinauskaite, David Cook, Eduard Ariza, Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir and Helga Ögmundardóttir

Geospatial patterns and models of subsistence land use in rural Interior Alaska   PDF Version

Dana R. N. Brown, Todd J Brinkman, Gayle P Neufeld, Loraine S Navarro, Caroline L Brown, Helen S Cold, Brooke L Woods and Bruce L Ervin

Building community capacity with philosophy: Toolbox dialogue and climate resilience   PDF Version

Bryan Cwik, Chad Gonnerman, Michael O'Rourke, Brian Robinson and Daniel Schoonmaker

Volume 27, No. 1 (2022)

Double exposure to capitalist expansion and climatic change: a study of vulnerability on the Ghanaian coastal commodity frontier   PDF Version

Callum Nolan, Izabela Delabre, Filippo Menga and Michael K. Goodman

Hunting as land use: Understanding the spatial associations among hunting, agriculture, and forestry   PDF Version

Wiebke Neumann, Christian Levers, Fredrik Widemo, Navinder J. Singh, Joris P.G.M. Cromsigt and Tobias Kuemmerle

Patriotism, place, and provisioning: assessing cultural ecosystem services through longitudinal and historical studies in Vietnam   PDF Version

Pamela McElwee, Hương Vũ, Giang Võ and Dianne Lê

Perceived impacts of woody encroachment on ecosystem services in Hluhluwe, South Africa   PDF Version

Linda Luvuno, Reinette Biggs, Nicola Stevens and Karen Esler

Assessing the potential delivery of ecosystem services by farmlands under contrasting management intensities   PDF Version

Ana Buchadas, Francisco Moreira, Davy McCracken, José Lima Santos and Angela Lomba

Not too small to benefit society: insights into perceived cultural ecosystem services of mountain lakes in the European Alps   PDF Version

Uta Schirpke, Rocco Scolozzi and Ulrike Tappeiner

Resilience-performance trade-offs in managing social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Mehran Homayounfar, Rachata Muneepeerakul and John M Anderies

Causes of overgrazing in Inner Mongolian grasslands: Searching for deep leverage points of intervention   PDF Version

Xuening Fang and Jianguo Wu

Biodiversity conservation through forest certification: key factors shaping national Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard-development processes in Canada, Sweden, and Russia   PDF Version

Marine Elbakidze, Lucas Dawson, Constance L. McDermott, Sara Teitelbaum and Maria Tysiachniouk

Deriving scalable measures for restoration of communal grazing lands   PDF Version

Jason Sircely, Bulle Osman Abdisemet, Joel Kamango, Albert Kuseyo, Minale Wondie Markos, Irene Njoki Nganga, Samantha Russell, Joel Mejaa Somare, Tamene Tolessa, Andarge Workneh and Elias Zerfu

Operationalizing agency in livelihoods research: smallholder farming livelihoods in southwest Ethiopia   PDF Version

Aisa O. Manlosa

Operationalizing water-energy-food nexus research for sustainable development in social-ecological systems: an interdisciplinary learning case in Central Asia   PDF Version

Ahmad Hamidov, Katrin Daedlow, Heidi Webber, Hussam Hussein, Ilhom Abdurahmanov, Aleksandr Dolidudko, Ali Yawar Seerat, Umida Solieva, Tesfaye Woldeyohanes and Katharina Helming

Complex human-deer interactions challenge conventional management approaches: the need to consider power, trust, and emotion   PDF Version

Taylor R. Stinchcomb, Zhao Ma and Zoe Nyssa

Closing integrative gaps in complex environmental governance systems   PDF Version

Harrison S Fried, Matthew Hamilton and Ramiro Berardo

Toward a feminist political ecology of household food and water security during drought in northern Nicaragua   PDF Version

Christopher M Bacon, Lisa C Kelley and Iris T Stewart

Perception matters: an Indigenous perspective on climate change and its effects on forest-based livelihoods in the Amazon   PDF Version

Tina N. Bauer, Wil de Jong and Verina Ingram

Assessing the institutional foundations of adaptive water governance in South India   PDF Version

Sechindra Vallury, Hoon C. Shin, Marco A. Janssen, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Sandeep Kandikuppa, Kaushalendra R. Rao and Rahul Chaturvedi

Land cover and socioeconomic factors explain avian diversity in a tropical megacity   PDF Version

Marufa Sultana, Ilse Storch, M. Niamul Naser and Mayeen Uddin

Frequency of disturbance mitigates high-severity fire in the Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada   PDF Version

Charles Maxwell, Robert M. Scheller, Jonathan W Long and Patricia Manley

Enabling ecosystem services at the neighborhood scale while allowing for urban regrowth: the case of Halle, Germany   PDF Version

Dagmar Haase and Manuel Wolff

An integrated climate-biodiversity framework to improve planning and policy: an application to wildlife crossings and landscape connectivity   PDF Version

Robert Newell, Ann Dale and Nina-Marie Lister

Social-ecological networks and connectivity within and between two communities of small-scale fishers in Mexico   PDF Version

Adrian Munguia-Vega, Jose Alberto Zepeda-Dominguez, Maria Fernanda Perez-Alarcon, Imelda G. Amador-Castro, Stuart Fulton, Mariana Walther, Marian Rodriguez-Fuentes, Claudia Maria Fumero-Andreu and Jorge Torre

People think there's no nature in cities, but they want to know more   PDF Version

Natalia C Piland, Estrella Velásquez-Ruíz, Cristina Palao-Lambarri, Mario Caller and Xiomara A Valdivia-Zavaleta

Hidden benefits and risks of partial protection for coral reef fisheries   PDF Version

Patrick F. Smallhorn-West, Philippa J Cohen, Renato A. Morais, Fraser A Januchowski-Hartley, Daniela Ceccarelli, Siola'a Malimali, Karen Stone, Regon Warren and Joshua E. Cinner

Inequalities and solidarities: interactions and impacts of sea-level-rise adaptation policies   PDF Version

Nathalie Long, Cécile Bazart and Hélène Rey-Valette

The wisdom of hindsight: a comparative analysis of timelines of environmental governance of infrastructure across the Pan-Amazon   PDF Version

Alexandra N Sabo, Marliz Arteaga, Andrea B Chavez Michaelsen, Carolina O. Jordão, Sinomar Ferreira da Fonseca Junior, Vanessa Luna-Celino, Pamela Montero Alvarez and Stephen Perz

Resistance to change: A case study on framing and policy change of a controversial nature area   PDF Version

Renske van der Maten, Eira C Carballo-Cárdenas and Jan Van Tatenhove

Impacts of harvested species declines on Indigenous Peoples’ food sovereignty, well-being and ways of life: a case study of Anishinaabe perspectives and moose   PDF Version

Pauline Priadka, Brittany Moses, Cory Kozmik, Steven Kell and Jesse N Popp

Pau-brasil and string instrument bows telecouple nature, art, and heritage   PDF Version

Silke Lichtenberg, Elisabeth Huber-Sannwald, Juan Antonio Reyes-Agüero, Dieter Anhuf and Udo Nehren

Emotionally augmented mental models, connectivity and beaver reintroduction in Southwest England   PDF Version

Andrew Blewett, Maarten Jacobs, Kasper Kok, Natalie A. Jones, Sharron Ogle and Edward Huijbens

Systemic analysis of a developing plant community on the island of Surtsey   PDF Version

Hannah Schrenk, Borgþór Magnússon, Bjarni D. Sigurdsson and Wolfgang zu Castell

Migration and collective action in the commons: application of social-ecological system framework with evidence from China   PDF Version

Yahua Wang, Yiqing Su and Eduardo K. Araral

Extreme events, loss, and grief—an evaluation of the evolving management of climate change threats on the Great Barrier Reef   PDF Version

Lisa C Walpole and Wade L Hadwen

Working with or against multifunctional landscapes? A case study of land users’ local knowledge of grassland–forest transition zones in northeastern Germany   PDF Version

Henrike Schümann, Andrea Knierim, Sonoko D. Bellingrath-Kimura and Maria Kernecker

Result-based payments as a tool to preserve the High Nature Value of complex silvo-pastoral systems: progress toward farm-based indicators   PDF Version

Teresa Pinto-Correia, Isabel Ferraz-de-Oliveira, Maria Helena Guimarães, Elvira Sales-Baptista, Carla Pinto-Cruz, Carlos Godinho and Ricardo Vieira Santos

Waves and legacies: the making of an investment frontier in Niassa, Mozambique   PDF Version

Angela Kronenburg García, Patrick Meyfroidt, Dilini Abeygunawardane and Almeida A. Sitoe

Murky waters: divergent ways scientists, practitioners, and landowners evaluate beaver mimicry   PDF Version

Tori Pfaeffle, Megan A. Moore, Amanda E. Cravens, Jamie McEvoy and Aparna Bamzai-Dodson

The Kere of Madagascar: a qualitative exploration of community experiences and perspectives   PDF Version

Maixent I. Ralaingita, Gretchen Ennis, Jeremy Russell-Smith, Kamaljit Sangha and Thierry Razanakoto

Unraveling the combined effects of sociopolitical and climate change scenarios for an artisanal small-scale fishery in the Western Mediterranean   PDF Version

Henrike Rambo, Andres Ospina-Alvarez, Ignacio A. Catalán, Francesc Maynou and Vanessa Stelzenmüller

Uncovering well-being ecosystem services bundles (WEBs) under conditions of social-ecological change in Brazil   PDF Version

Ana Carolina Esteves Dias, Derek Armitage and Andrew J Trant

Dynamics of pastoral traditional ecological knowledge: a global state-of-the-art review   PDF Version

Abolfazl Sharifian, Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares, Hussein T Wario, Zsolt Molnár and Mar Cabeza

Environmental flows in the Rio Grande - Rio Bravo basin   PDF Version

Samuel Sandoval-Solis, Stephanie Paladino, Laura E. Garza-Diaz, Luzma F. Nava, Jack R. Friedman, J. Pablo Ortiz-Partida, Sophie Plassin, Grace Gomez-Quiroga, Jennifer Koch, Jeri Fleming, Belize A. Lane, Sean Wineland, Ali Mirchi, Ramon Saiz-Rodriguez and Thomas M Neeson

Visualization of causation in social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Thomas Banitz, Tilman Hertz, Lars-Göran Johansson, Emilie Lindkvist, Rodrigo Martí­nez-Peña, Sonja Radosavljevic, Maja Schlüter, Karl Wennberg, Petri Ylikoski and Volker Grimm

A framework for co-production of knowledge in the context of Arctic research   PDF Version

Ellam Yua, Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, Raychelle Aluaq Daniel and Carolina Behe

Volume 26, No. 4 (2021)

State of Alaska's salmon and people: introduction to a special feature   PDF Version

Peter A. H. Westley, Jessica C Black, Courtney Carothers and Danielle Ringer

Building adaptive capacity in a changing Arctic by use of technology   PDF Version

Jennifer I Schmidt, Vera H Hausner and Christopher Monz

Participatory futures thinking in the African context of sustainability challenges and socio-environmental change   PDF Version

Emma Li Johansson

Water management, hydrological extremes, and society: modeling interactions and phenomena   PDF Version

Maurizio Mazzoleni, Vincent O. Odongo, Elena Mondino and Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Residents' perceptions of the role and management of green spaces to provide cultural ecosystem services in Dhaka, Bangladesh   PDF Version

Rumana Sultana and Samiya Ahmed Selim

In the trap of interacting indirect and direct drivers: the disintegration of extensive, traditional grassland management in Central and Eastern Europe   PDF Version

Dániel Babai, Béla Jánó and Zsolt Molnár

Panarchy and management of lake ecosystems   PDF Version

David G. Angeler, Craig R. Allen, Ahjond Garmestani, Lance Gunderson and Richard K. Johnson

Automated content analysis of the Hawaiʻi small boat fishery survey reveals nuanced, evolving conflicts   PDF Version

Aviv Suan, Kirsten M. Leong and Kirsten L.L. Oleson

Drawing on diverse knowledge systems to enhance local climate understanding in the southern Cape, South Africa   PDF Version

Catherine D. Ward, Georgina Cundill, Guy F. Midgley and Astrid Jarre

Looking at hidden connections to explore adaptive capacity of cultural landscape systems: case studies of four landcare associations in Germany   PDF Version

Hyunjin Park and Claudia Bieling

Non-governmental organizations improve the social-ecological fit of institutions conserving the Andean bear in Colombia   PDF Version

Rhianna R. Hohbein, Nathan P. Nibbelink and Robert J. Cooper

Changing trends and perceptions of sea turtle egg consumption in Redang Island, Malaysia   PDF Version

Meenakshi Poti, Seh Ling Long, Mohd Uzair Rusli, Jarina Mohd Jani, Jean Hugé and Farid Dahdouh-Guebas

Climate change stressors and social-ecological factors mediating access to subsistence resources in Arctic Alaska   PDF Version

Kristen M. Green, Anne H. Beaudreau, Maija H. Lukin and Larry B. Crowder

Mapping mental barriers that prevent the use of neighborhood green spaces   PDF Version

Dagmar Haase, Manuel Wolff and Nadja Schumacher

Retaining multi-functionality in a rapidly changing urban landscape: insights from a participatory, resilience thinking process in Stockholm, Sweden   PDF Version

Sara Borgström, Erik Andersson and Tove Björklund

Why do large-scale agricultural investments induce different socio-economic, food security, and environmental impacts? Evidence from Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique   PDF Version

Christoph Oberlack, Markus Giger, Ward Anseeuw, Camilla Adelle, Magalie Bourblanc, Perrine Burnod, Sandra Eckert, Wegayehu Fitawek, Eve Fouilleux, Sheryl L Hendriks, Boniface Kiteme, Livhuwani Masola, Zaka Diana Mawoko, Sara Mercandalli, Aurélien Reys, Maya da Silva, Michael van der Laan, Julie G Zaehringer and Peter Messerli

Assessing the learning process in transdisciplinary research through a novel analytical approach   PDF Version

André Mascarenhas, Johannes Langemeyer, Dagmar Haase, Sara Borgström and Erik Andersson

Participatory scenario planning and framing of social-ecological systems: an analysis of policy formulation processes in Rwanda and Tanzania   PDF Version

Lucas Rutting, Joost M. Vervoort, Heleen Mees and Peter P. J. Driessen

Applying community-based and Indigenous research methodologies: lessons learned from the Nuxalk Sputc Project   PDF Version

Rachelle Beveridge, Megan F. Moody, Bernie Pauly, Grant Murray and Chris T. Darimont

Integrated and innovative scenario approaches for sustainable development planning in The Bahamas   PDF Version

Katherine H. Wyatt, Katie K. Arkema, Stacey Wells-Moultrie, Jessica M. Silver, Brett Lashley, Adelle Thomas, Jan J. Kuiper, Anne D. Guerry and Mary Ruckelshaus

Situating Indigenous knowledge for resilience in fire-dependent social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz, Shannon M Hagerman and Lori D Daniels

Multi-secular and regional trends of aquatic biodiversity in European Early Modern paintings: toward an ecological and historical significance   PDF Version

Anne-Sophie Tribot, Daniel Faget, Héloïse Villesseche, Thomas Richard and Thomas Changeux

An integrated livelihoods and well-being framework to understand northeastern Colorado ranchers' adaptive strategies   PDF Version

Jasmine E. Bruno, Maria E. Fernandez-Gimenez and Meena M. Balgopal

Converting monospecific into mixed forests: stakeholders’ views on ecosystem services in the Black Forest Region   PDF Version

Iulia Almeida, Christine Rösch and Somidh Saha

Participatory monitoring and evaluation to enable social learning, adoption, and out-scaling of regenerative agriculture   PDF Version

Raquel Luján Soto, Mamen Cuéllar Padilla, María Rivera Méndez, Teresa Pinto-Correia, Carolina Boix-Fayos and Joris de Vente

From fAIrplay to climate wars: making climate change scenarios more dynamic, creative, and integrative   PDF Version

Laura M. Pereira, David R. Morrow, Valentina Aquila, Brian Beckage, Sam Beckbesinger, Lauren Beukes, Holly J Buck, Colin J. Carlson, Oliver Geden, Andrew P. Jones, David P. Keller, Katharine J. Mach, Mohale Mashigo, Juan B. Moreno-Cruz, Daniele Visioni, Simon Nicholson and Christopher H. Trisos

Failing to plan is planning to fail: lessons learned from a small-scale scenario planning process with marginalized fishers from South Africa’s southern Cape   PDF Version

Louise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre and Charles Mather

Land-use changes associated with large-scale land transactions in Ethiopia   PDF Version

Tim G. Williams, Sadie A. Trush, Jonathan A. Sullivan, Chuan Liao, Nathan Chesterman, Arun Agrawal, Seth D. Guikema and Daniel G. Brown

Adaptive resilience of and through urban ecosystem services: a transdisciplinary approach to sustainability in Barcelona   PDF Version

Claudia De Luca, Johannes Langemeyer, Simeon Vaňo, Francesc Baró and Erik Andersson

Barriers to incorporating ecosystem services in coastal conservation practice: the case of blue carbon   PDF Version

Aaron L. Strong and Nicole M. Ardoin

Evaluating determinants of social trust in water utilities: implications for building resilient water systems   PDF Version

Madeline A. Grupper, Michael G. Sorice, Marc J. Stern and Madeline E. Schreiber

Shifting beach wrack composition in the SW Baltic Sea and its effect on beach use   PDF Version

Florian Weinberger, Swantje Sundt, Nadja Staerck, Christine Merk, Rolf Karez and Katrin Rehdanz

Place attachment and perceptions of land-use change: cultural ecosystem services impacts of eucalyptus plantation expansion in Ubajay, Entre Ríos, Argentina   PDF Version

Theresa Selfa, Victoria Marini and Jesse B. Abrams

Archetypal games generate diverse models of power, conflict, and cooperation   PDF Version

Bryan Bruns and Christian Kimmich

Iterative scenarios for social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Dustin L. Herrmann, Kirsten Schwarz, Craig R. Allen, David G Angeler, Tarsha Eason and Ahjond Garmestani

Farmer networks and agrobiodiversity interventions: the unintended outcomes of intended change   PDF Version

Marney E. Isaac, Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong, Petr Matouš, Evans Dawoe and Luke C. N. Anglaaere

Toward an ecology of disasters: a primer for the pursuit of ecological research on disasters   PDF Version

Nathaniel L. Gibson, Elizabeth A. Green, Guido A. Herrera-R, Sarah J. Love, Sophia C. Turner, Maryrose Weatherton, Alexandra S. Faidiga, Amy R. Luo, Michael L. Ngoh, Eric Shershen, Hyun Seok Yoon and Michael J. Blum

Climate change risks and adaptation options for Madagascar   PDF Version

Sarah R. Weiskopf, Janet A. Cushing, Toni Lyn Morelli and Bonnie J. E. Myers

Social learning in conservation and natural resource management: taking a sociocultural perspective   PDF Version

Christopher C. Jadallah and Heidi L. Ballard

Conservation and indigenous cultures: learning from the Yanadi community in the Eastern Ghats, India   PDF Version

Diya Paul and Suresh Jones

Capturing practitioners' "how-to" knowledge in the form of recommendations for more effective planning of collaborative adaptive management projects   PDF Version

Jim Berkley and Kathi K. Beratan

A framework for ecosystem resilience in policy and practice: DECCA   PDF Version

Angelina Sanderson Bellamy, Jim Latham, Steve Spode, Sarah Ayling, Rhian Thomas and Kirsty Lindenbaum

Technology in support of nature-based solutions requires understanding everyday experiences   PDF Version

Jiayang Li and Joan Iverson Nassauer

Urban resilience thinking in practice: ensuring flows of benefit from green and blue infrastructure   PDF Version

Erik Andersson, Sara Borgström, Dagmar Haase, Johannes Langemeyer, Manuel Wolff and Timon McPhearson

Volume 26, No. 3 (2021)

Social and environmental change in the Arctic: emerging opportunities for well-being transformations through stewardship   PDF Version

F. Stuart Chapin and III

Advancing practical applications of resilience in Aotearoa-New Zealand   PDF Version

David Wither, Caroline Orchiston, Nicholas A. Cradock-Henry and Etienne Nel

Understanding the local biodiversity and open space strategies in two South African cities   PDF Version

Quraisha Bux, Pippin Anderson and Patrick J O'Farrell

Toward understanding the long-term persistence of a local governance system among artisanal fishers in Chile   PDF Version

Jaime A Aburto, Wolfgang Stotz, Georgina Cundill and Carlos Tapia

Barriers to scaling sustainable land and water management in Uganda: a cross-scale archetype approach   PDF Version

Luigi Piemontese, Rick Nelson Kamugisha, Joy Margaret Biteete Tukahirwa, Anna Tengberg, Simona Pedde and Fernando Jaramillo

Convergent geographic patterns between grizzly bear population genetic structure and Indigenous language groups in coastal British Columbia, Canada   PDF Version

Lauren H Henson, Niko Balkenhol, Robert Gustas, Megan Adams, Jennifer Walkus, William G Housty, Astrid V. Stronen, Jason Moody, Christina Service, Donald Reece, Bridgett M. vonHoldt, Iain McKechnie, Ben F. Koop and Chris T. Darimont

Engaging with complexity in resilience practice   PDF Version

My M Sellberg, Allyson Quinlan, Rika Preiser, Katja Malmborg and Garry D Peterson

Operationalizing resilience: co-creating a framework to monitor hard, natural, and nature-based shoreline features in New York State   PDF Version

Katinka Wijsman, D. S. Novem Auyeung, Pippa Brashear, Brett F. Branco, Kathryn Graziano, Peter M. Groffman, Helen Cheng and Dylan Corbett

Nature conservation in a digitalized world: echo chambers and filter bubbles   PDF Version

Annika Miller, Saskia Arndt, Lina Engel and Nathalie Boot

Culture and parks: incorporating cultural ecosystem services into conservation in the Tibetan region of Southwest China   PDF Version

Jun He and Na Guo

Driving factors behind subjective resilience on organic dairy sheep farms   PDF Version

Augustine Perrin and Guillaume Martin

Participatory planning for local sustainability guided by the Sustainable Development Goals   PDF Version

Katrina Szetey, Enayat A. Moallemi, Emma Ashton, Martin Butcher, Beth Sprunt and Brett A Bryan

Limited knowledge flow among stakeholders of critically endangered renosterveld in South Africa   PDF Version

Stefanie Burghardt, Emmeline N Topp, Karen J Esler and Jacqueline Loos

Wildfire volunteering and community disaster resilience in New Zealand: institutional change in a dynamic rural social-ecological setting   PDF Version

Andrea Grant and E. R. (Lisa) Langer

The role of socio-demographic characteristics in mediating relationships between people and nature   PDF Version

Kim C. Zoeller, Georgina G. Gurney, Nadine Marshall and Graeme S. Cumming

Comparing adaptive capacity of Arctic communities responding to environmental change   PDF Version

Matthew D Berman, Jennifer I Schmidt and Gary P Kofinas

What’s biodiversity got to do with it? Perceptions of biodiversity and restorativeness in urban parks   PDF Version

Paula Gonçalves, Filipa Grilo, Raquel C. Mendes, Kati Vierikko, Birgit Elands, Tiago A Marques and Margarida Santos-Reis

Participation of diverse actors and usage of traditional and local knowledge in local biodiversity strategies and action plans of Japanese municipalities   PDF Version

Mifuyu Ogawa, Masashi Soga and Takehito Yoshida

How do Indigenous and local knowledge systems respond to climate change?   PDF Version

Ruxandra Popovici, Andre G. de L. Moraes, Zhao Ma, Laura Zanotti, Keith A Cherkauer, Anna E Erwin, Katy E Mazer, Edwin F Bocardo Delgado, José P Pinto Cáceres, Pranay Ranjan and Linda S Prokopy

"People should also look after the people": relational values of wildlife and collectively titled land in Ilkisongo Maasai group ranches in Southern Kenya   PDF Version

Ryan Unks, Mara J. Goldman, François Mialhe and Joana Roque de Pinho

Social-ecological resilience in remote mountain communities: toward a novel framework for an interdisciplinary investigation   PDF Version

Rike Stotten, Lisa Ambrosi, Erich Tasser and Georg Leitinger

Lessons for human survival in a world without ecological templates: what can we learn from small-scale societies?   PDF Version

Roope O. Kaaronen, Mikael A. Manninen, Emery Roe, Janne I. Hukkinen and Jussi T. Eronen

The role of Indigenous peoples and local communities in effective and equitable conservation   PDF Version

Neil M. Dawson, Brendan Coolsaet, Eleanor J. Sterling, Robin Loveridge, Nicole D, Gross-Camp, Supin Wongbusarakum, Kamaljit K. Sangha, Lea M. Scherl, Hao Phuong Phan, Noelia Zafra-Calvo, Warren G. Lavey, Patrick Byakagaba, C. Julián Idrobo, Aude Chenet, Nathan J. Bennett, Stephanie Mansourian and Francisco J. Rosado-May

Hydrosocial rupture: causes and consequences for transboundary governance   PDF Version

Michelle A. Miller, Alfajri, Rini Astuti, Carl Grundy-Warr, Carl Middleton, Zu Dienle Tan and David M. Taylor

Dehesas as high nature value farming systems: a social-ecological synthesis of drivers, pressures, state, impacts, and responses   PDF Version

Tobias Plieninger, Lukas Flinzberger, Maria Hetman, Imke Horstmannshoff, Marilena Reinhard-Kolempas, Emmeline Topp, Gerardo Moreno and Lynn Huntsinger

Ecological and social outcomes of urbanization on regional farming systems: a global synthesis   PDF Version

Pramila Thapa, Mario Torralba, Andreas Buerkert, Christoph Dittrich and Tobias Plieninger

Limited effectiveness of EU policies to conserve an endangered species in high nature value farmland in Romania   PDF Version

Jacqueline Loos, Juliane Gallersdörfer, Tibor Hartel, Matthias Dolek and Laura Sutcliffe

The six dimensions of collective leadership that advance sustainability objectives: rethinking what it means to be an academic leader   PDF Version

Jill Caviglia-Harris, Karen E. Hodges, Brian Helmuth, Elena M. Bennett, Kathleen Galvin, Margaret Krebs, Karen Lips, Meg Lowman, Lisa A. Schulte and Edward A. G. Schuur

Challenges to understanding nonmaterial dimensions of human-nature connections, and how to address them   PDF Version

Rachelle K. Gould and P. Wesley Schultz

Volume 26, No. 2 (2021)

Avenues of archetype analysis: roots, achievements, and next steps in sustainability research   PDF Version

Klaus Eisenack, Christoph Oberlack and Diana Sietz

Assessing impacts of social-ecological diversity on resilience in a wetland coupled human and natural system   PDF Version

Nathan D. Van Schmidt, José L. Oviedo, Tracy Hruska, Lynn Huntsinger, Tony J. Kovach, A. Marm Kilpatrick, Norman L. Miller and Steven R. Beissinger

Measures against the abandonment of common property summer pastures: experimental evidence from joint appropriation–provision games   PDF Version

Ivo Baur and Heinrich H. Nax

Participatory assessment of sustainability and resilience of three specialized farming systems   PDF Version

Wim Paas, Isabeau Coopmans, Simone Severini, Martin K. van Ittersum, Miranda P. M. Meuwissen and Pytrik Reidsma

Filmmaking as a source of enhanced knowledge and transformation in conflicts over small-scale fisheries: the case of Colombia   PDF Version

Beatriz Rodriguez-Labajos, Lina M. Saavedra-Díaz and Darlin Botto-Barrios

Historical Indigenous Land-Use Explains Plant Functional Trait Diversity   PDF Version

Chelsey Geralda Armstrong, Jesse E. D. Miller, Alex C McAlvay, Patrick Morgan Ritchie and Dana Lepofsky

Using dialogue to contextualize culture, ecosystem services, and cultural ecosystem services   PDF Version

Karen E Allen, Celia Castellano and Sophia Pessagno

The role of incentive-based instruments and social equity in conservation conflict interventions   PDF Version

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How do structural and agent-based factors influence the effectiveness of incentive policies? A spatially explicit agent-based model to optimize woodland-for-water PES policy design at the local level   PDF Version

Eulàlia Baulenas, Teresa Baiges, Teresa Cervera and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Making adaptive governance work in biodiversity conservation: lessons in invasive alien aquatic plant management in Lake Biwa, Japan   PDF Version

Kentaro Miyanaga and Katsuki Nakai

Semi-natural habitats in boreal Europe: a rise of a social-ecological research agenda   PDF Version

Irina Herzon, Kaisa J. Raatikainen, Sølvi Wehn, Solvita Rūsiņa, Aveliina Helm, Sara A. O. Cousins and Valerijus Rašomavičius

Ecological and financial strategies provide complementary benefits for smallholder climate resilience: insights from a simulation model   PDF Version

Tim G. Williams, Gunnar Dressler, Anne Elise Stratton and Birgit Müller

Mitigating the impacts of fragmented land tenure through community-based institutional innovations: two case study villages from Guinan County of Qinghai Province, China   PDF Version

Gongbuzeren, Jing Zhang, Minghao Zhuang, Jian Zhang and Lynn Huntsinger

Investing in the commons: transient welfare creates incentives despite open access   PDF Version

Jacob P Ziegler, Sunny L Jardine, Stuart E Jones, Brett T van Poorten, Marco A Janssen and Christopher T Solomon

Quantifying the transient shock response of dynamic agroecosystem variables for improved socio-environmental resilience   PDF Version

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Integrating emotional affect into bear viewing management and bear safety education   PDF Version

John M. Nettles, Matthew T. J. Brownlee, Jeffrey C. Hallo, David S. Jachowski and Ryan L. Sharp

Assessment of urban resilience based on the transformation of resource-based cities: a case study of Panzhihua, China   PDF Version

Yue Yang, Yi-ping Fang, Yun Xu and Yike Zhang

How Mongolian herders perceive ecological change in a “stable” landscape   PDF Version

Batdelger Gantuya, Marianna Biró, Ábel Molnár, Ákos Avar, Abolfazl Sharifian Bahraman, Dániel Babai and Zsolt Molnár

Fostering horizontal knowledge co-production with Indigenous people by leveraging researchers' transdisciplinary intentions   PDF Version

David Manuel-Navarrete, Christine N. Buzinde and Tod Swanson

Ecosystems services research in action: reflexively valuing environments in the South Pacific   PDF Version

Chelsea E. Hunter and Matthew Lauer

Impact of gameplay vs. reading on mental models of social-ecological systems: a fuzzy cognitive mapping approach   PDF Version

Tanya O'Garra, Diana Reckien, Stephanie Pfirman, Elizabeth Bachrach Simon, Grace H Bachman, Jessica Brunacini and Joey J Lee

Opportunities and impediments for use of local data in the management of salmon fisheries   PDF Version

Sarah C. Inman, Janessa Esquible, Michael L. Jones, William R. Bechtol and Brendan Connors

Collapse, reorganization, and regime identity: breaking down past management paradigms in a forest-grassland ecotone   PDF Version

Victoria M Donovan, Caleb P Roberts, Carissa L Wonkka, Daniel R Uden, David G Angeler, Craig R Allen, David A Wedin, Rhae A Drijber and Dirac Twidwell

Toward understanding the governance of varietal and genetic diversity   PDF Version

Maria K Gerullis, Thomas Heckelei and Sebastian Rasch

Assessing environmental initiatives through an ecosystem stewardship lens   PDF Version

Alice Ramos de Moraes, F. Stuart Chapin III and Cristiana Simão Seixas

Resilience of social-ecological systems: drastic seasonal change is associated with economic but not social flexibility among fishers in the Brazilian Pantanal   PDF Version

Rafael M. Chiaravalloti, Daniel M. Freitas, Rodrigo A. de Souza, Sumalika Biswas, Andrea Markos, Miraira Noal Manfroi and Mark Dyble

Does experimentally quieting traffic noise benefit people and birds?   PDF Version

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Shade coffee and amphibian conservation, a sustainable way forward? Understanding the perceptions and management strategies of coffee growers in Colombia   PDF Version

Nicolette S. Roach, Daniela Acosta, Thomas E. Lacher and Jr.

Tightly coupled policies and loosely coupled networks in the governing of flood risk mitigation in municipal administrations   PDF Version

Per Becker

The thorny path toward greening: unintended consequences, trade-offs, and constraints in green and blue infrastructure planning, implementation, and management   PDF Version

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Governance in social-ecological agent-based models: a review   PDF Version

Amélie Bourceret, Laurence Amblard and Jean-Denis Mathias

Wayfinder: a new generation of resilience practice   PDF Version

Elin Enfors-Kautsky, Linn Järnberg, Allyson Quinlan and Paul Ryan

Exploring social-ecological trade-offs in fisheries using a coupled food web and human behavior model   PDF Version

Anne A. Innes-Gold, Tyler Pavlowich, Margaret Heinichen, M. Conor McManus, Jason McNamee, Jeremy Collie and Austin T. Humphries

Mobile phones and wrong numbers: how Maasai agro-pastoralists form and use accidental social ties in East Africa   PDF Version

Timothy D. Baird, J. Terrence McCabe, Emily Woodhouse, Isaya Rumas, Stephen Sankeni and Gabriel Ole Saitoti

Social connectivity and adaptive capacity strategies in large-scale fisheries   PDF Version

Iratxe Rubio, Jacob Hileman and Elena Ojea

The “desire to have it all”: multiple priorities for urban gardens reduces space for native nature   PDF Version

Elizabeth Elliot Noe, Bruce D. Clarkson and Ottilie Stolte

Alaskan wild food harvester information needs and climate adaptation strategies   PDF Version

Casey L. Brown, Sarah F. Trainor, Corrine N. Knapp and Nathan P. Kettle

Parks in context: advancing citywide spatial quality assessments of urban green spaces using fine-scaled indicators   PDF Version

Roland Kraemer and Nadja Kabisch

Food for thought—examining farmers' willingness to engage in conservation stewardship around a protected area in central India   PDF Version

Mahi Puri, Elizabeth F Pienaar, Krithi K Karanth and Bette A Loiselle

Harnessing the potential of vulnerability assessments for managing social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Lauric Thiault, Stacy D. Jupiter, Johanna E. Johnson, Joshua E. Cinner, Rebecca M. Jarvis, Scott F. Heron, Joseph M. Maina, Nadine A. Marshall, Paul A. Marshall and Joachim Claudet

Human securities, sustainability, and migration in the ancient U.S. Southwest and Mexican Northwest   PDF Version

Scott E. Ingram and Shelby M. Patrick

Payments for ecosystem services: a review of definitions, the role of spatial scales, and critique   PDF Version

Josef Kaiser, Dagmar Haase and Tobias Krueger

The water-sensitive city meets biodiversity: habitat services of rain water management measures in highly urbanized landscapes   PDF Version

Lauranne Pille and Ina Säumel

Navigating wicked water governance in the "solutionscape" of science, policy, practice, and participation   PDF Version

Amy L. Fallon, Bruce A. Lankford and Derek Weston

Enacting shared responsibility in biosecurity governance: insights from adaptive governance   PDF Version

Andrea Rawluk, Ruth Beilin and Stephanie Lavau

A context-sensitive systems approach for understanding and enabling ecosystem service realization in cities   PDF Version

Erik Andersson, Sara Borgström, Dagmar Haase, Johannes Langemeyer, André Mascarenhas, Timon McPhearson, Manuel Wolff, Edyta Łaszkiewicz, Jakub Kronenberg, David N. Barton and Pablo Herreros-Cantis

Volume 26, No. 1 (2021)

Beyond social-ecological traps: fostering transformations towards sustainability   PDF Version

Hampus Eriksson, Jessica L. Blythe, Henrik Österblom and Per Olsson

Linking landscape attributes to salmon and decision-making in the southern Kenai Lowlands, Alaska, USA   PDF Version

Coowe M. Walker, Dennis F Whigham, I. Syverine Bentz, Jacob M Argueta, Ryan S King, Mark C. Rains, Charles A Simenstad, Chris Guo, Steven J. Baird and Conrad J Field

Measuring rural community resilience: case studies in New Zealand and Vermont, USA   PDF Version

Penny R Payne, William H Kaye-Blake, Amy Kelsey, Margaret Brown and Meredith T Niles

Linking the social, economic, and agroecological: a resilience framework for dairy farming   PDF Version

Nicholas A. Cradock-Henry

A decision support tool for assessing cumulative effects on an Arctic migratory tundra caribou population   PDF Version

Don Russell, Anne Gunn and Robert White

Social learning for building community resilience to cyclones: role of indigenous and local knowledge, power, and institutions in coastal Bangladesh   PDF Version

Mahed-Ul-Islam Choudhury, C. Emdad Haque, Ainun Nishat and Sean Byrne

Promises and limits of community-based organizations in bridging mismatches of scale: a case study on collaborative governance on federal lands   PDF Version

Jean Lee and Jacopo Baggio

Bogs, birds, and berries in Belarus: the governance and management dynamics of wetland restoration in a state-centric, top-down context   PDF Version

Lucas Dawson, Marine Elbakidze, Marie Schellens, Anton Shkaruba and Per K. Angelstam

Combining biophysical optimization with economic preference analysis for agricultural land-use allocation   PDF Version

Andrea Kaim, Bartosz Bartkowski, Nele Lienhoop, Christoph Schröter-Schlaack, Martin Volk and Michael Strauch

Meeting places and social capital supporting rural landscape stewardship: A Pan-European horizon scanning   PDF Version

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Nature’s contributions to people: coproducing quality of life from multifunctional landscapes   PDF Version

Enora Bruley, Bruno Locatelli and Sandra Lavorel

Socioeconomic impacts of resource diversification from small-scale fishery development   PDF Version

Steven W. Purcell, Alejandro Tagliafico, Brian R. Cullis and Beverley J. Gogel

Indigenous peoples and salmon stewardship: a critical relationship   PDF Version

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Understanding the drivers of subsistence poaching in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area: What matters for community wildlife conservation?   PDF Version

Herbert Ntuli, Aksel Sundström, Martin Sjöstedt, Edwin Muchapondwa, Sverker C. Jagers and Amanda Linell

Payments for ecosystem services within the hybrid governance model: evaluating policy alignment and complementarity on California rangelands   PDF Version

Nicole Buckley Biggs, Jayce Hafner, Fadzayi E. Mashiri, Lynn Huntsinger and Eric F. Lambin

Global synthesis reveals that ecosystem degradation poses the primary threat to the world's medicinal animals   PDF Version

Monica L. Short and Chris T. Darimont

Systematic learning in water governance: insights from five local adaptive management projects for water quality innovation   PDF Version

Elisa Kochskämper, Tomas M. Koontz and Jens Newig

Elk conflict with beef and dairy producers poses wildlife management challenges in northern California   PDF Version

Adam R Hanbury-Brown, Jeffery W Stackhouse and Luke T Macaulay

Accounting for Yolŋu ranger work in the Dhimurru Indigenous Protected Area, Australia   PDF Version

Margaret L. Ayre, Djalinda Yunupingu, Jonathan Wearne, Cheryl O'Dwyer, Tanya Vernes and Mandaka Marika

What does comanagement offer? Exploring users’ knowledge through mental models in the fishery of La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve, Mexico   PDF Version

Laia d'Armengol, Isabel Ruiz-Mallén, Cecile Barnaud and Esteve Corbera

Uncovering multilayered vulnerability and resilience in rural villages in the Pacific: a case study of Ono Island, Fiji   PDF Version

Daniela Medina Hidalgo, Patrick D Nunn and Harriot Beazley

Do fodder import and credit loans lead to climate resiliency in the pastoral social-ecological system of Inner Mongolia?   PDF Version

Yanbo Li and Wenjun Li

What do people value in urban green? Linking characteristics of urban green spaces to users’ perceptions of nature benefits, disturbances, and disservices   PDF Version

Julia Palliwoda and Joerg A. Priess

What does success look like? An indicative rubric to assess and guide the performance of marine participatory processes   PDF Version

Erena Le Heron, Will Allen, Richard Le Heron, M. June Logie, Bruce Glavovic, Alison Greenaway, Daniel Hikuroa, Kathryn K. Davies and Paula Blackett

Spiritual values shape taxonomic diversity, vegetation composition, and conservation status in woodlands of the Northern Zagros, Iran   PDF Version

Zahed Shakeri, Kyumars Mohammadi-Samani, Erwin Bergmeier and Tobias Plieninger

Demographic and psychographic drivers of public acceptance of novel invasive pest control technologies   PDF Version

Florian Eppink, Patrick J. Walsh and Edith MacDonald

Soils, landscapes, and cultural concepts of favor and disfavor within complex adaptive systems and ResourceCultures: human-land interactions during the Holocene   PDF Version

Bruce R. James, Sandra Teuber, Jan J. Miera, Sean Downey, Jessica Henkner, Thomas Knopf, Fabio A. Correa, Benjamin Höpfer, Sascha Scherer, Adriane Michaelis, Barret M. Wessel, Kevin S. Gibbons, Peter Kühn and Thomas Scholten

Toward an urgent yet deliberate conservation strategy: sustaining social-ecological systems in rangelands of the Northern Great Plains, Montana   PDF Version

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Grasping darkness: the dark ecological network as a social-ecological framework to limit the impacts of light pollution on biodiversity   PDF Version

Samuel Challéat, Kévin Barré, Alexis Laforge, Dany Lapostolle, Magalie Franchomme, Clélia Sirami, Isabelle Le Viol, Johan Milian and Christian Kerbiriou

Management of high nature value farmland in the Republic of Ireland: 25 years evolving toward locally adapted results-orientated solutions and payments   PDF Version

James Moran, Dolores Byrne, Julien Carlier, Brendan Dunford, John A. Finn, Daire Ó hUallacháin and Caroline A. Sullivan

Lessons learned from synthetic research projects based on the Ostrom Workshop frameworks   PDF Version

Michael Cox, Georgina G. Gurney, John M. Anderies, Eric Coleman, Emily Darling, Graham Epstein, Ulrich J. Frey, Mateja Nenadovic, Edella Schlager and Sergio Villamayor-Tomas

The social dynamics of basins of attraction   PDF Version

Sander van der Leeuw and Carl Folke

Transition   PDF Version

Marco A. Janssen, Craig R. Allen and Lance Gunderson

Volume 25, No. 4 (2020)

Conceptualizing, analyzing, and supporting stewardship: examining the role of civil society in environmental governance   PDF Version

Michelle L. Johnson, Lindsay K. Campbell and Erika S. Svendsen

Navigating the chaos of an unfolding global cycle   PDF Version

Brian Walker, Stephen R. Carpenter, Carl Folke, Lance Gunderson, Garry D. Peterson, Marten Scheffer, Michael Schoon and Frances R. Westley

Canada and transboundary fisheries management in changing oceans: taking stock, future scenarios   PDF Version

U. R. Sumaila and David L. VanderZwaag

Plantations and pastoralists: afforestation activities make pastoralists in the Indian Himalaya vulnerable   PDF Version

Vijay Ramprasad, Abha Joglekar and Forrest Fleischman

Agricultural intensification and risk in water-constrained hard-rock regions: a social-ecological systems study of horticulture cultivation in western India   PDF Version

Pooja Prasad and Milind Sohoni

Pathways out of poverty through the lens of development resilience: an agent-based simulation   PDF Version

Yue Dou, Peter J. Deadman, Marta Berbés-Blázquez, Nathan D Vogt and Oriana Almeida

Compensating Indigenous social and cultural losses: a community-based multiple-attribute approach   PDF Version

Robin Gregory, Philip Halteman, Nicole Kaechele, Jana Kotaska and Terre Satterfield

Resilience applied to farming: organic farmers’ perspectives   PDF Version

Augustine Perrin, Rebecka Milestad and Guillaume Martin

Gardener demographics, experience, and motivations drive differences in plant species richness and composition in urban gardens   PDF Version

Stacy M. Philpott, Monika H. Egerer, Peter Bichier, Hamutahl Cohen, Roseann Cohen, Heidi Liere, Shalene Jha and Brenda B. Lin

Cross-scale risk perception: differences between tribal leaders and resource managers in Arctic Alaska   PDF Version

Berill Blair and Gary P. Kofinas

From risk behavior to perceived farm resilience: a Dutch case study   PDF Version

Thomas Slijper, Yann de Mey, P. Marijn Poortvliet and Miranda P. M. Meuwissen

Risk of encounters between North Atlantic right whales and recreational vessel traffic in the southeastern United States   PDF Version

Nancy L Montes, Robert Swett and Timothy A Gowan

Indigenous climate adaptation sovereignty in a Zimbabwean agro-pastoral system: exploring definitions of sustainability success using a participatory agent-based model   PDF Version

M. V. Eitzel, Jon Solera, K. B. Wilson, Kleber Neves, Aaron C. Fisher, André Veski, Oluwasola E. Omoju, Abraham Mawere Ndlovu and Emmanuel Mhike Hove

Intangible links between household livelihoods and food security in Solomon Islands: implications for rural development   PDF Version

Hampus Eriksson, Reuben Sulu, Jessica L. Blythe, Jan van der Ploeg and Neil Andrew

Enriching perspectives: experienced ecosystem services in rural Mozambique and the importance of a gendered livelihood approach to resist reductionist analyses of local culture   PDF Version

Juliana Porsani, Lowe Börjeson, Rickard Lalander, Kari Lehtilä and Angelina R. O. Martins

Governing global telecoupling toward environmental sustainability   PDF Version

Jens Newig, Edward Challies, Benedetta Cotta, Andrea Lenschow and Almut Schilling-Vacaflor

Restricting pesticides on a traditional crop: the example of khat (Catha edulis) and the Njuri Ncheke of Meru, Kenya   PDF Version

James S. Krueger and Daniel M. Mutyambai

Knowledge sharing in interdisciplinary disaster risk management initiatives: cocreation insights and experience from New Zealand   PDF Version

Tyler M. Barton, Sarah J. Beaven, Nicholas A. Cradock-Henry and Thomas M. Wilson

Experts and elephants: local ecological knowledge predicts landscape use for a species involved in human-wildlife conflict   PDF Version

Erin K Buchholtz, Lee A Fitzgerald, Anna Songhurst, Graham P McCulloch and Amanda L. Stronza

Where elephants roam: perceived risk, vulnerability, and adaptation in the Okavango Delta   PDF Version

Lauren Redmore, Amanda L. Stronza, Anna Songhurst and Graham McCulloch

Actor network analysis to leverage improvements in conservation and development outcomes in Cambodia   PDF Version

Rebecca A. Riggs, James D. Langston and Sithan Phann

Supporting stakeholders to anticipate and respond to risks in a Mekong River water-energy-food nexus   PDF Version

Louise Gallagher, Birgit Kopainsky, Andrea M. Bassi, Andrea Betancourt, Chanmeta Buth, Puthearath Chan, Simon Costanzo, Sarah St. George Freeman, Chandet Horm, Sandab Khim, Malyne Neang, Naroeun Rin, Ken Sereyrotha, Kimchhin Sok, Chansopheaktra Sovann, Michele Thieme, Karina Watkins, Carina A. Wyborn and Christian Bréthaut

Beyond fixes that fail: identifying sustainable improvements to tree seed supply and farmer participation in forest and landscape restoration   PDF Version

Michel Valette, Barbara Vinceti, Nestor Gregorio, Arwen Bailey, Evert Thomas and Riina Jalonen

Perceived availability and access limitations to ecosystem service well-being benefits increase in urban areas   PDF Version

Marie Lapointe, Georgina G. Gurney and Graeme S. Cumming

“Like the plains people losing the buffalo”: perceptions of climate change impacts, fisheries management, and adaptation actions by Indigenous peoples in coastal British Columbia, Canada   PDF Version

Charlotte K. Whitney, Alejandro Frid, Barry K. Edgar, Jennifer Walkus, Peter Siwallace, Iris L. Siwallace and Natalie C. Ban

The adaptive cycle and the ecosystem services: a social-ecological analysis of Chiloé Island, southern Chile   PDF Version

Daniela C. Pérez-Orellana, Luisa E. Delgado and Victor H. Marin

Evaluating water quality regulation as a driver of farmer behavior: a social-ecological systems approach   PDF Version

Courtney R. Hammond Wagner, Suzie Greenhalgh, Meredith T. Niles, Asim Zia and William B. Bowden

Trade-offs between benefits and costs of forest proximity: farmers' practices and strategies regarding tree–crop integration and ecosystem disservices management   PDF Version

Mulatu Osie, Sileshi Nemomissa, Simon Shibru and Gemedo Dalle

The effects of urban development and current green infrastructure policy on future climate change resilience   PDF Version

Charlotte Shade, Peleg Kremer, Julia S. Rockwell and Keith G. Henderson

Assessing livelihood vulnerability using a Bayesian network: a case study in northern Laos   PDF Version

Victoria Junquera and Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Institutions and inequality interplay shapes the impact of economic growth on biodiversity loss   PDF Version

M. Usman Mirza, Andries Richter, Egbert H. van Nes and Marten Scheffer

Climate change, shifting threat points, and the management of transboundary fish stocks   PDF Version

U. Rashid Sumaila, Juliano Palacios-Abrantes and William W. L. Cheung

Challenges to transboundary fisheries management in North America under climate change   PDF Version

Juliano Palacios-Abrantes, U. Rashid Sumaila and William W. L. Cheung

Are transboundary fisheries management arrangements in the Northwest Atlantic and North Pacific seaworthy in a changing ocean?   PDF Version

Olga Koubrak and David L. VanderZwaag

Putting machine learning to use in natural resource management—improving model performance   PDF Version

Ulrich J Frey

Toward the development of sustainable ecotourism in Italian national parks of the Apennines: insights from hiking guides   PDF Version

Stefano Poponi, Jordan Palli, Sonia Ferrari, Goffredo Filibeck, T'ai G. W. Forte, Cinzia Franceschini, Alessandro Ruggieri and Gianluca Piovesan

The Flow of Peasant Lives: a board game to simulate livelihood strategies and trajectories resulting from complex rural household decisions   PDF Version

Luis García-Barrios, Tlacaelel Rivera-Núñez, Juana Cruz-Morales, Jorge Urdapilleta-Carrasco, Elizabeth Castro-Salcido, Ivett Peña-Azcona, Oscar Martínez-López, Angelita López-Cruz, Merci Morales and Jorge Espinoza

Archetypical opportunities for water governance adaptation to climate change   PDF Version

Anastasiia Gotgelf, Matteo Roggero and Klaus Eisenack

Seeing the forest for more than the trees: aesthetic and contextual malleability of preferences for climate change adaptation strategies   PDF Version

Jeffrey Jenkins, Brett Milligan and Yiwei Huang

Collaborative research to inform adaptive comanagement: a framework for the Heʻeia National Estuarine Research Reserve   PDF Version

Kawika B. Winter, Yoshimi M. Rii, Frederick A. W. L. Reppun, Katy DeLaforgue Hintzen, Rosanna A. Alegado, Brian W. Bowen, Leah L. Bremer, Makena Coffman, Jonathan L. Deenik, Megan J. Donahue, Kim A. Falinski, Kiana Frank, Erik C. Franklin, Natalie Kurashima, Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Elizabeth M. P. Madin, Margaret A. McManus, Craig E. Nelson, Ryan Okano, Anthony Olegario, Pua'ala Pascua, Kirsten L. L. Oleson, Melissa R. Price, Malia Ana J. Rivera, Kuulei S. Rodgers, Tamara Ticktin, Christopher L. Sabine, Celia M. Smith, Alice Hewett, Rocky Kaluhiwa, Māhealani Cypher, Bill Thomas, Jo-Ann Leong, Kristina Kekuewa, Jean Tanimoto, Kānekoa Kukea-Shultz, A. Hiʻilei Kawelo, Keliʻi Kotubetey, Brian J. Neilson, Tina S. Lee and Robert J. Toonen

Using socioeconomic system analysis to define scientific needs: a reverse engineering method applied to the conversion of a coal-fired to a wood biomass power plant   PDF Version

Hendrik Davi, Laetitia Tuffery, Emmanuel Garbolino, Bernard Prévosto and Bruno Fady

Oral history and traditional ecological knowledge in social innovation and smallholder sovereignty: a case study of erva-mate in Southern Brazil   PDF Version

Evelyn R. Nimmo, Alessandra I. de Carvalho, Robson Laverdi and André E. B. Lacerda

The role of collaborative research in learning to incorporate values of the public in social–ecological system governance: case study of bushfire risk planning   PDF Version

Kathryn J. H. Williams, Rebecca M. Ford and Andrea Rawluk

Transboundary fisheries, climate change, and the ecosystem approach: taking stock of the international law and policy seascape   PDF Version

Cecilia Engler

Indigenous fire management: a conceptual model from literature   PDF Version

William D. Nikolakis and Emma Roberts

Environmental governance theories: a review and application to coastal systems   PDF Version

Stefan Partelow, Achim Schlüter, Derek Armitage, Maarten Bavinck, Keith Carlisle, Rebecca L. Gruby, Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Martin Le Tissier, Jeremy B. Pittman, Andrew M. Song, Lisa P. Sousa, Natașa Văidianu and Kristof Van Assche

Socio-hydrology: an interplay of design and self-organization in a multilevel world   PDF Version

David J. Yu, Heejun Chang, Taylor T. Davis, Vicken Hillis, Landon T Marston, Woi Sok Oh, Murugesu Sivapalan and Timothy M. Waring

Telecoupling visualizations through a network lens: a systematic review   PDF Version

Gabi Sonderegger, Christoph Oberlack, Jorge C. Llopis, Peter H. Verburg and Andreas Heinimann

Volume 25, No. 3 (2020)

Seeking sustainable pathways for land use in Latin America   PDF Version

Juan C. Rocha, Nestor Mazzeo, Matias Piaggio and Miguel Carriquiry

An expert-based reference list of variables for characterizing and monitoring social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Manuel Pacheco-Romero, Domingo Alcaraz-Segura, María Vallejos and Javier Cabello

Examining the relevance of cultural ecosystem services in forest management in Europe   PDF Version

Mario Torralba, Marko Lovrić, Jeanne-Lazya Roux, Marie-Alice Budniok, Anne-Sophie Mulier, Georg Winkel and Tobias Plieninger

The influence of landscape change on multiple dimensions of human–nature connectedness   PDF Version

Maraja Riechers, Ágnes Balázsi, David J. Abson and Joern Fischer

Aligning conservation and development goals with rural community priorities: capacity building for forest health monitoring in an extractive reserve in Brazil   PDF Version

Sabina C. Ribeiro, N. Galia Selaya, Stephen G. Perz, Foster Brown, Fernando A. Schmidt, Richarlly C. Silva and Fiama Lima

A systematic review of participatory scenario planning to envision mountain social-ecological systems futures   PDF Version

Jessica P. R. Thorn, Julia A. Klein, Cara Steger, Kelly A. Hopping, Claudia Capitani, Catherine M. Tucker, Anne W. Nolin, Robin S. Reid, Roman Seidl, Vishwas S. Chitale and Robert Marchant

Social-ecological resilience through a biocultural lens: a participatory methodology to support global targets and local priorities   PDF Version

Michael Ungar, Jennifer McRuer, Xiaohui Liu, Linda Theron, Daniel Blais and Matthew A. Schnurr

Building adaptive capacity in a coastal region experiencing global change   PDF Version

Fred A. Johnson, Mitchell J. Eaton, Jessica Mikels-Carrasco and David Case

Deforestation and economic growth trends on oceanic islands highlight the need for meso-scale analysis and improved mid-range theory in conservation   PDF Version

Nitin Bhatia and Graeme S. Cumming

The promise and reality of social and cultural metrics   PDF Version

Douglas L Bessette and Robin Gregory

Do farmers and conservationists perceive landscape changes differently?   PDF Version

Noémi Ujházy, Zsolt Molnár, Ákos Bede-Fazekas, † Mária Ottilia Szabó and Marianna Biró

Assessing range-wide “contribution to recovery” by multiple local governments for a threatened species   PDF Version

Steven E. Greco

Flooding and land use change in Jambi Province, Sumatra: integrating local knowledge and scientific inquiry   PDF Version

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Impact through participatory research approaches: an archetype analysis   PDF Version

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Analyzing procedural equity in government-led community-based forest management   PDF Version

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Multilevel stakeholder networks for Australian marine biosecurity: well-structured for top-down information provision, requires better two-way communication   PDF Version

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Understanding the bushmeat hunting crisis in African savannas using fuzzy cognitive mapping and stakeholder knowledge   PDF Version

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Whose river is it? An assessment of livelihood and cultural water flow requirements for the Karnali basin   PDF Version

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Disentangling the complex roles of markets on coral reefs in northwest Madagascar   PDF Version

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Sustainability, resilience, adaptation, and transformation: tensions and plural approaches   PDF Version

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Understanding the context of multifaceted collaborations for social-ecological sustainability: a methodology for cross-case analysis   PDF Version

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Main challenges and key features of indicator-based agroecological assessment frameworks in the context of international cooperation   PDF Version

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Neonicotinoids in global agriculture: evidence for a new pesticide treadmill?   PDF Version

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Resilience as pathway diversity: linking systems, individual, and temporal perspectives on resilience   PDF Version

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Broadening the perspective on ocean privatizations: an interdisciplinary social science enquiry   PDF Version

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Volume 25, No. 2 (2020)

Full-spectrum sustainability: an alternative to fisheries management panaceas   PDF Version

Paul Foley, Evelyn Pinkerton, Melanie G. Wiber and Robert L. Stephenson

Resilience: what it is and is not   PDF Version

Brian H Walker

Knowledge coproduction improves understanding of environmental change in the Ethiopian highlands   PDF Version

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Transfers of vulnerability through adaptation plan implementation: an analysis based on networks of feedback control loops   PDF Version

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A bitter taste of fish: the temporality of salmon, settler colonialism, and the work of well-being in a Yupiaq fishing village   PDF Version

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Multiattribute decision making for the assessment of disaster resilience in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area   PDF Version

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The interaction of flow regimes and nutrient fluxes on the water quality and ecosystem health of a clear, freshwater wetland   PDF Version

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Culture and the social-ecology of local food use by Indigenous communities in northern North America   PDF Version

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Quantifying community resilience in South Sudan: The FEED project (Fortifying Equality and Economic Diversification)   PDF Version

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Integrating conflict, lobbying, and compliance to predict the sustainability of natural resource use   PDF Version

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Operationalizing the social-ecological system framework to assess residential forest structure: a case study in Bloomington, Indiana   PDF Version

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Historical insights for understanding the emergence of community-based conservation in Kenya: international agendas, colonial legacies, and contested worldviews   PDF Version

Kasmira A. Cockerill and Shannon M. Hagerman

A comparative framework to support an ecosystem approach to fisheries in a global context   PDF Version

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The importance of relational values in river management: understanding enablers and barriers for effective participation   PDF Version

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Assessing the sustainability and equity of Alaska salmon fisheries through a well-being framework   PDF Version

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Seeds of change: reversing the erosion of traditional agroecological knowledge through a citizen science school program in Catalonia, Spain   PDF Version

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Economic value of small-scale sea cucumber fisheries under two contrasting management regimes   PDF Version

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Combining ecosystem modeling with serious gaming in support of transboundary maritime spatial planning   PDF Version

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Determining management preferences in a multimethod consumptive recreational fishery   PDF Version

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Using a social-ecological system approach to enhance understanding of structural interconnectivities within the beekeeping industry for sustainable decision making   PDF Version

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Using social network analysis to assess the Pontocaspian biodiversity conservation capacity in Ukraine   PDF Version

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Comparing social representations of the landscape: a methodology   PDF Version

Carole Vuillot, Raphael Mathevet and Clélia Sirami

Homosocial stewardship: the opposed and unpaid care work of women water stewards in West Virginia, USA   PDF Version

Martina Angela Caretta

Local institutions of culture as urban stewards: in pursuit of hybrid governance in Warsaw, Poland   PDF Version

Artur Jerzy Filip

Biocultural stewardship, Indigenous and local ecological knowledge, and the urban crucible   PDF Version

Heather L. McMillen, Lindsay K. Campbell, Erika S. Svendsen, Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililani, Kainana S. Francisco and Christian P. Giardina

Developing a sustainability science approach for water systems   PDF Version

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A review of Indigenous knowledge and participation in environmental monitoring   PDF Version

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Ecomimicry in Indigenous resource management: optimizing ecosystem services to achieve resource abundance, with examples from Hawaiʻi   PDF Version

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Nurturing resilient forest biodiversity: nest webs as complex adaptive systems   PDF Version

José Tomás Ibarra, Kristina L. Cockle, Tomás A. Altamirano, Yntze van der Hoek, Suzanne W. Simard, Cristián Bonacic and Kathy Martin

Volume 25, No. 1 (2020)

Integrating hunter knowledge with community-based conservation in the Pamir Region of Tajikistan   PDF Version

Qobiljon Shokirov and Norman Backhaus

Discourse, agency, and social license to operate in New Zealand’s marine economy   PDF Version

Mark J. Newton, Trisia A. Farrelly and Jim Sinner

Indigenous and local knowledge in sustainability transformations research: a literature review   PDF Version

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Agricultural abandonment and resilience in a Mediterranean periurban traditional agroecosystem: a landscape approach   PDF Version

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Thinking outside the plot: monitoring forest biodiversity for social-ecological research   PDF Version

Carl F Salk, Robin Chazdon and Daniel Waiswa

Embedding ecosystem services ideas into policy processes: an institutional analysis   PDF Version

Duncan J. Russel and John Turnpenny

Assessment of Ostrom’s social-ecological system framework for the comanagement of small-scale marine fisheries in Colombia: from local fishers’ perspectives   PDF Version

Darlin Botto-Barrios and Lina M. Saavedra-Díaz

Research pathways to foster transformation: linking sustainability science and social-ecological systems research   PDF Version

Andra-Ioana Horcea-Milcu, Berta Martín-López, David P. M. Lam and Daniel J. Lang

Learning for transitions: a niche perspective   PDF Version

Luke Metelerkamp, Reinette Biggs and Scott Drimie

Agricultural expansion in Uruguayan grasslands and priority areas for vertebrate and woody plant conservation   PDF Version

Alejandro Brazeiro, Marcel Achkar, Carolina Toranza and Lucía Bartesaghi

Using participatory action research to operationalize critical systems thinking in social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Madelon Eelderink, Joost M Vervoort and Frank van Laerhoven

A comparison of sustainability objectives: how well does the Canadian Fisheries Research Network framework compare with fisheries, forestry, and aquaculture certification schemes?   PDF Version

Claire Mussells and Robert L. Stephenson

Toward negotiated mitigation of landslide risks in informal settlements: reflections from a pilot experience in Medellín, Colombia   PDF Version

Harry Smith, Françoise Coupé, Soledad Garcia-Ferrari, Helena Rivera and Wilmar Edgardo Castro Mera

Assessing vulnerability of subsistence travel to effects of environmental change in Interior Alaska   PDF Version

Helen S. Cold, Todd J. Brinkman, Caroline L. Brown, Teresa N. Hollingsworth, Dana R. N. Brown and Krista M. Heeringa

Why fishers end up in social-ecological traps: a case study of Swedish eel fisheries in the Baltic Sea   PDF Version

Emma Björkvik, Wiebren J. Boonstra and Jonas Hentati-Sundberg

Which infrastructures for which forest function? Analyzing multifunctionality through the social-ecological system framework   PDF Version

Mojtaba Houballah, Thomas Cordonnier and Jean-Denis Mathias

A social-ecological approach to estimate fisher resilience: a case study from Brazil   PDF Version

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Limited use of transformative adaptation in response to social-ecological shifts driven by climate change   PDF Version

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Biocultural restoration in Hawaiʻi also achieves core conservation goals   PDF Version

Kawika B. Winter, Tamara Ticktin and Shimona A. Quazi

Understanding inaction in confronting ecosystem collapse: community perspectives from California’s Salton Sea   PDF Version

Holly J. Buck

Tracing environmental and livelihood dynamics in a tropical coastal lagoon through the lens of multiple adaptive cycles   PDF Version

Hoang Trung Thanh, Petra Tschakert and Matthew R. Hipsey

Are generic and specific adaptation institutions always relevant? An archetype analysis of drought adaptation in Spanish irrigation systems   PDF Version

Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Irene Iniesta-Arandia and Matteo Roggero

Coerced regimes: management challenges in the Anthropocene   PDF Version

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The social component of social-ecological research: moving from the periphery to the center   PDF Version

Alicia Castillo, Aída Atenea Bullen-Aguiar, Juan Luis Peña-Mondragón and Norma Georgina Gutiérrez-Serrano

Land use planning in the Amazon basin: challenges from resilience thinking   PDF Version

Cesar A Ruiz Agudelo, Nestor Mazzeo, Ismael Díaz, Maria P Barral, Gervasio Piñeiro, Isabel Gadino, Ingid Roche and Rocio Juliana Acuña-Posada

Transformation of traditional shifting cultivation into permanent cropping systems: a case study in Sarayaku, Ecuador   PDF Version

Hannes Schritt, Christine Beusch, Pedro Ríos Guayasamín and Martin Kaupenjohann

Stakeholders and social influence in a shadow network: implications for transitions toward urban water sustainability in the Colorado River basin   PDF Version

Amber Wutich, Christine DeMyers, Julia C. Bausch, Dave D. White and Abigail Sullivan

Adopting process-relational perspectives to tackle the challenges of social-ecological systems research   PDF Version

María Mancilla García, Tilman Hertz, Maja Schlüter, Rika Preiser and Minka Woermann

Application of intervention design concepts to project planning for collaborative adaptive management of natural resources   PDF Version

Kathi K. Beratan

Drivers of decoupling and recoupling of crop and livestock systems at farm and territorial scales   PDF Version

Rachael D. Garrett, Julie Ryschawy, Lindsay W. Bell, Owen Cortner, Joice Ferreira, Anna Victoria N. Garik, Juliana D. B. Gil, Laurens Klerkx, Marc Moraine, Caitlin A. Peterson, Júlio César dos Reis and Judson F. Valentim

Clarifying the degree and type of public good collective action problem posed by natural resource management challenges   PDF Version

Rebecca M Niemiec, Sarah McCaffrey and Megan S. Jones

The risk of underestimating long-term fisheries creep   PDF Version

Kim J. N. Scherrer and Eric D. Galbraith

Volume 24, No. 4 (2019)

Remembering Buzz Holling   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson, Carl Folke and Marco A Janssen

Better balancing the social and natural dimensions in sustainability research   PDF Version

Lennart Olsson and Barry Ness

Context matters: influence of organizational, environmental, and social factors on civic environmental stewardship group intensity   PDF Version

Michelle L. Johnson, Dexter H. Locke, Erika Svendsen, Lindsay K. Campbell, Lynne M. Westphal, Michele Romolini and J. Morgan Grove

New pathways for governing food system transformations: a pluralistic practice-based futures approach using visioning, back-casting, and serious gaming   PDF Version

Astrid C. Mangnus, Joost M. Vervoort, Steven R. McGreevy, Kazuhiko Ota, Christoph D. D. Rupprecht, Momoe Oga and Mai Kobayashi

Brokers of relevance in National Park Service urban collaborative networks   PDF Version

Elizabeth E. Perry, Daniel H. Krymkowski and Robert E. Manning

Social-ecological trends: managing the vulnerability of coastal fishing communities   PDF Version

Monalisa R. O. Silva, Maria G. Pennino and Priscila F. M. Lopes

Exploring natural capital using bibliometrics and social media data   PDF Version

Yuan Pan and Bhaskar Vira

Quantitative decision support tools facilitate social-ecological alignment in community-based marine protected area design   PDF Version

Nils C Krueck, Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim, Dedi S Adhuri, Peter J Mumby and Helen Ross

Working together: the roles of geographic proximity, homophilic organizational characteristics, and neighborhood context in civic stewardship collaboration networks in Philadelphia and New York City   PDF Version

Lorien Jasny, Michelle Johnson, Lindsay K Campbell, Erika Svendsen and Josh Redmond

Strong historical and ongoing indigenous marine governance in the northeast Pacific Ocean: a case study of the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation   PDF Version

Natalie Ban, Emma Wilson and Doug Neasloss

Recovery planning in a dynamic system: integrating uncertainty into a decision support tool for an endangered songbird   PDF Version

Jessica C. Stanton, Jenny Marek, Linnea S. Hall, Barbara E. Kus, Allison Alvarado, Bruce K. Orr, Eric Morrissette, Laura Riege and Wayne E. Thogmartin

An indicator framework to support comprehensive approaches to sustainable fisheries management   PDF Version

Eric Angel, Danielle N. Edwards, Sarah Hawkshaw, Catarina Wor and Courtenay E. Parlee

Fostering urban transformations in Latin America: lessons around the ecological management of an urban stream in coproduction with a social movement (Buenos Aires, Argentina)   PDF Version

Martin Graziano, Grecia Stefanía de Groot, Laura Daniela Pilato, María Laura Sánchez, Irina Izaguirre and Haydée N. Pizarro

Exploring and expanding transdisciplinary research for sustainable and just natural resource management   PDF Version

Margaret G. Wolff, Jessica J. Cockburn, Chris De Wet, Joana Carlos Bezerra, Matthew J. T. Weaver, Andiswa Finca, Alta De Vos, Mateboho M. Ralekhetla, Notiswa Libala, Qawekazi B. Mkabile, Oghenekaro Nelson Odume and Carolyn G. Palmer

Methods for understanding social-ecological systems: a review of place-based studies   PDF Version

Alta de Vos, Reinette Biggs and Rika Preiser

A framework to assess integration in flood risk management: implications for governance, policy, and practice   PDF Version

Lydia Cumiskey, Sally J. Priest, Frans Klijn and Meri Juntti

Iron triangles and subsidies: understanding the long-term role of the government on Swedish commercial fisheries   PDF Version

Jonas Hentati-Sundberg, Katharina Fryers Hellquist and Andreas Duit

Resilience of agricultural systems facing increased salinity intrusion in deltaic coastal areas of Vietnam   PDF Version

Minh Tu Nguyen, Fabrice G Renaud, Zita Sebesvari and Duy Can Nguyen

Local knowledge and democracy in fisheries management: a case study of adaptation to the Anthropocene in southeast Louisiana   PDF Version

Jacob E. Lipsman

Beyond the blame game: a restoration pathway reconciles ecologists’ and local leaders’ divergent models of seasonally dry tropical forest degradation   PDF Version

Andrea K. Jara-Guerrero, Diana Maldonado-Riofrío, Carlos I. Espinosa and David H. Duncan

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of conservation planning at different scales: the Coral Triangle as a case study   PDF Version

Jessica Cheok, Rebecca Weeks and Robert L Pressey

Heterogeneity among clam harvesters in northwest Mexico shapes individual adaptive capacity   PDF Version

Kara E Pellowe and Heather M Leslie

Change in heathland fire sizes inside vs. outside the Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia, over 50 years of fire-exclusion policy: lessons for REDD+   PDF Version

Maria U. Johansson, Senait D. Senay, Emma Creathorn, Habtemariam Kassa and Kristoffer Hylander

Biocultural diversity: a Mongolian case study   PDF Version

Barbara C. Seele, Karen J. Esler and Anthony B. Cunningham

Expert views on strategies to increase water resilience: evidence from a global survey   PDF Version

Lucy Rodina and Kai M.A. Chan

Temporal dimensions of reported life satisfaction in a low-income, agricultural environment   PDF Version

Helen Adams, Andrew Reid Bell and Md. Ehsanul Haque Tamal

Archetyping shared socioeconomic pathways across scales: an application to central Asia and European case studies   PDF Version

Simona Pedde, Kasper Kok, Katharina Hölscher, Christoph Oberlack, Paula A Harrison and Rik Leemans

Collaborative stewardship in multifunctional landscapes: toward relational, pluralistic approaches   PDF Version

Jessica Cockburn, Georgina Cundill, Sheona Shackleton, Mathieu Rouget, Marijn Zwinkels, Susanna (Ancia) Cornelius, Liz Metcalfe and Dieter van den Broeck

Forces opposing sustainability transformations: institutionalization of ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management   PDF Version

Matt P Fortnam

The role of place meanings in opposition to water-related infrastructure projects: the case of the Mactaquac Dam, New Brunswick, Canada   PDF Version

Kate H Reilly, Jan F Adamowski and Kimberly John

Sea cucumbers in a pickle: the economic geography of the serial exploitation of sea cucumbers   PDF Version

Kathryn Rawson and Porter Hoagland

Testing for consensus on Kyrgyz rangelands: local perceptions in Naryn oblast   PDF Version

Jordan Levine, Aiganysh Isaeva, Hisham Zerriffi, Ian M. S. Eddy, Marc Foggin, Sarah E. Gergel and Shannon M. Hagerman

Surprise ecologies: case studies on temporal vulnerability in four North American floodplains   PDF Version

Daniel H. de Vries

Cross-cultural analysis of the ecological behavior of Chilean and Spanish ecotourists: a structural model   PDF Version

Carlota Lorenzo-Romero, María-del-Carmen Alarcón-del-Amo and Jose-Alberto Crespo-Jareño

Factors influencing social demands of aquatic ecosystems   PDF Version

Joseph E. Flotemersch, Samantha M. Shattuck, Kelsey B. Aho, Clayton E. Cox and Maryann R. Cairns

Institutions and the resilience of biobased production systems: the historical case of livestock intensification in the Netherlands   PDF Version

Catrien J. A. M. Termeer, Peter H. Feindt, Timos Karpouzoglou, Krijn J. Poppe, Gert Jan Hofstede, Koen Kramer, Lan Ge, Erik Mathijs and Miranda P. M. Meuwissen

Biocultural indicators to support locally led environmental management and monitoring   PDF Version

Bryant C. DeRoy, Chris T. Darimont and Christina N. Service

Panarchy, ontological and epistemological phenomena, and the Plague   PDF Version

Sean Geobey and Katharine A. McGowan

How does nature contribute to human mobility? A conceptual framework and qualitative analysis   PDF Version

Charlotte Wiederkehr, Matthias Schröter, Helen Adams, Ralf Seppelt and Kathleen Hermans

Volume 24, No. 3 (2019)

Rethinking resource allocation in science   PDF Version

Johan Bollen, Stephen R Carpenter, Jane Lubchenco and Marten Scheffer

Collaboration and conflict in complex water governance systems across a development gradient: addressing common challenges and solutions   PDF Version

María Mancilla García, Jacob Hileman and Örjan Bodin

Navigating social-ecological trade-offs in small-scale fisheries management: an agent-based population model of stoplight parrotfish (Sparisoma viride) for a Caribbean coral reef fishery   PDF Version

Tyler Pavlowich, Anne R Kapuscinski and D. G. Webster

Interactions between individual, household, and fishing community resilience in southeast Brazil   PDF Version

Marta Leite, Helen Ross and Fikret Berkes

Unraveling complex relations between forest-cover change and conflicts through spatial and relational analyses   PDF Version

Irene Pérez-Llorente, M. Isabel Ramírez, Jaime Paneque-Gálvez, Claudio Garibay Orozco and Rafael González-López

Explaining political polarization in environmental governance using narrative analysis   PDF Version

Benjamin P. Warner

Archetypes of common village pasture problems in the South Caucasus: insights from comparative case studies in Georgia and Azerbaijan   PDF Version

Regina Neudert, Anja Salzer, Naiba Allahverdiyeva, Jonathan Etzold and Volker Beckmann

Applying a social-ecological well-being approach to enhance opportunities for marine protected area governance   PDF Version

Irene Brueckner-Irwin, Derek Armitage and Simon Courtenay

The role of capital in drought adaptation among rural communities in Eswatini   PDF Version

Karen M. Bailey, Robert A. McCleery and Grenville Barnes

Social–ecological inventory in a postdisaster context: the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake, Aotearoa-New Zealand   PDF Version

Nicholas A Cradock-Henry, Franca Buelow and Joanna Fountain

Capturing emergent phenomena in social-ecological systems: an analytical framework   PDF Version

Maja Schlüter, L. Jamila Haider, Steven J. Lade, Emilie Lindkvist, Romina Martin, Kirill Orach, Nanda Wijermans and Carl Folke

Landscape stewardship for a German UNESCO Biosphere Reserve: a network approach to establishing stewardship governance   PDF Version

Klara J. Winkler and Jennifer Hauck

Disputing nature in the Anthropocene: technology as friend and foe in the struggle to conserve wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)   PDF Version

Hannah L. Harrison, Janine Hauer, Jonas Ø. Nielsen and Øystein Aas

Loss and social-ecological transformation: pathways of change in Xochimilco, Mexico   PDF Version

Hallie Eakin, Rebecca E. Shelton, J. Mario Siqueiros-Garcia, Lakshmi Charli-Joseph and David Manuel-Navarrete

Measuring social-ecological resilience reveals opportunities for transforming environmental governance   PDF Version

Anne K Salomon, Allyson E Quinlan, Gabrielle H Pang, Daniel K Okamoto and Leonardo Vazquez-Vera

Context matters: horizontal and hierarchical network governance structures in Vietnam’s sanitation sector   PDF Version

Manuel Fischer, Mi Nguyen and Linda Strande

Analyzing drivers of fish biomass and biodiversity within community fish refuges in Cambodia   PDF Version

Kathryn J. Fiorella, Elizabeth R. Bageant, Miratori Kim, Vichet Sean, Vanvuth Try, Hillary J. MacDonell, Eric Baran, Yumiko Kura, Alan C. Brooks, Christopher B. Barrett and Shakuntala H. Thilsted

Do practitioners of holistic management exhibit systems thinking?   PDF Version

Carolyn Mann, John R. Parkins, Marney E. Isaac and Kate Sherren

Natural resources knowledge socialization in Yucatan, Mexico: promoting a mutually beneficial society-nature relationship  

María Teresa Castillo-Burguete, Mallely Martínez-Mateos and María Dolores Viga-de Alva

Bright spots among lakes in the Rideau Valley Watershed, Ontario   PDF Version

Juno Garrah, Barbara Frei and Elena M. Bennett

Branding Wakatobi: marine development and legitimation by science   PDF Version

Chui-Ling Tam

Systemic coordination and the problem of seasonal harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie   PDF Version

Ramiro Berardo, V. Kelly Turner and Stian Rice

Multilevel water quality management in the international Rhine catchment area: how to establish social-ecological fit through collaborative governance  

Alexander Widmer, Laura Herzog, Andreas Moser and Karin Ingold

Development of social-ecological conceptual models as the basis for an integrated ecosystem assessment framework in Southeast Alaska   PDF Version

Judith Rosellon-Druker, Marysia Szymkowiak, Curry J. Cunningham, Stephen Kasperski, Gordon H. Kruse, Jamal H. Moss and Ellen M. Yasumiishi

On the creeping increase of vessels’ fishing power   PDF Version

Maria L. D. Palomares and Daniel Pauly

Sustainable rural renewal in China: archetypical patterns   PDF Version

Rongyu Wang, Klaus Eisenack and Rong Tan

Exploring the usefulness of scenario archetypes in science-policy processes: experience across IPBES assessments   PDF Version

Nadia Sitas, Zuzana V. Harmáčková, Jonathan A. Anticamara, Almut Arneth, Ruchi Badola, Reinette Biggs, Ryan Blanchard, Lluis Brotons, Matthew Cantele, Kaera Coetzer, Rajarshi DasGupta, Eefje den Belder, Sonali Ghosh, Antoine Guisan, Haripriya Gundimeda, Maike Hamann, Paula A. Harrison, Shizuka Hashimoto, Jennifer Hauck, Brian J. Klatt, Kasper Kok, Rainer M. Krug, Aidin Niamir, Patrick J. O'Farrell, Sana Okayasu, Ignacio Palomo, Laura M. Pereira, Philip Riordan, Fernando Santos-Martín, Odirilwe Selomane, Yunne-Jai Shin and Mireia Valle

The hidden role of processors in an individual transferable quota fishery   PDF Version

Danielle N Edwards and Evelyn Pinkerton

Vulnerability of resource users in Louisiana’s oyster fishery to environmental hazards   PDF Version

Austin T Humphries, Lauren I Josephs, Megan K La Peyre, Steven Hall and Rachel Dowty Beech

Design and quality criteria for archetype analysis   PDF Version

Klaus Eisenack, Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Graham Epstein, Christian Kimmich, Nicholas Magliocca, David Manuel-Navarrete, Christoph Oberlack, Matteo Roggero and Diana Sietz

Action-orientated research and framework: insights from the French long-term social-ecological research network   PDF Version

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Resilience and fire management in the Anthropocene   PDF Version

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Archetype analysis in sustainability research: methodological portfolio and analytical frontiers   PDF Version

Diana Sietz, Ulrich Frey, Matteo Roggero, Yanqing Gong, Nicholas Magliocca, Rong Tan, Peter Janssen and Tomáš Václavík

Applying a “theory of change” process to facilitate transdisciplinary sustainability education   PDF Version

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Practical use of full-spectrum sustainability in the Bay of Fundy   PDF Version

Owen P Jones and Robert L. Stephenson

From ordinary environmentalism to the public environment: theoretical reflections based on French and European empirical research   PDF Version

Nathalie Blanc

What is governance in global telecoupling?   PDF Version

Jens Newig, Andrea Lenschow, Edward Challies, Benedetta Cotta and Almut Schilling-Vacaflor

Volume 24, No. 2 (2019)

Integrating fisheries management into sustainable development planning   PDF Version

Katie K Arkema, Lauren A. Rogers, Jodie Toft, Alex Mesher, Katherine H Wyatt, Shenique Albury-Smith, Stacey Moultrie, Mary H Ruckelshaus and Jameal Samhouri

How ecosystem services and agroecology are greening French agriculture through its reterritorialization   PDF Version

Xavier Arnauld de Sartre, Marion Charbonneau and Orianne Charrier

Adoption and diffusion of technical capacity-building innovations by small-scale artisanal fishers in Fiji   PDF Version

Tracy MacKeracher, Simon J. Foale, Georgina G. Gurney and Steven W. Purcell

Identifying and categorizing stakeholders for protected area expansion around a national park in Namibia   PDF Version

Lelani M. Mannetti, Thomas Göttert, Ulrich Zeller and Karen J Esler

Degrees of change toward polycentric transboundary water governance: exploring the Columbia River and the Lesotho Highlands Water Project   PDF Version

William Jesse Baltutis and Michele-Lee Moore

Resilience in social-ecological systems: identifying stable and unstable equilibria with agent-based models   PDF Version

Maarten J. van Strien, Sibyl H. Huber, John M. Anderies and Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Identifying past social-ecological thresholds to understand long-term temporal dynamics in Spain   PDF Version

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Deliberative multiattribute valuation of ecosystem services across a range of regional land-use, socioeconomic, and climate scenarios for the upper Merrimack River watershed, New Hampshire, USA   PDF Version

Mark E Borsuk, Georgia Mavrommati, Nihar R Samal, Shan Zuidema, Wilfred Wollheim, Shannon H Rogers, Alexandra M. Thorn, David Lutz, Madeleine Mineau, Curt Grimm, Cameron P Wake, Richard Howarth and Kevin Gardner

Peatland and wetland ecosystems in Peruvian Amazonia: indigenous classifications and perspectives   PDF Version

Christopher Schulz, Manuel Martín Brañas, Cecilia Núñez Pérez, Margarita Del Aguila Villacorta, Nina Laurie, Ian T. Lawson and Katherine H. Roucoux

Land-use elements and attributed ecosystem services: an archetype approach to land-use evaluation at the German North Sea coast   PDF Version

Leena Karrasch, Thomas Klenke and Michael Kleyer

Linking equity, power, and stakeholders’ roles in relation to ecosystem services   PDF Version

Améline Vallet, Bruno Locatelli, Harold Levrel, Nicolas Dendoncker, Cecile Barnaud and Yésica Quispe Conde

Collaborative governance: a tool to manage scientific, administrative, and strategic uncertainties in environmental management?   PDF Version

Nicola Ulibarri

Clam hunger and the changing ocean: characterizing social and ecological risks to the Quinault razor clam fishery using participatory modeling   PDF Version

Katherine M. Crosman, Eleni L. Petrou, Merrill B. Rudd and Michael D. Tillotson

Ecosystem size predicts social-ecological dynamics   PDF Version

Mark A. Kaemingk, Christopher J. Chizinski, Craig R. Allen and Kevin L. Pope

Types of urban agricultural stakeholders and their understandings of governance   PDF Version

Zachary Piso, Lissy Goralnik, Julie C. Libarkin and Maria Claudia Lopez

Forests expand as livestock pressure declines in subtropical South America   PDF Version

Rafael E Bernardi, Marion Buddeberg, Matías Arim and Milena Holmgren

Water community networks and the appropriation of neoliberal practices: social technology, depoliticization, and resistance   PDF Version

Emilie Dupuits

The constitution of hydrosocial power: agribusiness and water scarcity in Ica, Peru   PDF Version

Gerardo H. Damonte

Applying three distinct metrics to measure people’s perceptions of resilience   PDF Version

Takuro Uehara, Takahiro Tsuge and Ayumi Onuma

Urban resilience building in modern development: a case of Phnom Penh City, Cambodia   PDF Version

Sothun Nop and Alec Thornton

Archetypical pathways of direct and indirect land-use change caused by Cambodia’s economic land concessions   PDF Version

Nicholas R. Magliocca, Quy Van Khuc, Evan A. Ellicott and Ariane de Bremond

Adaptation finance archetypes: local governments’ persistent challenges of funding adaptation to climate change and ways to overcome them   PDF Version

Susanne C. Moser, Julia A. Ekstrom, Julia Kim and Samantha Heitsch

Complexity fosters learning in collaborative adaptive management   PDF Version

María E. Fernández-Giménez, David J. Augustine, Lauren M. Porensky, Hailey Wilmer, Justin D. Derner, David D. Briske and Michelle O. Stewart

Explaining path-dependent rigidity traps: increasing returns, power, discourses, and entrepreneurship intertwined in social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Pablo F. Méndez, Jaime M. Amezaga and Luis Santamaría

Collective factors drive individual invasive species control behaviors: evidence from private lands in Montana, USA   PDF Version

Alice A. Lubeck, Alexander L. Metcalf, Crystal L. Beckman, Laurie Yung and Justin W. Angle

Evolving interest and sense of self in an environmental citizen science program   PDF Version

Yurong He, Julia K Parrish, Shawn Rowe and Timothy Jones

The Andean Condor as bird, authority, and devil: an empirical assessment of the biocultural keystone species concept in the high Andes of Chile   PDF Version

Andrés Jacques-Coper, Guillermo Cubillos and José Tomás Ibarra

The promises and pitfalls of ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change as a vehicle for social empowerment   PDF Version

Stephen Woroniecki, Christine Wamsler and Emily Boyd

A wider view of assessments of ecosystem services in coastal areas: the perspective of social-ecological complexity   PDF Version

Liliana Solé and Eduard Ariza

Archetype analysis in sustainability research: meanings, motivations, and evidence-based policy making   PDF Version

Christoph Oberlack, Diana Sietz, Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi, Ariane de Bremond, Jampel Dell'Angelo, Klaus Eisenack, Erle C Ellis, Graham Epstein, Markus Giger, Andreas Heinimann, Christian Kimmich, Marcel TJ Kok, David Manuel-Navarrete, Peter Messerli, Patrick Meyfroidt, Tomáš Václavík and Sergio Villamayor-Tomas

Synthesizing plausible futures for biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe and Central Asia using scenario archetypes   PDF Version

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EVOLvINC: EValuating knOwLedge INtegration Capacity in multistakeholder governance   PDF Version

Martin Hitziger, Maurizio Aragrande, John A. Berezowski, Massimo Canali, Victor Del Rio Vilas, Sabine Hoffmann, Gilberto Igrejas, Hans Keune, Alexandra Lux, Mieghan Bruce, Markus A Palenberg, Christian Pohl, Miroslav Radeski, Ina Richter, Carmenza Robledo Abad, Robert H Salerno, Sara Savic, Janina Schirmer, Barbara R. Vogler and Simon R. Rüegg

Subjective evaluations of ecosystem services and disservices: an approach to creating and analyzing robust survey scales   PDF Version

Kelli L. Larson, Elizabeth A. Corley, Riley Andrade, Sharon J. Hall, Abigail M York, Sara Meerow, Paul Coseo, Daniel L. Childers and David M. Hondula

A systems thinking approach for eliciting mental models from visual boundary objects in hydropolitical contexts: a case study from the Pilcomayo River Basin   PDF Version

Riveraine S. Walters, Erin S. Kenzie, Alexander E. Metzger, William Jesse Baltutis, Kakali B. Chakrabarti, Shana Lee Hirsch and Bethany K. Laursen

Improving problem definition and project planning in complex natural resource management problem situations using knowledge brokers and visual design principles   PDF Version

Kathi K. Beratan

How to build a cross-disciplinary institute: the curious case of the South American Institute for Resilience and Sustainability Studies   PDF Version

Marten Scheffer and Nestor Mazzeo

Volume 24, No. 1 (2019)

Evolution of community forestry in Cameroon: an innovation ecosystems perspective   PDF Version

Peter A. Minang, Lalisa A. Duguma, Florence Bernard, Divine Foundjem-Tita and Zacharie Tchoundjeu

Beyond proximate and distal causes of land-use change: linking Individual motivations to deforestation in rural contexts   PDF Version

Ximena Rueda, Maria Alejandra Velez, Lina Moros and Luz Angela Rodriguez

Smallholder farmers’ social networks and resource-conserving agriculture in Ghana: a multicase comparison using exponential random graph models   PDF Version

Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong, Petr Matouš and Marney E Isaac

Are community forests a viable model for the Democratic Republic of Congo?   PDF Version

Guillaume Lescuyer, Tito Muhindo Kakundika, Ignace Muganguzi Lubala, Isaac Shabani Ekyamba, Raphaël Tsanga and Paolo Omar Cerutti

The changing chagras: traditional ecological knowledge transformations in the Colombian Amazon   PDF Version

Valentina Fonseca-Cepeda, C. Julián Idrobo and Sebastián Restrepo

Seeing the forest for the trees: identifying discursive convergence and dominance in complex REDD+ governance   PDF Version

Fariborz Zelli, Tobias D. Nielsen and Wilhelm Dubber

Early assessments of marine governance transformations: insights and recommendations for implementing new fisheries management regimes   PDF Version

Stefan Gelcich, Francisca Reyes-Mendy and Monica A Rios

Resilience and adaptability of traditional healthcare systems: a case study of communities in two regions of Brazil   PDF Version

Sofia Zank, Luciana Gomes de Araujo and Natalia Hanazaki

Community forestry and REDD+ in Cameroon: what future?   PDF Version

Florence Bernard and Peter A Minang

Social license through citizen science: a tool for marine conservation   PDF Version

Rachel Kelly, Aysha Fleming, Gretta T Pecl, Anett Richter and Aletta Bonn

Toward understanding the dynamics of land change in Latin America: potential utility of a resilience approach for building archetypes of land-systems change   PDF Version

Juan C. Rocha, Matilda M. Baraibar, Lisa Deutsch, Ariane de Bremond, Jordan S. Oestreicher, Florencia Rositano and Cecilia C. Gelabert

Sustainability through institutional failure and decline? Archetypes of productive pathways   PDF Version

Jens Newig, Pim Derwort and Nicolas W Jager

Shaping conditions for entrepreneurship in climate change adaptation: a case study of an emerging governance arrangement in the Netherlands   PDF Version

Debora de Block, Peter H. Feindt and Erik van Slobbe

Traditional and local knowledge in land use planning: insights into the use of the Akwé: Kon Guidelines in Eanodat, Finnish Sápmi   PDF Version

Inkeri Markkula, Minna T. Turunen and Sini Kantola

Patterns of riparian policy standards in riverscapes of the Oregon Coast Range   PDF Version

Brett A. Boisjolie, Rebecca L. Flitcroft and Mary V. Santelmann

Beyond PES and REDD+: Costa Rica on the way to climate-smart landscape management?   PDF Version

Linda Wallbott, Giuseppina Siciliano and Markus Lederer

Armed conflict and fisheries in the Lake Victoria basin   PDF Version

Sarah M. Glaser, Cullen S. Hendrix, Brittany Franck, Karin Wedig and Les Kaufman

Exploring the motivations for garden bird feeding in south-east England   PDF Version

David N. Clark, Darryl N. Jones and S. James Reynolds

Adapting wildland fire governance to climate change in Alaska   PDF Version

Tait K. Rutherford and Courtney A. Schultz

What makes collaborative water governance partnerships resilient to policy change? A comparative study of two cases in Ecuador   PDF Version

Paúl Cisneros

Connecting policy change, experimentation, and entrepreneurs: advancing conceptual and empirical insights   PDF Version

Belinda K McFadgen

The potential of models and modeling for social-ecological systems research: the reference frame ModSES   PDF Version

Maja Schlüter, Birgit Müller and Karin Frank

Exploring the social-ecological systems discourse 20 years later   PDF Version

Johan Colding and Stephan Barthel

Review of factors influencing social learning within participatory environmental governance   PDF Version

Anna Ernst

Environmental and institutional degradation in the globalized economy: lessons from small-scale fisheries in the Gulf of California   PDF Version

Timothy H. Frawley, Elena M. Finkbeiner and Larry B. Crowder

Addressing equity in community forestry: lessons from 20 years of implementation in Cameroon   PDF Version

Urcil Papito Kenfack Essougong, Divine Foundjem-Tita and Peter A. Minang

Creating space, aligning motivations, and building trust: a practical framework for stakeholder engagement based on experience in 12 ecosystem services case studies   PDF Version

Heather A. Schoonover, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Marc J. Metzger, Ana Ruiz-Frau, Margarida Santos-Reis, Samantha S. K. Scholte, Ariane Walz and Kimberly A. Nicholas

Transforming the social-ecological systems framework into a knowledge exchange and deliberation tool for comanagement   PDF Version

Stefan Partelow, Marie Fujitani, Vigneshwaran Soundararajan and Achim Schlüter

Policy tools to address scale mismatches: insights from U.S. forest governance   PDF Version

Courtney A. Schultz, Thomas J. Timberlake, Zachary Wurtzebach, Kathleen B. McIntyre, Cassandra Moseley and Heidi R. Huber-Stearns

The unique role of municipalities in integrated watershed governance arrangements: a new research frontier   PDF Version

María Mancilla García, Jacob Hileman, Örjan Bodin, Annika Nilsson and Pedro Roberto Jacobi

Dancing on the volcano: social exploration in times of discontent   PDF Version

Stephen R. Carpenter, Carl Folke, Marten Scheffer and Frances R Westley

Volume 23, No. 4 (2018)

Transforming asymmetrical conflicts over natural resources in the Global South   PDF Version

Eleanor Fisher, Maarten Bavinck and Aklilu Amsalu

Designing transformative spaces for sustainability in social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Laura M. Pereira, Timothy Karpouzoglou, Niki Frantzeskaki and Per Olsson

Telecoupling: A new frontier for global sustainability   PDF Version

Vanessa Hull and Jianguo Liu

Climate change beliefs and forest management in eastern Oregon: implications for individual adaptive capacity   PDF Version

Angela E. Boag, Joel Hartter, Lawrence C. Hamilton, Nils D. Christoffersen, Forrest R. Stevens, Michael W. Palace and Mark J. Ducey

Value-based scenario planning: exploring multifaceted values in natural disaster planning and management   PDF Version

Andrea Rawluk, Rebecca M Ford and Kathryn J. H. Williams

Network analysis as a tool for quantifying the dynamics of metacoupled systems: an example using global soybean trade   PDF Version

Danica Schaffer-Smith, Stephanie A. Tomscha, Karl J. Jarvis, Dorothy Y. Maguire, Michael L. Treglia and Jianguo Liu

Using conflict over risk management in the marine environment to strengthen measures of governance   PDF Version

Courtenay E. Parlee and Melanie G. Wiber

Crisis and reorganization in urban dynamics: the Barcelona, Spain, case study   PDF Version

Rafael De Balanzó and Núria Rodríguez-Planas

The forest transition in São Paulo, Brazil: historical patterns and potential drivers   PDF Version

Adriane Calaboni, Leandro R. Tambosi, Alexandre T. Igari, Juliana S. Farinaci, Jean Paul Metzger and Maria Uriarte

On the other side of the ditch: exploring contrasting ecosystem service coproduction between smallholder and commercial agriculture   PDF Version

Rebecka Henriksson Malinga, Graham P. W. Jewitt, Regina Lindborg, Erik Andersson and Line J. Gordon

Green without envy: how social capital alleviates tensions from a Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) program in Indonesia   PDF Version

Francesca L McGrath, James T Erbaugh, Beria Leimona, Sacha Amaruzaman, Nana P Rahadian and L. Roman Carrasco

Unraveling heterogeneity in the importance of ecosystem services: individual views of smallholders   PDF Version

Alejandra Tauro, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Eduardo García-Frapolli, Elena Lazos Chavero and Patricia Balvanera

Community empowerment for managing wild boar: a longitudinal case study of northern Italy 2001–2018   PDF Version

Stefano Giacomelli, Michael Gibbert and Roberto Viganò

Learning-based intervention for river restoration: analyzing the lack of outcomes in the Ljusnan River basin, Sweden   PDF Version

Peter M. Rudberg and Mattijs Smits

Toward an alternative dialogue between the social and natural sciences   PDF Version

Johannes Persson, Alf Hornborg, Lennart Olsson and Henrik Thorén

Controversies in social-ecological systems: lessons from a major red tide crisis on Chiloe Island, Chile   PDF Version

Aldo Mascareño, Rodrigo Cordero, Gabriela Azócar, Marco Billi, Pablo A. Henríquez and Gonzalo A. Ruz

Inspired by structured decision making: a collaborative approach to the governance of multiple forest values   PDF Version

Johanna Johansson, Camilla Sandström and Tomas Lundmark

Community based aquaculture in the western Indian Ocean: challenges and opportunities for developing sustainable coastal livelihoods   PDF Version

Mebrahtu Ateweberhan, Joanna Hudson, Antoine Rougier, Narriman S. Jiddawi, Flower E. Msuya, Selina M. Stead and Alasdair Harris

Analysis of social-ecological dynamics driving conflict in linked surface-groundwater systems   PDF Version

S. Andrew McGuire and Timothy J. Ehlinger

Finding an academic space: reflexivity among sustainability researchers   PDF Version

Åsa Knaggård, Barry Ness and David Harnesk

Community forestry frameworks in sub-Saharan Africa and the impact on sustainable development   PDF Version

Lalisa A. Duguma, Joanes Atela, Alemayehu N. Ayana, Dieudonne Alemagi, Mathew Mpanda, Moses Nyago, Peter A. Minang, Judith M. Nzyoka, Divine Foundjem-Tita and Cécile Ngo Ntamag-Ndjebet

Governance for adaptive capacity and resilience in the U.S. water sector   PDF Version

Karen J Baehler and Jennifer C Biddle

Failed promises: governance regimes and conflict transformation related to Jatropha cultivation in Ethiopia   PDF Version

Fekadu A Tufa, Aklilu Amsalu and E. B. Zoomers

Rethinking capitalist transformation of fisheries in South Africa and India   PDF Version

Ajit Menon, Merle Sowman and Maarten Bavinck

Social constraints in cross-boundary collaborative deer management   PDF Version

Katrin Prager, Altea Lorenzo-Arribas, Hans Bull, Mikkel Slaaen Kvernstuen, Leif Egil Loe and Atle Mysterud

Economic inequality and institutional adaptation in response to flood hazards: a historical analysis   PDF Version

Bas van Bavel, Daniel R. Curtis and Tim Soens

Demographic variability and scales of agreement and disagreement over resource management restrictions   PDF Version

Tim R McClanahan and Caroline A Abunge

The societal relevance of river restoration   PDF Version

Jutta Deffner and Peter Haase

Multiscale spatial planning to maintain forest connectivity in the Argentine Chaco in the face of deforestation   PDF Version

Sebastián A Torrella, María Piquer-Rodríguez, Christian Levers, Rubén Ginzburg, Gregorio Gavier-Pizarro and Tobias Kuemmerle

Harnessing local knowledge for scientific knowledge production: challenges and pitfalls within evidence-based sustainability studies   PDF Version

Johannes Persson, Emma L. Johansson and Lennart Olsson

At the nexus of problem-solving and critical research   PDF Version

Yahia Mahmoud, Anne Jerneck, Annica Kronsell and Karin Steen

Ecosystem services between integration and economics imperialism   PDF Version

Henrik Thorén and Sanna Stålhammar

Factors influencing ranchers’ intentions to manage for vegetation heterogeneity and promote cross-boundary management in the northern Great Plains   PDF Version

Maggi S. Sliwinski, Mark E. Burbach, Larkin A. Powell and Walter H. Schacht

Perceiving resilience: understanding people’s intuitions about the qualities of air, water, and soil   PDF Version

Terre Satterfield, Mary B Collins and Barbara Herr Harthorn

Understanding what shapes varying perceptions of the procedural fairness of transboundary environmental decision-making processes   PDF Version

Matthew Hamilton

Keeping the land: indigenous communities’ struggle over land use and sustainable forest management in Kalimantan, Indonesia   PDF Version

Elizabeth Linda Yuliani, Edwin B. P. de Jong, Luuk Knippenberg, Denny O. Bakara, Mohammad Agus Salim and Terry Sunderland

Viability of community forests as social enterprises: A Cameroon case study   PDF Version

Divine Foundjem-Tita, Lalisa A. Duguma, Stijn Speelman and Serge M. Piabuo

A framework for incorporating sense of place into the management of marine systems   PDF Version

Ingrid E. van Putten, Éva E. Plagányi, Kate Booth, Christopher Cvitanovic, Rachel Kelly, Andre E Punt and Shane A Richards

Nontimber forest products as ecological and biocultural keystone species   PDF Version

Charlie M. Shackleton, Tamara Ticktin and Anthony B. Cunningham

Systemic resilience: principles and processes for a science of change in contexts of adversity   PDF Version

Michael Ungar

A review of the social-ecological systems framework: applications, methods, modifications, and challenges   PDF Version

Stefan Partelow

Comparative studies of water governance: a systematic review   PDF Version

Gül Özerol, Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf, Marie Claire Brisbois, Cesar Casiano Flores, Pranjal Deekshit, Corentin Girard, Christian Knieper, S. Jalal Mirnezami, Mar Ortega-Reig, Pranay Ranjan, Nadine J. S. Schröder and Barbara Schröter

Social-ecological systems as complex adaptive systems: organizing principles for advancing research methods and approaches   PDF Version

Rika Preiser, Reinette Biggs, Alta De Vos and Carl Folke

Drylab 2023: living a possible future with resource scarcity   PDF Version

Marco A Janssen, Adriene Jenik, Sarra Z Tekola, Krista L Davis, Shalae Flores, Willa Gibbs, Molly Koehn, Valerie Lyons, Cydnei Mallory, Sydney Rood, Séverin Guelpa and Luz-Andrea Pfister

Framework for a collaborative process to increase preparation for drought on U.S. public rangelands   PDF Version

Julie Brugger, Kelsey L. Hawkes, Anne M. Bowen and Mitchel P. McClaran

Linking marine conservation and Indigenous cultural revitalization: First Nations free themselves from externally imposed social-ecological traps   PDF Version

Lauren E. Eckert, Natalie C. Ban, Snxakila-Clyde Tallio and Nancy Turner

Integrating sense of place into ecosystem restoration: a novel approach to achieve synergistic social-ecological impact   PDF Version

Kelly M. Kibler, Geoffrey S. Cook, Lisa G. Chambers, Melinda Donnelly, Timothy L. Hawthorne, Fernando I. Rivera and Linda Walters

Iconic images, symbols, and archetypes: their function in art and science   PDF Version

Frances R Westley and Carl Folke

Preparing the next generation of sustainability scientists   PDF Version

Alexander K. Killion, Kelley Sterle, Emily N. Bondank, Jillian R. Drabik, Abhinandan Bera, Sara Alian, Kristen A. Goodrich, Marcia Hale, Rachel A. Myer, Quang Phung, Aaron M. Shew and Anastasia W. Thayer

Structured decision analysis informed by traditional ecological knowledge as a tool to strengthen subsistence systems in a changing Arctic   PDF Version

Katherine S. Christie, Tuula E. Hollmen, Henry P. Huntington and James R. Lovvorn

Volume 23, No. 3 (2018)

Prioritizing enablers for effective community forestry in Cameroon   PDF Version

Lalisa A. Duguma, Peter A. Minang, Divine Foundjem-Tita, Parmutia Makui and Serge Mandiefe Piabuo

Creating transformative spaces for dialogue and action: reflecting on the experience of the Southern Africa Food Lab   PDF Version

Scott Drimie, Ralph Hamann, Annie P. Manderson and Norah Mlondobozi

Social-ecological systems influence ecosystem service perception: a Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS) analysis   PDF Version

Cristina Quintas-Soriano, Jodi S Brandt, Katrina Running, Colden V. Baxter, Dainee M. Gibson, Jenna Narducci and Antonio J. Castro

Increasing social-ecological resilience within small-scale agriculture in conflict-affected Guatemala   PDF Version

Jon Hellin, Blake D. Ratner, Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Santiago Lopez-Ridaura

Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a tool for biocultural landscape restoration in northern Veracruz, Mexico: a case study in El Tajín region   PDF Version

Noé Velázquez-Rosas, Evodia Silva-Rivera, Betsabé Ruiz-Guerra, Samaria Armenta-Montero and Jesús Trejo González

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”? The conflict imperative and the slow fight against environmental injustice in northern Peruvian Amazon   PDF Version

Martí Orta-Martínez, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Murat Arsel

Transdisciplinary research as transformative space making for sustainability: enhancing propoor transformative agency in periurban contexts   PDF Version

Fiona Marshall, Jonathan Dolley and Ritu Priya

The Regime Shifts Database: a framework for analyzing regime shifts in social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Reinette Biggs, Garry D Peterson and Juan C. Rocha

Implementing strategies to overcome social-ecological traps: the role of community brokers and institutional bricolage in a locally managed marine area   PDF Version

Dirk J. Steenbergen and Carol Warren

Seeking unconventional alliances and bridging innovations in spaces for transformative change: the seed sector and agricultural sustainability in Argentina   PDF Version

Patrick van Zwanenberg, Almendra Cremaschi, Martin Obaya, Anabel Marin and Vanesa Lowenstein

Who benefits from seafood trade? A comparison of social and market structures in small-scale fisheries   PDF Version

Elizabeth Drury O'Neill, Beatrice Crona, Alice Joan G. Ferrer, Robert Pomeroy and Narriman S. Jiddawi

Photovoice for mobilizing insights on human well-being in complex social-ecological systems: case studies from Kenya and South Africa   PDF Version

Vanessa A. Masterson, Shauna L. Mahajan and Maria Tengö

Effects of fisheries management on local ecological knowledge   PDF Version

Emily R. Farr, Joshua S. Stoll and Christine M. Beitl

Can income diversification resolve social-ecological traps in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture in the global south? A case study of response diversity in the Tam Giang lagoon, central Vietnam   PDF Version

Tong Thi Hai Hanh and Wiebren J Boonstra

Complex effects of natural disasters on protected areas through altering telecouplings   PDF Version

Jindong Zhang, Thomas Connor, Hongbo Yang, Zhiyun Ouyang, Shuxin Li and Jianguo Liu

Social-ecological resilience in indigenous coastal edge contexts   PDF Version

Monica E. Mulrennan and Véronique Bussières

Mangroves, fishers, and the struggle for adaptive comanagement: applying the social-ecological systems framework to a marine extractive reserve (RESEX) in Brazil   PDF Version

Stefan Partelow, Marion Glaser, Sofía Solano Arce, Roberta Sá Leitão Barboza and Achim Schlüter

Spatial patterns of seasonal crop production suggest coordination within and across dryland agricultural systems of Hawaiʻi Island   PDF Version

Aurora K. Kagawa-Viviani, Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Seth Quintus, Matthew P. Lucas and Thomas W. Giambelluca

The implications of group norms for adaptation in collectively managed agricultural systems: evidence from Sri Lankan paddy farmers   PDF Version

Arielle Tozier de la Poterie, Emily K. Burchfield and Amanda R. Carrico

Reframing the sustainable development goals to achieve sustainable development in the Anthropocene—a systems approach   PDF Version

Michelle M. L. Lim, Peter Søgaard Jørgensen and Carina A Wyborn

Frontiers in socio-environmental research: components, connections, scale, and context   PDF Version

Simone Pulver, Nicola Ulibarri, Kathryn L. Sobocinski, Steven M. Alexander, Michelle L. Johnson, Paul F. McCord and Jampel Dell'Angelo

Incorporating multilevel values into the social-ecological systems framework   PDF Version

Carena J van Riper, Andreas Thiel, Marianne Penker, Michael Braito, Adam C. Landon, Jennifer M Thomsen and Catherine M. Tucker

Social fields and natural systems: integrating knowledge about society and nature   PDF Version

Lennart Olsson and Anne Jerneck

Adaptation pathways to cope with salinization in south-west coastal region of Bangladesh   PDF Version

Peerzadi Rumana Hossain, Fulco Ludwig and Rik Leemans

Fishing strategy diversification and fishers' ecological dependency   PDF Version

Johanna Yletyinen, Jonas Hentati-Sundberg, Thorsten Blenckner and Örjan Bodin

Learning and linking for invasive species management   PDF Version

Sally W. Nourani, Marianne E. Krasny and Daniel J. Decker

Structures, actors, and interactions in the analysis of natural resource conflicts   PDF Version

Ton Salman, Marjo de Theije and Irene Vélez-Torres

Transforming conflicts from the bottom-up? Reflections on civil society efforts to empower marginalized fishers in postwar Sri Lanka   PDF Version

Joeri Scholtens and Maarten Bavinck

Power and politics in stakeholder engagement: farm dweller (in)visibility and conversions to game farming in South Africa   PDF Version

Femke Brandt, Jenny Josefsson and Marja Spierenburg

South-to-south exchanges in understanding and addressing natural resource conflicts   PDF Version

Kate A. Berry, Bhanumathi Kalluri and Antonio La Vina

Community forest governance in Cameroon: a review   PDF Version

Serge Mandiefe Piabuo, Divine Foundjem-Tita and Peter A Minang

Commoning in dynamic environments: community-based management of turtle nesting sites on the lower Amazon floodplain   PDF Version

Juarez Pezzuti, Fábio de Castro, David G McGrath, Priscila Saikoski Miorando, Roberta Sá Leitão Barboza and Fernanda Carneiro Romagnoli

Alternative environmentalities: recasting the assessment of Canada’s first Marine Stewardship Council-certified fishery in social terms   PDF Version

Paul Foley, Dinah A. Okyere and Charles Mather

The interdisciplinary decision problem: Popperian optimism and Kuhnian pessimism in forestry   PDF Version

Johannes Persson, Henrik Thorén and Lennart Olsson

A critical realist inquiry in conducting interdisciplinary research: an analysis of LUCID examples   PDF Version

Maryam Nastar, Chad S. Boda and Lennart Olsson

Wetlands need people: a framework for understanding and promoting Australian indigenous wetland management   PDF Version

Michelle L. Pyke, Sandy Toussaint, Paul G. Close, Rebecca J Dobbs, Irene Davey, Kevin J George, Daniel Oades, Deborah Sibosado, Phillip McCarthy, Cecelia Tigan, Bernadette Angus (Jnr), Elaine Riley, Devena Cox, Zynal Cox, Brendan Smith, Preston Cox, Albert Wiggan and Julian Clifton

Conflict or cooperation? Social capital as a power resource and conflict mitigation strategy in timber operations in Ghana’s off-reserve forest areas   PDF Version

Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen and Mercy Derkyi

The dynamics of purposeful change: a model   PDF Version

Howard Silverman and Gregory M Hill

Values-led management: the guidance of place-based values in environmental relationships of the past, present, and future   PDF Version

Kyle A. Artelle, Janet Stephenson, Corey Bragg, Jessie A. Housty, William G. Housty, Merata Kawharu and Nancy J. Turner

African community-based conservation: a systematic review of social and ecological outcomes   PDF Version

Kathleen A Galvin, Tyler A Beeton and Matthew W Luizza

Food as a daily art: ideas for its use as a method in development practice   PDF Version

L. Jamila Haider and Frederik J. W. van Oudenhoven

The emergence of social licence necessitates reforms in environmental regulation   PDF Version

Ingrid E. van Putten, Christopher Cvitanovic, Elizabeth Fulton, Justine Lacey and Rachel Kelly

Achieving the promise of integration in social-ecological research: a review and prospectus   PDF Version

Angela M Guerrero, Nathan J Bennett, Kerrie A Wilson, Neil Carter, David Gill, Morena Mills, Christopher D Ives, Matthew J Selinske, Cecilia Larrosa, Sarah Bekessy, Fraser A Januchowski-Hartley, Henry Travers, Carina A Wyborn and Ana Nuno

Exploring youth activism on climate change: dutiful, disruptive, and dangerous dissent   PDF Version

Karen O'Brien, Elin Selboe and Bronwyn M Hayward

Volume 23, No. 2 (2018)

The practice and promise of private land conservation   PDF Version

Michael Drescher and Jacob C. Brenner

Adaptation in fire-prone landscapes: interactions of policies, management, wildfire, and social networks in Oregon, USA   PDF Version

Thomas A. Spies, Robert M. Scheller and John P. Bolte

A brave new world: integrating well-being and conservation   PDF Version

Kelly Biedenweg and Nicole D. Gross-Camp

Sustainably managing freshwater resources   PDF Version

Suzie Greenhalgh and Oshadhi Samarasinghe

Connectors and coordinators in natural resource governance: insights from Swiss water supply   PDF Version

Mario Angst, Alexander Widmer, Manuel Fischer and Karin Ingold

Participatory processes and support tools for planning in complex dynamic environments: a case study on web-GIS based participatory water resources planning in Almeria, Spain   PDF Version

Nora Van Cauwenbergh, Alba Ballester Ciuró and Rhodante Ahlers

To log or not to log: local perceptions of timber management and its implications for well-being within a sustainable-use protected area   PDF Version

Natalie A Cooper and Karen A Kainer

Developing a shared understanding of the Upper Mississippi River: the foundation of an ecological resilience assessment   PDF Version

Kristen L Bouska, Jeffrey N Houser, Nathan R. De Jager and Jon Hendrickson

Challenges for REDD+ in Indonesia: a case study of three project sites   PDF Version

Ashley M. Enrici and Klaus Hubacek

Institutionalization of REDD+ MRV in Indonesia, Peru, and Tanzania: progress and implications   PDF Version

Robert M. Ochieng, Bas Arts, Maria Brockhaus and Ingrid J. Visseren-Hamakers

Imagining transformative futures: participatory foresight for food systems change   PDF Version

Aniek Hebinck, Joost M. Vervoort, Paul Hebinck, Lucas Rutting and Francesca Galli

Postharvest fish losses and unequal gender relations: drivers of the social-ecological trap in the Barotse Floodplain fishery, Zambia   PDF Version

Steven M. Cole, Cynthia McDougall, Alexander M. Kaminski, Alexander S. Kefi, Alex Chilala and Gethings Chisule

On the relationship between attitudes and environmental behaviors of key Great Barrier Reef user groups   PDF Version

Jeremy A. Goldberg, Nadine A. Marshall, Alastair Birtles, Peter Case, Matthew I. Curnock and Georgina G. Gurney

Rebuilding pastoral social-ecological resilience on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in response to changes in policy, economics, and climate   PDF Version

Gongbuzeren, Lynn Huntsinger and WenJun Li

Distribution of fishery benefits and community well-being: a review of increased access to the Eastern Nova Scotia snow crab fishery   PDF Version

Kevin Squires and Melanie G Wiber

Building blocks for social-ecological transformations: identifying and building on governance successes for small-scale fisheries   PDF Version

Mark Andrachuk, Derek Armitage, Ha Dung Hoang and Nam Van Le

Participatory identification and selection of ecosystem services: building on field experiences   PDF Version

Fanny Boeraeve, Marc Dufrene, Rik De Vreese, Sander Jacobs, Nathalie Pipart, Francis Turkelboom, Wim Verheyden and Nicolas Dendoncker

“Living a good life”: conceptualizations of well-being in a conservation context in Cambodia   PDF Version

Emilie Beauchamp, Emily Woodhouse, Tom Clements and Eleanor Jane Milner-Gulland

Deforestation and local sustainable development in Brazilian Legal Amazonia: an exploratory analysis   PDF Version

Douglas Sathler, Susana B. Adamo and Everton E. C. Lima

Opportunities and obstacles to socioecosystem-based environmental policy in Mexico: expert opinion at the science-policy interface   PDF Version

Antony Challenger, Ana Cordova, Elena Lazos Chavero, Miguel Equihua and Manuel Maass

Designing for resilience: permaculture as a transdisciplinary methodology in applied resilience research   PDF Version

Thomas W. Henfrey

Small-scale innovations in coastal communities: shell-handicraft as a way to empower women and decrease poverty   PDF Version

Sara Fröcklin, Narriman S. Jiddawi and Maricela de la Torre-Castro

A multiscale gaming approach to understand farmer’s decision making in the boom of maize cultivation in Laos   PDF Version

Christine Ornetsmüller, Jean-Christophe Castella and Peter H. Verburg

Cross-level linkages in an ecology of climate change adaptation policy games   PDF Version

Matthew Hamilton, Mark Lubell and Emilinah Namaganda

Whose right to manage? Distribution of property rights affects equity and power dynamics in comanagement   PDF Version

Adam L Ayers, John N Kittinger and Mehana Blaich Vaughan

Navigating emergence and system reflexivity as key transformative capacities: experiences from a Global Fellowship program   PDF Version

Michele-Lee Moore, Per Olsson, Warren Nilsson, Loretta Rose and Frances R Westley

Agent-based modeling of environment-migration linkages: a review   PDF Version

Jule Thober, Nina Schwarz and Kathleen Hermans

Flows of change: dynamic water rights and water access in peri-urban Kathmandu   PDF Version

Anushiya Shrestha, Dik Roth and Deepa Joshi

Safe operating space for humanity at a regional scale   PDF Version

John F McLaughlin

Feedback of telecoupling: the case of a payments for ecosystem services program   PDF Version

Hongbo Yang, Frank Lupi, Jindong Zhang, Xiaodong Chen and Jianguo Liu

Flexible water allocations and rotational delivery combined adapt irrigation systems to drought   PDF Version

Kelsey C. Cody

The network structure of multilevel water resources governance in Central America   PDF Version

Jacob Hileman and Mark Lubell

Agroecological transitions: What can sustainability transition frameworks teach us? An ontological and empirical analysis   PDF Version

Guillaume Ollivier, Danièle Magda, Armelle Mazé, Gael Plumecocq and Claire Lamine

Escaping social-ecological traps through tribal stewardship on national forest lands in the Pacific Northwest, United States of America   PDF Version

Jonathan W Long and Frank K Lake

A framework for conceptualizing and assessing the resilience of essential services produced by socio-technical systems   PDF Version

Susara E van der Merwe, Reinette Biggs and Rika Preiser

Toward an integrative framework for local development path analysis   PDF Version

Alastair W. Moore, Leslie King, Ann Dale and Robert Newell

The ecology and economics of restoration: when, what, where, and how to restore ecosystems   PDF Version

Jason R Rohr, Emily S Bernhardt, Marc W Cadotte and William H Clements

Intersectorality in the governance of inland fisheries   PDF Version

Andrew M Song, Shannon D Bower, Paul Onyango, Steven J Cooke, Shehu L Akintola, Jan Baer, Tek B Gurung, Missaka Hettiarachchi, Mohammad Mahmudul Islam, Wilson Mhlanga, Fiona Nunan, Pekka Salmi, Vipul Singh, Xavier Tezzo, Simon J Funge-Smith, Prateep K. Nayak and Ratana Chuenpagdee

The relationship between adaptive management of social-ecological systems and law: a systematic review   PDF Version

Miguel F. Frohlich, Chris Jacobson, Pedro Fidelman and Timothy F. Smith

What's in a name? Unpacking “participatory” environmental monitoring   PDF Version

Nerea Turreira-García, Jens F. Lund, Pablo Domínguez, Elena Carrillo-Anglés, Mathias C. Brummer, Priya Duenn and Victoria Reyes-García

Understanding process, power, and meaning in adaptive governance: a critical institutional reading   PDF Version

Frances Cleaver and Luke Whaley

Combining participatory scenario planning and systems modeling to identify drivers of future sustainability on the Mongolian Plateau   PDF Version

Ginger R. H. Allington, Maria E. Fernandez-Gimenez, Jiquan Chen and Daniel G. Brown

Local knowledge in ecological modeling   PDF Version

Annie Claude Bélisle, Hugo Asselin, Patrice LeBlanc and Sylvie Gauthier

Sonifying social-ecological change: A wetland laments agricultural transformation   PDF Version

David G Angeler, Miguel Alvarez-Cobelas and Salvador Sánchez-Carrillo

Aligning environmental management with ecosystem resilience: a First Foods example from the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Oregon, USA   PDF Version

Eric J. Quaempts, Krista L. Jones, Scott J. O'Daniel, Timothy J. Beechie and Geoffrey C. Poole

The dynamic relationship between sense of place and risk perception in landscapes of mobility   PDF Version

Tara Quinn, Francois Bousquet, Chloe Guerbois, Elias Sougrati and Matthieu Tabutaud

Promoting agency for social-ecological transformation: a transformation-lab in the Xochimilco social-ecological system   PDF Version

Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, J. Mario Siqueiros-Garcia, Hallie Eakin, David Manuel-Navarrete and Rebecca Shelton

Sustainability transformations as shifts in worldviews: a dynamic view of complementarity issues   PDF Version

Cyrille Rigolot

Avoiding paradigm drifts in IPBES: reconciling “nature’s contributions to people,” biodiversity, and ecosystem services   PDF Version

Daniel P. Faith

Volume 23, No. 1 (2018)

Introduction to the Special Feature Practicing Panarchy: Assessing legal flexibility, ecological resilience, and adaptive governance in regional water systems experiencing rapid environmental change   PDF Version

Barbara A. Cosens, Lance Gunderson and Brian C. Chaffin

Welcoming different perspectives in IPBES: “Nature’s contributions to people” and “Ecosystem services”   PDF Version

Garry D. Peterson, Zuzana V. Harmáčková, Megan Meacham, Cibele Queiroz, Amanda Jiménez-Aceituno, Jan J Kuiper, Katja Malmborg, Nadia Sitas and Elena M. Bennett

Expanding the contribution of the social sciences to social-ecological resilience research   PDF Version

Samantha Stone-Jovicich, Bruce E Goldstein, Katrina Brown, Ryan Plummer and Per Olsson

Democratizing conservation science and practice   PDF Version

Anne K. Salomon, Ken Lertzman, Kelly Brown, Ḵii'iljuus Barbara Wilson, Dave Secord and Iain McKechnie

Adaptive pathways and coupled infrastructure: seven centuries of adaptation to water risk and the production of vulnerability in Mexico City   PDF Version

Beth Tellman, Julia C. Bausch, Hallie Eakin, John M. Anderies, Marisa Mazari-Hiriart, David Manuel-Navarrete and Charles L. Redman

The agrarian metabolism as a tool for assessing agrarian sustainability, and its application to Spanish agriculture (1960-2008)   PDF Version

Gloria I Guzmán, Eduardo Aguilera, Roberto García-Ruiz, Eva Torremocha, David Soto-Fernández, Juan Infante-Amate and Manuel González de Molina

Systematic evaluation of scenario assessments supporting sustainable integrated natural resources management: evidence from four case studies in Africa   PDF Version

Julia Reinhardt, Stefan Liersch, Mohamed Arbi Abdeladhim, Mori Diallo, Chris Dickens, Samuel Fournet, Fred Fokko Hattermann, Clovis Kabaseke, Moses Muhumuza, Marloes L. Mul, Tobias Pilz, Ilona M. Otto and Ariane Walz

Learning from collaborative research on sustainably managing fresh water: implications for ethical research–practice engagement   PDF Version

Margaret L Ayre, Philip J Wallis and Katherine A Daniell

Creating legal rights for rivers: lessons from Australia, New Zealand, and India   PDF Version

Erin L. O'Donnell and Julia Talbot-Jones

Protected areas and territorial exclusion of traditional communities: analyzing the social impacts of environmental compensation strategies in Brazil   PDF Version

Felisa C. Anaya and Mário M. Espírito-Santo

Subjective measures of household resilience to climate variability and change: insights from a nationally representative survey of Tanzania   PDF Version

Lindsey Jones, Emma Samman and Patrick Vinck

Trade in the telecoupling framework: evidence from the metals industry   PDF Version

Hang Xiong, James D. A. Millington and Wei Xu

How can integrated valuation of ecosystem services help understanding and steering agroecological transitions?   PDF Version

Nicolas Dendoncker, Fanny Boeraeve, Emilie Crouzat, Marc Dufrêne, Ariane König and Cecile Barnaud

Supplying the wildlife trade as a livelihood strategy in a biodiversity hotspot   PDF Version

Janine E. Robinson, Richard A. Griffiths, Iain M. Fraser, Jessica Raharimalala, David L. Roberts and Freya A. V. St. John

Transforming communicative spaces: the rhythm of gender in meetings in rural Solomon Islands   PDF Version

Michelle Dyer

Farmer perceptions of plant–soil interactions can affect adoption of sustainable management practices in cocoa agroforests: a case study from Southeast Sulawesi   PDF Version

Ariani C Wartenberg, Wilma J Blaser, K. N Janudianto, James M Roshetko, Meine van Noordwijk and Johan Six

Using futures methods to create transformative spaces: visions of a good Anthropocene in southern Africa   PDF Version

Laura M. Pereira, Tanja Hichert, Maike Hamann, Rika Preiser and Reinette Biggs

Using Inuit traditional ecological knowledge for detecting and monitoring avian cholera among Common Eiders in the eastern Canadian Arctic   PDF Version

Dominique A. Henri, Frankie Jean-Gagnon and H. Grant Gilchrist

Stories in social-ecological knowledge cocreation   PDF Version

Diego Galafassi, Tim M. Daw, Matilda Thyresson, Sergio Rosendo, Tomas Chaigneau, Salomão Bandeira, Lydiah Munyi, Ida Gabrielsson and Katrina Brown

Analyzing community resilience as an emergent property of dynamic social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Lucy Faulkner, Katrina Brown and Tara Quinn

Reimagining large-scale open-water fisheries governance through adaptive comanagement in hilsa shad sanctuaries   PDF Version

Martin L van Brakel, Md. Nahiduzzaman, A. B. M. Mahfuzul Haque, Md. Golam Mustafa, Md. Jalilur Rahman and Md. Abdul Wahab

Institutional linkages and landscape governance systems: the case of Mt. Marsabit, Kenya   PDF Version

Lance W. Robinson and Joram K. Kagombe

Recovery and adaptation after the 2015 Nepal earthquakes: a smallholder household perspective   PDF Version

Kathleen Epstein, Jessica DiCarlo, Robin Marsh, Bikash Adhikari, Dinesh Paudel, Isha Ray and Inger E. Måren

Smallholder telecoupling and potential sustainability   PDF Version

Karl S. Zimmerer, Eric F. Lambin and Steven J. Vanek

Managing urban flood resilience as a multilevel governance challenge: an analysis of required multilevel coordination mechanisms  

Carel Dieperink, Hannelore Mees, Sally J Priest, Kristina Ek, Silvia Bruzzone, Corinne Larrue and Piotr Matczak

Vulnerability of dryland agricultural regimes to economic and climatic change   PDF Version

Patrick G. Lawrence, Bruce D. Maxwell, Lisa J. Rew, Colter Ellis and Anton Bekkerman

Recommendations for full-spectrum sustainability in Canadian lobster integrated management plans based on a socioeconomic analysis of Barrington, Nova Scotia   PDF Version

Allain J. Barnett

Drivers of fishing at the household scale in Fiji   PDF Version

Rachel Dacks, Tamara Ticktin, Stacy D. Jupiter and Alan Friedlander

Governance and the making and breaking of social-ecological traps   PDF Version

Dana M. Baker, Grant Murray and Andrew Kyei Agyare

Analyzing stakeholders’ workshop dialogue for evidence of social learning   PDF Version

Amanda L. Bentley Brymer, J. D. Wulfhorst and Mark W. Brunson

Well-being and conservation: diversity and change in visions of a good life among the Maasai of northern Tanzania   PDF Version

Emily Woodhouse and J. Terrence McCabe

First stewards: ecological outcomes of forest and wildlife stewardship by indigenous peoples of Wisconsin, USA   PDF Version

Donald M. Waller and Nicholas J. Reo

Drivers of illegal livelihoods in remote transboundary regions: the case of the Trans-Fly region of Papua New Guinea   PDF Version

Sara Busilacchi, James R. A. Butler, Wayne A. Rochester and Joseph Posu

Quantifying uncertainty and trade-offs in resilience assessments   PDF Version

Craig R. Allen, Hannah E. Birge, David G. Angeler, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Brian C. Chaffin, Daniel A. DeCaro, Ahjond S. Garmestani and Lance Gunderson

Climate change, cattle, and the challenge of sustainability in a telecoupled system in Africa   PDF Version

Tara S. Easter, Alexander K. Killion and Neil H. Carter

Ecosystem services, social interdependencies, and collective action: a conceptual framework   PDF Version

Cecile Barnaud, Esteve Corbera, Roldan Muradian, Nicolas Salliou, Clélia Sirami, Aude Vialatte, Jean-Philippe Choisis, Nicolas Dendoncker, Raphael Mathevet, Clémence Moreau, Victoria Reyes-García, Martí Boada, Marc Deconchat, Catherine Cibien, Stephan Garnier, Roser Maneja and Martine Antona

Going beyond “it depends:” the role of context in shaping participation in natural resource management   PDF Version

Susan Baker and F. Stuart Chapin III

The plurality of values in sustainable agriculture models: diverse lock-in and coevolution patterns   PDF Version

Gael Plumecocq, Thomas Debril, Michel Duru, Marie-Benoît Magrini, Jean Pierre Sarthou and Olivier Therond

From concepts to practice: combining different approaches to understand drivers of landscape change   PDF Version

Thanasis Kizos, Peter H. Verburg, Matthias Bürgi, Dimitirs Gounaridis, Tobias Plieninger, Claudia Bieling and Thomas Balatsos

Biocultural approaches to developing well-being indicators in Solomon Islands   PDF Version

Joe McCarter, Eleanor J Sterling, Stacy D Jupiter, Georgina D Cullman, Simon Albert, Marlene Basi, Erin Betley, David Boseto, Evan S Bulehite, Ryan Harron, Piokera S Holland, Ned Horning, Alec Hughes, Nixon Jino, Cynthia Malone, Senoveva Mauli, Bernadette Pae, Remmy Papae, Ferish Rence, Oke Revo, Ezekiel Taqala, Miri Taqu, Hara Woltz and Christopher E Filardi

Evolving conceptions of the role of large dams in social-ecological resilience   PDF Version

Mia A. Hammersley, Christopher Scott and Randy Gimblett

The climate-smart village approach: framework of an integrative strategy for scaling up adaptation options in agriculture   PDF Version

Pramod K Aggarwal, Andy Jarvis, Bruce M Campbell, Robert B. Zougmoré, Arun Khatri-Chhetri, Sonja J. Vermeulen, Ana Maria Loboguerrero, Leocadio S Sebastian, James Kinyangi, Osana Bonilla-Findji, Maren Radeny, John Recha, Deissy Martinez-Baron, Julian Ramirez-Villegas, Sophia Huyer, Philip Thornton, Eva Wollenberg, James Hansen, Patricia Alvarez-Toro, Andrés Aguilar-Ariza, David Arango-Londoño, Victor Patiño-Bravo, Ovidio Rivera, Mathieu Ouedraogo and Bui Tan Yen

Polycentric governance in telecoupled resource systems   PDF Version

Christoph Oberlack, Sébastien Boillat, Stefan Brönnimann, Jean-David Gerber, Andreas Heinimann, Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Peter Messerli, Stephan Rist and Urs Wiesmann

Transatlantic wood pellet trade demonstrates telecoupled benefits   PDF Version

Esther S Parish, Anna J Herzberger, Colin C Phifer and Virginia H Dale

Bringing multiple values to the table: assessing future land-use and climate change in North Kona, Hawaiʻi   PDF Version

Leah L Bremer, Lisa Mandle, Clay Trauernicht, Puaʻala Pascua, Heather L McMillen, Kimberly Burnett, Christopher A Wada, Natalie Kurashima, Shimona A. Quazi, Thomas Giambelluca, Pia Chock and Tamara Ticktin

Peruvian anchoveta as a telecoupled fisheries system   PDF Version

Andrew K. Carlson, William W. Taylor, Jianguo Liu and Ivan Orlic

Volume 22, No. 4 (2017)

Game-changers and transformative social innovation   PDF Version

Flor Avelino, Julia M. Wittmayer, René Kemp and Alex Haxeltine

Who's in charge here anyway? Polycentric governance configurations and the development of policy on invasive alien species in the semisovereign Caribbean   PDF Version

Jetske Vaas, Peter P. J. Driessen, Mendel Giezen, Frank van Laerhoven and Martin J Wassen

Resilience to hazards: rice farmers in the Mahanadi Delta, India   PDF Version

John M. Duncan, Emma L. Tompkins, Jadunandan Dash and Basundhara Tripathy

Mainstreaming ecosystem services in state-level conservation planning: progress and future needs   PDF Version

Ryan R. Noe, Bonnie L. Keeler, Michael A. Kilgore, Steven J. Taff and Stephen Polasky

How does network governance affect social-ecological fit across the land–sea interface? An empirical assessment from the Lesser Antilles   PDF Version

Jeremy Pittman and Derek Armitage

A new approach to conservation: using community empowerment for sustainable well-being   PDF Version

Alaka Wali, Diana Alvira, Paula S Tallman, Ashwin Ravikumar and Miguel O Macedo

Restoring the environment, revitalizing the culture: cenote conservation in Yucatan, Mexico   PDF Version

Yolanda Lopez-Maldonado and Fikret Berkes

Agriculture production as a major driver of the Earth system exceeding planetary boundaries   PDF Version

Bruce M. Campbell, Douglas J. Beare, Elena M. Bennett, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, John S. I. Ingram, Fernando Jaramillo, Rodomiro Ortiz, Navin Ramankutty, Jeffrey A. Sayer and Drew Shindell

Differences in resource management affects drought vulnerability across the borders between Iraq, Syria, and Turkey   PDF Version

Lina Eklund and Darcy Thompson

Intergroup cooperation prevents resource exhaustion but undermines intra-group cooperation in the common-pool resource experiment   PDF Version

Karolina Safarzynska

Telecoupling Toolbox: spatially explicit tools for studying telecoupled human and natural systems   PDF Version

Francesco Tonini and Jianguo Liu

Effects of accelerated wildfire on future fire regimes and implications for the United States federal fire policy   PDF Version

Alan A. Ager, Ana M. G. Barros, Haiganoush K. Preisler, Michelle A. Day, Thomas A. Spies, John D. Bailey and John P. Bolte

Evaluation of a new method for assessing resilience in urban aquatic social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Jonathan P. Moores, Sharleen Yalden, Jennifer B. Gadd and Annette Semadeni-Davies

The social structural foundations of adaptation and transformation in social–ecological systems   PDF Version

Michele L. Barnes, Örjan Bodin, Angela M Guerrero, Ryan R. J. McAllister, Steven M Alexander and Garry Robins

Comparing group deliberation to other forms of preference aggregation in valuing ecosystem services   PDF Version

Mackenzie B Murphy, Georgia Mavrommati, Varun Rao Mallampalli, Richard B Howarth and Mark E Borsuk

A coupled terrestrial and aquatic biogeophysical model of the Upper Merrimack River watershed, New Hampshire, to inform ecosystem services evaluation and management under climate and land-cover change   PDF Version

Nihar R Samal, Wilfred M Wollheim, Shan Zuidema, Robert J Stewart, Zaixing Zhou, Madeleine M Mineau, Mark E Borsuk, Kevin H Gardner, Stanley Glidden, Tao Huang, David A Lutz, Georgia Mavrommati, Alexandra M Thorn, Cameron P Wake and Matthew Huber

Development of scenarios for land cover, population density, impervious cover, and conservation in New Hampshire, 2010–2100   PDF Version

Alexandra M. Thorn, Cameron P. Wake, Curt D Grimm, Clayton R Mitchell, Madeleine M Mineau and Scott V. Ollinger

A representation of a Tuawhenua worldview guides environmental conservation   PDF Version

Puke Timoti, Philip O'B Lyver, Rangi Matamua, Christopher J Jones and Brenda L Tahi

Adaptation to a landscape-scale mountain pine beetle epidemic in the era of networked governance: the enduring importance of bureaucratic institutions   PDF Version

Jesse B. Abrams, Heidi R. Huber-Stearns, Christopher Bone, Christine A. Grummon and Cassandra Moseley

Operationalizing the telecoupling framework for migratory species using the spatial subsidies approach to examine ecosystem services provided by Mexican free-tailed bats   PDF Version

Laura López-Hoffman, Jay Diffendorfer, Ruscena Wiederholt, Kenneth J Bagstad, Wayne E. Thogmartin, Gary McCracken, Rodrigo L Medellin, Amy Russell and Darius J Semmens

Resilience as a framework for analyzing the adaptation of mountain summer pasture systems to climate change   PDF Version

Baptiste Nettier, Laurent Dobremez, Sandra Lavorel and Gilles Brunschwig

Facilitating public participation in water resources management: reflections from Tanzania   PDF Version

Jane Eleuter Kabogo, Elizabeth P Anderson, Pendo Hyera and Godfred Kajanja

A framework for comparing collaborative management of Australian and New Zealand water resources   PDF Version

Kenneth F. D. Hughey, Chris Jacobson and Erin F. Smith

Land-use change in a telecoupled world: the relevance and applicability of the telecoupling framework in the case of banana plantation expansion in Laos   PDF Version

Cecilie Friis and Jonas Østergaard Nielsen

Transforming governance in telecoupled food systems   PDF Version

Hallie Eakin, Ximena Rueda and Ashwina Mahanti

Sámi reindeer governance in Norway as competing knowledge systems: a participatory study   PDF Version

Kathrine I Johnsen, Svein D Mathiesen and Inger Marie Gaup Eira

Gendered forests: exploring gender dimensions in forest governance and REDD+ in Équateur Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)   PDF Version

Raymond Achu Samndong and Darley Jose Kjosavik

Trends in bushmeat trade in a postconflict forest town: implications for food security   PDF Version

Nathalie van Vliet, Björn Schulte-Herbrüggen, Jonas Muhindo, Casimir Nebesse, Sylvestre Gambalemoke and Robert Nasi

Wild mammals as economic goods and implications for their conservation   PDF Version

Lukas Boesch, Roger Mundry, Hjalmar S. Kühl and Roger Berger

Women's local knowledge of water resources and adaptation to landscape change in the mountains of Veracruz, Mexico   PDF Version

Maria Kernecker, Christian R. Vogl and Araceli Aguilar Meléndez

Socio-environmental drought response in a mixed urban-agricultural setting: synthesizing biophysical and governance responses in the Platte River Watershed, Nebraska, USA   PDF Version

Samuel C. Zipper, Kelly Helm Smith, Betsy Breyer, Jiangxiao Qiu, Anthony Kung and Dustin Herrmann

Transforming (perceived) rigidity in environmental law through adaptive governance: a case of Endangered Species Act implementation   PDF Version

Hannah Gosnell, Brian C. Chaffin, J. B. Ruhl, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Robin K. Craig, Melinda H. Benson and Alan Devenish

Exploring intrinsic, instrumental, and relational values for sustainable management of social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Paola Arias-Arévalo, Berta Martín-López and Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Managing ecosystems without prior knowledge: pathological outcomes of lake liming   PDF Version

David G. Angeler, Stina Drakare, Richard K. Johnson, Stephan Köhler and Tobias Vrede

Potentialities and constraints in the relation between social innovation and public policies: some lessons from South America   PDF Version

Ariel Gordon, Lucas D. Becerra and Mariano Fressoli

Ways forward for resilience thinking: lessons from the field for those exploring social-ecological systems in agriculture and natural resource management   PDF Version

Katrina Sinclair, Andrea Rawluk, Saideepa Kumar and Allan Curtis

Linking well-being with cultural revitalization for greater cognitive justice in conservation: lessons from Venezuela in Canaima National Park   PDF Version

Iokiñe Rodriguez

Moving beyond the human–nature dichotomy through biocultural approaches: including ecological well-being in resilience indicators   PDF Version

Sophie Caillon, Georgina Cullman, Bas Verschuuren and Eleanor J Sterling

Soil cultures – the adaptive cycle of agrarian soil use in Central Europe: an interdisciplinary study using soil scientific and archaeological research   PDF Version

Sandra Teuber, Jan J. Ahlrichs, Jessica Henkner, Thomas Knopf, Peter Kühn and Thomas Scholten

Cross-interdisciplinary insights into adaptive governance and resilience   PDF Version

Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Hannah Gosnell, Melinda H. Benson and Robin K. Craig

Integration across a metacoupled world   PDF Version

Jianguo Liu

Even at the uttermost ends of the Earth: how seabirds telecouple the Beagle Channel with regional and global processes that affect environmental conservation and social-ecological sustainability   PDF Version

Andrea N. Raya Rey, J. Cristobal Pizarro, Christopher B. Anderson and Falk Huettmann

Forest ecosystem-service transitions: the ecological dimensions of the forest transition   PDF Version

Sarah Jane Wilson, John Schelhas, Ricardo Grau, A. Sofía Nanni and Sean Sloan

A framework for modeling adaptive forest management and decision making under climate change   PDF Version

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Volume 22, No. 3 (2017)

Enacting resilience for adaptive water governance: a case study of irrigation modernization in an Australian catchment   PDF Version

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Balancing carrots and sticks in REDD+: implications for social safeguards   PDF Version

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Troublemaking carnivores: conflicts with humans in a diverse assemblage of large carnivores   PDF Version

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Do ecosystem services provide an added value compared to existing forest planning approaches in Central Europe?   PDF Version

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Where you stand depends on where you sit: qualitative inquiry into notions of fire adaptation   PDF Version

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Polarization and clustering in scientific debates and problem framing: network analysis of the science-policy interface for grassland management in China   PDF Version

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The role of agroforestry in building livelihood resilience to floods and drought in semiarid Kenya   PDF Version

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The science and politics of human well-being: a case study in cocreating indicators for Puget Sound restoration   PDF Version

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Environmental justice research shows the importance of social feedbacks in ecosystem service trade-offs   PDF Version

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Inter- and transdisciplinary scenario construction to explore future land-use options in southern Amazonia   PDF Version

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Coordination and health sector adaptation to climate change in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta   PDF Version

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Rivers and streams in the media: a content analysis of ecosystem services   PDF Version

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Increasing the effectiveness of participatory scenario development through codesign   PDF Version

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Not just another variable: untangling the spatialities of power in social–ecological systems   PDF Version

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Spatial and temporal scale framing of a decision on the future of the Mactaquac Dam in New Brunswick, Canada   PDF Version

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Maintaining experiences of nature as a city grows   PDF Version

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Historical perspective on the influence of wildfire policy, law, and informal institutions on management and forest resilience in a multiownership, frequent-fire, coupled human and natural system in Oregon, USA   PDF Version

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Integrating social science into empirical models of coupled human and natural systems   PDF Version

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Integration of the ecosystem services concept in planning documents from six municipalities in southwestern Sweden   PDF Version

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Explaining the persistence of low income and environmentally degrading land uses in the Brazilian Amazon   PDF Version

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Specificities of French community gardens as environmental stewardships   PDF Version

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Walkerton revisited: how our psychological defenses may influence responses to water crises   PDF Version

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Robust-yet-fragile nature of partly engineered social-ecological systems: a case study of coastal Bangladesh   PDF Version

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Diagnosing adaptive comanagement across multiple cases   PDF Version

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Capturing change: the duality of time-lapse imagery to acquire data and depict ecological dynamics   PDF Version

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Sustainability science as if the world mattered: sketching an art contribution by comparison   PDF Version

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How small communities respond to environmental change: patterns from tropical to polar ecosystems   PDF Version

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A quantitative framework for assessing ecological resilience   PDF Version

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The oak or the reed: how resilience theories are translated into disaster management policies   PDF Version

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Biodiversity conservation in a telecoupled world   PDF Version

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Response to: “Everything revolves around the herring”: the Heiltsuk-herring relationship through time. 2017. Gauvreau, A. M., D. Lepofsky, M. Rutherford, and M. Reid.   PDF Version

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Volume 22, No. 2 (2017)

The politics of river basin organizations: institutional design choices, coalitions, and consequences   PDF Version

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Policy choice framework: guiding policy makers in changing farmer behavior   PDF Version

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Balancing stability and flexibility in adaptive governance: an analysis of tools available in U.S. environmental law   PDF Version

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Creative convergence: exploring biocultural diversity through art   PDF Version

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Corruption risks, management practices, and performance in water service delivery in Kenya and Ghana: an agent-based model   PDF Version

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Locating financial incentives among diverse motivations for long-term private land conservation   PDF Version

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The drama of resilience: learning, doing, and sharing for sustainability   PDF Version

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Wood-based bioenergy in western Montana: the importance of understanding path dependence and local context for resilience   PDF Version

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“Everything revolves around the herring”: the Heiltsuk–herring relationship through time   PDF Version

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Save water or save wildlife? Water use and conservation in the central Sierran foothill oak woodlands of California, USA   PDF Version

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Factors influencing successful collaboration for freshwater management in Aotearoa, New Zealand   PDF Version

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Understanding the decline and resilience loss of a long-lived social-ecological system: insights from system dynamics   PDF Version

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Landscape and biodiversity as new resources for agro-ecology? Insights from farmers’ perspectives   PDF Version

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The imaginary worlds of sustainability: observations from an interactive art installation   PDF Version

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Participatory processes for public lands: Do provinces practice what they preach?   PDF Version

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Traditional ecological knowledge reveals the extent of sympatric lake trout diversity and habitat preferences   PDF Version

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Capturing the value of green space in urban parks in a sustainable urban planning and design context: pros and cons of hedonic pricing   PDF Version

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Restoring people and productivity to Puanui: challenges and opportunities in the restoration of an intensive rain-fed Hawaiian field system   PDF Version

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Microeconomic relationships between and among fishers and traders influence the ability to respond to social-ecological changes in a small-scale fishery   PDF Version

Stuart Kininmonth, Beatrice Crona, Örjan Bodin, Ismael Vaccaro, Lauren J. Chapman and Colin A. Chapman

Social-ecological memory in an autobiographical novel: ecoliteracy, place attachment, and identity related to the Korean traditional village landscape   PDF Version

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Indirect contributions of forests to dietary diversity in Southern Ethiopia   PDF Version

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Metapopulation perspective to institutional fit: maintenance of dynamic habitat networks   PDF Version

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Pastoralist-predator interaction at the roof of the world: Conflict dynamics and implications for conservation   PDF Version

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An exploration of sustainability change agents as facilitators of nonformal learning: mapping a moving and intertwined landscape   PDF Version

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Costs, cobenefits, and community responses to REDD+: a case study from Nepal   PDF Version

Bishnu P. Sharma, Priya Shyamsundar, Mani Nepal, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak and Bhaskar S. Karky

Shared visions, future challenges: a case study of three Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program locations   PDF Version

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Reconnecting art and science for sustainability: learning from indigenous knowledge through participatory action-research in the Amazon   PDF Version

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The Azteca Chess experience: learning how to share concepts of ecological complexity with small coffee farmers   PDF Version

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Transitions between risk management regimes in cities   PDF Version

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A novel deliberative multicriteria evaluation approach to ecosystem service valuation   PDF Version

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The institutional design, politics, and effects of a bioregional approach: observations and lessons from 11 case studies of river basin organizations   PDF Version

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Top 40 questions in coupled human and natural systems (CHANS) research   PDF Version

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Resilience, political ecology, and well-being: an interdisciplinary approach to understanding social-ecological change in coastal Bangladesh   PDF Version

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Obstacles to developing sustainable cities: the real estate rigidity trap   PDF Version

V. Kelly Turner

Beyond sustainability criteria and principles in palm oil production: addressing consumer concerns through insetting   PDF Version

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Identifying and categorizing cobenefits in state-supported Australian indigenous environmental management programs: international research implications   PDF Version

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Designing a solution to enable agency-academic scientific collaboration for disasters   PDF Version

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Interactions between payments for hydrologic services, landowner decisions, and ecohydrological consequences: synergies and disconnection in the cloud forest zone of central Veracruz, Mexico   PDF Version

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Teaching originality? Common habits behind creative production in science and arts   PDF Version

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Economically important species dominate aboveground carbon storage in forests of southwestern Amazonia   PDF Version

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Learning, adaptation, and the complexity of human and natural interactions in the ocean   PDF Version

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Culturally induced range infilling of eastern redcedar: a problem in ecology, an ecological problem, or both?   PDF Version

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Public access to spatial data on private-land conservation   PDF Version

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The concept of the Anthropocene as a game-changer: a new context for social innovation and transformations to sustainability   PDF Version

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Volume 22, No. 1 (2017)

Community-based management of environmental challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean   PDF Version

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Advancing social-ecological research through teaching: summary, observations, and challenges   PDF Version

Natalie C Ban and Michael Cox

Small-scale societies and environmental transformations: coevolutionary dynamics   PDF Version

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Networking the environment: social network analysis in environmental management and local ecological knowledge studies   PDF Version

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Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society: Knowledge for sustainable stewardship of social-ecological systems   PDF Version

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What does resilience mean for urban water services?   PDF Version

Åse Johannessen and Christine Wamsler

Learning about social-ecological trade-offs   PDF Version

Diego Galafassi, Tim M. Daw, Lydiah Munyi, Katrina Brown, Cecile Barnaud and Ioan Fazey

Local perceptions of land-use change: using participatory art to reveal direct and indirect socioenvironmental effects of land acquisitions in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania   PDF Version

Emma L Johansson and Ellinor Isgren

Using social-ecological systems theory to evaluate large-scale comanagement efforts: a case study of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region   PDF Version

William Tyson

Resilient but not sustainable? Public perceptions of shale gas development via hydraulic fracturing   PDF Version

Darrick Evensen, Richard Stedman and Benjamin Brown-Steiner

Identifying opportunities to improve governance of aquatic agricultural systems through participatory action research   PDF Version

J. Marina Apgar, Philippa J. Cohen, Blake D. Ratner, Sanjiv de Silva, Marie-Charlotte Buisson, Catherine Longley, Ram C. Bastakoti and Everisto Mapedza

IPBES, an inclusive institution? Challenging the integration of stakeholders in a science-policy interface   PDF Version

Mohamed Oubenal, Marie Hrabanski and Denis Pesche

Are adaptations self-organized, autonomous, and harmonious? Assessing the social–ecological resilience literature   PDF Version

Thomas Hahn and Björn Nykvist

Key features for more successful place-based sustainability research on social-ecological systems: a Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS) perspective   PDF Version

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Reconciling biodiversity conservation and agricultural expansion in the subarctic environment of Iceland   PDF Version

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Stakeholders’ frames and ecosystem service use in the context of a debate over rebuilding or removing a dam in New Brunswick, Canada   PDF Version

Kate H Reilly and Jan F Adamowski

A life course approach to understanding social drivers of rangeland conversion   PDF Version

Kristin F. Hurst, C. Paxton Ramsdell and Michael G. Sorice

A distribution analysis of the central Maya lowlands ecoinformation network: its rises, falls, and changes   PDF Version

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Examining the influence of biophysical conditions on wildland–urban interface homeowners’ wildfire risk mitigation activities in fire-prone landscapes   PDF Version

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Diversity in forest management to reduce wildfire losses: implications for resilience   PDF Version

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Capacity to adapt to environmental change: evidence from a network of organizations concerned with increasing wildfire risk   PDF Version

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Spatiotemporal dynamics of simulated wildfire, forest management, and forest succession in central Oregon, USA   PDF Version

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Using an agent-based model to examine forest management outcomes in a fire-prone landscape in Oregon, USA   PDF Version

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Integrating Ecological and Social Knowledge: Learning from CHANS Research   PDF Version

Bruce Shindler, Thomas A. Spies, John P Bolte and Jeffrey D. Kline

Improving participatory resilience assessment by cross-fertilizing the Resilience Alliance and Transition Movement approaches   PDF Version

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Assessing temporal couplings in social–ecological island systems: historical deforestation and soil loss on Mauritius (Indian Ocean)   PDF Version

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Identifying potential consequences of natural perturbations and management decisions on a coastal fishery social-ecological system using qualitative loop analysis   PDF Version

Rebecca G. Martone, Antonio Bodini and Fiorenza Micheli

My cattle and your park: codesigning a role-playing game with rural communities to promote multistakeholder dialogue at the edge of protected areas   PDF Version

Arthur Perrotton, Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky, Hugo Valls-Fox and Christophe Le Page

Inequity in ecosystem service delivery: socioeconomic gaps in the public-private conservation network   PDF Version

Amy M Villamagna, Beatriz Mogollón and Paul L Angermeier

Tanzania’s community forests: their impact on human well-being and persistence in spite of the lack of benefit   PDF Version

Nicole Gross-Camp

Opportunities and obstacles for rangeland conservation in San Diego County, California, USA   PDF Version

Kathleen A Farley, Kyle C Walsh and Arielle S Levine

Collective action to save the ancient temperate rainforest: social networks and environmental activism in Clayoquot Sound   PDF Version

David B. Tindall and Joanna L. Robinson

Social-ecological traps hinder rural development in southwestern Madagascar   PDF Version

Hendrik Hänke, Jan Barkmann, Claudia Coral, Elin Enfors Kaustky and Rainer Marggraf

The pleasure of pursuit: recreational hunters in rural Southwest China exhibit low exit rates in response to declining catch   PDF Version

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Private landowners and environmental conservation: a case study of social-psychological determinants of conservation program participation in Ontario   PDF Version

Michael Drescher, G. Keith Warriner, James R. Farmer and Brendon M. H. Larson

A comparative appraisal of the resilience of marine social-ecological systems to mass mortalities of bivalves   PDF Version

Patrice Guillotreau, Edward H Allison, Alida Bundy, Sarah R. Cooley, Omar Defeo, Véronique Le Bihan, Sophie Pardo, R. Ian Perry, George Santopietro and Tetsuo Seki

Household-level heterogeneity of water resources within common-pool resource systems   PDF Version

Paul McCord, Jampel Dell'Angelo, Drew Gower, Kelly K Caylor and Tom Evans

A microeconomic perspective on the role of efficiency and equity criteria in designing natural resource policy   PDF Version

Geoff Kaine, Suzie Greenhalgh, Wendy Boyce, Ruth Lourey, Justine Young, Emma Reed, Blair Keenan and Sarah Mackay

Shifts in ecosystem services in deprived urban areas: understanding people’s responses and consequences for well-being   PDF Version

Marthe L. Derkzen, Harini Nagendra, Astrid J. A. Van Teeffelen, Anusha Purushotham and Peter H. Verburg

Applying information network analysis to fire-prone landscapes: implications for community resilience   PDF Version

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Social–ecological change and implications for food security in Funafuti, Tuvalu   PDF Version

Sandra G McCubbin, Tristan Pearce, James D Ford and Barry Smit

Making sense of environmental values: a typology of concepts   PDF Version

Marc Tadaki, Jim Sinner and Kai M. A. Chan

Social networks and the resilience of rural communities in the Global South: a critical review and conceptual reflections   PDF Version

Till Rockenbauch and Patrick Sakdapolrak

Social-ecological enabling conditions for payments for ecosystem services   PDF Version

Heidi R. Huber-Stearns, Drew E. Bennett, Stephen Posner, Ryan C. Richards, Jenn Hoyle Fair, Stella J. M. Cousins and Chelsie L. Romulo

Regime shifts and panarchies in regional scale social-ecological water systems   PDF Version

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Legal and institutional foundations of adaptive environmental governance   PDF Version

Daniel A. DeCaro, Brian C. Chaffin, Edella Schlager, Ahjond S. Garmestani and J.B. Ruhl

Understanding and applying principles of social cognition and decision making in adaptive environmental governance   PDF Version

Daniel A. DeCaro, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah and Ahjond S. Garmestani

The contribution of sense of place to social-ecological systems research: a review and research agenda   PDF Version

Vanessa A Masterson, Richard C Stedman, Johan Enqvist, Maria Tengö, Matteo Giusti, Darin Wahl and Uno Svedin

Misreading a pastoral property regime in the Logone floodplain, Cameroon   PDF Version

Mark Moritz

Methods and procedures of transdisciplinary knowledge integration: empirical insights from four thematic synthesis processes   PDF Version

Sabine Hoffmann, Christian Pohl and Janet G Hering

The role of law in adaptive governance   PDF Version

Barbara A Cosens, Robin K Craig, Shana Lee Hirsch, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Melinda H Benson, Daniel A DeCaro, Ahjond S Garmestani, Hannah Gosnell, J.B. Ruhl and Edella Schlager

Application of a coupled human natural system framework to organize and frame challenges and opportunities for biodiversity conservation on private lands.   PDF Version

John E. Quinn and Jesse M. Wood

The Capacity-Building Stewardship Model: assessment of an agricultural network as a mechanism for improving regional agroecosystem sustainability   PDF Version

Alison J Duff, Paul H Zedler, Jeb A Barzen and Deana L Knuteson

Volume 21, No. 4 (2016)

Making sense of climate change: orientations to adaptation   PDF Version

Timothy Lynam and Iain Walker

Ecological restoration, ecosystem services, and land use: a European perspective   PDF Version

Anne Tolvanen and James Aronson

Toward more resilient flood risk governance   PDF Version

Peter P. J. Driessen, Dries L. T. Hegger, Marloes H. N. Bakker, Helena F. M. W. van Rijswick and Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz

Resilience (Republished)   PDF Version

Carl Folke

Dealing with flood damages: will prevention, mitigation, and ex post compensation provide for a resilient triangle?   PDF Version

Cathy Suykens, Sally J Priest, Willemijn J van Doorn-Hoekveld, Thomas Thuillier and Marleen van Rijswick

Community perceptions of collaborative processes for managing freshwater resources   PDF Version

Jim Sinner, Philip Brown and Mark Newton

Strong connections, loose coupling: the influence of the Bering Sea ecosystem on commercial fisheries and subsistence harvests in Alaska   PDF Version

Alan C Haynie and Henry P Huntington

Innovating at the margins: the System of Rice Intensification in India and transformative social innovation   PDF Version

Shambu C Prasad

Resilience of small-scale societies’ livelihoods: a framework for studying the transition from food gathering to food production   PDF Version

Carla Lancelotti, Debora Zurro, Nicki J. Whitehouse, Karen L. Kramer, Marco Madella, Juan José García-Granero and Russell D. Greaves

Indigenous Māori values and perspectives to inform freshwater management in Aotearoa-New Zealand   PDF Version

Garth Harmsworth, Shaun Awatere and Mahuru Robb

Institutional entrepreneurship and techniques of inclusiveness in the creation of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services   PDF Version

Isabelle Arpin, Marc Barbier, Guillaume Ollivier and Celine Granjou

Avian Cholera emergence in Arctic-nesting northern Common Eiders: using community-based, participatory surveillance to delineate disease outbreak patterns and predict transmission risk   PDF Version

Samuel A Iverson, Mark R. Forbes, Manon Simard, Catherine Soos and H. Grant Gilchrist

The economic crisis as a game changer? Exploring the role of social construction in sustainability transitions   PDF Version

Derk Loorbach, Flor Avelino, Alex Haxeltine, Julia M. Wittmayer, Tim O'Riordan, Paul Weaver and René Kemp

Exploring social representations of adapting to climate change using topic modeling and Bayesian networks   PDF Version

Timothy Lynam

Anticipating future risk in social-ecological systems using fuzzy cognitive mapping: the case of wildfire in the Chiquitania, Bolivia   PDF Version

Tahia Devisscher, Emily Boyd and Yadvinder Malhi

Adapting the social-ecological system framework for urban stormwater management: the case of green infrastructure adoption   PDF Version

Carli D. Flynn and Cliff I. Davidson

Ancient clam gardens, traditional management portfolios, and the resilience of coupled human-ocean systems   PDF Version

Julia Jackley, Lindsay Gardner, Audrey F. Djunaedi and Anne K. Salomon

Catalyst: reimagining sustainability with and through fine art   PDF Version

Angela Connelly, Simon C Guy, Dr. Edward Wainwright, Wolfgang Weileder and Marianne Wilde

Threatened common property resource system and factors for resilience: lessons drawn from serege-commons in Muhur, Ethiopia   PDF Version

Mengistu Dessalegn

Dealing with change and uncertainty within the regulatory frameworks for flood defense infrastructure in selected European countries   PDF Version

Susana Goytia, Maria Pettersson, Thomas Schellenberger, Willemijn J van Doorn-Hoekveld and Sally Priest

Multilevel governance in community-based environmental management: a case study comparison from Latin America   PDF Version

Claudia Sattler, Barbara Schröter, Angela Meyer, Gregor Giersch, Claas Meyer and Bettina Matzdorf

Stakeholder engagement and biodiversity conservation challenges in social-ecological systems: some insights from biosphere reserves in western Africa and France   PDF Version

Meriem Bouamrane, Marja Spierenburg, Arun Agrawal, Amadou Boureima, Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem, Michel Etienne, Christophe Le Page, Harold Levrel and Raphael Mathevet

Distributional effects of flood risk management—a cross-country comparison of preflood compensation   PDF Version

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A framework for evaluating the effectiveness of flood emergency management systems in Europe   PDF Version

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Resilient flood risk strategies: institutional preconditions for implementation   PDF Version

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Negotiating credibility and legitimacy in the shadow of an authoritative data source   PDF Version

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Volunteer stream monitoring: Do the data quality and monitoring experience support increased community involvement in freshwater decision making?   PDF Version

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Tolerance for cougars diminished by high perception of risk   PDF Version

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The codevelopment of coastal fisheries monitoring methods to support local management   PDF Version

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Solidarity in water management   PDF Version

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Flow and rent-based opportunity costs of water ecosystem service provision in a complex farming system   PDF Version

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Is flood defense changing in nature? Shifts in the flood defense strategy in six European countries   PDF Version

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A simplified approach to stakeholder engagement in natural resource management: the Five-Feature Framework   PDF Version

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Changed knowledge requirements for spatial flood governance   PDF Version

Emmy Bergsma

Codesigning a resilient food system   PDF Version

Sari J. Himanen, Pasi Rikkonen and Helena Kahiluoto

Path-dependency and policy learning in the Dutch delta: toward more resilient flood risk management in the Netherlands?   PDF Version

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Trade-offs between ecosystem services and alternative pathways toward sustainability in a tropical dry forest region   PDF Version

Francisco Mora, Patricia Balvanera, Eduardo García-Frapolli, Alicia Castillo, Jenny M. Trilleras, Daniel Cohen-Salgado and Oscar Salmerón

Mapping wetland loss and restoration potential in Flanders (Belgium): an ecosystem service perspective   PDF Version

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Understanding the socio-institutional context to support adaptation for future water security in forest landscapes   PDF Version

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Flood risk mitigation in Europe: how far away are we from the aspired forms of adaptive governance?   PDF Version

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The European Union approach to flood risk management and improving societal resilience: lessons from the implementation of the Floods Directive in six European countries   PDF Version

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Shock events and flood risk management: a media analysis of the institutional long-term effects of flood events in the Netherlands and Poland   PDF Version

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Toward more flood resilience: Is a diversification of flood risk management strategies the way forward?   PDF Version

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Incorporating resilience and cost in ecological restoration strategies at landscape scale   PDF Version

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Multilevel processes and cultural adaptation: examples from past and present small-scale societies   PDF Version

Victoria Reyes-García, Andrea L Balbo, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Maximilien Gueze, Alex Mesoudi, Peter J Richerson, Xavier Rubio-Campillo, Isabel Ruiz-Mallén and Stephen Shennan

Biodiversity offsetting and restoration under the European Union Habitats Directive: balancing between no net loss and deathbed conservation?   PDF Version

Hendrik Schoukens and An Cliquet

How game changers catalyzed, disrupted, and incentivized social innovation: three historical cases of nature conservation, assimilation, and women’s rights   PDF Version

Frances R. Westley, Katharine A. McGowan, Nino Antadze, Jaclyn Blacklock and Ola Tjornbo

Restoring ecosystem health to improve human health and well-being: physicians and restoration ecologists unite in a common cause   PDF Version

James C. Aronson, Charles M. Blatt and Thibaud B. Aronson

U.S. wildfire governance as social-ecological problem   PDF Version

Toddi Steelman

Urban water sustainability: framework and application   PDF Version

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Applying a synthetic approach to the resilience of Finnish reindeer herding as a changing livelihood   PDF Version

Simo Sarkki, Teresa Komu, Hannu I Heikkinen, Nicolás Acosta García, Élise Lépy and Vesa-Pekka Herva

The challenges and opportunities of transboundary cooperation through the lens of the East Carpathians Biosphere Reserve   PDF Version

Tanya D Taggart-Hodge and Michael Schoon

Bringing together social-ecological system and territoire concepts to explore nature-society dynamics   PDF Version

Olivier Barreteau, David Giband, Michael Schoon, Juliette Cerceau, Fabrice DeClerck, Stéphane Ghiotti, Thomas James, Vanessa A Masterson, Raphael Mathevet, Sylvain Rode, Francesco Ricci and Clara Therville

Response to Pauli, N., L. K. Abbott, S. Negrete-Yankelevich, and P. Andrés. 2016. Farmers’ knowledge and use of soil fauna in agriculture: a worldwide review   PDF Version

Lisa A Lobry de Bruyn

Volume 21, No. 3 (2016)

The governance of adaptation: choices, reasons, and effects. Introduction to the Special Feature   PDF Version

Dave Huitema, William Neil Adger, Frans Berkhout, Eric Massey, Daniel Mazmanian, Stefania Munaretto, Ryan Plummer and Catrien C. J. A. M. Termeer

Creating restoration landscapes: partnerships in large-scale conservation in the UK   PDF Version

William M. Adams, Ian D. Hodge, Nicholas A. Macgregor and Lindsey C. Sandbrook

Setting priorities for private land conservation in fire-prone landscapes: Are fire risk reduction and biodiversity conservation competing or compatible objectives?   PDF Version

Alexandra D. Syphard, Van Butsic, Avi Bar-Massada, Jon E. Keeley, Jeff A. Tracey and Robert N. Fisher

Jatropha cultivation in Malawi and Mozambique: impact on ecosystem services, local human well-being, and poverty alleviation   PDF Version

Graham P. von Maltitz, Alexandros Gasparatos, Christo Fabricius, Abbie Morris and Kathy J. Willis

From local scenarios to national maps: a participatory framework for envisioning the future of Tanzania   PDF Version

Claudia Capitani, Kusaga Mukama, Boniface Mbilinyi, Isaac O. Malugu, Pantaleo K. T. Munishi, Neil D Burgess, Philip J. Platts, Susannah M Sallu and Robert Marchant

A method for assessing ecological values to reconcile multiple land use needs   PDF Version

Katja M Kangas, Anne Tolvanen, Oili Tarvainen, Ari Nikula, Vesa Nivala, Esa Huhta and Anne Jäkäläniemi

Using crowdsourced imagery to detect cultural ecosystem services: a case study in South Wales, UK   PDF Version

Gianfranco Gliozzo, Nathalie Pettorelli and Mordechai (Muki) Haklay

Coproducing flood risk management through citizen involvement: insights from cross-country comparison in Europe   PDF Version

Hannelore Mees, Ann Crabbé, Meghan Alexander, Maria Kaufmann, Silvia Bruzzone, Lisa Lévy and Jakub Lewandowski

A social-ecological impact assessment for public lands management: application of a conceptual and methodological framework   PDF Version

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Long-term fish community response to a reach-scale stream restoration   PDF Version

Patrick D. Shirey, Michael A. Brueseke, Jillian B. Kenny and Gary A. Lamberti

Stakeholder-led science: engaging resource managers to identify science needs for long-term management of floodplain conservation lands   PDF Version

Kristen L. Bouska, Garth A. Lindner, Craig P. Paukert and Robert B. Jacobson

It is just not fair: the Endangered Species Act in the United States and Ontario   PDF Version

Andrea Olive

Resident perceptions of natural resources between cities and across scales in the Pacific Northwest   PDF Version

Anita T. Morzillo, Betty J. Kreakie, Noelwah R. Netusil, J. Alan Yeakley, Connie P. Ozawa and Sally L. Duncan

The “social” aspect of social-ecological systems: a critique of analytical frameworks and findings from a multisite study of coastal sustainability   PDF Version

Tim Stojanovic, Hilda M. McNae, Paul Tett, Tavis W. Potts, J Reis, Hance D. Smith and Iain Dillingham

Scale and ecosystem services: how do observation, management, and analysis shift with scale—lessons from Québec   PDF Version

Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne and Garry D Peterson

Trust, confidence, and equity affect the legitimacy of natural resource governance   PDF Version

Rachel A Turner, Jane Addison, Adrian Arias, Brock J Bergseth, Nadine A Marshall, Tiffany H Morrison and Renae C Tobin

Forests as landscapes of social inequality: tropical forest cover and land distribution among shifting cultivators   PDF Version

Oliver T. Coomes, Yoshito Takasaki and Jeanine M. Rhemtulla

Constructing stability landscapes to identify alternative states in coupled social-ecological agent-based models   PDF Version

Patrick Bitterman and David A. Bennett

Effects of protected area downsizing on habitat fragmentation in Yosemite National Park (USA), 1864 – 2014   PDF Version

Rachel E. Golden Kroner, Roopa Krithivasan and Michael B. Mascia

Increased water charges improve efficiency and equity in an irrigation system   PDF Version

Andrew Reid Bell, Patrick S. Ward and M. Azeem Ali Shah

Mapping social values of ecosystem services: What is behind the map?   PDF Version

Laura Nahuelhual, Felipe Benra Ochoa, Fernanda Rojas, G. Ignacio Díaz and Alejandra Carmona

Global environmental change: local perceptions, understandings, and explanations   PDF Version

Aili Pyhälä, Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares, Hertta Lehvävirta, Anja Byg, Isabel Ruiz-Mallén, Matthieu Salpeteur and Thomas F Thornton

The politics of establishing catchment management agencies in South Africa: the case of the Breede-Overberg Catchment Management Agency   PDF Version

Richard Meissner, Nikki Funke and Karen Nortje

Changing times, changing stories: generational differences in climate change perspectives from four remote indigenous communities in Subarctic Alaska   PDF Version

Nicole M Herman-Mercer, Elli Matkin, Melinda J Laituri, Ryan C Toohey, Maggie Massey, Kelly Elder, Paul F. Schuster and Edda A. Mutter

The evolution and performance of river basin management in the Murray-Darling Basin   PDF Version

Andrew Ross and Daniel Connell

Integrated science and art education for creative climate change communication   PDF Version

Susan K. Jacobson, Jennifer R Seavey and Robert C Mueller

Stakeholder perceptions of ecosystem services of the Wami River and Estuary   PDF Version

Catherine G. McNally, Arthur J. Gold, Richard B. Pollnac and Halima R. Kiwango

Cultural valuation and biodiversity conservation in the Upper Guinea forest, West Africa   PDF Version

James A. Fraser, Moussa Diabaté, Woulay Narmah, Pépé Beavogui, Kaman Guilavogui, Hubert de Foresta and André B. Junqueira

Games for groundwater governance: field experiments in Andhra Pradesh, India   PDF Version

Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Rahul Chaturvedi, Laia Domènech, Rucha Ghate, Marco A Janssen, Nathan D Rollins and K Sandeep

Letting the managers manage: analyzing capacity to conserve biodiversity in a cross-border protected area network   PDF Version

Sarah Clement, Susan A Moore and Michael Lockwood


Farmers’ knowledge and use of soil fauna in agriculture: a worldwide review   PDF Version

Natasha Pauli, Lynette K Abbott, Simoneta Negrete-Yankelevich and Pilar Andrés

Interlinking ecosystem services and Ostrom’s framework through orientation in sustainability research   PDF Version

Stefan Partelow and Klara J. Winkler

The pathology of command and control: a formal synthesis   PDF Version

Michael Cox

Assessing the resilience of a real-world social-ecological system: lessons from a multidisciplinary evaluation of a South African pastoral system   PDF Version

Anja Linstädter, Arnim Kuhn, Christiane Naumann, Sebastian Rasch, Alexandra Sandhage-Hofmann, Wulf Amelung, Jorrie Jordaan, Chris C. Du Preez and Michael Bollig

Social-ecological resilience and biosphere-based sustainability science   PDF Version

Carl Folke, Reinette Biggs, Albert V Norström, Belinda Reyers and Johan Rockström

The challenges of integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services monitoring and evaluation at a landscape-scale wetland restoration project in the UK   PDF Version

Francine M. R. Hughes, William M. Adams, Stuart H. M. Butchart, Rob H. Field, Kelvin S.-H. Peh and Stuart Warrington

A guideline to improve qualitative social science publishing in ecology and conservation journals   PDF Version

Katie Moon, Tom D. Brewer, Stephanie R. Januchowski-Hartley, Vanessa M. Adams and Deborah A. Blackman

Changes in biodiversity and trade-offs among ecosystem services, stakeholders, and components of well-being: the contribution of the International Long-Term Ecological Research network (ILTER) to Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS)   PDF Version

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Understanding stakeholder preferences for flood adaptation alternatives with natural capital implications   PDF Version

Jonathon R Loos and Shannon H Rogers

Resilience and development: mobilizing for transformation   PDF Version

Francois Bousquet, Aurélie Botta, Luca Alinovi, Olivier Barreteau, Deborah Bossio, Katrina Brown, Patrick Caron, Philippe Cury, Marco d'Errico, Fabrice DeClerck, Hélène Dessard, Elin Enfors Kautsky, Christo Fabricius, Carl Folke, Louise Fortmann, Bernard Hubert, Danièle Magda, Raphael Mathevet, Richard B. Norgaard, Allyson Quinlan and Charles Staver

Volume 21, No. 2 (2016)

The role of game mammals as bushmeat In the Caatinga, northeast Brazil   PDF Version

Raynner Rilke D. Barboza, Sérgio F. Lopes, Wedson M. S. Souto, Hugo Fernandes-Ferreira and Rômulo R. N. Alves

Deforestation and hunting effects on wildlife across Amazonian indigenous lands   PDF Version

Pedro de Araujo Lima Constantino

Building local institutions for national conservation programs: lessons for developing Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) programs   PDF Version

Wain Collen, Torsten Krause, Luis Mundaca and Kimberly A. Nicholas

Water scarcity and oil palm expansion: social views and environmental processes   PDF Version

Jennifer Merten, Alexander Röll, Thomas Guillaume, Ana Meijide, Suria Tarigan, Herdhata Agusta, Claudia Dislich, Christoph Dittrich, Heiko Faust, Dodo Gunawan, Jonas Hein, Hendrayanto, Alexander Knohl, Yakov Kuzyakov, Kerstin Wiegand and Dirk Hölscher

How is global climate policy interpreted on the ground? Insights from the analysis of local discourses about forest management and REDD+ in Indonesia   PDF Version

Sarah Milne, Mary Milne, Fitri Nurfatriani and Luca Tacconi

Value of traditional oral narratives in building climate-change resilience: insights from rural communities in Fiji   PDF Version

Shaiza Z. Janif, Patrick D. Nunn, Paul Geraghty, William Aalbersberg, Frank R. Thomas and Mereoni Camailakeba

Willingness to pay for ecosystem conservation in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest: a choice modeling study   PDF Version

Evan E. Hjerpe and Anwar Hussain

Ecosystem service delivery in restoration projects: the effect of ecological succession on the benefits of tidal marsh restoration   PDF Version

Annelies Boerema, Lindsay Geerts, Lotte Oosterlee, Stijn Temmerman and Patrick Meire

Elasticity in ecosystem services: exploring the variable relationship between ecosystems and human well-being   PDF Version

Tim M. Daw, Christina C. Hicks, Katrina Brown, Tomas Chaigneau, Fraser A. Januchowski-Hartley, William W. L. Cheung, Sérgio Rosendo, Beatrice Crona, Sarah Coulthard, Chris Sandbrook, Chris Perry, Salomão Bandeira, Nyawira A. Muthiga, Björn Schulte-Herbrüggen, Jared Bosire and Tim R. McClanahan

Local perspectives and global archetypes in scenario development   PDF Version

Chloe B Wardropper, Sean Gillon, Amber S Mase, Emily A McKinney, Stephen R Carpenter and Adena R Rissman

Effects of farmer social status and plant biocultural value on seed circulation networks in Vanuatu   PDF Version

Mathieu Thomas and Sophie Caillon

Performing biospheric futures with younger generations: a case in the MAB Reserve of La Sepultura, Mexico   PDF Version

Maria Heras, J. David Tabara and Amayrani Meza

Resilience and adaptability of rice terrace social-ecological systems: a case study of a local community’s perception in Banaue, Philippines   PDF Version

Adam C Castonguay, Benjamin Burkhard, Felix Müller, Finbarr G Horgan and Josef Settele

A Bayesian belief network model for community-based coastal resource management in the Kei Islands, Indonesia   PDF Version

Eriko Hoshino, Ingrid van Putten, Wardis Girsang, Budy P Resosudarmo and Satoshi Yamazaki

Łeghágots'enetę (learning together): the importance of indigenous perspectives in the identification of biological variation   PDF Version

Jean L. Polfus, Micheline Manseau, Deborah Simmons, Michael Neyelle, Walter Bayha, Frederick Andrew, Leon Andrew, Cornelya F. C. Klütsch, Keren Rice and Paul Wilson

Comigrants and friends: informal networks and the transmission of traditional ecological knowledge among seminomadic pastoralists of Gujarat, India   PDF Version

Matthieu Salpeteur, Hanoz H. R. Patel, José Luis Molina, Andrea L. Balbo, Xavier Rubio-Campillo, Victoria Reyes-García and Marco Madella

Art and artistic processes bridge knowledge systems about social-ecological change: An empirical examination with Inuit artists from Nunavut, Canada   PDF Version

Kaitlyn J Rathwell and Derek Armitage

How does the context and design of participatory decision making processes affect their outcomes? Evidence from sustainable land management in global drylands   PDF Version

Joris de Vente, Mark S. Reed, Lindsay C. Stringer, Sandra Valente and Jens Newig

Rethinking legal objectives for climate-adaptive conservation   PDF Version

Jan McDonald, Phillipa C McCormack, Aysha J Fleming, Rebecca M.B. Harris and Michael Lockwood

Understanding sustainable seafood consumption behavior: an examination of the Ocean Wise (OW) initiative in British Columbia   PDF Version

Katherine M. Dolmage, Victoria Macfarlane and Jamie Alley

What happens at the gap between knowledge and practice? Spaces of encounter and misencounter between environmental scientists and local people   PDF Version

Anne H Toomey

Motivating residents to combat invasive species on private lands: social norms and community reciprocity   PDF Version

Rebecca M Niemiec, Nicole M Ardoin, Candace B Wharton and Gregory P Asner

Disentangling trade-offs and synergies around ecosystem services with the influence network framework: illustration from a consultative process over the French Alps   PDF Version

Emilie Crouzat, Berta Martín-López, Francis Turkelboom and Sandra Lavorel

Long-term community responses to droughts in the early modern period: the case study of Terrassa, Spain   PDF Version

Mar Grau-Satorras, Iago Otero, Erik Gómez-Baggethun and Victoria Reyes-García

Good year, bad year: changing strategies, changing networks? A two-year study on seed acquisition in northern Cameroon   PDF Version

Chloé Violon, Mathieu Thomas and Eric Garine

Conservation narratives in Peru: envisioning biodiversity in sustainable development   PDF Version

Yves M. Zinngrebe

Adapting prospective structural analysis to strengthen sustainable management and capacity building in community-based natural resource management contexts   PDF Version

María del Mar Delgado-Serrano, Pieter Vanwildemeersch, Silvia London, Cesar E. Ortiz-Guerrero, Roberto Escalante Semerena and Mara Rojas

The politics of negotiation and implementation: a reciprocal water access agreement in the Himalayan foothills, India   PDF Version

Eszter K. Kovacs, Chetan Kumar, Chetan Agarwal, William M. Adams, Robert A. Hope and Bhaskar Vira

Partnering for bioregionalism in England: a case study of the Westcountry Rivers Trust   PDF Version

Hadrian Cook, David Benson and Laurence Couldrick

“I know, therefore I adapt?” Complexities of individual adaptation to climate-induced forest dieback in Alaska   PDF Version

Lauren E. Oakes, Nicole M. Ardoin and Eric F. Lambin

Learning from one another: evaluating the impact of horizontal knowledge exchange for environmental management and governance   PDF Version

Céline Tschirhart, Jayalaxshmi Mistry, Andrea Berardi, Elisa Bignante, Matthew Simpson, Lakeram Haynes, Ryan Benjamin, Grace Albert, Rebecca Xavier, Bernie Robertson, Odacy Davis, Caspar Verwer, Géraud de Ville and Deirdre Jafferally

Community owned solutions: identifying local best practices for social-ecological sustainability   PDF Version

Jayalaxshmi Mistry, Andrea Berardi, Céline Tschirhart, Elisa Bignante, Lakeram Haynes, Ryan Benjamin, Grace Albert, Rebecca Xavier, Bernie Robertson, Odacy Davis, Deirdre Jafferally and Géraud de Ville

An appraisal of adaptive management planning and implementation in ecological restoration: case studies from the San Francisco Bay Delta, USA   PDF Version

Mita Nagarkar and Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen

Predators on private land: broad-scale socioeconomic interactions influence large predator management   PDF Version

Hayley S Clements, Graeme S Cumming and Graham I. H. Kerley

Perpetual private land conservation: the case for outdoor recreation and functional leisure   PDF Version

James R. Farmer, Jacob C. Brenner, Michael Drescher, Stephanie L Dickinson and Eric G. Knackmuhs

Citizen science and natural resource governance: program design for vernal pool policy innovation   PDF Version

Bridie McGreavy, Aram J. K. Calhoun, Jessica Jansujwicz and Vanessa Levesque

Using social network analysis to identify key stakeholders in agricultural biodiversity governance and related land-use decisions at regional and local level   PDF Version

Jennifer Hauck, Jenny Schmidt and Anja Werner

Networking for conservation: social capital and perceptions of organizational success among land trust boards   PDF Version

Tatyana B. Ruseva, James R. Farmer and Charles Chancellor

Hydrological and economic effects of oil palm cultivation in Indonesian peatlands   PDF Version

Elham Sumarga, Lars Hein, Aljosja Hooijer and Ronald Vernimmen

Resilience of small-scale societies: a view from drylands   PDF Version

Andrea L Balbo, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Matthieu Salpeteur, Arnald Puy, Stefano Biagetti and Jürgen Scheffran

Land-use regime shifts: an analytical framework and agenda for future land-use research   PDF Version

Navin Ramankutty and Oliver T. Coomes

Building resilient pathways to transformation when “no one is in charge”: insights from Australia's Murray-Darling Basin   PDF Version

Nick Abel, Russell M. Wise, Matthew J. Colloff, Brian H. Walker, James R. A. Butler, Paul Ryan, Chris Norman, Art Langston, John M. Anderies, Russell Gorddard, Michael Dunlop and Deborah O'Connell

Key insights for the future of urban ecosystem services research   PDF Version

Peleg Kremer, Zoé Hamstead, Dagmar Haase, Timon McPhearson, Niki Frantzeskaki, Erik Andersson, Nadja Kabisch, Neele Larondelle, Emily L Rall, Annette Voigt, Francesc Baró, Christine Bertram, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Rieke Hansen, Anna Kaczorowska, Jaan-Henrik Kain, Jakub Kronenberg, Johannes Langemeyer, Stephan Pauleit, Katrin Rehdanz, Maria Schewenius, Chantal van Ham, Daniel Wurster and Thomas Elmqvist

Nature-based solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban areas: perspectives on indicators, knowledge gaps, barriers, and opportunities for action   PDF Version

Nadja Kabisch, Niki Frantzeskaki, Stephan Pauleit, Sandra Naumann, McKenna Davis, Martina Artmann, Dagmar Haase, Sonja Knapp, Horst Korn, Jutta Stadler, Karin Zaunberger and Aletta Bonn

Addressing surprise and uncertain futures in marine science, marine governance, and society   PDF Version

Simon F Thrush, Nick Lewis, Richard Le Heron, Karen T Fisher, Carolyn J Lundquist and Judi Hewitt

Three horizons: a pathways practice for transformation   PDF Version

Bill Sharpe, Anthony Hodgson, Graham Leicester, Andrew Lyon and Ioan Fazey

Science, society, and flagship species: social and political history as keys to conservation outcomes in the Gulf of California   PDF Version

Andrés M Cisneros-Montemayor and Amanda CJ Vincent

Emergent transformation games: exploring social innovation agency and activation through the case of the Belgian electricity blackout threat   PDF Version

Bonno Pel, Grégoire Wallenborn and Tom Bauler

Studying the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Europe: a meta-analysis of 89 journal articles   PDF Version

Blandine Boeuf and Oliver Fritsch

Culturally significant fisheries: keystones for management of freshwater social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Mae Noble, Phil Duncan, Darren Perry, Kerry Prosper, Denis Rose, Stephan Schnierer, Gail Tipa, Erica Williams, Rene Woods and Jamie Pittock

Interrogating resilience: toward a typology to improve its operationalization   PDF Version

Julie L. Davidson, Chris Jacobson, Anna Lyth, Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes, Claudia L. Baldwin, Joanna C. Ellison, Neil J. Holbrook, Michael J. Howes, Silvia Serrao-Neumann, Lila Singh-Peterson and Timothy F. Smith

Review of the flood risk management system in Germany after the major flood in 2013   PDF Version

Annegret H. Thieken, Sarah Kienzler, Heidi Kreibich, Christian Kuhlicke, Michael Kunz, Bernhard Mühr, Meike Müller, Antje Otto, Theresia Petrow, Sebastian Pisi and Kai Schröter

SMART social science? Examining the nature and role of social scientific expertise in institutional design   PDF Version

Morgan C Tait

Volume 21, No. 1 (2016)

Opportunities and challenges for multicriteria assessment of food system sustainability   PDF Version

Hugo F. Alrøe, Henrik Moller, Jeppe Læssøe and Egon Noe

Social organization influences the exchange and species richness of medicinal plants in Amazonian homegardens   PDF Version

Isabel Díaz-Reviriego, Lara González-Segura, Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares, Patricia L. Howard, José Luis Molina and Victoria Reyes-García

Local perceptions as a guide for the sustainable management of natural resources: empirical evidence from a small-scale society in Bolivian Amazonia   PDF Version

Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares, Isabel Díaz-Reviriego, Maximilien Guèze, Mar Cabeza, Aili Pyhälä and Victoria Reyes-García

Hydropower vs. fisheries conservation: a test of institutional design principles for common-pool resource management in the lower Mekong basin social-ecological system   PDF Version

Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Mikayel Avagyan, Marit Firlus, Georg Helbing and Margarita Kabakova

Social success of in-stream habitat improvement: from fisheries enhancement to the delivery of multiple ecosystem services   PDF Version

Maare Marttila, Kirsi Kyllönen and Timo P Karjalainen

Climate adaptation, institutional change, and sustainable livelihoods of herder communities in northern Tibet   PDF Version

Jun Wang, Yang Wang, Shuangcheng Li and Dahe Qin

Safeguarding what and for whom? The role of institutional fit in shaping REDD+ in Mexico   PDF Version

Constance L. McDermott and Claudia Ituarte-Lima

The role of Amazonian anthropogenic soils in shifting cultivation: learning from farmers’ rationales   PDF Version

André B. Junqueira, Conny J. M. Almekinders, Tjeerd-Jan Stomph, Charles R. Clement and Paul C. Struik

Climate adaptation, transitions, and socially innovative action-research approaches   PDF Version

Inês S Campos, Filipe M Alves, João Dinis, Monica Truninger, André Vizinho and Gil Penha-Lopes

Social-ecological drivers of multiple ecosystem services: what variables explain patterns of ecosystem services across the Norrström drainage basin?   PDF Version

Megan Meacham, Cibele Queiroz, Albert V Norström and Garry D Peterson

Reconciling contradictory narratives of landscape change using the adaptive cycle: a case study from southeastern Australia   PDF Version

Andrea Rawluk and Allan Curtis

Building institutional capacity for environmental governance through social entrepreneurship: lessons from Canadian biosphere reserves   PDF Version

Colleen George and Maureen G. Reed

Endangered species management and ecosystem restoration: finding the common ground   PDF Version

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Integrating local pastoral knowledge, participatory mapping, and species distribution modeling for risk assessment of invasive rubber vine (Cryptostegia grandiflora) in Ethiopia’s Afar region   PDF Version

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From Subsistence to Commercial Hunting: Technical Shift in Cynegetic Practices Among Southern Cameroon Forest Dwellers During the 20th Century   PDF Version

Edmond Dounias

Integrating traditional knowledge when it appears to conflict with conservation: lessons from the discovery and protection of sitatunga in Ghana   PDF Version

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Local knowledge production, transmission, and the importance of village leaders in a network of Tibetan pastoralists coping with environmental change   PDF Version

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Cooperative and adaptive transboundary water governance in Canada’s Mackenzie River Basin: status and prospects   PDF Version

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Resilience to climate change in a cross-scale tourism governance context: a combined quantitative-qualitative network analysis   PDF Version

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How to build science-action partnerships for local land-use planning and management: lessons from Durban, South Africa   PDF Version

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Operationalizing ecosystem-based adaptation: harnessing ecosystem services to buffer communities against climate change   PDF Version

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Professional ecological knowledge: an unrecognized knowledge domain within natural resource management   PDF Version

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Toward an Integrative Perspective on Social Learning in System Innovation Initiatives   PDF Version

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Ways of farming and ways of thinking: do farmers’ mental models of the landscape relate to their land management practices?   PDF Version

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Challenging the win-win discourse on conservation and development: analyzing support for marine protected areas   PDF Version

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Grazing game: a learning tool for adaptive management in response to climate variability in semiarid areas of Ghana   PDF Version

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Theorizing benefits and constraints in collaborative environmental governance: a transdisciplinary social-ecological network approach for empirical investigations   PDF Version

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Evaluating the process of ecological restoration   PDF Version

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A matter of ephemerality: the study of Kel Tadrart Tuareg (southwest Libya) campsites via quantitative spatial analysis   PDF Version

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Ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies misunderstood without landscape history   PDF Version

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Interhousehold variability and its effects on seed circulation networks: a case study from northern Cameroon   PDF Version

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The power problematic: exploring the uncertain terrains of political ecology and the resilience framework   PDF Version

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Rights for resilience: food sovereignty, power, and resilience in development practice   PDF Version

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The study of human values in understanding and managing social-ecological systems   PDF Version

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Opportunities to utilize traditional phenological knowledge to support adaptive management of social-ecological systems vulnerable to changes in climate and fire regimes   PDF Version

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Conceptualizing power to study social-ecological interactions   PDF Version

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Sustainability assessment and complementarity   PDF Version

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The relationship between ecological restoration and the ecosystem services concept   PDF Version

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Graduate students navigating social-ecological research: insights from the Long-Term Ecological Research Network   PDF Version

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Hydraulic engineering in the social-ecological delta: understanding the interplay between social, ecological, and technological systems in the Dutch delta by means of “delta trajectories.”   PDF Version

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Disturbance and distributions: avoiding exclusion in a warming world   PDF Version

Douglas Sheil

Pathogens, disease, and the social-ecological resilience of protected areas   PDF Version

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Africa’s game changers and the catalysts of social and system innovation   PDF Version

Mark Swilling

Volume 20, No. 4 (2015)

Understanding human resilience in the context of interconnected health and social systems: Whose understanding matters most?   PDF Version

Astier M. Almedom

A framework for analyzing, comparing, and diagnosing social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Pieter W. G. Bots, Maja Schlüter and Jan Sendzimir

Advancing the understanding of behavior in social-ecological systems: results from lab and field experiments   PDF Version

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Joint knowledge production for climate change adaptation: what is in it for science?   PDF Version

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Interplay of multiple goods, ecosystem services, and property rights in large social-ecological marine protected areas   PDF Version

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Turning points in climate change adaptation   PDF Version

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Addressing complexity and uncertainty: conceptual models and expert judgments applied to migratory birds in the oil sands of Canada   PDF Version

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Indigenous social and economic adaptations in northern Alaska as measures of resilience   PDF Version

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How does social support enhance resilience in the trauma-exposed individual?   PDF Version

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Implementation arrangements for climate adaptation in the Netherlands: characteristics and underlying mechanisms of adaptive governance   PDF Version

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Irrigation experiments in the lab: trust, environmental variability, and collective action   PDF Version

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Network approaches for understanding rainwater management from a social-ecological systems perspective   PDF Version

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The Montérégie Connection: linking landscapes, biodiversity, and ecosystem services to improve decision making   PDF Version

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Using historical political ecology to understand the present: water, reeds, and biodiversity in the Camargue Biosphere Reserve, southern France   PDF Version

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Levels and drivers of fishers’ compliance with marine protected areas   PDF Version

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Public forest policy development in New Brunswick, Canada: multiple streams approach, advocacy coalition framework, and the role of science   PDF Version

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Cultural attitudes are stronger predictors of bushmeat consumption and preference than economic factors among urban Amazonians from Brazil and Colombia   PDF Version

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Beyond protein intake: bushmeat as source of micronutrients in the Amazon   PDF Version

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Resilience revisited: taking institutional theory seriously   PDF Version

Martin Sjöstedt

Local perceptions on social-ecological dynamics in Latin America in three community-based natural resource management systems   PDF Version

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Changes in the composition of hunting catches in southeastern Cameroon: a promising approach for collaborative wildlife management between ecologists and local hunters   PDF Version

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Understanding social-ecological change and transformation through community perceptions of system identity   PDF Version

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Using structured decision making with landowners to address private forest management and parcelization: balancing multiple objectives and incorporating uncertainty   PDF Version

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Can scenario-planning support community-based natural resource management? Experiences from three countries in Latin America   PDF Version

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“A shepherd has to invent”: Poetic analysis of social-ecological change in the cultural landscape of the central Spanish Pyrenees   PDF Version

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Predicting hunter behavior of indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon: insights from a household production model   PDF Version

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Evolving hunting practices in Gabon: lessons for community-based conservation interventions   PDF Version

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Participatory scenario planning in place-based social-ecological research: insights and experiences from 23 case studies   PDF Version

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Voluntary disclosure of contributions: an experimental study on nonmandatory approaches for improving public good provision   PDF Version

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Effects of selective logging on large mammal populations in a remote indigenous territory in the northern Peruvian Amazon   PDF Version

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Genesis of an indigenous social-ecological landscape in eastern Panama   PDF Version

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Grassroots engagement with transition to sustainability: diversity and modes of participation in the international permaculture movement   PDF Version

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Achieving social-ecological fit through bottom-up collaborative governance: an empirical investigation   PDF Version

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Theories of the deep: combining salience and network analyses to produce mental model visualizations of a coastal British Columbia food web   PDF Version

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Social learning by whom? Assessing gendered opportunities for participation and social learning in collaborative forest governance   PDF Version

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Participation in protected areas: a social network case study in Catalonia, Spain   PDF Version

Laura Calvet-Mir, Sara Maestre-Andrés, José Luis Molina and Jeroen van den Bergh

A boundary-spanning organization for transdisciplinary science on land stewardship: The Stewardship Network   PDF Version

A. Paige Fischer

Architectures of adaptive integration in large collaborative projects   PDF Version

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Individual transferable quotas and conservation: a critical assessment   PDF Version

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Developing conservation targets in social-ecological systems   PDF Version

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Seeing is questioning: prompting sustainability discourses through an evocative visual agenda   PDF Version

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Global change and conservation triage on National Wildlife Refuges   PDF Version

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A message from magic to science: seeing how the brain can be tricked may strengthen our thinking   PDF Version

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Ecological restoration as objective, target, and tool in international biodiversity policy   PDF Version

Dolly Jørgensen

Assessing sustainability is just one component of many in the quest to achieve sustainability   PDF Version

Anders H Sirén

Volume 20, No. 3 (2015)

Synthesis of human-nature feedbacks   PDF Version

Vanessa Hull, Mao-Ning Tuanmu and Jianguo Liu

Prescriptions for adaptive comanagement: the case of flood management in the German Rhine basin   PDF Version

Gert Becker, Dave Huitema and Jeroen C.J.H. Aerts

Illusions of empowerment? Questioning policy and practice of community forestry in Kenya   PDF Version

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Social, biological, and environmental drivers of the hunting and trade of the endangered yellow-footed tortoise in the Amazon   PDF Version

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Private development-based forest conservation in Patagonia: comparing mental models and revealing cultural truths   PDF Version

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From barriers to limits to climate change adaptation: path dependency and the speed of change   PDF Version

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Ride, shoot, and call: wildlife use among contemporary urban hunters in Três Fronteiras, Brazilian Amazon   PDF Version

Nathalie van Vliet, Daniel Cruz, Maria Paula Quiceno-Mesa, Lindon Jonhson Neves de Aquino, Jessica Moreno, Rairon Ribeiro and John Fa

Reading Ecosystem Services at the Local Scale through a Territorial Approach: the Case of Peri-Urban Agriculture in the Thau Lagoon, Southern France   PDF Version

Laure-Elise Ruoso, Roel Plant, Pierre Maurel, Claire Dupaquier, Philip K. Roche and Muriel Bonin

Many-objective robust decision making for managing an ecosystem with a deeply uncertain threshold response   PDF Version

Riddhi Singh, Patrick M. Reed and Klaus Keller

Characteristics, emerging needs, and challenges of transdisciplinary sustainability science: experiences from the German Social-Ecological Research Program   PDF Version

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Trends, challenges, and responses of a 20-year, volunteer water monitoring program in Alabama   PDF Version

William G Deutsch and Sergio S Ruiz-Córdova

Evaluating the use of local ecological knowledge to monitor hunted tropical-forest wildlife over large spatial scales   PDF Version

Luke Parry and Carlos A. Peres

Neighborhood change and the role of environmental stewardship: a case study of green infrastructure for stormwater in the City of Portland, Oregon, USA   PDF Version

Vivek Shandas

The role of strong-tie social networks in mediating food security of fish resources by a traditional riverine community in the Brazilian Amazon   PDF Version

Frédéric Mertens, Myriam Fillion, Johanne Saint-Charles, Pierre Mongeau, Renata Távora, Carlos José Sousa Passos and Donna Mergler

Individual- and community-level impacts of volunteer environmental monitoring: a synthesis of peer-reviewed literature   PDF Version

Kristine F Stepenuck and Linda T Green

River basins as social-ecological systems: linking levels of societal and ecosystem water metabolism in a semiarid watershed   PDF Version

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Bushmeat networks link the forest to urban areas in the trifrontier region between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru   PDF Version

Nathalie van Vliet, Maria Paula Quiceno, Daniel Cruz, Lindon Jonhson Neves de Aquino, Blanca Yagüe, Tatiana Schor, Sara Hernandez and Robert Nasi

Social roles and performance of social-ecological systems: evidence from behavioral lab experiments   PDF Version

Irene Perez, David J Yu, Marco A Janssen and John M Anderies

Controversies and consensus on the lionfish invasion in the Western Atlantic Ocean   PDF Version

Eira C. Carballo-Cárdenas

Wild meat consumption on São Tomé Island, West Africa: implications for conservation and local livelihoods   PDF Version

Mariana Carvalho, Francisco Rego, Jorge M. Palmeirim and John E. Fa

Environmental tastes, opinions and behaviors: social sciences in the service of cultural ecosystem service assessment   PDF Version

Tally Katz-Gerro and Daniel E Orenstein

The thrill of the chase: uncovering illegal sport hunting in Brazil through YouTube™ posts   PDF Version

Hani R. El Bizri, Thaís Q. Morcatty, Jéssica J. S. Lima and João Valsecchi

Future changes in the supply of goods and services from natural ecosystems: prospects for the European north   PDF Version

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Meanings, drivers, and motivations for community-based conservation in Latin America   PDF Version

Isabel Ruiz-Mallén, Christoph Schunko, Esteve Corbera, Matthias Rös and Victoria Reyes-García

Re-envisioning community-wildfire relations in the U.S. West as adaptive governance   PDF Version

Jesse B Abrams, Melanie Knapp, Travis B Paveglio, Autumn Ellison, Cassandra Moseley, Max Nielsen-Pincus and Matthew S Carroll

Climate-induced community relocations: using integrated social-ecological assessments to foster adaptation and resilience   PDF Version

Robin Bronen

Social networks and environmental management at multiple levels: soil conservation in Sumatra   PDF Version

Petr Matous

Enhancing adaptive capacity for restoring fire-dependent ecosystems: the Fire Learning Network’s Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges   PDF Version

Andrew G Spencer, Courtney A Schultz and Chad M Hoffman

Biophysical and sociocultural factors underlying spatial trade-offs of ecosystem services in semiarid watersheds   PDF Version

Marina García-Llorente, Irene Iniesta-Arandia, Bárbara A. Willaarts, Paula A Harrison, Pam Berry, María del Mar Bayo, Antonio J Castro, Carlos Montes and Berta Martín-López

Indicators for wild animal offtake: methods and case study for African mammals and birds   PDF Version

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Applying the system viability framework for cross-scalar governance of nested social-ecological systems in the Guiana Shield, South America   PDF Version

Andrea Berardi, Jayalaxshmi Mistry, Céline Tschirhart, Elisa Bignante, Odacy Davis, Lakeram Haynes, Ryan Benjamin, Grace Albert, Rebecca Xavier, Deirdre Jafferally and Géraud de Ville

Using the politicized institutional analysis and development framework to analyze (adaptive) comanagement: farming and water resources in England   PDF Version

Luke Whaley and Edward K. Weatherhead

Multiple telecouplings and their complex interrelationships   PDF Version

Jianguo Liu, Vanessa Hull, Junyan Luo, Wu Yang, Wei Liu, Andrés Viña, Christine Vogt, Zhenci Xu, Hongbo Yang, Jindong Zhang, Li An, Xiaodong Chen, Shuxin Li, Zhiyun Ouyang, Weihua Xu and Hemin Zhang

Synchronous failure: the emerging causal architecture of global crisis   PDF Version

Thomas Homer-Dixon, Brian Walker, Reinette Biggs, Anne-Sophie Crépin, Carl Folke, Eric F. Lambin, Garry D. Peterson, Johan Rockström, Marten Scheffer, Will Steffen and Max Troell

Principles of epistemological accountability with methodological implications for measuring, assessing, and profiling human resilience   PDF Version

Astier M Almedom, David O'Byrne and Anne Jerneck

Environmental change: prospects for conservation and agriculture in a southwest Australia biodiversity hotspot   PDF Version

Neil E. Pettit, Robert J. Naiman, Julia M. Fry, J. Dale Roberts, Paul G. Close, Bradley J. Pusey, Geoff S. Woodall, Colin J. MacGregor, Peter C. Speldewinde, Barbara Stewart, Rebecca J. Dobbs, Harriet L. Paterson, Peter Cook, Sandy Toussaint, Sarah Comer and Peter M. Davies

Double coupling: modeling subjectivity and asymmetric organization in social-ecological systems   PDF Version

David Manuel-Navarrete

Assessing ecosystem services for informing land-use decisions: a problem-oriented approach   PDF Version

Johannes Förster, Jan Barkmann, Roman Fricke, Stefan Hotes, Michael Kleyer, Susanne Kobbe, Daniel Kübler, Christian Rumbaur, Marianna Siegmund-Schultze, Ralf Seppelt, Josef Settele, Joachim H. Spangenberg, Vera Tekken, Tomáš Václavík and Heidi Wittmer

Pacific Canada’s Rockfish Conservation Areas: using Ostrom’s design principles to assess management effectiveness   PDF Version

Darienne Lancaster, Dana R Haggarty and Natalie C Ban

Managing hunting under uncertainty: from one-off ecological indicators to resilience approaches in assessing the sustainability of bushmeat hunting   PDF Version

Nathalie van Vliet, John Fa and Robert Nasi

Surprise and Opportunity for Learning in Grand Canyon: the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program   PDF Version

Theodore S Melis, Carl J Walters and Josh Korman

Trade-offs in ecosystem services and varying stakeholder preferences: evaluating conflicts, obstacles, and opportunities   PDF Version

Elizabeth King, Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Patricia Balvanera, Tuyeni H Mwampamba and Stephen Polasky

The role of public education in governance for resilience in a rapidly changing Arctic   PDF Version

Douglas S Cost

Linking classroom learning and research to advance ideas about social-ecological resilience   PDF Version

Natalie C. Ban, Emily Boyd, Michael Cox, Chanda L. Meek, Michael Schoon and Sergio Villamayor-Tomas

Collapse of a historic oyster fishery: diagnosing causes and identifying paths toward increased resilience   PDF Version

Edward V. Camp, William E. Pine III, Karl Havens, Andrew S. Kane, Carl J. Walters, Tracy Irani, Angela B Lindsey, J. Glenn Morris and Jr.

The curious case of eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica stock status in Apalachicola Bay, Florida   PDF Version

William E. Pine III, Carl J. Walters, Edward V. Camp, Rachel Bouchillon, Robert Ahrens, Leslie Sturmer and Mark E. Berrigan

Volume 20, No. 2 (2015)

Boundary object or bridging concept? A citation network analysis of resilience   PDF Version

Jacopo A Baggio, Katrina Brown and Denis Hellebrandt

Rural local institutions and climate change adaptation in forest communities in Cameroon   PDF Version

H. Carolyn Peach Brown and Denis J. Sonwa

Land abandonment, landscape, and biodiversity: questioning the restorative character of the forest transition in the Mediterranean   PDF Version

Iago Otero, Joan Marull, Enric Tello, Giovanna L. Diana, Manel Pons, Francesc Coll and Martí Boada

Breeding cooperation: cultural evolution in an intergenerational public goods experiment   PDF Version

Vicken Hillis and Mark Lubell

Resilience strategies in the face of short- and long-term change: out-migration and fisheries regulation in Alaskan fishing communities   PDF Version

Amber Himes-Cornell and Kristin Hoelting

Plausible futures of a social-ecological system: Yahara watershed, Wisconsin, USA   PDF Version

Stephen R Carpenter, Eric G. Booth, Sean Gillon, Christopher J. Kucharik, Steven Loheide, Amber S. Mase, Melissa Motew, Jiangxiao Qiu, Adena R Rissman, Jenny Seifert, Evren Soylu, Monica Turner and Chloe B Wardropper

Using fuzzy cognitive mapping as a participatory approach to analyze change, preferred states, and perceived resilience of social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Steven A Gray, Stefan Gray, Jean Luc De Kok, Ariella E. R. Helfgott, Barry O'Dwyer, Rebecca Jordan and Angela Nyaki

Civic ecology practices: insights from practice theory   PDF Version

Marianne E Krasny, Philip Silva, Cornelia Barr, Zahra Golshani, Eunju Lee, Robert Ligas, Eve Mosher and Andrea Reynosa

When death approaches: reverting or exploiting emergent inequity in a complex land-use table-board game   PDF Version

Luís García-Barrios, Raúl García-Barrios, Juana Cruz-Morales and James A. Smith

Visions, beliefs, and transformation: exploring cross-sector and transboundary dynamics in the wider Mekong region   PDF Version

Alex Smajgl, John R. Ward, Tira Foran, John Dore and Silva Larson

The role of bridging organizations in environmental management: examining social networks in working groups   PDF Version

Adam A Kowalski and Lekelia D Jenkins

Managing for climate change on federal lands of the western United States: perceived usefulness of climate science, effectiveness of adaptation strategies, and barriers to implementation   PDF Version

Kerry B Kemp, Jarod J Blades, P. Zion Klos, Troy E. Hall, Jo Ellen Force, Penelope Morgan and Wade T. Tinkham

Adaptive management in crop pest control in the face of climate variability: an agent-based modeling approach   PDF Version

François Rebaudo and Olivier Dangles

The transformation of trust in China’s alternative food networks: disruption, reconstruction, and development   PDF Version

Raymond Yu Wang, Zhenzhong Si, Cho Nam Ng and Steffanie Scott

How does legacy create sticking points for environmental management? Insights from challenges to implementation of the ecosystem approach   PDF Version

Kerry A Waylen, Kirsty L Blackstock and Kirsty L Holstead

Mapping future changes in livelihood security and environmental sustainability based on perceptions of small farmers in the Brazilian Amazon   PDF Version

Fabio H. Diniz, Kasper Kok, Marjanke A. Hoogstra-Klein and Bas Arts

Incorporating local institutions in irrigation experiments: evidence from rural communities in Pakistan   PDF Version

Aneeque Javaid and Thomas Falk

Fisheries restoration potential for a large lake ecosystem: using ecosystem models to examine dynamic relationships between walleye, cormorant, and perch   PDF Version

Andrea M McGregor, Christopher L Davis, Carl J Walters and Lee Foote

Mainstreaming ecosystem-based adaptation: transformation toward sustainability in urban governance and planning   PDF Version

Christine Wamsler

Social benefits of restoring historical ecosystems and fisheries: alewives in Maine   PDF Version

Loren McClenachan, Samantha Lovell and Caroline Keaveney

Measuring the vulnerability of marine social-ecological systems: a prerequisite for the identification of climate change adaptations   PDF Version

Sarah J. Metcalf, Elizabeth I. van Putten, Stewart Frusher, Nadine A. Marshall, Malcolm Tull, Nick Caputi, Marcus Haward, Alistair J. Hobday, Neil J. Holbrook, Sarah M. Jennings, Gretta T. Pecl and Jenny Shaw

Exploring dynamic mechanisms of learning networks for resource conservation   PDF Version

Petr Matous and Yasuyuki Todo

An alternative policy evaluation of the British Columbia carbon tax: broadening the application of Elinor Ostrom’s design principles for managing common-pool resources   PDF Version

Karine Lacroix and Garrett Richards

Unseen sentinels: local monitoring and control in conservation’s blind spots   PDF Version

Douglas Sheil, Manuel Boissière and Guillaume Beaudoin

Local seafood: rethinking the direct marketing paradigm   PDF Version

Joshua S Stoll, Bradford A Dubik and Lisa M Campbell

Effects of social change on wildlife consumption taboos in northeastern Madagascar   PDF Version

Christopher D Golden and Jean Comaroff

The human health and conservation relevance of food taboos in northeastern Madagascar   PDF Version

Christopher D. Golden and Jean Comaroff

Emergence of human resilience in coastal ecosystems under environmental change   PDF Version

Nilufar Matin and Richard Taylor

Lattice-work corridors for climate change: a conceptual framework for biodiversity conservation and social-ecological resilience in a tropical elevational gradient   PDF Version

Patricia A Townsend and Karen L Masters

Nurturing communities of practice for transdisciplinary research   PDF Version

Georgina Cundill, Dirk J Roux and John N. Parker

Navigating the adaptive cycle: an approach to managing the resilience of social systems   PDF Version

Brian D Fath, Carly A Dean and Harald Katzmair

Measuring resilience is not enough; we must apply the research. Researchers and practitioners need a common language to make this happen.   PDF Version

Douglas M Glandon

Improving ecosystem service frameworks to address wicked problems   PDF Version

Kathryn K. Davies, Karen T. Fisher, Mark E. Dickson, Simon F. Thrush and Richard Le Heron

Dual thinking for scientists   PDF Version

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Strengthening the role of universities in addressing sustainability challenges: the Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions as an institutional experiment   PDF Version

David D. Hart, Kathleen P. Bell, Laura A. Lindenfeld, Shaleen Jain, Teresa R. Johnson, Darren Ranco and Brian McGill

Exploring ecosystem-change and society through a landscape lens: recent progress in European landscape research   PDF Version

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Trust ecology and the resilience of natural resource management institutions   PDF Version

Marc J Stern and Timothy D. Baird

Merging capabilities and livelihoods: analyzing the use of biological resources to improve well-being   PDF Version

Juri Lienert and Paul Burger

How to successfully publish interdisciplinary research: learning from an Ecology and Society Special Feature   PDF Version

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Probing the interfaces between the social sciences and social-ecological resilience: insights from integrative and hybrid perspectives in the social sciences   PDF Version

Samantha Stone-Jovicich

A multilevel evolutionary framework for sustainability analysis   PDF Version

Timothy M Waring, Michelle Ann Kline, Jeremy S Brooks, Sandra H Goff, John Gowdy, Marco A Janssen, Paul E Smaldino and Jennifer Jacquet

Resource use peak dates distract from real planetary limits   PDF Version

Jane N. O'Sullivan

Synchrony of peak-rate years suggests challenges to sustainable development: a response to O’Sullivan (2015)   PDF Version

Ralf Seppelt, Ameur M. Manceur, Jianguo Liu, Eli P. Fenichel and Stefan Klotz

Volume 20, No. 1 (2015)

Sustaining Europe’s seas as coupled social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Laurence Mee, Philip Cooper, Andreas Kannen, Alison J Gilbert and Tim O’Higgins

The role of cooperation for improved stewardship of marine social-ecological systems in Latin America   PDF Version

Sebastián Villasante and Henrik Österblom

Coproductive capacities: rethinking science-governance relations in a diverse world   PDF Version

Lorrae E. van Kerkhoff and Louis Lebel

Ecosystem service trade-offs across global contexts and scales   PDF Version

Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Patricia Balvanera, Elizabeth King and Stephen Polasky

Urban water governance in times of multiple stressors: an editorial   PDF Version

Lennart Olsson and Brian W. Head

Applied research for enhancing human well-being and environmental stewardship: using complexity thinking in Southern Africa   PDF Version

Carolyn G. Palmer, Reinette Biggs and Graeme S. Cumming

Communication and sustainability science teams as complex systems   PDF Version

Bridie McGreavy, Laura Lindenfeld, Karen Hutchins Bieluch, Linda Silka, Jessica Leahy and Bill Zoellick

What we have lost and cannot become: societal outcomes of coastal erosion in southern Belize   PDF Version

Marianne Karlsson, Bob van Oort and Bård Romstad

Policy dimensions of land-use change in peri-urban floodplains: the case of Paraty   PDF Version

José Barbedo, Marcelo Miguez, Dan van der Horst, Paulo Carneiro, Philip Amis and Antonio Ioris

Organics, trust, and credibility: a management and media research perspective   PDF Version

Iris Rittenhofer and Karen Klitgaard Povlsen

Comanagement of clams in Brazil: a framework to advance comparison   PDF Version

Ligia M. Rocha and Evelyn Pinkerton

Sustainable livelihoods through conservation of wetland resources: a case of economic benefits from Ghodaghodi Lake, western Nepal   PDF Version

Pramod Lamsal, Krishna Prasad Pant, Lalit Kumar and Kishor Atreya

Connecting knowledge with action through coproductive capacities: adaptive governance and connectivity conservation   PDF Version

Carina A Wyborn

Assessments of ecosystem services and human well-being in Thailand build and create demand for coproductive capacity   PDF Version

Louis Lebel, Suchada Wattana and Pawin Talerngsri

The relevance of a coproductive capacity framework to climate change adaptation: investigating the health and water sectors in Cambodia   PDF Version

Kathryn J Bowen, Fiona P Miller, Va Dany and Sonia Graham

Applications of resilience theory in management of a moose–hunter system in Alaska   PDF Version

Casey L Brown, Kalin A Kellie, Todd J Brinkman, Eugénie S Euskirchen and Knut Kielland

Optimizing nitrogen rates in the midwestern United States for maximum ecosystem value   PDF Version

Patrick M Ewing and Bryan C Runck

Ecosystem service trade-offs and land use among smallholder farmers in eastern Paraguay   PDF Version

Jake J. Grossman

From biophysical to social-ecological trade-offs: integrating biodiversity conservation and agricultural production in the Argentine Dry Chaco   PDF Version

Matias E. Mastrangelo and Pedro Laterra

Trade-offs in nature tourism: contrasting parcel-level decisions with landscape conservation planning   PDF Version

Karen E Allen

Integrating local knowledge and science: economic consequences of driftwood harvest in a changing climate   PDF Version

Chas E Jones, Knut Kielland, Larry D Hinzman and William S Schneider

Relevance of a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area to the Bering Strait Region: a Policy Analysis Using Resilience-Based Governance Principles   PDF Version

Kevin Hillmer-Pegram and Martin D. Robards

Historical framework to explain long-term coupled human and natural system feedbacks: application to a multiple-ownership forest landscape in the northern Great Lakes region, USA   PDF Version

Michelle M. Steen-Adams, Nancy Langston, Mark D. O. Adams and David J. Mladenoff

Detecting critical choke points for achieving Good Environmental Status in European seas   PDF Version

Tavis Potts, Tim O'Higgins, Ruth Brennan, Sergio Cinnirella, Urs Steiner Brandt, Juan Luís Suárez de Vivero, Justus van Beusekom, Tineke A Troost, Lucille Paltriguera and Ayse Gunduz Hosgor

Collaborative decision-analytic framework to maximize resilience of tidal marshes to climate change   PDF Version

Karen M Thorne, Brady J. Mattsson, John Takekawa, Jonathan Cummings, Debby Crouse, Giselle Block, Valary Bloom, Matt Gerhart, Steve Goldbeck, Beth Huning, Christina Sloop, Mendel Stewart, Karen Taylor and Laura Valoppi

Learning for resilience in the European Court of Human Rights: adjudication as an adaptive governance practice   PDF Version

Simon P West and Lisen Schultz

Forest owner representation of forest management and perception of resource efficiency: a structural equation modeling study   PDF Version

Andrej Ficko and Andrej Boncina

Measuring the dimensions of adaptive capacity: a psychometric approach   PDF Version

Michael Lockwood, Christopher M. Raymond, Eddie Oczkowski and Mark Morrison

Ecosystem service trade-offs, perceived drivers, and sustainability in contrasting agroecosystems in central Mexico   PDF Version

Carlos E. González-Esquivel, Mayra E. Gavito, Marta Astier, Martin Cadena-Salgado, Ek del-Val, Laura Villamil-Echeverri, Yair Merlín-Uribe and Patricia Balvanera

Past and future challenges in managing European seas   PDF Version

Thorsten Blenckner, Andreas Kannen, Alberto Barausse, Christian Fischer, Johanna J. Heymans, Tiziana Luisetti, Valentin Todorova, Matilda Valman and Laurence Mee

Toward an analytical framework for understanding complex social-ecological systems when conducting environmental impact assessments in South Africa   PDF Version

Rebecca Bowd, Nevil W. Quinn and Donovan C. Kotze

The role of social learning for social-ecological systems in Korean village groves restoration   PDF Version

Eunju Lee and Marianne E. Krasny

Resilience assessment: a useful approach to navigate urban sustainability challenges   PDF Version

My M. Sellberg, Cathy Wilkinson and Garry D. Peterson

Social capital, conflict, and adaptive collaborative governance: exploring the dialectic   PDF Version

Cynthia McDougall and Mani Ram Banjade

Understanding adaptation and transformation through indigenous practice: the case of the Guna of Panama   PDF Version

Marina J Apgar, Will Allen, Kevin Moore and James Ataria

Exploring institutional adaptive capacity in practice: examining water governance adaptation in Australia   PDF Version

Yvette Bettini, Rebekah R Brown and Fjalar J de Haan

Collective action and the risk of ecosystem regime shifts: insights from a laboratory experiment   PDF Version

Caroline Schill, Therese Lindahl and Anne-Sophie Crépin

Challenges of achieving Good Environmental Status in the Northeast Atlantic   PDF Version

Karen A Alexander, Peter Kershaw, Philip Cooper, Alison J. Gilbert, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Johanna J. Heymans, Andreas Kannen, Hans J. Los, Tim O'Higgins, Cathal O'Mahony, Paul Tett, Tineke A. Troost and Justus van Beusekom

What role can information play in improved equity in Pakistan’s irrigation system? Evidence from an experimental game in Punjab   PDF Version

Andrew Reid Bell, M. Azeem A. Shah, Arif Anwar and Claudia Ringler

A mixed-methods approach to assessing success in transitioning water management institutions: a case study of the Platte River Basin, Nebraska   PDF Version

Christina Hoffman Babbitt, Mark Burbach and Lisa Pennisi

Perceptions of shellfish aquaculture in British Columbia and implications for well-being in marine social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Linda M D'Anna and Grant D Murray

Manager perspectives on communication and public engagement in ecological restoration project success   PDF Version

Caroline Gottschalk Druschke and Kristen C. Hychka

Scenario planning during rapid ecological change: lessons and perspectives from workshops with southwest Yukon wildlife managers   PDF Version

Dylan M. Beach and Douglas A. Clark

The social value of biodiversity and ecosystem services from the perspectives of different social actors   PDF Version

Daniel M. Cáceres, Esteban Tapella, Fabien Quétier and Sandra Díaz

Marine spatial planning and Good Environmental Status: a perspective on spatial and temporal dimensions   PDF Version

Alison J. Gilbert, Karen Alexander, Rafael Sardá, Raminta Brazinskaite, Christian Fischer, Kira Gee, Mark Jessopp, Peter Kershaw, Hans J. Los, David March Morla, Cathal O'Mahony, Mia Pihlajamäki, Siân Rees and Riku Varjopuro

Sensemaking: a complexity perspective   PDF Version

Timothy Lynam and Chris Fletcher

From local to central: a network analysis of who manages plant pest and disease outbreaks across scales   PDF Version

Ryan R. J. McAllister, Catherine J Robinson, Kirsten Maclean, Angela M Guerrero, Kerry Collins, Bruce M Taylor and Paul J De Barro

Sharing as risk pooling in a social dilemma experiment   PDF Version

Todd L. Cherry, E. Lance Howe and James J. Murphy

Promoting communication, participation, and learning with regard to organic food products: a communication theoretical approach   PDF Version

Peter Kastberg

Seeking our shared wisdom: a framework for understanding knowledge coproduction and coproductive capacities   PDF Version

H. Z. Schuttenberg and Heidi K. Guth

A sustainability framework for assessing trade-offs in ecosystem services   PDF Version

Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Stephen Polasky, Elizabeth King and Patricia Balvanera

Interacting effects of change in climate, human population, land use, and water use on biodiversity and ecosystem services   PDF Version

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Examining the adaptability of collaborative governance associated with publicly managed ecosystems over time: insights from the Front Range Roundtable, Colorado, USA   PDF Version

Antony S Cheng, Andrea K Gerlak, Lisa Dale and Katherine Mattor

Understanding leadership in the environmental sciences   PDF Version

Louisa S Evans, Christina C Hicks, Philippa J Cohen, Peter Case, Murray Prideaux and David J Mills

Developing an effective adaptive monitoring network to support integrated coastal management in a multiuser nature reserve   PDF Version

Pim Vugteveen, Marieke M. van Katwijk, Etiënne Rouwette, H. J. Rob Lenders and Lucien Hanssen

Can sense-making tools inform adaptation policy? A practitioner’s perspective   PDF Version

Kyla M. G. Milne

The role of harvest, predators, and socio-political environment in the dynamics of the Taimyr wild reindeer herd with some lessons for North America   PDF Version

Leonid Kolpasсhikov, Vladimir Makhailov and Don E. Russell

Operationalizing the integrated landscape approach in practice   PDF Version

Olivia E Freeman, Lalisa A Duguma and Peter A Minang

A diagnostic procedure for applying the social-ecological systems framework in diverse cases   PDF Version

Jochen Hinkel, Michael E. Cox, Maja Schlüter, Claudia R. Binder and Thomas Falk

The action cycle/structural context framework: a fisheries application   PDF Version

D.G. Webster

Integrative learning for practicing adaptive resource management   PDF Version

Craig A. McLoughlin and Martin C. Thoms

Stasis and change: social psychological insights into social-ecological resilience   PDF Version

Elizabeth V. Hobman and Iain Walker

Educating for resilience in the North: building a toolbox for teachers   PDF Version

Katie V. Spellman

Strategies for managing complex social-ecological systems in the face of uncertainty: examples from South Africa and beyond   PDF Version

Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs, Clint Rhode, Sally Archibald, Lucky Makhosini Kunene, Shingirirai S. Mutanga, Nghamula Nkuna, Peter Omondi Ocholla and Lehlohonolo Joe Phadima

Putting the "E" in SES: unpacking the ecology in the Ostrom social-ecological system framework   PDF Version

Jessica M. Vogt, Graham B. Epstein, Sarah K. Mincey, Burnell C. Fischer and Paul McCord

The persistence of subsistence: qualitative social-ecological modeling of indigenous aquatic hunting and gathering in tropical Australia   PDF Version

Marcus Barber, Sue Jackson, Jeffrey Dambacher and Marcus Finn

A basic guide for empirical environmental social science   PDF Version

Michael Cox

Transformational change: creating a safe operating space for humanity   PDF Version

Clive A. McAlpine, Leonie M. Seabrook, Justin G. Ryan, Brian J. Feeney, William J. Ripple, Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich

Volume 19, No. 4 (2014)

REDD+ policy networks: exploring actors and power structures in an emerging policy domain   PDF Version

Maria Brockhaus, Monica Di Gregorio and Rachel Carmenta

Introduction: conceptual, methodological, practical, and ethical challenges in studying and applying indigenous knowledge   PDF Version

Courtney Carothers, Mark Moritz and Rebecca Zarger

Sustainability transformations: a resilience perspective   PDF Version

Per Olsson, Victor Galaz and Wiebren J Boonstra

A First Nations-led social innovation: a moose, a gold mining company, and a policy window  

Daniel D. P. McCarthy, Martin Millen, Mary Boyden, Erin Alexiuk, Graham S. Whitelaw, Leela Viswanathan, Dorothy Larkman, Giidaakunadaad (Nancy) Rowe and Frances R. Westley

The problem of spatial fit in social-ecological systems: detecting mismatches between ecological connectivity and land management in an urban region   PDF Version

Arvid Bergsten, Diego Galafassi and Örjan Bodin

Tackling the motivation to monitor: success and sustainability of a participatory monitoring program   PDF Version

Navinder J. Singh, Kjell Danell, Lars Edenius and Göran Ericsson

Vulnerability of the Tibetan Pastoral Systems to Climate and Global Change   PDF Version

Yang Wang, Jun Wang, Shuangcheng Li and Dahe Qin

The influence of socioeconomic factors on traditional knowledge: a cross scale comparison of palm use in northwestern South America   PDF Version

Narel Y. Paniagua-Zambrana, Rodrigo Camara-Lerét, Rainer W Bussmann and Manuel J Macía

Dublin Ireland: a city addressing challenging water supply, management, and governance issues   PDF Version

Mary Kelly-Quinn, Sean Blacklocke, Michael Bruen, Ray Earle, Eoin O'Neill, John O'Sullivan and Patrick Purcell

The global policy network behind integrated water resources management: is it an effective norm diffusor?   PDF Version

Annika Kramer and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Generalizable principles for ecosystem stewardship-based management of social-ecological systems: lessons learned from Alaska   PDF Version

Winslow D. Hansen

National REDD+ policy networks: from cooperation to conflict   PDF Version

Maria Brockhaus and Monica Di Gregorio

Political ecology of inter-basin water transfers in Turkish water governance   PDF Version

Mine Islar and Chad Boda

Parks, people, and change: the importance of multistakeholder engagement in adaptation planning for conserved areas   PDF Version

Corrine N. Knapp, F. Stuart Chapin III, Gary P. Kofinas, Nancy Fresco, Courtney Carothers and Amy Craver

Native and exotic woody vegetation communities in domestic gardens in relation to social and environmental factors   PDF Version

Yolanda M. van Heezik, Claire Freeman, Stefan Porter and Katharine J. M. Dickinson

Impact of fuel costs on high-latitude subsistence activities   PDF Version

Todd Brinkman, Karonhiakta’tie B. Maracle, James Kelly, Michelle Vandyke, Andrew Firmin and Anna Springsteen

Design considerations for community-based stream monitoring to detect changes in Pacific salmon habitats   PDF Version

Cory R. Lagasse, Wanli Ou, Leah D. Honka, William I. Atlas, Claire N. Hutton, Jana Kotaska and Morgan D. Hocking

The application of resilience assessment—resilience of what, to what, with what? A case study based on Caledon, Ontario, Canada   PDF Version

Wai Ting Liu

Network structure and institutional complexity in an ecology of water management games   PDF Version

Mark Lubell, Garry Robins and Peng Wang

A methodology for the sustainability assessment of agri-food systems: an application to the Slow Food Presidia project.   PDF Version

Cristiana Peano, Paola Migliorini and Francesco Sottile

Culture, Nature, and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Northern Namibia   PDF Version

Michael Schnegg, Robin Rieprich and Michael Pröpper

Measuring perceptions of climate change in northern Alaska: pairing ethnography with cultural consensus analysis   PDF Version

Courtney Carothers, Caroline Brown, Katie J Moerlein, J. Andrés López, David B. Andersen and Brittany Retherford

Addressing the temporal fit of institutions: the regulation of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in Europe   PDF Version

Johan Munck af Rosenschöld, Nina Honkela and Janne I. Hukkinen

Coupled human and natural system dynamics as key to the sustainability of Lake Victoria’s ecosystem services   PDF Version

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A holistic approach to studying social-ecological systems and its application to southern Transylvania   PDF Version

Jan Hanspach, Tibor Hartel, Andra I. Milcu, Friederike Mikulcak, Ine Dorresteijn, Jacqueline Loos, Henrik von Wehrden, Tobias Kuemmerle, David Abson, Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki, András Báldi and Joern Fischer

Perceptions of Australian marine protected area managers regarding the role, importance, and achievability of adaptation for managing the risks of climate change   PDF Version

Christopher Cvitanovic, Nadine A. Marshall, Shaun K. Wilson, Kirstin Dobbs and Alistair J. Hobday

Understanding the contribution of wild edible plants to rural social-ecological resilience in semi-arid Kenya   PDF Version

Stephanie A Shumsky, Gordon M. Hickey, Bernard Pelletier and Timothy Johns

What does stakeholder involvement mean for fisheries management?   PDF Version

Margrethe Aanesen, Claire W. Armstrong, Helen J. Bloomfield and Christine Röckmann

Meeting institutional criteria for social resilience: a nested risk system model   PDF Version

Berill Blair, Amy L. Lovecraft and Gary P. Kofinas

Enriching indigenous knowledge scholarship via collaborative methodologies: beyond the high tide’s few hours   PDF Version

Julie Velasquez Runk

Weak feedbacks, governance mismatches, and the robustness of social-ecological systems: an analysis of the Southwest Nova Scotia lobster fishery with comparison to Maine   PDF Version

Allain J. Barnett and John M Anderies

Seabirds as a subsistence and cultural resource in two remote Alaskan communities   PDF Version

Rebecca C. Young, Alexander S. Kitaysky, Courtney Carothers and Ine Dorresteijn

The social nature of environmental knowledge among the nomadic Woɗaaɓe of Niger   PDF Version

Nikolaus Schareika

Temporal constraints on ecosystem management: definitions and examples from Europe’s regional seas   PDF Version

Tim O'Higgins, Philip Cooper, Eva Roth, Alice Newton, Andrew Farmer, Ian C Goulding and Paul Tett

Steps toward a shared governance response for achieving Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean Sea   PDF Version

Sergio Cinnirella, Rafael Sardà, Juan Luis Suárez de Vivero, Ruth Brennan, Alberto Barausse, John Icely, Tiziana Luisetti, David March, Carla Murciano, Alice Newton, Tim O'Higgins, Luca Palmeri, Maria Giovanna Palmieri, Pascal Raux, Sian Rees, Joan Albaigés, Nicola Pirrone and Kerry Turner

Coping with persistent environmental problems: systemic delays in reducing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea   PDF Version

Riku Varjopuro, Eugeniusz Andrulewicz, Thorsten Blenckner, Tobias Dolch, Anna-Stiina Heiskanen, Mia Pihlajamäki, Urs Steiner Brandt, Matilda Valman, Kira Gee, Tavis Potts and Iwona Psuty

Synchronized peak-rate years of global resources use   PDF Version

Ralf Seppelt, Ameur M. Manceur, Jianguo Liu, Eli P. Fenichel and Stefan Klotz

A proposed ecosystem-based management system for marine waters: linking the theory of environmental policy to the practice of environmental management   PDF Version

Rafael Sardà, Tim O'Higgins, Roland Cormier, Amy Diedrich and Joaquin Tintoré

Ecologically sustainable but unjust? Negotiating equity and authority in common-pool marine resource management   PDF Version

Sarah C Klain, Rachelle Beveridge and Nathan J Bennett

Navigating trade-offs in land-use planning: integrating human well-being into objective setting   PDF Version

Vanessa M. Adams, Robert L. Pressey and Natalie Stoeckl

Studying the complexity of change: toward an analytical framework for understanding deliberate social-ecological transformations   PDF Version

Michele-Lee Moore, Ola Tjornbo, Elin Enfors, Corrie Knapp, Jennifer Hodbod, Jacopo A. Baggio, Albert Norström, Per Olsson and Duan Biggs

Trade-offs among forest value components in community forests of southwestern Amazonia   PDF Version

Christopher Baraloto, Paula Alverga, Sufer Baéz Quispe, Grenville Barnes, Nino Bejar Chura, Izaias Brasil da Silva, Wendeson Castro, Harrison da Souza, Iracema de Souza Moll, Jim del Alcazar Chilo, Hugo Duenas Linares, Jorge Garate Quispe, Dean Kenji, Herison Medeiros, Skya Murphy, Cara A. Rockwell, Alexander Shenkin, Marcos Silveira, Jane Southworth, Guido Vasquez and Stephen Perz

From basic raw material goods to cultural and environmental services: the Chinese bamboo sophistication path   PDF Version

Manuel Ruiz Pérez, Lucas Gutierrez Rodriguez, Xiaosheng Yang, Jinzhong Xie and Maoyi Fu

Experimental platforms for behavioral experiments on social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Marco A. Janssen, Allen Lee and Timothy M. Waring

Social-ecological systems, social diversity, and power: insights from anthropology and political ecology   PDF Version

Michael Fabinyi, Louisa Evans and Simon J Foale

Small islands, valuable insights: systems of customary resource use and resilience to climate change in the Pacific   PDF Version

Heather L McMillen, Tamara Ticktin, Alan Friedlander, Stacy D Jupiter, Randolph Thaman, John Campbell, Joeli Veitayaki, Thomas Giambelluca, Salesa Nihmei, Etika Rupeni, Lucille Apis-Overhoff, William Aalbersberg and Dan F. Orcherton

Toward an integrated theory of spatial morphology and resilient urban systems   PDF Version

Lars Marcus and Johan Colding

Insights into integrating cumulative effects and collaborative co-management for migratory tundra caribou herds in the Northwest Territories, Canada   PDF Version

Anne Gunn, Don Russell and Lorne Greig

Can multicriteria assessment tools help build trust into organic products?   PDF Version

Bernhard Freyer, Jim Bingen and Rebecca Paxton

Toward a new conceptualization of household adaptive capacity to climate change: applying a risk governance lens   PDF Version

Carmen E Elrick-Barr, Benjamin L Preston, Dana C Thomsen and Timothy F. Smith

Bridging the Macro and the Micro by Considering the Meso: Reflections on the Fractal Nature of Resilience   PDF Version

Johan Bergström and Sidney W. A. Dekker

Seeing the forest for the trees: hybridity and social-ecological symbols, rituals and resilience in postdisaster contexts   PDF Version

Keith G. Tidball

A cultural landscape approach to community-based conservation in Solomon Islands   PDF Version

Richard K Walter and Richard J Hamilton

Building skills for sustainability: a role for regional research networks   PDF Version

Pranab Mukhopadhyay, Mani Nepal and Priya Shyamsundar

An integrated framework for sustainable development goals   PDF Version

David Griggs, Mark Stafford Smith, Johan Rockström, Marcus C. Öhman, Owen Gaffney, Gisbert Glaser, Norichika Kanie, Ian Noble, Will Steffen and Priya Shyamsundar

On sustainability of human ecological niche construction   PDF Version

Marcelino Fuentes

Volume 19, No. 3 (2014)

Tropical cities are diverse and deserve more social-ecological attention   PDF Version

Ariel E. Lugo

Introduction to the Special Feature on rebuilding fisheries and threatened communities   PDF Version

Rosemary E Ommer and Barbara Neis

Resilient communities? Collapse and recovery of a social-ecological system in Arctic Norway   PDF Version

Else Grete Broderstad and Einar Eythórsson

Multiple pathways to sustainability in the city: the case of San Juan, Puerto Rico   PDF Version

Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson

“The fishery went away”: The impacts of long-term fishery closures on young people's experience and perception of fisheries employment in Newfoundland coastal communities   PDF Version

Nicole G. Power, Moss E. Norman and Kathryne Dupré

Examining fire-prone forest landscapes as coupled human and natural systems   PDF Version

Thomas A Spies, Eric M. White, Jeffrey D Kline, A. Paige Fischer, Alan Ager, John Bailey, John Bolte, Jennifer Koch, Emily Platt, Christine S Olsen, Derric Jacobs, Bruce Shindler, Michelle M Steen-Adams and Roger Hammer

A sense of change: media designers and artists communicating about complexity in social-ecological systems   PDF Version

Joost M. Vervoort, Diederik H. Keuskamp, Kasper Kok, Ron van Lammeren, Taconis Stolk, Tom (A.) Veldkamp, Joost Rekveld, Ronald Schelfhout, Bart Teklenburg, Andre Cavalheiro Borges, Silvia Jánoškóva, Willem Wits, Nicky Assmann, Erfan Abdi Dezfouli, Kate Cunningham, Berend Nordeman and Hannah Rowlands

An integrated social and ecological modeling framework—impacts of agricultural conservation practices on water quality   PDF Version

Irem Daloğlu, Joan Iverson Nassauer, Rick Riolo and Donald Scavia

Does size matter? An assessment of quota market evolution and performance in the Great Barrier Reef fin-fish fishery   PDF Version

James Innes, Olivier Thébaud, Ana Norman-López and L. Richard Little

Stakeholder participation and sustainable fisheries: an integrative framework for assessing adaptive comanagement processes   PDF Version

Christian Stöhr, Cecilia Lundholm, Beatrice Crona and Ilan Chabay

Advocacy coalitions, REDD+, and forest governance in Papua New Guinea: how likely is transformational change?   PDF Version

Andrea Babon, Daniel McIntyre, Gae Y. Gowae, Caleb Gallemore, Rachel Carmenta, Monica Di Gregorio and Maria Brockhaus

Kenyan pastoralist societies in transition: varying perceptions of the value of ecosystem services   PDF Version

Eva Kaye-Zwiebel and Elizabeth King

Effects of methodology and stakeholder disaggregation on ecosystem service valuation   PDF Version

Emma G. E. Brooks, Kevin G. Smith, Robert A. Holland, Guy M. Poppy and Felix Eigenbrod

Using social representations theory to make sense of climate change: what scientists and nonscientists in Australia think   PDF Version

Gail Moloney, Zoe Leviston, Timothy Lynam, Jennifer Price, Samantha Stone-Jovicich and Duncan Blair

Socioeconomic drivers of yard sustainable practices in a tropical city   PDF Version

Elvia J. Meléndez-Ackerman, Raúl Santiago-Bartolomei, Cristina P. Vila-Ruiz, Luis E. Santiago, Diana García-Montiel, Julio C. Verdejo-Ortiz, Harold Manrique-Hernández and Eduardo Hernández-Calo

Plant species richness and abundance in residential yards across a tropical watershed: implications for urban sustainability   PDF Version

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The spread and maturation of strategic adaptive management within and beyond South African national parks   PDF Version

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Consilient knowledge in fisheries: a case study of three species of wolffish (Anarhichadidae) listed under the Canadian Species at Risk Act   PDF Version

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Campus sustainability and natural area stewardship: student involvement in adaptive comanagement   PDF Version

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People and pixels in the Sahel: a study linking coarse-resolution remote sensing observations to land users’ perceptions of their changing environment in Senegal   PDF Version

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Lessons for REDD+ from Cameroon’s past forestry law reform: a political economy analysis   PDF Version

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Quantitative, qualitative, and collaborative methods: approaching indigenous ecological knowledge heterogeneity   PDF Version

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REDD+ policy making in Nepal: toward state-centric, polycentric, or market-oriented governance?   PDF Version

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Participation, politics, and panaceas: exploring the possibilities and limits of participatory urban water governance in Accra, Ghana   PDF Version

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Integrating societal perspectives and values for improved stewardship of a coastal ecosystem engineer   PDF Version

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The challenges of maintaining indigenous ecological knowledge   PDF Version

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Scope and precision of sustainability assessment approaches to food systems   PDF Version

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A conceptual framework to evaluate human-wildlife interactions within coupled human and natural systems   PDF Version

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Diversity, flexibility, and the resilience effect: lessons from a social-ecological case study of diversified farming in the northern Great Plains, USA   PDF Version

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Reflection on the development process of a sustainability assessment tool: learning from a Flemish case   PDF Version

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A coastal foodscape: examining the relationship between changing fisheries and community food security on the west coast of Newfoundland   PDF Version

Kristen N. Lowitt

Enhancing the Ostrom social-ecological system framework through formalization   PDF Version

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Modeling urban expansion policy scenarios using an agent-based approach for Guangzhou Metropolitan Region of China   PDF Version

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REDD+ policy networks in Brazil: constraints and opportunities for successful policy making   PDF Version

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Achieving good environmental status in the Black Sea: scale mismatches in environmental management   PDF Version

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The forest has a story: cultural ecosystem services in Kona, Hawai‘i   PDF Version

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A mixed-methods analysis of social-ecological feedbacks between urbanization and forest persistence   PDF Version

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The role played by social-ecological resilience as a method of integration in interdisciplinary research   PDF Version

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Three necessary conditions for establishing effective Sustainable Development Goals in the Anthropocene   PDF Version

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Quantifying spatial scaling patterns and their local and regional correlates in headwater streams: implications for resilience   PDF Version

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The green areas of San Juan, Puerto Rico   PDF Version

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Exploring agency beyond humans: the compatibility of Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and resilience thinking   PDF Version

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Collaborating for resilience: conflict, collective action, and transformation on Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake   PDF Version

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Key characteristics for tool choice in indicator-based sustainability assessment at farm level   PDF Version

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Making social sense of aquaculture transitions   PDF Version

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Toward increased engagement between academic and indigenous community partners in ecological research   PDF Version

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Three perspectives on motivation and multicriteria assessment of organic food systems   PDF Version

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Information and entropy theory for the sustainability of coupled human and natural systems   PDF Version

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Emerging synthesis themes from the study of social-ecological systems of a tropical city   PDF Version

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Potential economic impacts of achieving good environmental status in Black Sea fisheries   PDF Version

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The research journey: travels across the idiomatic and axiomatic toward a better understanding of complexity   PDF Version

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Integrating research tools to support the management of social-ecological systems under climate change   PDF Version

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Coupled human and natural systems approach to wildlife research and conservation   PDF Version

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A decade of adaptive governance scholarship: synthesis and future directions   PDF Version

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Achieving ecological restoration by working with local people: a Chinese scholar seeks win-win paths   PDF Version

Heran Zheng and Guosheng Wang

Volume 19, No. 2 (2014)

Introduction to exploring opportunities for advancing collaborative adaptive management (CAM): integrating experience and practice   PDF Version

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Sustaining ecosystem services in cultural landscapes   PDF Version

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The roles of networks, learning, and general resilience in oil spills   PDF Version

So-Min Cheong

Conserving agrobiodiversity amid global change, migration, and nontraditional livelihood networks: the dynamic uses of cultural landscape knowledge   PDF Version

Karl S. Zimmerer

Transformation of resource management institutions under globalization: the case of songgye community forests in South Korea.   PDF Version

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Green area loss in San Juan’s inner-ring suburban neighborhoods: a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing green/gray area dynamics   PDF Version

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The capacity to adapt?: communities in a changing climate, environment, and economy on the northern Andaman coast of Thailand   PDF Version

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Strengthening threatened communities through adaptation: insights from coastal Mozambique   PDF Version

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“Letting the leaders pass”: barriers to using traditional ecological knowledge in comanagement as the basis of formal hunting regulations   PDF Version

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Information networks and power: confronting the "wicked problem" of REDD+ in Indonesia   PDF Version

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Tourism and climate conditions in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2000-2010   PDF Version

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Biodiversity governance and social-ecological system dynamics: transformation in the Australian Alps   PDF Version

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Influencing adaptation processes on the Australian rangelands for social and ecological resilience   PDF Version

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Resilience design: toward a synthesis of cognition, learning, and collaboration for adaptive problem solving in conservation and natural resource stewardship   PDF Version

Charles G. Curtin

Voices of the Caribou People: a participatory videography method to document and share local knowledge from the North American human-Rangifer systems   PDF Version

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Robustness or resilience? Managing the intersection of ecology and engineering in an urban Alaskan fishery   PDF Version

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Discursive barriers and cross-scale forest governance in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia   PDF Version

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The notion of sewage as waste: a study of infrastructure change and institutional inertia in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Vancouver, Canada   PDF Version

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Adapting adaptation: the English eco-town initiative as governance process   PDF Version

Daniel Tomozeiu and Simon Joss

The REDD+ policy arena in Vietnam: participation of policy actors   PDF Version

Thuy T. Pham, Monica Di Gregorio, Rachel Carmenta, Maria Brockhaus and Dung N. Le

Adaptive wetland management in an uncertain and changing arid environment   PDF Version

Rebekah Downard, Joanna Endter-Wada and Karin M. Kettenring

The potential of, and threat to, the transfer of ecological knowledge in urban areas: the case of community-based woodland management in Tokyo, Japan   PDF Version

Kazuaki Tsuchiya, Midori Aoyagi, Toshiya Okuro and Kazuhiko Takeuchi

Using visual stimuli to explore the social perceptions of ecosystem services in cultural landscapes: the case of transhumance in Mediterranean Spain   PDF Version

César A. López-Santiago, Elisa Oteros-Rozas, Berta Martín-López, Tobias Plieninger, Esther González Martín and José A. González

Certifying the commons: eco-certification, privatization, and collective action   PDF Version

Paul Foley and Bonnie McCay

From frequent hurricanes to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in coastal Louisiana: the impact of regulatory change   PDF Version

So-Min Cheong

The effect of reciprocal connections between demographic decision making and land use on decadal dynamics of population and land-use change   PDF Version

Alexander Zvoleff and Li An

How accurate is the local ecological knowledge of protected area practitioners?   PDF Version

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Managing urban water crises: adaptive policy responses to drought and flood in Southeast Queensland, Australia   PDF Version

Brian W. Head

Toward successful joint knowledge production for climate change adaptation: lessons from six regional projects in the Netherlands   PDF Version

Dries Hegger and Carel Dieperink

Communicating adaptation with emotions: the role of intense experiences in raising concern about extreme weather.   PDF Version

Eleftheria Vasileiadou and Wouter J. W. Botzen

Social networks and fishers’ behavior: exploring the links between information flow and fishing success in the Northumberland lobster fishery   PDF Version

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Landowners' perceptions of risk in grassland management: woody plant encroachment and prescribed fire   PDF Version

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The importance of ecosystem services for rural inhabitants in a changing cultural landscape in Romania   PDF Version

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Landscapes with Araucaria in South America: evidence for a cultural dimension   PDF Version

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Spatio-temporal variation in stream water chemistry in a tropical urban watershed   PDF Version

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Social-ecological memory as a source of general and specified resilience   PDF Version

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The hedgification of maizescapes? Scalability and multifunctionality of Jatropha curcas hedges in a mixed farming landscape in Zambia   PDF Version

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Rebuilding the Namibian hake fishery: a case for collaboration between scientists and fishermen   PDF Version

Barbara Paterson and Paulus Kainge

Trends in total rainfall, heavy rain events, and number of dry days in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1955-2009   PDF Version

Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro, Alejandro Nieves-Santiango and Julieanne Miranda-Bermúdez

Uncovering the origin of ambiguity in nature-inclusive flood infrastructure projects   PDF Version

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Managing social–ecological systems under uncertainty: implementation in the real world   PDF Version

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Unintended outcomes of farmers’ adaptation to climate variability: deforestation and conservation in Calakmul and Maya biosphere reserves   PDF Version

Claudia Rodriguez-Solorzano

Enhancing ecosystem services for flood mitigation: a conservation strategy for peri-urban landscapes?   PDF Version

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Biblical Influences on Conservation: an Examination of the Apparent Sustainability of Kosher Seafood   PDF Version

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Migrant farmers as information brokers: agroecosystem management in the transition zone of Ghana   PDF Version

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What drives the urban water regime? An analysis of water governance arrangements in Hyderabad, India   PDF Version

Maryam Nastar

A method for the deliberate and deliberative selection of policy instrument mixes for climate change adaptation   PDF Version

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Local empowerment through the creation of coastal space?   PDF Version

Jahn Petter Johnsen and Bjørn Hersoug

How social learning influences further collaboration: experiences from an international collaborative water project   PDF Version

Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf, Hans Bressers and Denie C. M. Augustijn

Household rainwater tanks: mediating changing relations with water?   PDF Version

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From theoretical to actual ecosystem services: mapping beneficiaries and spatial flows in ecosystem service assessments   PDF Version

Kenneth J. Bagstad, Ferdinando Villa, David Batker, Jennifer Harrison-Cox, Brian Voigt and Gary W. Johnson

Multistakeholder environmental governance in action: REDD+ discourse coalitions in Tanzania   PDF Version

Salla Rantala and Monica Di Gregorio

Applying the social-ecological system framework to the diagnosis of urban lake commons in Bangalore, India   PDF Version

Harini Nagendra and Elinor Ostrom

Long-term relationship between climate change and nomadic migration in historical China   PDF Version

Qing Pei and David D. Zhang

The evolution of local participation and the mode of knowledge production in Arctic research   PDF Version

Nicolas D. Brunet, Gordon M. Hickey and Murray M. Humphries

Grizzly bear monitoring by the Heiltsuk people as a crucible for First Nation conservation practice   PDF Version

William G. Housty, Anna Noson, Gerald W. Scoville, John Boulanger, Richard M. Jeo, Chris T. Darimont and Christopher E. Filardi

Does Pastoralists' Participation in the Management of National Parks in Northern Norway Contribute to Adaptive Governance?   PDF Version

Camilla Risvoll, Gunn Elin Fedreheim, Audun Sandberg and Shauna BurnSilver

Local and regional strategies for rebuilding fisheries management institutions in coastal British Columbia: what components of comanagement are most critical?   PDF Version

Evelyn Pinkerton, Eric Angel, Neil Ladell, Percy Williams, Midori Nicolson, Joy Thorkelson and Henry Clifton

Resource degradation, marginalization, and poverty in small-scale fisheries: threats to social-ecological resilience in India and Brazil   PDF Version

Prateep K. Nayak, Luiz E. Oliveira and Fikret Berkes

Integrating adaptive governance and participatory multicriteria methods: a framework for climate adaptation governance   PDF Version

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Solution scanning as a key policy tool: identifying management interventions to help maintain and enhance regulating ecosystem services   PDF Version

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A pedagogical model for integrative training in conservation and sustainability   PDF Version

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Novel ecosystems in the Anthropocene: a revision of the novel ecosystem concept for pragmatic applications   PDF Version

Nathaniel B. Morse, Paul A. Pellissier, Elisabeth N. Cianciola, Richard L. Brereton, Marleigh M. Sullivan, Nicholas K. Shonka, Tessa B. Wheeler and William H. McDowell

Social-ecological system framework: initial changes and continuing challenges   PDF Version

Michael D. McGinnis and Elinor Ostrom

Should sustainability and resilience be combined or remain distinct pursuits?   PDF Version

Charles L Redman

Observing the observers: uncovering the role of values in research assessments of organic food systems   PDF Version

Martin Hvarregaard Thorsøe, Hugo F. Alrøe and Egon Noe

A systemic framework for context-based decision making in natural resource management: reflections on an integrative assessment of water and livelihood security outcomes following policy reform in South Africa   PDF Version

Sharon Pollard, Harry Biggs and Derick R Du Toit

Responsibility for private sector adaptation to climate change   PDF Version

Tina Schneider

Truths and governance for adaptive management   PDF Version

M. Kent Loftin

Ecohealth and resilience thinking: a dialog from experiences in research and practice   PDF Version

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Consequences of oil spills: a review and framework for informing planning   PDF Version

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Individual transferable quota contribution to environmental stewardship: a theory in need of validation   PDF Version

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Hot adaptation: what conflict can contribute to collaborative natural resource management   PDF Version

David Laws, Daniel Hogendoorn and Herman Karl

Livelisystems: a conceptual framework integrating social, ecosystem, development, and evolutionary theory   PDF Version

Andrew R. Dorward

Volume 19, No. 1 (2014)

Conclusions: Reframing the Possibilities for Natural and Social Science Dialogue on the Economic History of Natural Resources   PDF Version

Rosemary E. Ommer and Barbara Paterson

Beyond Carbon: Enabling Justice and Equity in REDD+ Across Levels of Governance   PDF Version

Heike Schroeder and Constance McDermott

Is Education a Key to Reducing Vulnerability to Natural Disasters and hence Unavoidable Climate Change?   PDF Version

Raya Muttarak and Wolfgang Lutz

The Chilika Lagoon Social-Ecological System: An Historical Analysis   PDF Version

Prateep K. Nayak

Social-Ecological Collapse: TURF Governance in the Context of Highly Variable Resources in Chile   PDF Version

Jaime A. Aburto, Wolfgang B. Stotz and Georgina Cundill

Conservation and Unscripted Development: Proximity to Park Associated with Development and Financial Diversity   PDF Version

Timothy D. Baird

Perceived Benefits of Fisheries Management Restrictions in Madagascar   PDF Version

Tim R. McClanahan, Joshua E. Cinner, Caroline Abunge, Ando Rabearisoa, Paubert Mahatante, Frederick Ramahatratra and Norbert Andrianarivelo

Assessing the Effectiveness of Payments for Ecosystem Services: an Agent-Based Modeling Approach   PDF Version

Xiaodong Chen, Andrés Viña, Ashton Shortridge, Li An and Jianguo Liu

Ecosystem Services are Social–ecological Services in a Traditional Pastoral System: the Case of California’s Mediterranean Rangelands   PDF Version

Lynn Huntsinger and José L. Oviedo

Exploring the Contribution of Fiscal Transfers to Protected Area Policy   PDF Version

Maud Borie, Raphaël Mathevet, Aurélien Letourneau, Irene Ring, John D. Thompson and Pascal Marty

Adapting Human Well-being Frameworks for Ecosystem Service Assessments across Diverse Landscapes   PDF Version

Amy Villamagna and Craig Giesecke

Integrative Scenario Development   PDF Version

Joerg A. Priess and Jennifer Hauck

Eliciting Mental Models: a Comparison of Interview Procedures in the Context of Natural Resource Management   PDF Version

Natalie A Jones, Helen Ross, Timothy Lynam and Pascal Perez

Development and Use of a Bioeconomic Model for Management of Mussel Fisheries under Different Nutrient Regimes in the Temperate Estuary of the Limfjord, Denmark   PDF Version

Karen Timmermann, Grete E. Dinesen, Stiig Markager, Lars Ravn-Jonsen, Marc Bassompierre, Eva Roth and Josianne G. Støttrup

Overfishing Drivers and Opportunities for Recovery in Small-Scale Fisheries of the Midriff Islands Region, Gulf of California, Mexico: the Roles of Land and Sea Institutions in Fisheries Sustainability   PDF Version

Ana Cinti, Jennifer N. Duberstein, Esteban Torreblanca and Marcia Moreno-Báez

Estimating the Adaptive Capacity of Local Communities at Marine Protected Areas in Latin America: a Practical Approach   PDF Version

Jorge H. Maldonado and Rocio del Pilar Moreno-Sánchez

Assessing Changes in Fisheries Using Fishers’ Knowledge to Generate Long Time Series of Catch Rates: a Case Study from the Red Sea   PDF Version

Dawit Tesfamichael, Tony J. Pitcher and Daniel Pauly

Indigenous Institutions and Their Role in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience: Evidence from the 2009 Tsunami in American Samoa   PDF Version

Andrew Rumbach and Dolores Foley

Interactions Among Ecosystem Services Across Land Uses in a Floodplain Agroecosystem   PDF Version

María R. Felipe-Lucia, Francisco A. Comín and Elena M. Bennett

Indigenous Peoples in UN REDD+ Negotiations: “Importing Power” and Lobbying for Rights through Discursive Interplay Management   PDF Version

Linda Wallbott

Ecosystem Services and Abrupt Transformations in a Coastal Wetland Social-Ecological System: Tubul-Raqui after the 2010 Earthquake in Chile   PDF Version

Andrés Marín, Stefan Gelcich and Juan Carlos Castilla

Applying the Concept of Fit to Water Governance Reforms in South Africa   PDF Version

Elke Herrfahrdt-Pähle

Uneven Access and Underuse of Ecological Amenities in Urban Parks of the Río Piedras Watershed   PDF Version

Luis E. Santiago, Julio C. Verdejo Ortiz, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Elvia J. Melendez-Ackerman and Diana C. Garcia-Montiel

Resilience Pivots: Stability and Identity in a Social-Ecological-Cultural System   PDF Version

Stephanie J. Rotarangi and Janet Stephenson

Learning in Adaptive Management: Insights from Published Practice   PDF Version

Christo Fabricius and Georgina Cundill

Balancing Ecosystem Services and Disservices: Smallholder Farmers’ Use and Management of Forest and Trees in an Agricultural Landscape in Southwestern Ethiopia   PDF Version

Tola Gemechu Ango, Lowe Börjeson, Feyera Senbeta and Kristoffer Hylander

Forest Management Approaches for Coping with the Uncertainty of Climate Change: Trade-Offs in Service Provisioning and Adaptability   PDF Version

Sven Wagner, Susanna Nocentini, Franka Huth and Marjanke Hoogstra-Klein

Independent Associations of Maternal Education and Household Wealth with Malaria Risk in Children   PDF Version

José G. Siri

Assessing Resilience in Stressed Watersheds   PDF Version

Kristine T. Nemec, Joana Chan, Christina Hoffman, Trisha L. Spanbauer, Joseph A. Hamm, Craig R. Allen, Trevor Hefley, Donald Pan and Prabhakar Shrestha

The Tragedy of the Park: an Agent-based Model of Endogenous and Exogenous Institutions for Forest Management   PDF Version

Elena Vallino

Application of the SES Framework for Model-based Analysis of the Dynamics of Social-Ecological Systems   PDF Version

Maja Schlüter, Jochen Hinkel, Pieter W. G. Bots and Robert Arlinghaus

Food Sources and Accessibility and Waste Disposal Patterns across an Urban Tropical Watershed: Implications for the Flow of Materials and Energy   PDF Version

Diana C. Garcia-Montiel, Julio C. Verdejo-Ortiz, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Cristina P. Vila-Ruiz, Luis Santiago and Elvia Melendez-Ackerman

Social Capital and Social-Ecological Resilience in the Asteroussia Mountains, Southern Crete, Greece   PDF Version

Thanasis Kizos, Vassilis Detsis, Theodoros Iosifides and Minas Metaxakis

Drivers of Change in Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes: Implications for Better Management   PDF Version

Hongyan Gu and Suneetha M. Subramanian

“We Like to Listen to Stories about Fish”: Integrating Indigenous Ecological and Scientific Knowledge to Inform Environmental Flow Assessments   PDF Version

Sue E. Jackson, Michael M. Douglas, Mark J. Kennard, Brad J. Pusey, Jabal Huddleston, Bill Harney, Lenny Liddy, Mona Liddy, Robert Liddy, Lizzy Sullivan, Brenda Huddleston, Melissa Banderson, Andrew McMah and Quentin Allsop

A Classification of Landscape Services to Support Local Landscape Planning   PDF Version

María Vallés-Planells, Francisco Galiana and Veerle Van Eetvelde

Sustainability of Human Ecological Niche Construction   PDF Version

Forest Isbell and Michel Loreau

Can Payments for Ecosystem Services Contribute to Adaptation to Climate Change? Insights from a Watershed in Kenya   PDF Version

Isabel van de Sand, John K. Mwangi and Sara Namirembe

The Oak Ridges Moraine as a Social Innovation: Strategic Vision as a Social-Ecological Interaction   PDF Version

Daniel D. P. McCarthy, Graham S. Whitelaw, Frances R. Westley, Debbe D. Crandall and David Burnett

Priming the Governance System for Climate Change Adaptation: The Application of a Social-Ecological Inventory to Engage Actors in Niagara, Canada   PDF Version

Julia Baird, Ryan Plummer and Kerrie Pickering

Book Review: Plieninger, T., and C. Bieling. 2012. Resilience and the Cultural Landscape – Understanding and Managing Change in Human-Shaped Environments. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge   PDF Version

Jennifer Hauck

An Integrated Approach to Analyzing (Adaptive) Comanagement Using the “Politicized” IAD Framework   PDF Version

Luke Whaley and Edward K. Weatherhead

Acknowledging Trade-offs and Understanding Complexity: Exurbanization Issues in Macon County, North Carolina   PDF Version

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Examining Enabling Conditions for Community-Based Fisheries Comanagement: Comparing Efforts in Hawai‘i and American Samoa   PDF Version

Arielle S. Levine and Laurie S. Richmond

People, Power, and the Coast: a Conceptual Framework for Understanding and Implementing Benefit Sharing   PDF Version

Rachel Wynberg and Maria Hauck

Revisiting the Environmental and Socioeconomic Effects of Population Growth: a Fundamental but Fading Issue in Modern Scientific, Public, and Political Circles   PDF Version

Camilo Mora

Social Justice and Adaptation in the UK   PDF Version

Magnus Benzie

Summary: Addressing the Interactional Challenges of Moving Collaborative Adaptive Management From Theory to Practice   PDF Version

Kathi K. Beratan

Volume 18, No. 4 (2013)

Into the Clouds   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke

Ecological and Social Aspects of Ecological Restoration: New Challenges and Opportunities for Northern Regions   PDF Version

Christer Nilsson and Ása L. Aradóttir

Ecosystem Services, Governance, and Stakeholder Participation: an Introduction   PDF Version

Jouni Paavola and Klaus Hubacek

Understanding Adaptive Capacity in Forest Governance: Editorial   PDF Version

E. Carina H. Keskitalo

Nudging Evolution?   PDF Version

Katharine N. Farrell and Andreas Thiel

Editorial on Global Water Governance   PDF Version

Joyeeta Gupta and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Global Environmental Change: Research findings and policy implications   PDF Version

Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Esteve Corbera and Victoria Reyes-García

Evaluating Safeguards in a Conservation Incentive Program: Participation, Consent, and Benefit Sharing in Indigenous Communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon   PDF Version

Torsten Krause, Wain Collen and Kimberly A. Nicholas

The Role of Information in Governing the Commons: Experimental Results   PDF Version

Marco A. Janssen

CAMPFIRE and Human-Wildlife Conflicts in Local Communities Bordering Northern Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe   PDF Version

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Do Adaptive Comanagement Processes Lead to Adaptive Comanagement Outcomes? A Multicase Study of Long-term Outcomes Associated with the National Riparian Service Team’s Place-based Riparian Assistance   PDF Version

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Social and Ecological Factors Influencing Attitudes Toward the Application of High-Intensity Prescribed Burns to Restore Fire Adapted Grassland Ecosystems   PDF Version

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Using Participatory Scenario Planning to Identify Ecosystem Services in Changing Landscapes   PDF Version

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Community-Based Conservation and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Implications for Social-Ecological Resilience   PDF Version

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Local Perceptions of Climate Variability and Change in Tropical Forests of Papua, Indonesia   PDF Version

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Vulnerability and the Role of Education in Environmentally Induced Migration in Mali and Senegal   PDF Version

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Do the Principles of Ecological Restoration Cover EU LIFE Nature Cofunded Projects in Denmark?   PDF Version

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A Participatory Modeling Process to Capture Indigenous Ways of Adaptability to Uncertainty: Outputs From an Experiment in West African Drylands   PDF Version

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Small-scale Fisheries Governance and Understanding the Snoek (Thyrsites atun) Supply Chain in the Ocean View Fishing Community, Western Cape, South Africa   PDF Version

Moenieba Isaacs

Perception and Interpretation of Climate Change among Quechua Farmers of Bolivia: Indigenous Knowledge as a Resource for Adaptive Capacity   PDF Version

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Indigenous Past Climate Knowledge as Cultural Built-in Object and Its Accuracy   PDF Version

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Management Effectiveness and Land Cover Change in Dynamic Cultural Landscapes—Assessing a Central European Biosphere Reserve   PDF Version

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The Use of Woodland Products to Cope with Climate Variability in Communal Areas in Zimbabwe   PDF Version

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Evaluating the Household Level Outcomes of Community Based Natural Resource Management: the Tchuma Tchato Project and Kwandu Conservancy   PDF Version

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Comparison of Frameworks for Analyzing Social-ecological Systems   PDF Version

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Impacts of the 2010 Droughts and Floods on Community Welfare in Rural Thailand: Differential Effects of Village Educational Attainment   PDF Version

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Going Transboundary? An Institutional Analysis of Transboundary Protected Area Management Challenges at Mt Elgon, East Africa.   PDF Version

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Impacts of Climate Variability on Latin American Small-scale Fisheries   PDF Version

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The Adaptation Policy Paradox: the Implementation Deficit of Policies Framed as Climate Change Adaptation   PDF Version

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The Life and Times of Snoek   PDF Version

Marieke Norton

Drivers of Ecological Restoration: Lessons from a Century of Restoration in Iceland   PDF Version

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Cultural Resilience of Social-ecological Systems in the Nenets and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs, Russia: A Focus on Reindeer Nomads of the Tundra   PDF Version

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Cooperative and Noncooperative Strategies for Small-scale Fisheries’ Self-governance in the Globalization Era: Implications for Conservation   PDF Version

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Tools for Resilience Management: Multidisciplinary Development of State-and-Transition Models for Northwest Colorado   PDF Version

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Modeling Regional Dynamics of Human–Rangifer Systems: a Framework for Comparative Analysis   PDF Version

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Anishinaabe Adaptation to Environmental Change in Northwestern Ontario: a Case Study in Knowledge Coproduction for Nontimber Forest Products   PDF Version

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The role of knowledge and power in climate change adaptation governance: a systematic literature review   PDF Version

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Justice in Urban Climate Change Adaptation: Criteria and Application to Delhi   PDF Version

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Trust and Intention to Comply with a Water Allocation Decision: The Moderating Roles of Knowledge and Consistency   PDF Version

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Resilience, Social-Ecological Rules, and Environmental Variability in a Two-Species Artisanal Fishery   PDF Version

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The Role of Education on Disaster Preparedness: Case Study of 2012 Indian Ocean Earthquakes on Thailand’s Andaman Coast   PDF Version

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Who Should Benefit from REDD+? Rationales and Realities   PDF Version

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Long-term, Ecosystem-Scale Changes in the Southern Benguela Marine Pelagic Social-Ecological System: Interaction of Natural and Human Drivers   PDF Version

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A Governing Framework for Climate Change Adaptation in the Built Environment   PDF Version

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A Diagnostic Procedure for Transformative Change Based on Transitions, Resilience, and Institutional Thinking   PDF Version

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How Multilevel Societal Learning Processes Facilitate Transformative Change: A Comparative Case Study Analysis on Flood Management   PDF Version

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Adapting to Socioeconomic Developments by Changing Rules in the Governance of Common Property Pastures in the Swiss Alps   PDF Version

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Water Governance in Chile and Canada: a Comparison of Adaptive Characteristics   PDF Version

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The Influence of Forums and Multilevel Governance on the Climate Adaptation Practices of Australian Organizations   PDF Version

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Women and Children First: the Gendered and Generational Social-ecology of Smaller-scale Fisheries in Newfoundland and Labrador and Northern Norway   PDF Version

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Historical Perspectives and Recent Trends in the Coastal Mozambican Fishery   PDF Version

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A Short History of the Namibian Hake Fishery—a Social-Ecological Analysis   PDF Version

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Lessons Learned from the First Decade of Adaptive Management in Comprehensive Everglades Restoration   PDF Version

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Biocultural Refugia: Combating the Erosion of Diversity in Landscapes of Food Production   PDF Version

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Can Adaptive Comanagement Help to Address the Challenges of Climate Change Adaptation?   PDF Version

Ryan Plummer

The Many Elements of Traditional Fire Knowledge: Synthesis, Classification, and Aids to Cross-cultural Problem Solving in Fire-dependent Systems Around the World   PDF Version

Mary R. Huffman

Designing Collaborative Processes for Adaptive Management: Four Structures for Multistakeholder Collaboration   PDF Version

Jennifer D. Pratt Miles

Ecological and Social Dimensions of Ecosystem Restoration in the Nordic Countries   PDF Version

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Public Participation and Institutional Fit: A Social–Psychological Perspective   PDF Version

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From Polluter Pays to Provider Gets: Distribution of Rights and Costs under Payments for Ecosystem Services   PDF Version

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Global Water Governance in the Context of Global and Multilevel Governance: Its Need, Form, and Challenges   PDF Version

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The Challenge of Collecting and Using Environmental Monitoring Data   PDF Version

Eric Biber

Opportunities for Collaborative Adaptive Management Progress: Integrating Stakeholder Assessments into Progress Measurement   PDF Version

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Developing Detailed Foresight Narratives: a Participatory Technique from the Mekong Region   PDF Version

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Understanding Recreational Fishers’ Compliance with No-take Zones in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park   PDF Version

Adrian Arias and Stephen G. Sutton

Achieving Success under Pressure in the Conservation of Intensely Used Coastal Areas   PDF Version

Fiorenza Micheli and Federico Niccolini

Resilience-Based Perspectives to Guiding High-Nature-Value Farmland through Socioeconomic Change   PDF Version

Tobias Plieninger and Claudia Bieling

“We Might Go Back to This”; Drawing on the Past to Meet the Future in Northwestern North American Indigenous Communities   PDF Version

Nancy Turner and Pamela R. Spalding

Governance of Aquatic Agricultural Systems: Analyzing Representation, Power, and Accountability   PDF Version

Blake D. Ratner, Philippa Cohen, Benoy Barman, Kosal Mam, Joseph Nagoli and Edward H. Allison

A New Paradigm for Adaptive Management   PDF Version

Lucy Rist, Adam Felton, Lars Samuelsson, Camilla Sandström and Ola Rosvall

Rethinking Resilience: Reflections on the Earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, 2010 and 2011   PDF Version

Bronwyn Mary Hayward

Puntacana Ecological Foundation and the Scaling of Sustainable Tourism Development   PDF Version

Stephen M. Uzzo

Volume 18, No. 3 (2013)

Integrating Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Science in Natural Resource Management: Perspectives from Australia   PDF Version

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Introduction: Where in Law is Social-Ecological Resilience?   PDF Version

Jonas Ebbesson and Ellen Hey

Sustainable Land-use Practices in European Mountain Regions under Global Change: an Integrated Research Approach   PDF Version

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Exploring External Validity of Common Pool Resource Experiments: Insights from Artisanal Benthic Fisheries in Chile   PDF Version

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UN–Water and its Role in Global Water Governance   PDF Version

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Toward Operationalizing Resilience Concepts in Australian Marine Sectors Coping with Climate Change   PDF Version

Julie L. Davidson, Ingrid E. van Putten, Peat Leith, Melissa Nursey-Bray, Elizabeth M. Madin and Neil J. Holbrook

REDD+ and Human Rights: Addressing Synergies between International Regimes   PDF Version

Annalisa Savaresi

Uncertain Emission Reductions from Forest Conservation: REDD in the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia   PDF Version

Charlene Watson, Susana Mourato and E. J. Milner-Gulland

The Relevance of Local Participatory Scenario Planning for Ecosystem Management Policies in the Basque Country, Northern Spain   PDF Version

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Demonstration Restoration Measures in Tributaries of the Vindel River Catchment   PDF Version

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Rules Compliance and Age: Experimental Evidence with Fishers from the Amazon River   PDF Version

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Past and future landscape dynamics in pasture-woodlands of the Swiss Jura Mountains under climate change   PDF Version

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Measuring Household Resilience to Floods: a Case Study in the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta   PDF Version

Kien V Nguyen and Helen James

The Contributions of Regional Knowledge Networks Researching Environmental Changes in Latin America and Africa: a Synthesis of what they can do and why they can be policy relevant   PDF Version

Myanna Lahsen, Mercedes M. C. Bustamante, Robert Swap, Elizabeth McNie, Jean P. H. B. Ometto, Tatiana Schor, Holm Tiessen, Sandy Andelman and Harold Annegarn

Social-Ecological Predictors of Global Invasions and Extinctions   PDF Version

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Biophysical, Socioeconomic, and Geopolitical Vulnerabilities to Hydropower Development on the Nu River, China   PDF Version

Desiree D. Tullos, Eric Foster-Moore, Darrin Magee, Bryan Tilt, Aaron T. Wolf, Edwin Schmitt, Francis Gassert and Kelly Kibler

From Carbon Projects to Better Land-Use Planning: Three Latin American Initiatives   PDF Version

Laura M. Rival

Responding to Globalization: Impacts of Certification on Colombian Small-Scale Coffee Growers   PDF Version

Ximena Rueda and Eric F. Lambin

The Neglect of Governance in Forest Sector Vulnerability Assessments: Structural-Functionalism and “Black Box” Problems in Climate Change Adaptation Planning   PDF Version

Adam M. Wellstead, Michael Howlett and Jeremy Rayner

Collaborative Adaptive Management: Challenges and Opportunities   PDF Version

Lynn Scarlett

Thinking about the Future of Global Water Governance   PDF Version

Joseph W. Dellapenna, Joyeeta Gupta, Wenjing Li and Falk Schmidt

Using Short-Term Monitoring Data to Achieve Goals in a Large-Scale Restoration   PDF Version

Dagmar Hagen and Marianne Evju

Differential Vulnerability to Hurricanes in Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic: The Contribution of Education   PDF Version

Adelheid Pichler and Erich Striessnig

Practitioner Perceptions of Adaptive Management Implementation in the United States   PDF Version

Melinda Harm Benson and Asako B. Stone

Traditional ecological knowledge among transhumant pastoralists in Mediterranean Spain   PDF Version

Elisa Oteros-Rozas, Ricardo Ontillera-Sánchez, Pau Sanosa, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Victoria Reyes-García and José A. González

Integrating Expert Knowledge into Mapping Ecosystem Services Trade-offs for Sustainable Forest Management   PDF Version

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Trade-Offs between Ecosystem Services in a Mountain Region   PDF Version

Simon Briner, Robert Huber, Peter Bebi, Ché Elkin, Dirk R. Schmatz and Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

Exploring Futures of Ecosystem Services in Cultural Landscapes through Participatory Scenario Development in the Swabian Alb, Germany   PDF Version

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Integrating Collaboration, Adaptive Management, and Scenario-Planning: Experiences at Las Cienegas National Conservation Area   PDF Version

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Agency and Resilience: Teachings of Pikangikum First Nation Elders, Northwestern Ontario   PDF Version

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Results Chains: a Tool for Conservation Action Design, Management, and Evaluation   PDF Version

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Insight into Enabling Adaptive Management   PDF Version

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A Classification Framework for Running Adaptive Management Rapids   PDF Version

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Sustainable Biomass Energy and Indigenous Cultural Models of Well-being in an Alaska Forest Ecosystem   PDF Version

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How to Track Adaptation to Climate Change: A Typology of Approaches for National-Level Application   PDF Version

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The Next Generation of Scientists: Examining the Experiences of Graduate Students in Network-Level Social-Ecological Science   PDF Version

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Complexity, Modeling, and Natural Resource Management   PDF Version

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Exploring the implications of critical complexity for the study of social-ecological systems.   PDF Version

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Anpernirrentye: a Framework for Enhanced Application of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in Natural Resource Management   PDF Version

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Law for Country: the Structure of Warlpiri Ecological Knowledge and Its Application to Natural Resource Management and Ecosystem Stewardship   PDF Version

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A Theory of Transformative Agency in Linked Social-Ecological Systems   PDF Version

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Cultural Ecosystem Services: A Literature Review and Prospects for Future Research   PDF Version

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Volume 18, No. 2 (2013)

Can Law Foster Social-Ecological Resilience?   PDF Version

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Seasonal Climate Variation and Caribou Availability: Modeling Sequential Movement Using Satellite-Relocation Data   PDF Version

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Resilience and Administrative Law   PDF Version

Derek Armitage

Using Traditional Ecological Knowledge to Improve Holistic Fisheries Management: Transdisciplinary Modeling of a Lagoon Ecosystem of Southern Mexico   PDF Version

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Aligning Key Concepts for Global Change Policy: Robustness, Resilience, and Sustainability   PDF Version

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Engaging Local Communities in Low Emissions Land-Use Planning: a Case Study from Laos   PDF Version

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EU Water Governance: Striking the Right Balance between Regulatory Flexibility and Enforcement?   PDF Version

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Uncommon among the Commons? Disentangling the Sustainability of the Peruvian Anchovy Fishery   PDF Version

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Complexity of Stakeholder Interaction in Applied Research   PDF Version

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Innovation in Management Plans for Community Conserved Areas: Experiences from Australian Indigenous Protected Areas   PDF Version

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The Role of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in Managing Rangelands Sustainably in Northern Iran   PDF Version

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Education, Vulnerability, and Resilience after a Natural Disaster   PDF Version

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Education as a Determinant of Response to Cyclone Warnings: Evidence from Coastal Zones in India   PDF Version

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Preferences of Local People for the Use of Peatlands: the Case of the Richest Peatland Region in Finland   PDF Version

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Equity, Power Games, and Legitimacy: Dilemmas of Participatory Natural Resource Management   PDF Version

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Comparing Global Coordination Mechanisms on Energy, Environment, and Water   PDF Version

Susanne Schubert and Joyeeta Gupta

Resilience in Transboundary Water Governance: the Okavango River Basin   PDF Version

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Intermediate Collaborative Adaptive Management Strategies Build Stakeholder Capacity   PDF Version

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The Patronage of Thirst: Exploring Institutional Fit on a Divided Cyprus   PDF Version

Dimitrios Zikos and Matteo Roggero

The Role of Economic and Social Factors Driving Predator Control in Small-Game Estates in Central Spain   PDF Version

Miguel Delibes-Mateos, Silvia Díaz-Fernández, Pablo Ferreras, Javier Viñuela and Beatriz Arroyo

A Social–Ecological System Approach to Analyze Stakeholders’ Interactions within a Large-Scale Rangeland Restoration Program   PDF Version

Thorunn Petursdottir, Olafur Arnalds, Susan Baker, Luca Montanarella and Ása L Aradóttir

Transition Landscapes and Social Networks: Examining On-Gound Community Resilience and its Implications for Policy Settings in Multiscalar Systems   PDF Version

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Fostering Complexity Thinking in Action Research for Change in Social–Ecological Systems   PDF Version

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Understanding the Mechanisms of Collective Decision Making in Ecological Restoration: An Agent-Based Model of Actors and Organizations   PDF Version

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Missing Links in Global Water Governance: a Processes-Oriented Analysis   PDF Version

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Small Sawmills Persevere While the Majors Close: Evaluating Resilience and Desirable Timber Allocation in British Columbia, Canada   PDF Version

Evelyn W Pinkerton and Jordan Benner

Cultivating Communication: Participatory Approaches in Land Restoration in Iceland   PDF Version

Brita Berglund, Lars Hallgren and Ása L. Aradóttir

Long-Term Forest Dynamics and Land-Use Abandonment in the Mediterranean Mountains, Corsica, France   PDF Version

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Equity and REDD+ in the Media: a Comparative Analysis of Policy Discourses   PDF Version

Monica Di Gregorio, Maria Brockhaus, Tim Cronin, Efrian Muharrom, Levania Santoso, Sofi Mardiah and Mirjam Büdenbender

Using Artificial Neural Networks for the Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems   PDF Version

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Modeling Social-Ecological Feedback Effects in the Implementation of Payments for Environmental Services in Pasture-Woodlands   PDF Version

Robert Huber, Simon Briner, Alexander Peringer, Stefan Lauber, Roman Seidl, Alexander Widmer, François Gillet, Alexandre Buttler, Quang Bao Le and Christian Hirschi

Combining Policy Network and Model-Based Scenario Analyses: An Assessment of Future Ecosystem Goods and Services in Swiss Mountain Regions   PDF Version

Christian Hirschi, Alexander Widmer, Simon Briner and Robert Huber

Constructing Consistent Multiscale Scenarios by Transdisciplinary Processes: the Case of Mountain Regions Facing Global Change   PDF Version

Fridolin Simon Brand, Roman Seidl, Quang Bao Le, Julia Maria Brändle and Roland Werner Scholz

Communication in Natural Resource Management: Agreement between and Disagreement within Stakeholder Groups   PDF Version

Wouter de Nooy

The Concept of Resilience from a Normative Perspective: Examples from Dutch Adaptation Strategies   PDF Version

Andrea M. Keessen, Jurrien M. Hamer, Helena F. M. W. Van Rijswick and Mark Wiering

Vulnerability to Weather Disasters: the Choice of Coping Strategies in Rural Uganda   PDF Version

Jennifer F Helgeson, Simon Dietz and Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler

Emergence of Global Adaptive Governance for Stewardship of Regional Marine Resources   PDF Version

Henrik Österblom and Carl Folke

Analyzing the Concept of Planetary Boundaries from a Strategic Sustainability Perspective: How Does Humanity Avoid Tipping the Planet?   PDF Version

Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Göran I Broman and George Basile

Developing Adaptive Capacity to Droughts: the Rationality of Locality   PDF Version

Lisa W. Welsh, Joanna Endter-Wada, Rebekah Downard and Karin M. Kettenring

A Policy Analysis Perspective on Ecological Restoration   PDF Version

Susan Baker and Katarina Eckerberg

Perceiving and Responding to Gradual Landscape Change at the Community Level: Insights from a Case Study on Agricultural Abandonment in the Black Forest, Germany   PDF Version

Claudia Bieling

REDD+ for the poor or the poor for REDD+? About the limitations of environmental policies in the Amazon and the potential of achieving environmental goals through pro-poor policies   PDF Version

Benno Pokorny, Imme Scholz and Wil de Jong

An Operational Framework for Defining and Monitoring Forest Degradation   PDF Version

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Framing Sustainability in a Telecoupled World   PDF Version

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Resilience Thinking and a Decision-Analytic Approach to Conservation: Strange Bedfellows or Essential Partners?   PDF Version

Fred A Johnson, B. Ken Williams and James D Nichols

Volume 18, No. 1 (2013)

Public Policies and Management of Rural Forests: Lasting Alliance or Fool's Dialogue?   PDF Version

Genevieve Michon, Robert Nasi and Gérard Balent

Applying Landscape Science to Natural Resource Management   PDF Version

Guy M Robinson and Doris A Carson

Institutional Fit and River Basin Governance: a New Approach Using Multiple Composite Measures   PDF Version

Louis Lebel, Elena Nikitina, Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Christian Knieper

Legitimacy, Adaptation, and Resilience in Ecosystem Management   PDF Version

Barbara A Cosens

Scale mismatches and reflexive law   PDF Version

Graeme S. Cumming

How the Endangered Species Act Promotes Unintelligent, Misplaced Tinkering   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson

Dynamic land cover information: bridging the gap between remote sensing and natural resource management   PDF Version

Richard Thackway, Leo Lymburner and Juan Pablo Guerschman

A Politicized, Legal Pluralist Analysis of the Commons’ Resilience: The Case of the Regole d’Ampezzo   PDF Version

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Anticipating and Managing Future Trade-offs and Complementarities between Ecosystem Services   PDF Version

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Water Management on the Island of IJsselmonde 1000 to 1953: Polycentric Governance, Adaptation, and Petrification   PDF Version

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Monkey Management: Using Spatial Ecology to Understand the Extent and Severity of Human–Baboon Conflict in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa   PDF Version

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The Identification of Potential Resilient Estuary-based Enterprises to Encourage Economic Empowerment in South Africa: a Toolkit Approach   PDF Version

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Food-Carbon Trade-offs between Agriculture and Reforestation Land Uses under Alternate Market-based Policies   PDF Version

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Panarchy and the Law   PDF Version

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Environmental Governance as Stochastic Belief Updating: Crafting Rules to Live by   PDF Version

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Adaptation or Manipulation? Unpacking Climate Change Response Strategies   PDF Version

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Community Adaptation to the Hebei-Spirit Oil Spill   PDF Version

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An Ecological View of the History of the City of Cape Town   PDF Version

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Adaptive Management Fitness of Watersheds   PDF Version

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Forests as Patrimonies? From Theory to Tangible Processes at Various Scales   PDF Version

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Drivers, "Slow" Variables, "Fast" Variables, Shocks, and Resilience   PDF Version

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Agents, Individuals, and Networks: Modeling Methods to Inform Natural Resource Management in Regional Landscapes   PDF Version

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A Systems Approach Framework for the Transition to Sustainable Development: Potential Value Based on Coastal Experiments   PDF Version

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Rural Social Movements and Agroecology: Context, Theory, and Process   PDF Version

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Volume 17, No. 2 (2012)

An Uncommon Scholar of the Commons   PDF Version

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Cumulative Effects Assessment: Linking Social, Ecological, and Governance Dimensions   PDF Version

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Conservation and Development in Latin America and Southern Africa: Setting the Stage   PDF Version

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Model-Based Estimation of Collision Risks of Predatory Birds with Wind Turbines   PDF Version

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Climate Change, Adaptation, and Formal Education: the Role of Schooling for Increasing Societies’ Adaptive Capacities in El Salvador and Brazil   PDF Version

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Communicating Ecology Through Art: What Scientists Think   PDF Version

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Zebra Mussel Farming in the Szczecin (Oder) Lagoon: Water-Quality Objectives and Cost-Effectiveness   PDF Version

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How to Maintain Domesticity of Usages in Small Rural Forests? Lessons from Forest Management Continuity through a French Case Study   PDF Version

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Continuity and Change in Social-ecological Systems: the Role of Institutional Resilience   PDF Version

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Using Participatory Scenarios to Stimulate Social Learning for Collaborative Sustainable Development   PDF Version

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Resilience of Sweet Chestnut and Truffle Holm-Oak Rural Forests in Languedoc-Roussillon, France: Roles of Social-Ecological Legacies, Domestication, and Innovations   PDF Version

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Tibetan Sacred Sites: Understanding the Traditional Management System and Its Role in Modern Conservation   PDF Version

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Analysis of the Impact of the Use of Eucalyptus Biomass for Energy on Wood Availability for Eucalyptus Forest in Portugal: a Simulation Study   PDF Version

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Social-Ecological Scale Mismatches and the Collapse of the Sea Urchin Fishery in Maine, USA   PDF Version

Teresa R. Johnson, James A. Wilson, Caitlin Cleaver and Robert L. Vadas

Boundary Work: Engaging Knowledge Systems in Co-management of Feral Animals on Indigenous Lands   PDF Version

Catherine J Robinson and Tabatha J Wallington

Enabling the Contextualization of Legal Rules in Responsive Strategies to Climate Change   PDF Version

Marleen van Rijswick and Willem Salet

Adaptive Comanagement in the Venice Lagoon? An Analysis of Current Water and Environmental Management Practices and Prospects for Change   PDF Version

Stefania Munaretto and Dave Huitema

Social-Ecological Thresholds in a Changing Boreal Landscape: Insights from Cree Knowledge of the Lesser Slave Lake Region of Alberta, Canada   PDF Version

Brenda L Parlee, Karen Geertsema and Allen Willier

Connecting Social Networks with Ecosystem Services for Watershed Governance: a Social-Ecological Network Perspective Highlights the Critical Role of Bridging Organizations   PDF Version

Kaitlyn J Rathwell and Garry D Peterson

A Geographic Model to Assess and Limit Cumulative Ecological Degradation from Marcellus Shale Exploitation in New York, USA   PDF Version

John B Davis and George R Robinson

Development of a Compendium of Local, Wild-Harvested Species Used in the Informal Economy Trade, Cape Town, South Africa   PDF Version

L. M. Petersen, E. J. Moll, R. Collins and Marc T. Hockings

Urbanization Drives a Reduction in Functional Diversity in a Guild of Nectar-feeding Birds   PDF Version

Anton Pauw and Kirsten Louw

Nitrogen Source Apportionment for the Catchment, Estuary, and Adjacent Coastal Waters of the River Scheldt   PDF Version

Jan E Vermaat, Steven Broekx, Bert Van Eck, Guy Engelen, Fritz Hellmann, Jean Luc De Kok, Hans Van der Kwast, Joachim Maes, Wim Salomons and Willem Van Deursen

Urgent Biophilia: Human-Nature Interactions and Biological Attractions in Disaster Resilience   PDF Version

Keith G Tidball

A Synthesis of Current Approaches to Traps Is Useful But Needs Rethinking for Indigenous Disadvantage and Poverty Research   PDF Version

Yiheyis T Maru, Cameron S Fletcher and Vanessa H Chewings

Strengthening Environmental Foresight: Potential Contributions of Futures Research   PDF Version

David N Bengston, George H Kubik and Peter C Bishop

Public Participation in Scientific Research: a Framework for Deliberate Design   PDF Version

Jennifer L. Shirk, Heidi L. Ballard, Candie C. Wilderman, Tina Phillips, Andrea Wiggins, Rebecca Jordan, Ellen McCallie, Matthew Minarchek, Bruce V Lewenstein, Marianne E Krasny and Rick Bonney

Transforming Innovation for Sustainability   PDF Version

Melissa Leach, Johan Rockström, Paul Raskin, Ian Scoones, Andy C Stirling, Adrian Smith, John Thompson, Erik Millstone, Adrian Ely, Elisa Arond, Carl Folke and Per Olsson

Evidence, Perceptions, and Trade-offs Associated with Invasive Alien Plant Control in the Table Mountain National Park, South Africa   PDF Version

Brian W van Wilgen

Can Cape Town’s unique biodiversity be saved? Balancing conservation imperatives and development needs   PDF Version

Patricia M Holmes, Anthony G Rebelo, Clifford Dorse and Julia Wood

Insight on Invasions and Resilience Derived from Spatiotemporal Discontinuities of Biomass at Local and Regional Scales   PDF Version

David G Angeler, Craig R Allen and Richard K Johnson

Volume 17, No. 1 (2012)

Implementing Participatory Water Management: Recent Advances in Theory, Practice, and Evaluation   PDF Version

Yorck von Korff, Katherine A Daniell, Sabine Moellenkamp, Pieter Bots and Rianne M Bijlsma

The Energy–Water Nexus: Managing the Links between Energy and Water for a Sustainable Future   PDF Version

Karen Hussey and Jamie Pittock

Aspects of Mussel-Farming Activity in Chalastra, Thermaikos Gulf, Greece: An Effort to Untie a Management Gordian Knot   PDF Version

Zoi I. Konstantinou, Yannis N. Krestenitis, Dionysis Latinopoulos, Kalliopi Pagou, Sofia Galinou-Mitsoudi and Yiannis Savvidis

Participation and Protected Areas Governance: the Impact of Changing Influence of Local Authorities on the Conservation of the Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland   PDF Version

Krzysztof Niedziałkowski, Jouni Paavola and Bogumiła Jędrzejewska

Time to Talk? How the Structure of Dialog Processes Shapes Stakeholder Learning in Participatory Water Resources Management   PDF Version

Melanie Muro and Paul Jeffrey

Social Thresholds and their Translation into Social-ecological Management Practices   PDF Version

Lisa Christensen and Naomi Krogman

Growing into Interdisciplinarity: How to Converge Biology, Economics, and Social Science in Fisheries Research?   PDF Version

Päivi Haapasaari, Soile Kulmala and Sakari Kuikka

Logging Concessions and Local Livelihoods in Cameroon: from Indifference to Alliance?   PDF Version

Guillaume Lescuyer, Samuel Assembe Mvondo, Julienne Nadège Essoungou, Vincent Toison, Jean-François Trébuchon and Nicolas Fauvet

Managing Rangeland as a Complex System: How Government Interventions Decouple Social Systems from Ecological Systems   PDF Version

Wenjun Li and Yanbo Li

Total Environment of Change: Impacts of Climate Change and Social Transitions on Subsistence Fisheries in Northwest Alaska   PDF Version

Katie J Moerlein and Courtney Carothers

Is Decentralization Leading to “Real” Decision-Making Power for Forest-dependent Communities? Case Studies from Mexico and Brazil    PDF Version

Reem F Hajjar, Robert A Kozak and John L Innes

Exploring Social Capital in Chile’s Coastal Benthic Comanagement System Using a Network Approach    PDF Version

Andrés Marín, Stefan Gelcich, Juan C. Castilla and Fikret Berkes

Collapse and Recovery in Sahelian Agro-pastoral Systems: Rethinking Trajectories of Change   PDF Version

Laura Vang Rasmussen and Anette Reenberg

A Biodiversity Informatics Approach to Ethnobotany: Meta-analysis of Plant Use Patterns in Ecuador   PDF Version

Lucia de la Torre, Carlos E. Cerón, Henrik Balslev and Finn Borchsenius

Can REDD+ Reconcile Local Priorities and Needs with Global Mitigation Benefits? Lessons from Angai Forest, Tanzania   PDF Version

Irmeli Mustalahti, Anna Bolin, Emily Boyd and Jouni Paavola

Power and Conflict in Adaptive Management: Analyzing the Discourse of Riparian Management on Public Lands   PDF Version

Jennifer S Arnold, Mirka Koro-Ljungberg and Wendy-Lin Bartels

Implementing the Western Gulf of Maine Area Closure: The Role and Perception of Fishers’ Ecological Knowledge   PDF Version

Mateja Nenadovic, Teresa Johnson and James Wilson

Cumulative Effects Planning: Finding the Balance Using Choice Experiments   PDF Version

Amanda Spyce, Marian Weber and Wiktor Adamowicz

A Typology of Indigenous Engagement in Australian Environmental Management: Implications for Knowledge Integration and Social-ecological System Sustainability   PDF Version

Rosemary Hill, Chrissy Grant, Melissa George, Catherine J Robinson, Sue Jackson and Nick Abel

Environmental and Social Impacts of Oil Palm Plantations and their Implications for Biofuel Production in Indonesia   PDF Version

Krystof Obidzinski, Rubeta Andriani, Heru Komarudin and Agus Andrianto

Facilitating Transitional Processes in Rigid Institutional Regimes for Water Management and Wetland Conservation: Experience from the Guadalquivir Estuary   PDF Version

Pablo F. Méndez, Nicola Isendahl, Jaime M. Amezaga and Luis Santamaría

Public Preferences Across Europe for Different Forest Stand Types as Sites for Recreation   PDF Version

David M. Edwards, Marion Jay, Frank S. Jensen, Beatriz Lucas, Mariella Marzano, Claire Montagné, Andrew Peace and Gerhard Weiss

Landscape Influences on Fisher Success: Adaptation Strategies in Closed and Open Access Fisheries in Southern Chile   PDF Version

Tracy Van Holt

Seed Exchange as an Agrobiodiversity Conservation Mechanism. A Case Study in Vall Fosca, Catalan Pyrenees, Iberian Peninsula   PDF Version

Laura Calvet-Mir, Maria Calvet-Mir, José Luis Molina and Victoria Reyes-García

A Wall out of Place: a Hydrological and Sociocultural Analysis of Physical Changes to the Lakeshore of Como, Italy   PDF Version

Sarah Laborde, Jorg Imberger and Sandy Toussaint

Closing the Gap: Communicating to Change Gardening Practices in Support of Native Biodiversity in Urban Private Gardens   PDF Version

Yolanda M van Heezik, Katharine J. M. Dickinson and Claire Freeman

Can We Be Both Resilient and Well, and What Choices Do People Have? Incorporating Agency into the Resilience Debate from a Fisheries Perspective.    PDF Version

Sarah Coulthard

The Management of Fire-Adapted Ecosystems in an Urban Setting: the Case of Table Mountain National Park, South Africa   PDF Version

Brian W van Wilgen, Greg G Forsyth and Philip Prins

Payments for Ecosystem Services in the Context of Adaptation to Climate Change   PDF Version

Isabel van de Sand

A Typology of Benefit Sharing Arrangements for the Governance of Social-Ecological Systems in Developing Countries   PDF Version

Bimo Abraham Nkhata, Alfons Mosimane, Linda Downsborough, Charles Breen and Dirk J Roux

An Indicator Framework for Assessing Agroecosystem Resilience   PDF Version

Joshua F Cabell and Myles Oelofse

Forest Landscape Restoration in the Drylands of Latin America   PDF Version

Adrian C Newton, Rafael F. del Castillo, Cristian Echeverría, Davide Geneletti, Mario González-Espinosa, Lucio R Malizia, Andrea C Premoli, José M. Rey Benayas, Cecilia Smith-Ramírez and Guadalupe Williams-Linera

Learning in Support of Governance: Theories, Methods, and a Framework to Assess How Bridging Organizations Contribute to Adaptive Resource Governance   PDF Version

Beatrice I Crona and John N Parker

Threshold Considerations and Wetland Reclamation in Alberta’s Mineable Oil Sands   PDF Version

Lee Foote

Migrations Between Villages: Incidents or Significant Drivers of Swidden Agriculture Changes?   PDF Version

Denis Couvet

On the System Properties of the Planetary Boundaries   PDF Version

Sarah Cornell

Geo-engineering, Governance, and Social-Ecological Systems: Critical Issues and Joint Research Needs   PDF Version

Victor Galaz

Volume 16, No. 4 (2011)

Tricky Times   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke

Ethnic Forces in Collective Action: Diversity, Dominance, and Irrigation in Tamil Nadu   PDF Version

Timothy M Waring

How Effective is the Buffer Zone? Linking Institutional Processes with Satellite Images from a Case Study in the Lore Lindu Forest Biosphere Reserve, Indonesia   PDF Version

Marion Mehring and Susanne Stoll-Kleemann

Deforestation and the Social Impacts of Soy for Biodiesel: Perspectives of Farmers in the South Brazilian Amazon   PDF Version

Mendelson Lima, Margaret Skutsch and Gerlane de Medeiros Costa

Towards Adaptive Management: Examining the Strategies of Policy Entrepreneurs in Dutch Water Management   PDF Version

Stijn Brouwer and Frank Biermann

Cross-Scale Value Trade-Offs in Managing Social-Ecological Systems: The Politics of Scale in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania    PDF Version

Asim Zia, Paul Hirsch, Alexander Songorwa, David R. Mutekanga, Sheila O'Connor, Thomas McShane, Peter Brosius and Bryan Norton

Application of Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping in Livelihood Vulnerability Analysis   PDF Version

Chrispen Murungweni, Mark T. van Wijk, Jens A. Andersson, Eric M. A. Smaling and Ken E. Giller

Consumer Preferences Determine Resilience of Ecological-Economic Systems   PDF Version

Stefan Baumgärtner, Sandra Derissen, Martin F Quaas and Sebastian Strunz

Land-based Investments for Rural Development? A Grounded Analysis of the Local Impacts of Biofuel Feedstock Plantations in Ghana   PDF Version

George C. Schoneveld , Laura A. German and Eric Nutakor

Jatropha in Mexico: Environmental and Social Impacts of an Incipient Biofuel Program   PDF Version

Margaret Skutsch, Emilio de los Rios, Silvia Solis, Enrique Riegelhaupt, Daniel Hinojosa, Sonya Gerfert, Yan Gao and Omar Masera

The Local Social and Environmental Impacts of Smallholder-Based Biofuel Investments in Zambia   PDF Version

Laura German, George C. Schoneveld and Davison Gumbo

Implications of Biodiesel-Induced Land-Use Changes for CO2 Emissions: Case Studies in Tropical America, Africa, and Southeast Asia   PDF Version

Wouter M. J. Achten and Louis V Verchot

Modeling Soft Institutional Change and the Improvement of Freshwater Governance in the Coastal Zone   PDF Version

Rémi Mongruel, Jean Prou, Johanna Ballé-Béganton, Michel Lample, Alice Vanhoutte-Brunier, Harold Réthoret, José Antonio Pérez Agúndez, Françoise Vernier, Paul Bordenave and Cédric Bacher

Looking Forward: Using Scenario Modeling to Support Regional Land Use Planning in Northern Yukon, Canada   PDF Version

Shawn R Francis and Jeff Hamm

Ecosystem and Social Construction: an Interdisciplinary Case Study of the Shurkul Lake Landscape in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.   PDF Version

Lisa Oberkircher, Margaret Shanafield, Bashorat Ismailova and Laurel Saito

Ecosystem Services Linking Social and Ecological Systems: River Brownification and the Response of Downstream Stakeholders    PDF Version

Magnus Tuvendal and Thomas Elmqvist

Innovation, Cooperation, and the Perceived Benefits and Costs of Sustainable Agriculture Practices   PDF Version

Mark Lubell, Vicken Hillis and Matthew Hoffman

Patrimony for Resilience: Evidence from the Forest Agdal in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains   PDF Version

Laurent Auclair, Patrick Baudot, Didier Genin, Bruno Romagny and Romain Simenel

Mussel Production and Water Framework Directive Targets in the Limfjord, Denmark: an Integrated Assessment for Use in System-Based Management   PDF Version

Grete E. Dinesen, Karen Timmermann, Eva Roth, Stiig Markager, Lars Ravn-Jonsen, Morten Hjorth, Marianne Holmer and Josianne G. Støttrup

Participatory Social-Ecological Modeling in Eutrophication Management: the Case of Himmerfjärden, Sweden   PDF Version

Frida Franzén, Gerda Kinell, Jakob Walve, Ragnar Elmgren and Tore Söderqvist

The Systems Approach Framework as a Complementary Methodology of Adaptive Management: a Case Study in the Urban Beaches of Barcelona   PDF Version

Ben Tomlinson, Sergio Sastre, Dolors Blasco and Jorge Guillén

Social Learning and Natural Resource Management: The Emergence of Three Research Perspectives   PDF Version

Romina Rodela

Toward an Integrated History to Guide the Future   PDF Version

Sander van der Leeuw, Robert Costanza, Steve Aulenbach, Simon Brewer, Michael Burek, Sarah Cornell, Carole Crumley, John A Dearing, Catherine Downy, Lisa J. Graumlich, Scott Heckbert, Michelle Hegmon, Kathy Hibbard, Stephen T. Jackson, Ida Kubiszewski, Paul Sinclair, Sverker Sörlin and Will Steffen

Indigenous Knowledge, Science, and Resilience: What Have We Learned from a Decade of International Literature on “Integration”?    PDF Version

Erin L Bohensky and Yiheyis Maru

Reconsidering the Effectiveness of Scientific Tools for Negotiating Local Solutions to Conflicts between Recreation and Conservation with Stakeholders   PDF Version

Rogier Pouwels, Paul Opdam and René Jochem

Exploiting Soil-Management Strategies for Climate Mitigation in the European Union: Maximizing “Win–Win” Solutions across Policy Regimes   PDF Version

Christian Bugge Henriksen, Karen Hussey and Peter E. Holm

Local Social and Environmental Impacts of Biofuels: Global Comparative Assessment and Implications for Governance   PDF Version

Laura German, George C. Schoneveld and Pablo Pacheco

Social-ecological Resilience and Biodiversity Conservation in a 900-year-old Protected Area   PDF Version

Adrian C Newton

Historical Regimes and Social Indicators of Resilience in an Urban System: the Case of Charleston, South Carolina   PDF Version

Regina Bures and William Kanapaux

A Systems Approach Framework for Coastal Zones   PDF Version

Tom S Hopkins , Denis Bailly and Josianne G. Støttrup

Twenty Years of Interdisciplinary Studies: the “MEZA” Program’s Contributions to Society, Ecology, and the Education of Postgraduate Students   PDF Version

César Vázquez, Critiane Aguilar, Héctor Benet, Rosa Carmona, Tania de la Vega, Hugo Espinosa, Miguel Flores, Pablo Franco, Itzel Frias, Jenny Guzmán, Alfa Hernández, Adriana Licona, Francisco Martínez, Ailed Maymes, Marina Mondragón, Tatiana Montano, Lourdes Ojeda, Adriana Ríos, Erick Rochín, Laura Rodríguez, Natalia Rodríguez, Roberto Romero, Fernando Solís, Soledad Valdés and Iván Velázquez

Volume 16, No. 3 (2011)

Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change in Dryland Livelihood Systems: Conceptual Challenges and Interdisciplinary Solutions   PDF Version

Evan D. G. Fraser, Andrew J Dougill, Klaus Hubacek, Claire H. Quinn, Jan Sendzimir and Mette Termansen

The Social and Environmental Impacts of Biofuel Feedstock Cultivation: Evidence from Multi-Site Research in the Forest Frontier   PDF Version

Laura German, George C. Schoneveld and Pablo Pacheco

Rebuilding Resilience in the Sahel: Regreening in the Maradi and Zinder Regions of Niger   PDF Version

Jan Sendzimir, Chris P Reij and Piotr Magnuszewski

Coping with Multiple Stresses in Rural South Africa   PDF Version

Claire H. Quinn, Gina Ziervogel, Anna Taylor, Takeshi Takama and Frank Thomalla

The Ghost of Development Past: the Impact of Economic Security Policies on Saami Pastoral Ecosystems    PDF Version

Vera H. Hausner, Per Fauchald, Torkild Tveraa, Elisabeth Pedersen, Johnny-Leo Jernsletten, Birgitte Ulvevadet, Rolf A. Ims, Nigel G. Yoccoz and Kari Anne Bråthen

Economic Behavior in the Face of Resource Variability and Uncertainty   PDF Version

Ryan R J McAllister, John G Tisdell, Andrew F Reeson and Iain J Gordon

Scenario Analysis to Identify Viable Conservation Strategies in Paraguay’s Imperiled Atlantic Forest   PDF Version

Matthew J. Carlson, Ross Mitchell and Laura Rodriguez

Developing Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluating Joint Management Effectiveness in Protected Areas in the Northern Territory, Australia   PDF Version

Arturo Izurieta, Bevlyne Sithole, Natasha Stacey, Hmalan Hunter-Xenie, Bruce Campbell, Paul Donohoe, Jessie Brown and Lincoln Wilson

Local Community Attitudes toward Forests Outside Protected Areas in India. Impact of Legal Awareness, Trust, and Participation.   PDF Version

Biljana Macura, Francisco Zorondo-Rodríguez, Mar Grau-Satorras, Kathryn Demps, Marie Laval, Claude A. Garcia and Victoria Reyes-García

Effects of Fishing Tourism in a Coastal Municipality: a Case Study from Risør, Norway   PDF Version

Erlend Moksness, Jakob Gjøsæter, Guillaume Lagaillarde, Eirik Mikkelsen, Esben Moland Olsen, Håkan T Sandersen and Jon Helge Vølstad

Coupled Vulnerability and Resilience: the Dynamics of Cross-Scale Interactions in Post-Katrina New Orleans    PDF Version

Kevin F. Gotham and Richard Campanella

Debt-for-Nature Swaps in Action: Two Case Studies in Peru   PDF Version

Catherine Kilbane Gockel and Leslie C Gray

Biophysical and Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Forest Transitions at Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales   PDF Version

Charles B Yackulic, Matthew Fagan, Meha Jain, Amir Jina, Yili Lim, Miriam Marlier, Robert Muscarella, Patricia Adame, Ruth DeFries and Maria Uriarte

Human Activity Differentially Redistributes Large Mammals in the Canadian Rockies National Parks   PDF Version

James Kimo Rogala, Mark Hebblewhite, Jesse Whittington, Cliff A. White, Jenny Coleshill and Marco Musiani

An Empirical Analysis of the Social and Ecological Outcomes of State Subsidies for Small-Scale Fisheries: A Case Study from Chile   PDF Version

Carolin I. Mondaca-Schachermayer, Jaime Aburto, Georgina Cundill, Domingo Lancellotti, Carlos Tapia and Wolfgang Stotz

A Critical Systems Approach to Social Learning: Building Adaptive Capacity in Social, Ecological, Epistemological (SEE) Systems   PDF Version

Daniel D. P. McCarthy, Debbe D. Crandall, Graham S. Whitelaw, Zachariah General and Leonard J. S. Tsuji

Hybrid Knowledge: Place, Practice, and Knowing in a Volunteer Ecological Restoration Project   PDF Version

Karen A Reid, Kathryn J H Williams and Mark S Paine

Deliberative Democracy, Institution Building, and the Pragmatics of Cumulative Effects Assessment   PDF Version

John R Parkins

The Potential Role of Mental Model Methodologies in Multistakeholder Negotiations: Integrated Water Resources Management in South Africa   PDF Version

Derick R Du Toit, Harry Biggs and Sharon Pollard

Traditional Knowledge Systems and the Conservation of Cross River Gorillas: a Case Study of Bechati, Fossimondi, Besali, Cameroon   PDF Version

Denis Ndeloh Etiendem, Luc Hens and Zjef Pereboom

Is Validation of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge a Disrespectful Process? A Case Study of Traditional Fishing Poisons and Invasive Fish Management from the Wet Tropics, Australia   PDF Version

Monica Gratani, James R. A. Butler, Frank Royee, Peter Valentine, Damien Burrows, Warren I. Canendo and Alex S Anderson

Addressing Sustainability of Clam Farming in the Venice Lagoon    PDF Version

Donata Melaku Canu, Pierpaolo Campostrini, Simona Dalla Riva, Roberto Pastres, Lara Pizzo, Luca Rossetto and Cosimo Solidoro

Social Role-Play Games Vs Individual Perceptions of Conservation and PES Agreements for Maintaining Rubber Agroforests in Jambi (Sumatra), Indonesia   PDF Version

Grace B Villamor and Meine van Noordwijk

Revealing the Organization of Complex Adaptive Systems through Multivariate Time Series Modeling   PDF Version

David G Angeler, Stina Drakare and Richard K Johnson

Coupling Biophysical and Socioeconomic Models for Coral Reef Systems in Quintana Roo, Mexican Caribbean   PDF Version

Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, Craig R Johnson, Pascal Perez, Jeremy Eustache, Elizabeth A Fulton and Deborah Cleland

The Penobscot River, Maine, USA: a Basin-Scale Approach to Balancing Power Generation and Ecosystem Restoration   PDF Version

Jeffrey J Opperman, Joshua Royte, John Banks, Laura Rose Day and Colin Apse

Climate Science, Development Practice, and Policy Interactions in Dryland Agroecological Systems    PDF Version

Chasca Twyman, Evan D. G. Fraser, Lindsay C. Stringer, C. Quinn, Andrew J. Dougill, Federica Ravera, Todd A. Crane and Susannah M. Sallu

Volume 16, No. 2 (2011)

Resilience 2011: Leading Transformational Change   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke

Scale and Governance: Conceptual Considerations and Practical Implications   PDF Version

Kasper Kok and Tom (A.) Veldkamp

China’s Grassland Contract Policy and its Impacts on Herder Ability to Benefit in Inner Mongolia: Tragic Feedbacks    PDF Version

Wenjun Li and Lynn Huntsinger

Assessing an Adaptive Cycle in a Social System under External Pressure to Change: the Importance of Intergroup Relations in Recreational Fisheries Governance   PDF Version

Katrin Daedlow, Volker Beckmann and Robert Arlinghaus

Revisiting the Resilience of Chestnut Forests in Corsica: from Social-Ecological Systems Theory to Political Ecology   PDF Version

Genevieve Michon

Using Coupled Simulation Models to Link Pastoral Decision Making and Ecosystem Services   PDF Version

Randall B Boone, Kathleen A Galvin, Shauna B BurnSilver, Philip K Thornton, Dennis S Ojima and Jacob R Jawson

Highly Optimized Tolerant (HOT) Farms in Rondônia: Productivity and Farm Size, and Implications for Environmental Licensing   PDF Version

Andrew Reid Bell

The Role of Governance in Agricultural Expansion and Intensification: a Global Study of Arable Agriculture   PDF Version

Menno Mandemaker, Martha Bakker and Jetse Stoorvogel

From Resilience to Transformation: the Adaptive Cycle in Two Mexican Urban Centers   PDF Version

Mark Pelling and David Manuel-Navarrete

Australian Aboriginal Peoples’ Seasonal Knowledge: a Potential Basis for Shared Understanding in Environmental Management   PDF Version

Suzanne M Prober, Michael H O'Connor and Fiona J Walsh

Economic Benefits Generated by Protected Areas: the Case of the Hoge Veluwe Forest, the Netherlands    PDF Version

Lars Hein

In Pursuit of Knowledge: Addressing Barriers to Effective Conservation Evaluation   PDF Version

Madeleine C Bottrill, Marc Hockings and Hugh P Possingham

Supporting the Constructive Use of Existing Hydrological Models in Participatory Settings: a Set of “Rules of the Game”    PDF Version

Pieter W. G. Bots, Rianne Bijlsma, Yorck von Korff, Nicolien Van der Fluit and Henk Wolters

Social Learning through Participatory Integrated Catchment Risk Assessment in the Solomon Islands   PDF Version

Suzanne Hoverman, Helen Ross, Terence Chan and Bronwyn Powell

Self-Organized Governance Networks for Ecosystem Management: Who Is Accountable?   PDF Version

Thomas Hahn

The Challenge of Forest Diagnostics   PDF Version

Harini Nagendra and Elinor Ostrom

Factors Influencing Adaptive Marine Governance in a Developing Country Context: a Case Study of Southern Kenya   PDF Version

Louisa S. Evans, Katrina Brown and Edward H. Allison

Robustness and Resilience across Scales: Migration and Resource Degradation in the Prehistoric U.S. Southwest    PDF Version

John M Anderies and Michelle Hegmon

Forest Clearing Dynamics and the Expansion of Landholdings in Apuí, a Deforestation Hotspot on Brazil’s Transamazon Highway   PDF Version

Gabriel C Carrero and Philip M Fearnside

The Challenge of Developing Social Indicators for Cumulative Effects Assessment and Land Use Planning   PDF Version

Ross E. Mitchell and John R. Parkins

Energy and Water Use Related to the Cultivation of Energy Crops: a Case Study in the Tuscany Region   PDF Version

Anna Dalla Marta, Francesca Natali, Marco Mancini, Roberto Ferrise, Marco Bindi and Simone Orlandini

Perspectives on Resilience to Disasters across Sectors and Cultures   PDF Version

Brian Walker and Frances Westley

Are We Entering an Era of Concatenated Global Crises?   PDF Version

Duan Biggs, Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs, Vasilis Dakos, Robert J Scholes and Michael Schoon

An Empty Donut Hole: the Great Collapse of a North American Fishery   PDF Version

Kevin M. Bailey

The Politics of Reflexive Governance: Challenges for Designing Adaptive Management and Transition Management   PDF Version

Jan-Peter Voß and Basil Bornemann

Vulnerability of Worldwide Pastoralism to Global Changes and Interdisciplinary Strategies for Sustainable Pastoralism   PDF Version

Shikui Dong, Lu Wen, Shiliang Liu, Xiangfeng Zhang, James P. Lassoie, Shaoliang Yi, Xiaoyan Li, Jinpeng Li and Yuanyuan Li

Enhancing the Resilience of the Australian National Electricity Market: Taking a Systems Approach in Policy Development   PDF Version

Barry Newell, Debborah M Marsh and Deepak Sharma

Local Actions, Global Effects? Understanding the Circumstances in which Locally Beneficial Environmental Actions Cumulate to Have Global Effects   PDF Version

Thomas K Rudel

Synthesis: Vulnerability, Traps, and Transformations—Long-term Perspectives from Archaeology   PDF Version

Michael Schoon, Christo Fabricius, John M. Anderies and Margaret Nelson

National Climate Change Policies and Sustainable Water Management: Conflicts and Synergies   PDF Version

Jamie Pittock

Feedback Loops in Conceptual Models of Land Change: Lost in Complexity?   PDF Version

Anna M. Hersperger, Maria-Pia Gennaio, Peter H. Verburg and Matthias Bürgi

Volume 16, No. 1 (2011)

Effects of Roads and Traffic on Wildlife Populations and Landscape Function: Road Ecology is Moving toward Larger Scales   PDF Version

Rodney van der Ree, Jochen A. G. Jaeger, Edgar A. van der Grift and Anthony P. Clevenger

Landscape Scenarios and Multifunctionality: Making Land Use Impact Assessment Operational   PDF Version

Katharina Helming and Marta Pérez-Soba

From Scaling to Governance of the Land System: Bridging Ecological and Economic Perspectives   PDF Version

Tom Veldkamp, Nico Polman, Stijn Reinhard and Maja Slingerland

Resource Theft in Tropical Forest Communities: Implications for Non-timber Management, Livelihoods, and Conservation   PDF Version

Amy E. Duchelle, Peter Cronkleton, Karen A. Kainer, Gladys Guanacoma and Salvador Gezan

Surmountable Chasms: Networks and Social Innovation for Resilient Systems   PDF Version

Michele-Lee Moore and Frances Westley

Management Conflicts in Cameroonian Community Forests   PDF Version

Driss Ezzine de Blas, Manuel Ruiz-Pérez and Cédric Vermeulen

Tweak, Adapt, or Transform: Policy Scenarios in Response to Emerging Bioenergy Markets in the U.S. Corn Belt   PDF Version

Ryan C Atwell, Lisa A Schulte and Lynne M Westphal

Widening the Scope of Scenario Planning in Small Communities: a Case Study Use of an Alternative Method   PDF Version

Andrea Rawluk and Annelise Godber

A Framework for Participatory Impact Assessment: Involving Stakeholders in European Policy Making, a Case Study of Land Use Change in Malta   PDF Version

Jake Breton Morris, Valentina Tassone, Rudolf de Groot, Marguerite Camilleri and Stefano Moncada

Deciding Where to Burn: Stakeholder Priorities for Prescribed Burning of a Fire-Dependent Ecosystem   PDF Version

Jennifer K. Costanza and Aaron Moody

Paper Fish and Policy Conflict: Catch Shares and Ecosystem-Based Management in Maine’s Groundfishery   PDF Version

Jennifer F Brewer

Subsidized Fencing of Livestock as a Means of Increasing Tolerance for Wolves    PDF Version

Jens Karlsson and Magnus Sjöström

Gender and Sustainable Forest Management in East Africa and Latin America   PDF Version

Esther Mwangi, Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Yan Sun

Effect of Policy Interventions on Food Security in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia   PDF Version

Anne van der Veen and Tagel Gebrehiwot

Envisioning Adaptive Strategies to Change: Participatory Scenarios for Agropastoral Semiarid Systems in Nicaragua    PDF Version

Federica Ravera, David Tarrasón and Elisabeth Simelton

Governance, Scale and the Environment: The Importance of Recognizing Knowledge Claims in Transdisciplinary Arenas   PDF Version

Marleen Buizer, Bas Arts and Kasper Kok

Underground Thermal Energy Storage: Environmental Risks and Policy Developments in the Netherlands and European Union   PDF Version

Matthijs Bonte, Pieter J. Stuyfzand, Adriana Hulsmann and Patrick Van Beelen

Participatory Scenario Planning for Protected Areas Management under the Ecosystem Services Framework: the Doñana Social-Ecological System in Southwestern Spain   PDF Version

Ignacio Palomo, Berta Martín-López, Cesar López-Santiago and Carlos Montes

Resisting Diversity: a Long-Term Archaeological Study   PDF Version

Margaret C Nelson, Michelle Hegmon, Stephanie R Kulow, Matthew A Peeples, Keith W Kintigh and Ann P Kinzig

Sustainable Small-Scale Agriculture in Semi-Arid Environments   PDF Version

Katherine A Spielmann, Margaret Nelson, Scott Ingram and Matthew A Peeples

Ex Ante Impact Assessment of Policies Affecting Land Use, Part A: Analytical Framework   PDF Version

Katharina Helming, Katharina Diehl, Hanne Bach, Oliver Dilly, Bettina König, Tom Kuhlman, Marta Pérez-Soba, Stefan Sieber, Paul Tabbush, Karen Tscherning, Dirk Wascher and Hubert Wiggering

Socioeconomics, Policy, or Climate Change: What is Driving Vulnerability in Southern Portugal?   PDF Version

María A. Máñez Costa, Eddy J. Moors and Evan D. G. Fraser

Ex Ante Impact Assessment of Policies Affecting Land Use, Part B: Application of the Analytical Framework   PDF Version

Katharina Helming, Katharina Diehl, Tom Kuhlman, Torbjörn Jansson, Peter H. Verburg, Martha Bakker, Marta Perez-Soba, Laurence Jones, Pieter Johannes Verkerk, Paul Tabbush, Jake Breton Morris, Zuzana Drillet, John Farrington, Pierre LeMouël, Paul Zagame, Tomasz Stuczynski, Grzegorz Siebielec, Stefan Sieber and Hubert Wiggering

Understanding Resilience in a Vulnerable Industry: the Case of Reef Tourism in Australia   PDF Version

Duan Biggs

Environmental Licensing and Land Aggregation: An Agent-Based Approach to Understanding Ranching and Land Use in Rural Rondônia   PDF Version

Andrew Reid Bell

Exploring Resilience and Transformability of a River Basin in the Face of Socioeconomic and Ecological Crisis: an Example from the Amudarya River Basin, Central Asia   PDF Version

Maja Schlüter and Elke Herrfahrdt-Pähle

Economic Governance to Expand Commercial Wetlands: Within- and Cross-Scale Challenges   PDF Version

Arianne T. de Blaeij, Nico Polman and Stijn Reinhard

Considering the Relationships among Social Conflict, Social Imaginaries, Resilience, and Community-based Organization Leadership   PDF Version

Max O. Stephenson and Jr.

Databases, Scaling Practices, and the Globalization of Biodiversity   PDF Version

Esther Turnhout and Susan Boonman-Berson

Traditional Wisdom: Protecting Relationships with Wilderness as a Cultural Landscape   PDF Version

Alan Watson, Roian Matt, Katie Knotek, Daniel R. Williams and Laurie Yung

Do Scale Frames Matter? Scale Frame Mismatches in the Decision Making Process of a “Mega Farm” in a Small Dutch Village   PDF Version

Maartje van Lieshout, Art Dewulf, Noelle Aarts and Catrien Termeer

Factors Influencing Adaptive Capacity in the Reorganization of Forest Management in Alaska   PDF Version

Colin Beier

The Evolution of the Maine Lobster V-Notch Practice: Cooperation in a Prisoner's Dilemma Game   PDF Version

James Acheson and Roy Gardner

How does Diversity Matter? The Case of Brazilian River Basin Councils   PDF Version

Andrew Reid Bell, Nathan Lee Engle and Maria Carmen Lemos

Water Management in the Camargue Biosphere Reserve: Insights from Comparative Mental Models Analysis   PDF Version

Raphael Mathevet, Michel Etienne, Tim Lynam and Coralie Calvet

ARDI: A Co-construction Method for Participatory Modeling in Natural Resources Management   PDF Version

Michel Etienne, Derick R Du Toit and Sharon Pollard

Using Consensus Analysis to Assess Mental Models about Water Use and Management in the Crocodile River Catchment, South Africa   PDF Version

Samantha S Stone-Jovicich, Timothy Lynam, Anne Leitch and Natalie A Jones

Mental Models: An Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Theory and Methods   PDF Version

Natalie A Jones, Helen Ross, Timothy Lynam, Pascal Perez and Anne Leitch

Global Impacts of European Agricultural and Biofuel Policies   PDF Version

Anne Gerdien Prins, Bas Eickhout, Martin Banse, Hans van Meijl, Willem Rienks and Geert Woltjer

An Empirical Analysis of Stakeholders’ Influence on Policy Development: the Role of Uncertainty Handling   PDF Version

Rianne M. Bijlsma, Pieter W. G. Bots, Henk A. Wolters and Arjen Y. Hoekstra

Social-Ecological Guilds: Putting People into Marine Historical Ecology   PDF Version

Janna M Shackeroff, Lisa M Campbell and Larry B Crowder

The Energy-Water Nexus in Texas   PDF Version

Ashlynn S. Stillwell, Carey W. King, Michael E. Webber, Ian J. Duncan and Amy Hardberger

Promoting Health and Well-Being by Managing for Social–Ecological Resilience: the Potential of Integrating Ecohealth and Water Resources Management Approaches   PDF Version

Martin J Bunch, Karen E Morrison, Margot W Parkes and Henry D Venema

Biological Diversity and Resilience: Lessons from the Recovery of Cichlid Species in Lake Victoria   PDF Version

Alex O Awiti

Ecosystem Considerations for Postdisaster Recovery: Lessons from China, Pakistan, and Elsewhere for Recovery Planning in Haiti   PDF Version

Susan A Mainka and Jeffrey McNeely

Accommodating the Challenges of Climate Change Adaptation and Governance in Conventional Risk Management: Adaptive Collaborative Risk Management (ACRM)   PDF Version

Bradley May and Ryan Plummer

Understanding Human-Fire Interactions in Tropical Forest Regions: a Case for Interdisciplinary Research across the Natural and Social Sciences.   PDF Version

Rachel Carmenta, Luke Parry, Alan Blackburn, Saskia Vermeylen and Jos Barlow

Comparing Sustainable Forest Management Certifications Standards: A Meta-analysis   PDF Version

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Production Flexibility in Extensive Beef Farming Systems    PDF Version

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Integrated and Adaptive Management of Water Resources: Tensions, Legacies, and the Next Best Thing   PDF Version

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Panarchy Rules: Rethinking Resilience of Agroecosystems, Evidence from Dutch Dairy-Farming   PDF Version

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Sweet, Sticky, and Sustainable Social Business   PDF Version

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Feedback Loops Added to Four Conceptual Models Linking Land Change with Driving Forces and Actors   PDF Version

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Volume 15, No. 4 (2010)

Resilience and Global Sustainability   PDF Version

Carl Folke and Lance Gunderson

The Right Connections: How do Social Networks Lubricate the Machinery of Natural Resource Governance?   PDF Version

Beatrice Crona and Klaus Hubacek

Linking Land Change with Driving Forces and Actors: Four Conceptual Models   PDF Version

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Social-ecological Resilience of a Nuosu Community-linked Watershed, Southwest Sichuan, China   PDF Version

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Resilient or Vulnerable Livelihoods? Assessing Livelihood Dynamics and Trajectories in Rural Botswana   PDF Version

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Gender Patterns in Bird-related Recreation in the USA and UK   PDF Version

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The State of the System and Steps Toward Resilience of Disturbance-dependent Oak Forests   PDF Version

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The Conditions for Functional Mechanisms of Compensation and Reward for Environmental Services   PDF Version

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Habitat Scale Mapping of Fisheries Ecosystem Service Values in Estuaries   PDF Version

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Inside the “Black Box” of River Restoration: Using Catchment History to Identify Disturbance and Response Mechanisms to Set Targets for Process-Based Restoration   PDF Version

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An Evaluation of Feral Cat Management Options Using a Decision Analysis Network   PDF Version

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The Trade-off Between Housing Density and Sprawl Area: Minimizing Impacts to Carabid Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae)   PDF Version

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Salt Marsh Zonal Migration and Ecosystem Service Change in Response to Global Sea Level Rise: A Case Study from an Urban Region   PDF Version

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Can Properties of Labor-Exchange Networks Explain the Resilience of Swidden Agriculture?   PDF Version

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Strengthening Regional Cohesion: Collaborative Networks and Sustainable Development in Swiss Rural Areas   PDF Version

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Principles for Fairness and Efficiency in Enhancing Environmental Services in Asia: Payments, Compensation, or Co-Investment?   PDF Version

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Securing a Future: Cree Hunters’ Resistance and Flexibility to Environmental Changes, Wemindji, James Bay   PDF Version

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Synapses in the Network: Learning in Governance Networks in the Context of Environmental Management   PDF Version

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Climate Factors Play a Limited Role for Past Adaptation Strategies in West Africa   PDF Version

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How Participation Creates Citizens: Participatory Governance as Performative Practice   PDF Version

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Increased Market Integration, Value, and Ecological Knowledge of Tea Agroforests in the Akha Highlands of Southwest China   PDF Version

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Scale-Crossing Brokers and Network Governance of Urban Ecosystem Services: The Case of Stockholm   PDF Version

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Disentangling Scale Approaches in Governance Research: Comparing Monocentric, Multilevel, and Adaptive Governance   PDF Version

Catrien J.A.M. Termeer, Art Dewulf and Maartje van Lieshout

The Use of Impact Assessment Tools to Support Sustainable Policy Objectives in Europe   PDF Version

Peter De Smedt

Power Asymmetries in Small-Scale Fisheries: a Barrier to Governance Transformability?   PDF Version

Beatrice Crona and Örjan Bodin

Institutional Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in U.S. National Parks and Forests    PDF Version

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Competing Structure, Competing Views: The Role of Formal and Informal Social Structures in Shaping Stakeholder Perceptions   PDF Version

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Large Gaps in Canopy Reduce Road Crossing by a Gliding Mammal   PDF Version

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Urban Ethnohydrology: Cultural Knowledge of Water Quality and Water Management in a Desert City   PDF Version

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Are Local People Conservationists? Analysis of Transition Dynamics from Agroforests to Monoculture Plantations in Indonesia   PDF Version

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Oak Persistence in Mediterranean Landscapes: The Combined Role of Management, Topography, and Wildfires   PDF Version

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Of Models and Meanings: Cultural Resilience in Social–Ecological Systems   PDF Version

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Resilience Thinking: Integrating Resilience, Adaptability and Transformability   PDF Version

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Bioenergy Sustainability at the Regional Scale    PDF Version

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Toward a Theory of Integrated Urban Ecology: Complementing Pickett et al.   PDF Version

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The ‘Social Life’ of Conservation: Lessons from Danau Sentarum   PDF Version

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Complex Land Systems: the Need for Long Time Perspectives to Assess their Future   PDF Version

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A Review of Design Principles for Community-based Natural Resource Management   PDF Version

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Informal Participatory Platforms for Adaptive Management. Insights into Niche-finding, Collaborative Design and Outcomes from a Participatory Process in the Rhine Basin   PDF Version

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What is Social Learning?   PDF Version

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Biodiversity, biodisparity, and bioequivalence   PDF Version

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Volume 15, No. 3 (2010)

Risk Mapping for Avian Influenza: a Social–Ecological Problem   PDF Version

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Introduction to Special Feature on Catastrophic Thresholds, Perspectives, Definitions, and Applications   PDF Version

Robert A Washington-Allen, David D. Briske, Herman H. Shugart and Lucinda F. Salo

Voluntary Participation in Regional Fisheries Management Council Meetings   PDF Version

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Generic Regional Development Strategies from Local Stakeholders’ Scenarios - an Alpine Village Experience   PDF Version

Wolfgang Loibl and Ariane Walz

Perception-based Methods to Evaluate Conservation Impact in Forests Managed Through Popular Participation   PDF Version

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Designing Conservation Corridors in Production Landscapes: Assessment Methods, Implementation Issues, and Lessons Learned   PDF Version

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Growth, Collapse, and Reorganization of the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal: an Analysis of Institutional Resilience   PDF Version

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Evaluation of Bayesian Networks in Participatory Water Resources Management, Upper Guadiana Basin, Spain   PDF Version

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Pilot Projects in Water Management    PDF Version

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Adaptive Co-management Networks: a Comparative Analysis of Two Fishery Conservation Areas in Sweden   PDF Version

Annica Sandström and Carl Rova

Road Impacts on Abundance, Call Traits, and Body Size of Rainforest Frogs in Northeast Australia   PDF Version

Conrad J. Hoskin and Miriam W. Goosem

Interlocking panarchies in multi-use boreal forests in Sweden   PDF Version

Jon Moen and E. Carina H. Keskitalo

Re-connecting with a Recovering River through Imaginative Engagement   PDF Version

Paul Selman, Claudia Carter, Anna Lawrence and Clare Morgan

Who Benefits from Recreational Use of Protected Areas?   PDF Version

Josephine E Booth, Kevin J Gaston and Paul R Armsworth

Quantifying Biodiversity for Building Resilience for Food Security in Urban Landscapes: Getting Down to Business   PDF Version

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The US Fire Learning Network: Springing a Rigidity Trap through Multiscalar Collaborative Networks   PDF Version

William Hale Butler and Bruce Evan Goldstein

Spanning Boundaries in an Arizona Watershed Partnership: Information Networks as Tools for Entrenchment or Ties for Collaboration?   PDF Version

Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson, Bethany B. Cutts, Elisabeth K. Larson, Kate J. Darby, Mark Neff, Amber Wutich and Bob Bolin

Participatory Research for Adaptive Water Management in a Transition Country – a Case Study from Uzbekistan   PDF Version

Darya Hirsch, Geraldine Abrami, Raffaele Giordano, Stefan Liersch, Nilufar Matin and Maja Schlüter

Estimating Dynamic Risk Factors for Pathogen Transmission Using Community-Level Bird Census Data at the Wildlife/Domestic Interface    PDF Version

Alexandre Caron, Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky, Nicolas Gaidet, Ngoni Chiweshe and Graeme S Cumming

Environmental Factors Influencing the Spread of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 Virus in wild birds in Europe   PDF Version

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Evidence that a Highway Reduces Apparent Survival Rates of Squirrel Gliders   PDF Version

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Monitoring Social Learning Processes in Adaptive Comanagement: Three Case Studies from South Africa   PDF Version

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Enhancing Adaptive Capacity in Food Systems: Learning at Farmers' Markets in Sweden   PDF Version

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Evaluating Today's Landscape Multifunctionality and Providing an Alternative Future: A Normative Scenario Approach   PDF Version

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The Cross-scale Interplay between Social and Biophysical Context and the Vulnerability of Irrigation-dependent Societies: Archaeology’s Long-term Perspective   PDF Version

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Pimp Your Landscape - a Generic Approach for Integrating Regional Stakeholder Needs into Land Use Planning   PDF Version

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Governance for Resilience: CALFED as a Complex Adaptive Network for Resource Management   PDF Version

David E. Booher and Judith E. Innes

A Cautionary Note on Individual Transferable Quotas    PDF Version

U. Rashid Sumaila

Robustness, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity in small-scale social-ecological systems: The Pumpa Irrigation System in Nepal   PDF Version

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Sustainable Product Indexing: Navigating the Challenge of Ecolabeling    PDF Version

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Designing Participation Processes for Water Management and Beyond   PDF Version

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Using Matching Methods to Link Social and Physical Analyses for Sustainability Planning   PDF Version

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From Scientific Speculation to Effective Adaptive Management: A case study of the role of social marketing in promoting novel restoration strategies for degraded dry lands   PDF Version

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Resilience and Higher Order Thinking   PDF Version

Ioan Fazey

Resilience and Vulnerability: Complementary or Conflicting Concepts?   PDF Version

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Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Certification: a Review of the Canadian Situation   PDF Version

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Catastrophic Thresholds: A Synthesis of Concepts, Perspectives, and Applications   PDF Version

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Who is Right to Fish? Evolving a Social Contract for Ethical Fisheries   PDF Version

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Novelty, Adaptive Capacity, and Resilience   PDF Version

Craig R Allen and C. S. Holling

Response to: Green Light for Nocturnally Migrating Birds   PDF Version

William R Evans

A Community Conversation About a Watershed   PDF Version

Ryan Collay

Trust: the Critical Element for Successful Watershed Management   PDF Version

Rebecca Flitcroft, Dana C Dedrick, Courtland L Smith, Cynthia A Thieman and John P Bolte

Volume 15, No. 2 (2010)

Riding a wave of creative destruction – reflections on Ecology and Society   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson, Carl Folke and Michelle Lee

Navigating Trade-Offs: Working for Conservation and Development Outcomes   PDF Version

Bruce M Campbell, Jeffrey A Sayer and Brian Walker

Realizing water transitions: the role of policy entrepreneurs in water policy change   PDF Version

Dave Huitema and Sander Meijerink

Bridging Human and Natural Sciences for a Better Understanding of Urban Floral Patterns: the Role of Planting Practices in Mediterranean Gardens    PDF Version

Audrey Marco, Carole Barthelemy, Thierry Dutoit and Valérie Bertaudière-Montes

Comparative Resilience in Five North Pacific Regional Salmon Fisheries   PDF Version

Xanthippe Augerot and Courtland L Smith

Trends and Future Potential of Payment for Ecosystem Services to Alleviate Rural Poverty in Developing Countries   PDF Version

Jeffrey C Milder, Sara J Scherr and Carina Bracer

Participatory Vulnerability Assessment in the Context of Conservation and Development Projects: A Case Study of Local Communities in Southwest Cameroon   PDF Version

Nathalie van Vliet

Introducing Ecological Dynamics into Common-Pool Resource Experiments   PDF Version

Marco A Janssen

Pluralism, Resilience, and the Ecology of Survival: Case Studies from the Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan   PDF Version

Karim-Aly S Kassam

Spatial Trade-Offs between Wind Power Production and Bird Collision Avoidance in Agricultural Landscapes   PDF Version

Marcus Eichhorn and Martin Drechsler

Anticipatory Learning for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience   PDF Version

Petra Tschakert and Kathleen Ann Dietrich

The Role of Participatory Modeling in Landscape Approaches to Reconcile Conservation and Development    PDF Version

Marieke Sandker, Bruce M. Campbell, Manuel Ruiz-Pérez, Jeffrey A. Sayer, Richard Cowling, Habtemariam Kassa and Andrew T. Knight

Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Russian and Swedish Model Forest Initiatives: Adaptive Governance Toward Sustainable Forest Management?   PDF Version

Marine Elbakidze, Per K Angelstam, Camilla Sandström and Robert Axelsson

Anticipating Vulnerability to Climate Change in Dryland Pastoral Systems: Using Dynamic Systems Models for the Kalahari   PDF Version

Andrew J Dougill, Evan D.G. Fraser and Mark S. Reed

Population Aggregation in Ancient Arid Environments   PDF Version

Marco A Janssen

Merits and Limits of Ecosystem Protection for Conserving Wild Salmon in a Northern Coastal British Columbia River   PDF Version

Aaron C. Hill, Thomas S. Bansak, Bonnie K. Ellis and Jack A. Stanford

Policy Entrepreneurs and Change Strategies: Lessons from Sixteen Case Studies of Water Transitions around the Globe   PDF Version

Sander Meijerink and Dave Huitema

Water Governance in Mexico: Political and Economic Aperatures and a Shifting State-Citizen Relationship   PDF Version

Margaret Wilder

Implementing Integrated River Basin Management in China   PDF Version

Dorri G. J. te Boekhorst, Toine J. M. Smits, Xiubo Yu, Lifeng Li, Gang Lei and Chen Zhang

Individuals Matter: Exploring Strategies of Individuals to Change the Water Policy for the Tisza River in Hungary   PDF Version

Saskia E. Werners, Piotr Matczak and Zsuzsanna Flachner

Water Management in Spain: the Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Shaping Change   PDF Version

Nuria Font and Joan Subirats

Evaluating Successful Livelihood Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change in Southern Africa   PDF Version

Henny Osbahr, Chasca Twyman, W. Neil Adger and David S. G. Thomas

The Challenge of Regulating Private Wildlife Ranches for Conservation in South Africa   PDF Version

Jenny A. Cousins, Jon P. Sadler and James Evans

A Framework for Clarifying “Participation” in Participatory Research to Prevent its Rejection for the Wrong Reasons   PDF Version

Olivier Barreteau, Pieter W. G. Bots and Katherine A Daniell

Fishful Thinking: Rhetoric, Reality, and the Sea Before Us   PDF Version

Tony J. Pitcher and Mimi E Lam

Scenarios for Resilient Shrimp Aquaculture in Tropical Coastal Areas   PDF Version

Simon R. Bush, Paul A.M. van Zwieten, Leontine Visser, Han van Dijk, Roel Bosma, Willem F. de Boer and Marc Verdegem

How Personal Judgment Influences Scenario Development: an Example for Future Rural Development in Europe   PDF Version

Marc J. Metzger, Mark D.A. Rounsevell, Harm A.R.M. Van den Heiligenberg, Marta Pérez-Soba and Paul Soto Hardiman

Navigating the Back Loop: Fostering Social Innovation and Transformation in Ecosystem Management   PDF Version

Reinette Biggs, Frances R. Westley and Stephen R. Carpenter

Ecological and Human Community Resilience in Response to Natural Disasters   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson

Biodiversity and Biodisparity   PDF Version

Leif Allan DeVaney

Volume 15, No. 1 (2010)

The Practice of Transboundary Decision Making on the Incomati River: Elucidating Underlying Factors and their Implications for Institutional Design   PDF Version

Jill H. Slinger, Marianne Hilders and Dinis Juizo

The Use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Forest Management: an Example from India   PDF Version

Lucy Rist, R. Uma Shaanker, E. J. Milner-Gulland and Jaboury Ghazoul

Does Integrated Water Resources Management Support Institutional Change? The Case of Water Policy Reform in Israel   PDF Version

Itay Fischhendler and Tanya Heikkila

Integrating Ecological and Social Ranges of Variability in Conservation of Biodiversity: Past, Present, and Future   PDF Version

Sally L. Duncan, Brenda C McComb and K. Norman Johnson

Overcoming Information Limitations for the Prescription of an Environmental Flow Regime for a Central American River   PDF Version

Peter C Esselman and Jeffrey J Opperman

Piloting a Non-Invasive Genetic Sampling Method for Evaluating Population-Level Benefits of Wildlife Crossing Structures   PDF Version

Anthony P Clevenger and Michael A Sawaya

Beyond Dry Feet? Experiences from a Participatory Water-Management Planning Case in The Netherlands   PDF Version

Machiel Lamers, Bouke Ottow, Greet Francois and Yorck von Korff

Monitoring the Governance Dimension of Natural Resource Co-management   PDF Version

Georgina Cundill and Christo Fabricius

Is the Jury Still Out? Toward Greater Insight in Policy Learning in Participatory Decision Processes—the Case of Dutch Citizens' Juries on Water Management in the Rhine Basin   PDF Version

Dave Huitema, Corinne Cornelisse and Bouke Ottow

Many Eyes on Nature: Diverse Perspectives in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve and Their Relevance for Conservation   PDF Version

Uta Berghoefer, Ricardo Rozzi and Kurt Jax

National Parks and Protected Areas and the Role for Employment in Tourism and Forest Sectors: a Swedish Case   PDF Version

Linda J. T. Lundmark, Peter Fredman and Klas Sandell

Transient Social–Ecological Stability: the Effects of Invasive Species and Ecosystem Restoration on Nutrient Management Compromise in Lake Erie   PDF Version

Eric D. Roy, Jay F. Martin, Elena G. Irwin, Joseph D. Conroy and David A. Culver

Archaeological Evidence for Resilience of Pacific Northwest Salmon Populations and the Socioecological System over the last ~7,500 years   PDF Version

Sarah K. Campbell and Virginia L. Butler

Observations on Drivers and Dynamics of Environmental Policy Change: Insights from 150 Years of Forest Management in British Columbia   PDF Version

Shannon M Hagerman, Hadi Dowlatabadi and Terre Satterfield

How Useful Are Species Distribution Models for Managing Biodiversity under Future Climates?   PDF Version

Steve J Sinclair, Matthew D White and Graeme R Newell

The Politics of Social-ecological Resilience and Sustainable Socio-technical Transitions   PDF Version

Adrian Smith and Andy Stirling

Beyond Roadkill, Radiotracking, Recapture and FST—a Review of Some Genetic Methods to Improve Understanding of the Influence of Roads on Wildlife   PDF Version

Jody M Simmons, Paul Sunnucks, Andrea C Taylor and Rodney van der Ree

Public Fisheries   PDF Version

Josh Eagle and Amanda Kuker

Haida Marine Planning: First Nations as a Partner in Marine Conservation   PDF Version

Russ Jones, Catherine Rigg and Lynn Lee

Why Shade Coffee Does Not Guarantee Biodiversity Conservation.   PDF Version

César Tejeda-Cruz, Evodia Silva-Rivera, Jonathan R Barton and William J Sutherland

Volume 14, No. 2 (2009)

The Ecology and Society NetWork   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke

Sustainable Forest Management in the Tropics: Is Everything in Order but the Patient Still Dying?   PDF Version

Robert Nasi and Peter G. H. Frost

Local Consequences of Applying International Norms: Differences in the Application of Forest Certification in Northern Sweden, Northern Finland, and Northwest Russia   PDF Version

E. Carina H. Keskitalo, Camilla Sandström, Maria Tysiachniouk and Johanna Johansson

Wildlife Tunnel Enhances Population Viability   PDF Version

Rodney van der Ree, Dean Heinze, Michael McCarthy and Ian Mansergh

Ecological History vs. Social Expectations: Managing Aquatic Ecosystems   PDF Version

Gordon H. Reeves and Sally L. Duncan

The Past and Future of Colorado’s Forests: Connecting People and Ecology   PDF Version

Dan Binkley and Sally L. Duncan

Integrating Conservation and Development in the Peruvian Amazon   PDF Version

Catherine Kilbane Gockel and Leslie C. Gray

Can Road-Crossing Structures Improve Population Viability of an Urban Gliding Mammal?   PDF Version

Brendan D. Taylor and Ross L. Goldingay

From Risk Assessment to Knowledge Mapping: Science, Precaution, and Participation in Disease Ecology    PDF Version

Andy C. Stirling and Ian Scoones

Cost–Benefit Analyses of Mitigation Measures Aimed at Reducing Collisions with Large Ungulates in the United States and Canada: a Decision Support Tool   PDF Version

Marcel P. Huijser, John W. Duffield, Anthony P. Clevenger, Robert J. Ament and Pat T. McGowen

Evaluating Functional Fit between a Set of Institutions and an Ecosystem   PDF Version

Julia A Ekstrom and Oran R Young

Reducing Moose–Vehicle Collisions through Salt Pool Removal and Displacement: an Agent-Based Modeling Approach   PDF Version

Paul D. Grosman, Jochen A. G. Jaeger, Pascale M. Biron, Christian Dussault and Jean-Pierre Ouellet

Valuing the Provisioning Services of Wetlands: Contrasting a Rural Wetland in Lesotho with a Peri-Urban Wetland in South Africa   PDF Version

Kathryn S. M. Lannas and Jane K Turpie

Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ecological Science: a Question of Scale   PDF Version

Catherine A. Gagnon and Dominique Berteaux

Functional Links Between Biodiversity, Livelihoods, and Culture in a Hani Swidden Landscape in Southwest China   PDF Version

Jianchu Xu, Louis Lebel and Janet Sturgeon

When to Spray: a Time-Scale Calculus Approach to Controlling the Impact of West Nile Virus   PDF Version

Diana Thomas, Marion Weedermann, Lora Billings, Joan Hoffacker and Robert A Washington-Allen

Behavioral Responses of Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens) to Roads and Traffic: Implications for Population Persistence   PDF Version

Julie Bouchard, Adam T. Ford, Felix E Eigenbrod and Lenore Fahrig

Quantifying the Human Appropriation of Fresh Water by African Agriculture   PDF Version

Martina Weiß, Rüdiger Schaldach, Joseph Alcamo and Martina Flörke

Compensation and Rewards for Environmental Services in the Developing World: Framing Pan-Tropical Analysis and Comparison   PDF Version

Brent M. Swallow, Mikkel F. Kallesoe, Usman A. Iftikhar, Meine van Noordwijk, Carina Bracer, Sara J. Scherr, K. V. Raju, Susan V Poats, Anantha Kumar Duraiappah, Benson O. Ochieng, Hein Mallee and Rachael Rumley

Empirical Accounting of Adaptation to Environmental Change: Organizational Competencies and Biodiversity in Finnish Forest Management   PDF Version

Eeva Primmer and Steven A Wolf

Linking Ecological and Perceptual Assessments for Environmental Management: a Coral Reef Case Study   PDF Version

Elizabeth A Dinsdale

Beyond Forest Cover: Land Use and Biodiversity in Rubber Trail Forests of the Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve   PDF Version

Jacqueline M. Vadjunec and Dianne Rocheleau

Common and Privatized: Conditions for Wise Management of Matsutake Mushrooms in Northwest Yunnan Province, China   PDF Version

Xuefei Yang, Andreas Wilkes, Yongping Yang, Jianchu Xu, Cheryl S Geslani, Xueqing Yang, Feng Gao, Jiankun Yang and Brian Robinson

Birds and the City: Urban Biodiversity, Land Use, and Socioeconomics   PDF Version

Michael W Strohbach, Dagmar Haase and Nadja Kabisch

Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity   PDF Version

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Social Infrastructure to Integrate Science and Practice: the Experience of the Long Tom Watershed Council   PDF Version

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Resilience to Surprises through Communicative Planning    PDF Version

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Culture Against Society—Again and Again   PDF Version

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Lumpy Information May Lead to Better Science   PDF Version

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Making Sure you Solve the Right Problem   PDF Version

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Evolution of Forest Systems: the Role of Biogeochemical Cycles in Determining Sustainable Forestry Practices   PDF Version

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Volume 14, No. 1 (2009)

Lumpy Information   PDF Version

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Reconnecting Social and Ecological Resilience in Salmon Ecosystems   PDF Version

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Resources Management in Transition   PDF Version

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Managing Surprises in Complex Systems: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Resilience   PDF Version

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The Fate of Coho Salmon Nomads: The Story of an Estuarine-Rearing Strategy Promoting Resilience   PDF Version

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Application of Structured Decision Making to an Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Options for Sustainable Forest Management    PDF Version

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Range of Variability in Southern Coastal Plain Forests: Its Historical, Contemporary, and Future Role in Sustaining Biodiversity   PDF Version

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Is There Potential for the Historical Range of Variability to Guide Conservation Given the Social Range of Variability?   PDF Version

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Supporting the Shift from State Water to Community Water: Lessons from a Social Learning Approach to Designing Joint Irrigation Projects in Morocco   PDF Version

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The Impact of Resource Scarcity on Bonding and Bridging Social Capital: the Case of Fishers’ Information-Sharing Networks in Loreto, BCS, Mexico   PDF Version

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Frogs Call at a Higher Pitch in Traffic Noise   PDF Version

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Road Zone Effects in Small-Mammal Communities    PDF Version

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Avian Influenza H5N1 and the Wild Bird Trade in Hanoi, Vietnam   PDF Version

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Impacts of Traffic Noise and Traffic Volume on Birds of Roadside Habitats   PDF Version

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Linking Resilience Theory and Diffusion of Innovations Theory to Understand the Potential for Perennials in the U.S. Corn Belt   PDF Version

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Selling Conservation? Scientific Legitimacy and the Commodification of Conservation Tourism   PDF Version

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Stable Forest Cover under Increasing Populations of Swidden Cultivators in Central Laos: the Roles of Intrinsic Culture and Extrinsic Wildlife Trade   PDF Version

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Linking Hunter Knowledge with Forest Change to Understand Changing Deer Harvest Opportunities in Intensively Logged Landscapes    PDF Version

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Increasing Social–Ecological Resilience by Placing Science at the Decision Table: the Role of the San Pedro Basin (Arizona) Decision-Support System Model   PDF Version

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Flavor or Forethought: Tuhoe Traditional Management Strategies for the Conservation of Kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae) in New Zealand   PDF Version

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Exploring Social Resilience in Madagascar’s Marine Protected Areas   PDF Version

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Integration of Regional Mitigation Assessment and Conservation Planning   PDF Version

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Natural Length Scales of Ecological Systems: Applications at Community and Ecosystem Levels   PDF Version

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Beyond Baselines: Rethinking Priorities for Ocean Conservation   PDF Version

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Panarchy: Discontinuities Reveal Similarities in the Dynamic System Structure of Ecological and Social Systems   PDF Version

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Naturalness and Place in River Rehabilitation   PDF Version

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The Role of Ecological Science in Environmental Policy Making: from a Pacification toward a Facilitation Strategy   PDF Version

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Integrating Ethno-Ecological and Scientific Knowledge of Termites for Sustainable Termite Management and Human Welfare in Africa   PDF Version

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Evolutionary History, Habitat Disturbance Regimes, and Anthropogenic Changes: What Do These Mean for Resilience of Pacific Salmon Populations?   PDF Version

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Resilient Salmon, Resilient Fisheries for British Columbia, Canada   PDF Version

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Coastal Lagoons and Climate Change: Ecological and Social Ramifications in U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ecosystems   PDF Version

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Resilience, Adaptability, and Transformability in the Goulburn-Broken Catchment, Australia   PDF Version

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Effects of Roads on Animal Abundance: an Empirical Review and Synthesis   PDF Version

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The People Paradox: Self-Esteem Striving, Immortality Ideologies, and Human Response to Climate Change   PDF Version

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Designing Landscapes for Performance Based on Emerging Principles in Landscape Ecology   PDF Version

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Freshwater Ecosystems and Resilience of Pacific Salmon: Habitat Management Based on Natural Variability   PDF Version

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Caution Against Using Intact Forest-Landscapes Data at Regional Scales   PDF Version

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Volume 13, No. 2 (2008)

A Different Future   PDF Version

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Globalization and Land-Use Transitions in Latin America   PDF Version

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Agricultural Abandonment, Suburban Growth, and Forest Expansion in Puerto Rico between 1991 and 2000   PDF Version

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Metropolitanization and Forest Recovery in Southern Brazil: a Multiscale Analysis of the Florianópolis City-Region, Santa Catarina State, 1970 to 2005   PDF Version

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Land-Use and Land Cover Dynamics in South American Temperate Grasslands   PDF Version

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Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration and Learning   PDF Version

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Institutions for Managing Resilient Salmon (Oncorhynchus Spp.) Ecosystems: the Role of Incentives and Transaction Costs   PDF Version

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The Dynamics of Social Capital in Influencing Use of Soil Management Options in the Chinyanja Triangle of Southern Africa   PDF Version

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Wildfire and Spatial Patterns in Forests in Northwestern Mexico: The United States Wishes It Had Similar Fire Problems   PDF Version

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Regional Variation in Non-Timber Forest Product Harvest Strategies, Trade, and Ecological Impacts: the Case of Black Dammar (Canarium strictum Roxb.) Use and Conservation in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India   PDF Version

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Integrating Data, Biology, and Decision Models for Invasive Species Management: Application to Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia esula)   PDF Version

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Risk Mapping of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Distribution and Spread   PDF Version

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Historical, Demographic, and Economic Correlates of Land-Use Change in the Republic of Panama   PDF Version

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Biological and Ecological Mechanisms Supporting Marine Self-Governance: the Seri Callo de Hacha Fishery in Mexico   PDF Version

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Managing Waters of the Paraíba do Sul River Basin, Brazil: a Case Study in Institutional Change and Social Learning   PDF Version

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Why Forests Are Important for Global Poverty Alleviation: a Spatial Explanation   PDF Version

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Modification of Land Cover in a Traditional Agroforestry System in Spain: Processes of Tree Expansion and Regression   PDF Version

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Wild Bird Movements and Avian Influenza Risk Mapping in Southern Africa   PDF Version

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Outcomes of State- vs. Community-Based Mangrove Management in Southern Thailand   PDF Version

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Toward a Relational Concept of Uncertainty: about Knowing Too Little, Knowing Too Differently, and Accepting Not to Know   PDF Version

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Adaptations of a Yucatec Maya Multiple-Use Ecological Management Strategy to Ecotourism   PDF Version

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Practices and Lessons Learned in Coping with Climatic Hazards at the River-Basin Scale: Floods and Droughts   PDF Version

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Hunting for Livelihood in Northeast Gabon: Patterns, Evolution, and Sustainability   PDF Version

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Integration of Local Ecological Knowledge and Conventional Science: a Study of Seven Community-Based Forestry Organizations in the USA   PDF Version

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Social Movements and Ecosystem Services—the Role of Social Network Structure in Protecting and Managing Urban Green Areas in Stockholm   PDF Version

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Will Wallace’s Line Save Australia from Avian Influenza?   PDF Version

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Making Investments in Dryland Development Work: Participatory Scenario Planning in the Makanya Catchment, Tanzania   PDF Version

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Exploring the Role of Private Wildlife Ranching as a Conservation Tool in South Africa: Stakeholder Perspectives   PDF Version

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What Constitutes Success in Pacific Island Community Conserved Areas?   PDF Version

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Green Light for Nocturnally Migrating Birds   PDF Version

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Rehabilitation of an Incised Stream Using Plant Materials: the Dominance of Geomorphic Processes   PDF Version

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State-Led Ecotourism Development and Nature Conservation: a Case Study of the Changbai Mountain Biosphere Reserve, China   PDF Version

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Tropical Deforestation, Community Forests, and Protected Areas in the Maya Forest   PDF Version

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From Invisibility to Transparency: Identifying the Implications    PDF Version

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Rethinking the Galapagos Islands as a Complex Social-Ecological System: Implications for Conservation and Management   PDF Version

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Public Health and Epidemiological Considerations For Avian Influenza Risk Mapping and Risk Assessment   PDF Version

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Competing Claims on Natural Resources: What Role for Science?   PDF Version

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Sustainable Forest Management in Cameroon Needs More than Approved Forest Management Plans   PDF Version

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Avian Information Systems: Developing Web-Based Bird Avoidance Models   PDF Version

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Adaptive Capacity and Traps   PDF Version

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Mechanisms to Improve Integrative Research at the Science-Policy Interface for Sustainable Catchment Management   PDF Version

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Rethinking Partnerships with the Aim of Producing Knowledge with Practical Relevance: a Case Study in the Field of Ecological Restoration   PDF Version

Héloïse Gonzalo-Turpin, Nathalie Couix and Laurent Hazard

Resilience in Lower Columbia River Salmon Communities   PDF Version

Irene E. Martin

Omora Ethnobotanical Park and the UNESCO Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve   PDF Version

Eugene C Hargrove, Mary T. K. Arroyo, Peter H Raven and Harold Mooney

What Is the Vulnerability of a Food System to Global Environmental Change?   PDF Version

Polly J Ericksen

Linking Flow Regime and Water Quality in Rivers: a Challenge to Adaptive Catchment Management   PDF Version

Christer Nilsson and Birgitta Malm Renöfält

Evaluation of a Participatory Resource Monitoring System for Nontimber Forest Products: the Case of Amla (Phyllanthus spp.) Fruit Harvest by Soligas in South India    PDF Version

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Sensitivity of the Colorado Plateau to Change: Climate, Ecosystems, and Society   PDF Version

Susan Schwinning, Jayne Belnap, David R Bowling and James R Ehleringer

From Premise to Practice: a Critical Assessment of Integrated Water Resources Management and Adaptive Management Approaches in the Water Sector   PDF Version

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Balancing Accuracy and Meaning in Common-Pool Resource Theory   PDF Version

Michael Cox

Epistemological Pluralism: Reorganizing Interdisciplinary Research   PDF Version

Thaddeus R Miller, Timothy D Baird, Caitlin M Littlefield, Gary Kofinas, F. Stuart Chapin III and Charles L Redman

The Influence of Philosophical Perspectives in Integrative Research: a Conservation Case Study in the Cairngorms National Park   PDF Version

Anna C. Evely, Ioan Fazey, Michelle Pinard and Xavier Lambin

Science Explicitly for Nonscientists   PDF Version

Caren B Cooper, Janis L Dickinson, Tina Phillips and Rick Bonney

Volume 13, No. 1 (2008)

THE BUZZ   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke

The Growing Importance of Social Learning in Water Resources Management and Sustainability Science   PDF Version

Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Erik Mostert and David Tàbara

Crossing Scales and Disciplines to Achieve Forest Sustainability   PDF Version

Michael J. Papaik, Brian Sturtevant and Christian Messier

Communication Management and Trust: Their Role in Building Resilience to “Surprises” Such As Natural Disasters, Pandemic Flu, and Terrorism   PDF Version

P. H. Longstaff and Sung-Un Yang

Fertility Island Formation and Evolution in Dryland Ecosystems   PDF Version

Luca Ridolfi, Francesco Laio and Paolo D’Odorico

Indigenous Knowledge and Values in Planning for Sustainable Forestry: Pikangikum First Nation and the Whitefeather Forest Initiative   PDF Version

R. Michael O'Flaherty, Iain J. Davidson-Hunt and Micheline Manseau

Spatial Misfit in Participatory River Basin Management: Effects on Social Learning, a Comparative Analysis of German and French Case Studies   PDF Version

Ilke Borowski, Jean-Pierre Le Bourhis, Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Bernhard Barraqué

Local People, Nature Conservation, and Tourism in Northeastern Finland   PDF Version

Anne Törn, Pirkko Siikamäki, Anne Tolvanen, Pekka Kauppila and Jussi Rämet

Disaster Preparation and Recovery: Lessons from Research on Resilience in Human Development   PDF Version

Ann S Masten and Jelena Obradović

Modeling the Effects of Land Use on the Quality of Water, Air, Noise, and Habitat for a Five-County Region in Georgia   PDF Version

Virginia H Dale, Farhan Akhtar, Matthrew Aldridge, Latha Baskaran, Michael Berry, Murray Browne, Michael Chang, Rebecca Efroymson, Charles Garten, Jr., Eric Lingerfelt and Catherine Stewart

Assessing the Resilience of a River Management Regime: Informal Learning in a Shadow Network in the Tisza River Basin   PDF Version

Jan Sendzimir, Piotr Magnuszewski, Zsuzsanna Flachner, Peter Balogh, Geza Molnar, Attila Sarvari and Zsuzsanna Nagy

When Donors Get Cold Feet: the Community Conservation Concession in Setulang (Kalimantan, Indonesia) that Never Happened   PDF Version

Sven Wunder, Bruce Campbell, Peter GH Frost, Jeffrey A Sayer, Ramses Iwan and Lini Wollenberg

Accurate Mental Maps as an Aspect of Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK): a Case Study from Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland   PDF Version

John McKenna, Rory J. Quinn, Daniel J. Donnelly and J. Andrew G. Cooper

Assessing Management Regimes in Transboundary River Basins: Do They Support Adaptive Management?   PDF Version

G.T. (Tom) Raadgever, Erik Mostert, Nicole Kranz, Eduard Interwies and Jos G. Timmerman

Modeling Land-Use Decision Behavior with Bayesian Belief Networks   PDF Version

Inge Aalders

Adaptive Harvesting in a Multiple-Species Coral-Reef Food Web   PDF Version

Daniel B Kramer

Urban Systems during Disasters: Factors for Resilience   PDF Version

Deborah Wallace and Rodrick Wallace

Exploring the Promise of Actor Analysis for Environmental Policy Analysis: Lessons from Four Cases in Water Resources Management   PDF Version

Leon M. Hermans

Detection and Assessment of Ecosystem Regime Shifts from Fisher Information   PDF Version

Arunprakash T Karunanithi, Heriberto Cabezas, B. Roy Frieden and Christopher W. Pawlowski

Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asian Timber Concessions: a Critical Evaluation of Policy Mechanisms and Guidelines   PDF Version

Rona A Dennis, Erik Meijaard, Robert Nasi and Lena Gustafsson

Source/Sink Patterns of Disturbance and Cross-Scale Mismatches in a Panarchy of Social-Ecological Landscapes   PDF Version

Nicola Zaccarelli, Irene Petrosillo, Giovanni Zurlini and Kurt Hans Riitters

A Real Options Approach to Forest-Management Decision Making to Protect Caribou under the Threat of Extinction   PDF Version

Don G. Morgan, S. Ben Abdallah and Pierre Lasserre

Developmental Disorders as Pathological Resilience Domains   PDF Version

Rodrick Wallace

Coca and Colonists: Quantifying and Explaining Forest Clearance under Coca and Anti-Narcotics Policy Regimes   PDF Version

Andrew V Bradley and Andrew C Millington

Moving Toward Spatial Solutions in Marine Conservation with Indigenous Communities   PDF Version

Natalie C Ban, Chris Picard and Amanda C.J. Vincent

Quantification of the Ecological Resilience of Drylands Using Digital Remote Sensing   PDF Version

Robert A. Washington-Allen, R. D. Ramsey, Neil E. West and Brien E. Norton

Grasshopper Population Ecology: Catastrophe, Criticality, and Critique   PDF Version

Dale R Lockwood and Jeffrey A Lockwood

A Peri-Urban Neotropical Forest Transition and its Consequences for Environmental Services   PDF Version

H Ricardo Grau, María Eugenia Hernández, Jorgelina Gutierrez, N. Ignacio Gasparri, M. Cristina Casavecchia, Emilio E. Flores-Ivaldi and Leonardo Paolini

Total Historical Land-Use Change in Eastern Bolivia: Who, Where, When, and How Much?   PDF Version

Timothy J Killeen, Anna Guerra, Miki Calzada, Lisette Correa, Veronica Calderon, Liliana Soria, Belem Quezada and Marc K Steininger

Policy Research Using Agent-Based Modeling to Assess Future Impacts of Urban Expansion into Farmlands and Forests   PDF Version

Michael R Guzy, Courtland L Smith, John P Bolte, David W Hulse and Stanley V Gregory

Transformation from “Carbon Valley” to a “Post-Carbon Society” in a Climate Change Hot Spot: the Coalfields of the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia   PDF Version

Geoffrey R. Evans

The Conservation Contributions of Conservation Easements: Analysis of the San Francisco Bay Area Protected Lands Spatial Database   PDF Version

Adena R Rissman and Adina M Merenlender

Dealing with Uncertainty in Flood Management Through Diversification   PDF Version

Jeroen C. J. H. Aerts, Wouter Botzen, Anne van der Veen, Joerg Krywkow and Saskia Werners

An Approach to Assess Relative Degradation in Dissimilar Forests: Toward a Comparative Assessment of Institutional Outcomes   PDF Version

Catherine M. Tucker, J. C. Randolph, Tom Evans, Krister P. Andersson, Lauren Persha and Glen M. Green

Discovering Resilient Pathways for South African Water Management: Two Frameworks for a Vision   PDF Version

Erin L Bohensky

The Roles and Movements of Actors in the Deforestation of Brazilian Amazonia   PDF Version

Philip M Fearnside

Instrumental Learning and Sustainability Indicators: Outputs from Co-Construction Experiments in West African Biosphere Reserves   PDF Version

Harold Levrel and Meriem Bouamrane

Regional Farm Diversity Can Reduce Vulnerability of Food Production to Climate Change   PDF Version

Pytrik Reidsma and Frank Ewert

Not All Roads Lead to Resilience: a Complex Systems Approach to the Comparative Analysis of Tortoises in Arid Ecosystems   PDF Version

Thomas E. J. Leuteritz and Hamid R. Ekbia

Resilient Social Relationships and Collaboration in the Management of Social–Ecological Systems   PDF Version

Abraham B. Nkhata, Charles M. Breen and Wayne A. Freimund

Accounting for the Ecological Dimension in Participatory Research and Development: Lessons Learned from Indonesia and Madagascar   PDF Version

Yves Laumonier, Robin Bourgeois and Jean-Laurent Pfund

Setting Biodiversity Targets in Participatory Regional Planning: Introducing Ecoprofiles   PDF Version

Paul Opdam, Rogier Pouwels, Sabine van Rooij, Eveliene Steingröver and Claire C Vos

Simulating Oil Palm Expansion Requires Credible Approaches that Address Real Issues   PDF Version

Richard G Dudley, Douglas Sheil and Carol Colfer

What Are Participatory Scoping Models?   PDF Version

Marieke Sandker, Bruce Campbell and Aritta Suwarno

Volume 12, No. 2 (2007)

Reflective Practice   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson, Carl Folke and Marco A Janssen

Conserving and Restoring Old Growth in Frequent-fire Forests: Cycles of Disruption and Recovery   PDF Version

Dave Egan

Domestic Forests: A New Paradigm for Integrating Local Communities’ Forestry into Tropical Forest Science    PDF Version

Geneviève Michon, Hubert de Foresta, Patrice Levang and Francois Verdeaux

The Principles of Conservation and Development: Do They Apply in Malinau?   PDF Version

A K Boedhihartono, Petrus Gunarso, Patrice Levang and Jeff Sayer

Mechanisms of Resilience in Common-pool Resource Management Systems: an Agent-based Model of Water Use in a River Basin   PDF Version

Maja Schlüter and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Social Learning and Water Resources Management   PDF Version

Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Marc Craps, Art Dewulf, Erik Mostert, David Tabara and Tharsi Taillieu

Charting the New Territory of Adaptive Co-management: A Delphi Study   PDF Version

Ryan Plummer and Derek R Armitage

Relating Biodiversity and Landscape Spatial Patterning to Land Ownership Regimes in Northeastern Mexico   PDF Version

Miguel Alfonso Ortega-Huerta and Karla Kae Kral

Poverty and Environmental Services: Case Study in Way Besai Watershed, Lampung Province, Indonesia   PDF Version

S. Suyanto, Noviana Khususiyah and Beria Leimona

A Framing Approach to Cross-disciplinary Research Collaboration: Experiences from a Large-scale Research Project on Adaptive Water Management   PDF Version

Art Dewulf, Greet François, Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Tharsi Taillieu

Cultural Factors as Co-Determinants of Participation in River Basin Management   PDF Version

Bert Enserink, Mita Patel, Nicole Kranz and Josefina Maestu

Using Backcast Land-Use Change and Groundwater Travel-Time Models to Generate Land-Use Legacy Maps for Watershed Management   PDF Version

Bryan Pijanowski, Deepak K Ray, Anthony D Kendall, Jonah M Duckles and David W Hyndman

Understanding the Consequences of Property Rights Mismatches: a Case Study of New Zealand’s Marine Resources   PDF Version

Tracy Yandle

Sustaining Biodiversity in the Oregon Coast Range: Potential effects of Forest Policies in a Multi-ownership Province   PDF Version

Brenda C McComb, Thomas A. Spies and Keith A. Olsen

Managing Change toward Adaptive Water Management through Social Learning   PDF Version

Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Jan Sendzimir, Paul Jeffrey, Jeroen Aerts, Ger Berkamp and Katharine Cross

Household Land Management and Biodiversity: Secondary Succession in a Forest-Agriculture Mosaic in Southern Mexico   PDF Version

Rinku Roy Chowdhury

Transfer of Knowledge on Agroforestry Management Practices: the Structure of Farmer Advice Networks   PDF Version

Marney E Isaac, Bonnie H Erickson, S. James Quashie-Sam and Vic R Timmer

Facing the Adaptive Management Challenge: Insights from Transition Management   PDF Version

Rutger van der Brugge and Roel van Raak

Will Forests Remain in the Face of Oil Palm Expansion? Simulating Change in Malinau, Indonesia   PDF Version

Marieke Sandker, Aritta Suwarno and Bruce M Campbell

A Toolkit Modeling Approach for Sustainable Forest Management Planning: Achieving Balance between Science and Local Needs   PDF Version

Brian R. Sturtevant, Andrew Fall, Daniel D. Kneeshaw, Neal P. P. Simon, Michael J. Papaik, Kati Berninger, Frédérik Doyon, Don G. Morgan and Christian Messier

Bridges and Barriers to Developing and Conducting Interdisciplinary Graduate-Student Team Research    PDF Version

Wayde Cameron Morse, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Jo Ellen Force and J. D. Wulfhorst

Citizen Science as a Tool for Conservation in Residential Ecosystems   PDF Version

Caren B Cooper, Janis Dickinson, Tina Phillips and Rick Bonney

Developing Adaptation and Adapting Development   PDF Version

Maria Carmen Lemos, Emily Boyd, Emma L Tompkins, Henny Osbahr and Diana Liverman

Innovation and Metastability: a Systems Model   PDF Version

Nick Winder

A Collaborative Research Process Studying Fruit Availability and Seed Dispersal within an Indigenous Community in the Middle Caqueta River Region, Colombian Amazon    PDF Version

Angela Parrado-Rosselli

Revolt and Remember: How the Shimshal Nature Trust Develops and Sustains Social-Ecological Resilience in Northern Pakistan   PDF Version

Mehjabeen Abidi-Habib and Anna Lawrence

Sustainability Learning in Natural Resource Use and Management   PDF Version

J. David Tàbara and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Linking Ecosystem Health Indicators and Collaborative Management: a Systematic Framework to Evaluate Ecological and Social Outcomes   PDF Version

Tischa A Muñoz-Erickson, Bernardo Aguilar-González and Thomas D. Sisk

An Update on the Scholarly Networks on Resilience, Vulnerability, and Adaptation within the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change   PDF Version

Marco A Janssen

Living among Frequent-fire Forests: Human History and Cultural Perspectives   PDF Version

Alexandra Murphy, Jesse Abrams, Terry Daniel and Victoria Yazzie

The Tribal Perspective of Old Growth in Frequent-fire Forests—Its History   PDF Version

Victoria Yazzie

Defining Old Growth for Fire-adapted Forests of the Western United States   PDF Version

Merrill R. Kaufmann, Daniel Binkley, Peter Z. Fulé, Marlin Johnson, Scott L. Stephens and Thomas W. Swetnam

The Role of Old-growth Forests in Frequent-fire Landscapes   PDF Version

Daniel Binkley, Tom Sisk, Carol Chambers, Judy Springer and William Block

Past, Present, and Future Old Growth in Frequent-fire Conifer Forests of the Western United States   PDF Version

Scott R. Abella, W. Wallace Covington, Peter Z. Fulé, Leigh B. Lentile, Andrew J. Sánchez Meador and Penelope Morgan

Old-growth Policy   PDF Version

Diane Vosick, David M Ostergren and Lucy Murfitt

Managing for Old Growth in Frequent-fire Landscapes   PDF Version

Carl E. Fiedler, Peter Friederici, Mark Petruncio, Charles Denton and W. David Hacker

Monitoring Old Growth in Frequent-fire Landscapes   PDF Version

Carl E. Fiedler, Peter Friederici and Mark Petruncio

The Six Faces of Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Challenges and Opportunities for Canadian Co-Management Arrangements   PDF Version

Nicolas Houde

The Evolutionary Basis of Rigidity: Locks in Cells, Minds, and Society   PDF Version

Marten Scheffer and Frances R Westley

Locust Control in Transition: The Loss and Reinvention of Collective Action in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan   PDF Version

Kazbek Toleubayev, Kees Jansen and Arnold van Huis

Plausible Stories or Tall Tales?   PDF Version

Donald Earl Harron

Using Citizens to Do Science Versus Citizens as Scientists   PDF Version

Shyamal Lakshminarayanan

Volume 12, No. 1 (2007)

Looking Forward, Looking Back   PDF Version

Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke

Restoring Riverine Landscapes: The Challenge of Identifying Priorities, Reference States, and Techniques   PDF Version

Christer Nilsson, Roland Jansson, Björn Malmqvist and Robert J Naiman

Powerless Spectators, Coping Actors, and Adaptive Co-managers: a Synthesis of the Role of Communities in Ecosystem Management   PDF Version

Christo Fabricius, Carl Folke, Georgina Cundill and Lisen Schultz

Linking Futures across Scales: a Dialog on Multiscale Scenarios   PDF Version

Reinette Biggs, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne, Carol Atkinson-Palombo, Erin Bohensky, Emily Boyd, Georgina Cundill, Helen Fox, Scott Ingram, Kasper Kok, Stephanie Spehar, Maria Tengö, Dagmar Timmer and Monika Zurek

Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Social Resilience within Commercial Fisheries in Northern Australia   PDF Version

Nadine A Marshall and Paul A Marshall

Facilitating Cooperation During Times Of Chaos: Spontaneous Orders And Muddling Through In Malinau District, Indonesia   PDF Version

Eva Wollenberg, Ramses Iwan, Godwin Limberg, Moira Moeliono, Steve Rhee and Made Sudana

A Review of Tools for Incorporating Community Knowledge, Preferences, and Values into Decision Making in Natural Resources Management   PDF Version

Timothy Lynam, Wil de Jong, Douglas Sheil, Trikurnianti Kusumanto and Kirsten Evans

The Dynamics of Social Capital and Conflict Management in Multiple Resource Regimes: A Case of the Southwestern Highlands of Uganda    PDF Version

Pascal C Sanginga, Rick N Kamugisha and Andrienne M Martin

Factors Contributing to the Cultural and Spatial Variability of Landscape Burning by Native Peoples of Interior Alaska   PDF Version

David C. Natcher, Monika Calef, Orville Huntington, Sarah Trainor, Henry P. Huntington, La’ona DeWilde, Scott Rupp and F. Stuart Chapin III

Expert and Generalist Local Knowledge about Land-cover Change on South Africa’s Wild Coast: Can Local Ecological Knowledge Add Value to Science?   PDF Version

Nigel Chalmers and Christo Fabricius

How to Set Up a Research Framework to Analyze Social–Ecological Interactive Processes in a Rural Landscape   PDF Version

Marc Deconchat, Annick Gibon, Alain Cabanettes, Gaétan du Bus de Warnaffe, Mark Hewison, Eric Garine, André Gavaland, Jean-Paul Lacombe, Sylvie Ladet, Claude Monteil, Annie Ouin, Jean-Pierre Sarthou, Anne Sourdril and Gérard Balent

City Life in the Midst of the Forest: a Punan Hunter-Gatherer’s Vision of Conservation and Development   PDF Version

Patrice Levang, Soaduon Sitorus and Edmond Dounias

Social Learning in European River-Basin Management: Barriers and Fostering Mechanisms from 10 River Basins   PDF Version

Erik Mostert, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Yvonne Rees, Brad Searle, David Tàbara and Joanne Tippett

Illuminating the Possibilities for Social Learning in the Management of Scotland’s Water   PDF Version

Ray Ison and Drennan Watson

Time Series of Landscape Fragmentation Caused by Transportation Infrastructure and Urban Development: a Case Study from Baden-Württemberg, Germany   PDF Version

Jochen A. G. Jaeger, Hans-Georg Schwarz-von Raumer, Heide Esswein, Manfred Müller and Manfred Schmidt-Lüttmann

The European Water Framework Directive: How Ecological Assumptions Frame Technical and Social Change   PDF Version

Patrick Steyaert and Guillaume Ollivier

Improving the Effectiveness of Interventions to Balance Conservation and Development: a Conceptual Framework    PDF Version

Stephen T Garnett, Jeffrey Sayer and Johan du Toit

The Implications of Global Priorities for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Associated with Protected Areas   PDF Version

Christopher R. Pyke

Methods for Developing Multiscale Participatory Scenarios: Insights from Southern Africa and Europe   PDF Version

Kasper Kok, Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs and Monika Zurek

The Rauischholzhausen Agenda for Road Ecology   PDF Version

Inga A. Roedenbeck, Lenore Fahrig, C. Scott Findlay, Jeff E Houlahan, Jochen A. G. Jaeger, Nina Klar, Stephanie Kramer-Schadt and Edgar A van der Grift

A Multisector Framework for Assessing Community-Based Forest Management: Lessons from Madagascar   PDF Version

Daniela B Raik and Daniel J Decker

Evaluating Discontinuities in Complex Systems: Toward Quantitative Measures of Resilience   PDF Version

Craig Stow, Craig R Allen and Ahjond S Garmestani

Enhancing the Fit through Adaptive Co-management: Creating and Maintaining Bridging Functions for Matching Scales in the Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve, Sweden   PDF Version

Per Olsson, Carl Folke, Victor Galaz, Thomas Hahn and Lisen Schultz

The Problem of Fit between Ecosystems and Institutions: Ten Years Later   PDF Version

Carl Folke, Lowell Pritchard, Jr., Fikret Berkes, Johan Colding and Uno Svedin

Tackling Biocomplexity with Meta-models for Species Risk Assessment   PDF Version

Philip J. Nyhus, Robert Lacy, Frances R Westley, Philip Miller, Harrie Vredenburg, Paul Paquet and John Pollak

The Most Resilient Show on Earth: The Circus as a Model for Viewing Identity, Change, and Chaos   PDF Version

Philip A Loring

Restoring Environmental Flows by Modifying Dam Operations   PDF Version

Brian D. Richter and Gregory A. Thomas

Revealing the Driving Forces of Mid-Cities Urban Growth Patterns Using Spatial Modeling: a Case Study of Los Ángeles, Chile   PDF Version

Mauricio I. Aguayo, Thorsten Wiegand, Gerardo D. Azócar, Kerstin Wiegand and Claudia E. Vega

Pausing at the Brink of Interdisciplinarity: Power and Knowledge at the Meeting of Social and Biophysical Science   PDF Version

Dena P MacMynowski

Focusing the Meaning(s) of Resilience: Resilience as a Descriptive Concept and a Boundary Object   PDF Version

Fridolin Simon Brand and Kurt Jax

Resilience, Panarchy, and World-Systems Analysis   PDF Version

Nicholas M. Gotts

A Cognition-based View of Decision Processes in Complex Social–Ecological Systems   PDF Version

Kathi K. Beratan

Comparing Expert-Based Science With Local Ecological Knowledge: What Are We Afraid Of?   PDF Version

Grant Gilchrist and Mark L Mallory

Choice of Index Determines the Relationship between Corruption and Environmental Sustainability   PDF Version

Robert M Ewers and Robert J Smith

Assumptive Error and Overestimation of Effects in Wildlife Model Output   PDF Version

Donald E. Harron

Scenarios are Plausible Stories about the Future, not Forecasts   PDF Version

Richard R. Schneider, Stan Boutin, J. Brad Stelfox and Shawn Wasel

Volume 11, No. 2 (2006)

Facing Global Change through Social-Ecological Research   PDF Version

Carl Folke and Lance Gunderson

Editorial: Special Feature on Scenarios for Ecosystem Services   PDF Version

Stephen R Carpenter, Elena M. Bennett and Garry D Peterson

Scale and Cross-Scale Dynamics: Governance and Information in a Multilevel World   PDF Version

David W. Cash, W. Neil Adger, Fikret Berkes, Po Garden, Louis Lebel, Per Olsson, Lowell Pritchard and Oran Young

Empirically Based, Agent-based models   PDF Version

Marco A Janssen and Elinor Ostrom

Response of Wolves to Corridor Restoration and Human Use Management   PDF Version

Brenda Shepherd and Jesse Whittington

Shorter Fallow Cycles Affect the Availability of Noncrop Plant Resources in a Shifting Cultivation System   PDF Version

Sarah Paule Dalle and Sylvie de Blois

Changing Use Patterns, Changing Feedback Links: Implications for Reorganization of Coastal Fisheries Management in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden   PDF Version

Maria Åqvist Almlöv and Monica Hammer

Integrating Traditional and Evolutionary Knowledge in Biodiversity Conservation: a Population Level Case Study   PDF Version

Dylan J Fraser, Thomas Coon, Michael R. Prince, Rene Dion and Louis Bernatchez

Interactions Among Spatial Scales Constrain Species Distributions in Fragmented Urban Landscapes   PDF Version

Will R Turner

What You Know is Who You Know? Communication Patterns Among Resource Users as a Prerequisite for Co-management   PDF Version

Beatrice Crona and Örjan Bodin

Variance as a Leading Indicator of Regime Shift in Ecosystem Services   PDF Version

William A Brock and Stephen R Carpenter

Characterizing Species at Risk I: Modeling Rare Species Under the Northwest Forest Plan   PDF Version

Bruce G Marcot

Synthesis of the Storylines   PDF Version

Steven J Cork, Garry D Peterson, Elena M Bennett, Gerhard Petschel-Held and Monika Zurek

Characterizing Species at Risk II: Using Bayesian Belief Networks as Decision Support Tools to Determine Species Conservation Categories Under the Northwest Forest Plan   PDF Version

Bruce G Marcot, Paul A Hohenlohe, Steve Morey, Russ Holmes, Randy Molina, Marianne C Turley, Mark H Huff and John A Laurence

Sustainability of Mangrove Harvesting: How do Harvesters’ Perceptions Differ from Ecological Analysis?   PDF Version

Laura López-Hoffman, Ian E. Monroe, Enrique Narváez, Miguel Martínez-Ramos and David D. Ackerly

Quantifying Expected Ecological Response to Natural Resource Legislation: a Case Study of Riparian Buffers, Aquatic Habitat, and Trout Populations   PDF Version

Krista L Jones, Geoffrey C Poole, Judy L Meyer, William Bumback and Elizabeth A Kramer

Scale Mismatches in Management of Urban Landscapes   PDF Version

Sara T Borgström, Thomas Elmqvist, Per Angelstam and Christine Alfsen-Norodom

Integrating Ecosystem Management, Protected Areas, and Mammal Conservation in the Brazilian Amazon   PDF Version

Claudia Azevedo-Ramos, Benedito Domingues do Amaral, Daniel C. Nepstad, Britaldo Soares Filho and Robert Nasi

Creating Agents and Landscapes for Multiagent Systems from Random Samples   PDF Version

Thomas Berger and Pepijn Schreinemachers

Balancing Development and Conservation? An Assessment of Livelihood and Environmental Outcomes of Nontimber Forest Product Trade in Asia, Africa, and Latin America   PDF Version

Koen Kusters, Ramadhani Achdiawan, Brian Belcher and Manuel Ruiz Pérez

Learning, Signaling, and Social Preferences in Public-Good Games   PDF Version

Marco A Janssen and T. K. Ahn

Resilience Lost: Intersecting Land Use and Landscape Dynamics in the Prehistoric Southwestern United States   PDF Version

Matthew A. Peeples, C. Michael Barton and Steven Schmich

Are Direct Payments for Environmental Services Spelling Doom for Sustainable Forest Management in the Tropics?    PDF Version

Sven Wunder

Use of a Bayesian Belief Network to Predict the Impacts of Commercializing Non-timber Forest Products on Livelihoods   PDF Version

Adrian C Newton, Elaine Marshall, Kathrin Schreckenberg, Duncan Golicher, Dirk W te Velde, Fabrice Edouard and Erik Arancibia

The Future of Vascular Plant Diversity Under Four Global Scenarios   PDF Version

Detlef P van Vuuren, Osvaldo E. Sala and Henrique M. Pereira

Environmental Flows: Striking the Balance between Development and Resource Protection   PDF Version

Jackie King and Cate Brown

Cultural or Ecological Sustainability? The Effect of Cultural Change on Sabal Palm Management Among the Lowland Maya of Mexico   PDF Version

Andrea Martínez-Ballesté, Carlos Martorell and Javier Caballero

Anthropogenic Drivers of Ecosystem Change: an Overview   PDF Version

Gerald C Nelson, Elena Bennett, Asmeret A Berhe, Kenneth Cassman, Ruth DeFries, Thomas Dietz, Achim Dobermann, Andrew Dobson, Anthony Janetos, Marc Levy, Diana Marco, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Brian O'Neill, Richard Norgaard, Gerhard Petschel-Held, Dennis Ojima, Prabhu Pingali, Robert Watson and Monika Zurek

Multiactor Modeling of Settling Decisions and Behavior in the San Mariano Watershed, the Philippines: a First Application with the MameLuke Framework   PDF Version

Marco G. A. Huigen, Koen P. Overmars and Wouter T. de Groot

Beyond Regulations in Fisheries Management: The Dilemmas of the “Beach Recorders” Bwana Dikos in Zanzibar, Tanzania   PDF Version

Maricela de la Torre-Castro

Companion Modeling, Conflict Resolution, and Institution Building: Sharing Irrigation Water in the Lingmuteychu Watershed, Bhutan   PDF Version

Tayan Raj Gurung, Francois Bousquet and Guy Trébuil

Dietary Changes over Time in a Caiçara Community from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest   PDF Version

Priscila L. MacCord and Alpina Begossi

Unpacking “Participation” in the Adaptive Management of Social–ecological Systems: a Critical Review   PDF Version

Lindsay C Stringer, Andrew J Dougill, Evan Fraser, Klaus Hubacek, Christina Prell and Mark S Reed

Viable Reserve Networks Arise From Individual Landholder Responses To Conservation Incentives    PDF Version

Kenneth M Chomitz, Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca, Keith Alger, David M Stoms, Miroslav Honzák, Elena Charlotte Landau, Timothy S. Thomas, W. Wayt Thomas and Frank Davis

Australian Pastoralists in Time and Space: The Evolution of a Complex Adaptive System   PDF Version

Ryan R J McAllister, Nick Abel, Chris J Stokes and Iain J Gordon

Process-Based Ecological River Restoration: Visualizing Three-Dimensional Connectivity and Dynamic Vectors to Recover Lost Linkages   PDF Version

G. Mathias Kondolf, Andrew J. Boulton, Scott O'Daniel, Geoffrey C Poole, Frank J. Rahel, Emily H. Stanley, Ellen Wohl, Asa Bång, Julia Carlstrom, Chiara Cristoni, Harald Huber, Saija Koljonen, Pauliina Louhi and Keigo Nakamura

Access and Resilience: Analyzing the Construction of Social Resilience to the Threat of Water Scarcity   PDF Version

Ruth Langridge, Juliet Christian-Smith and Kathleen A. Lohse

A Portfolio Approach to Analyzing Complex Human-Environment Interactions: Institutions and Land Change   PDF Version

Oran R. Young, Eric F. Lambin, Frank Alcock, Helmut Haberl, Sylvia I. Karlsson, William J. McConnell, Tun Myint, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Colin Polsky, P. S. Ramakrishnan, Heike Schroeder, Marie Scouvart and Peter H Verburg

River Restoration and Meanders   PDF Version

G. Mathias Kondolf

Science for the Poor: How One Woman Challenged Researchers, Ranchers, and Loggers in Amazonia    PDF Version

Patricia Shanley

From LTER to LTSER: Conceptualizing the Socioeconomic Dimension of Long-term Socioecological Research   PDF Version

Helmut Haberl, Verena Winiwarter, Krister Andersson, Robert U. Ayres, Christopher Boone, Alicia Castillo, Geoff Cunfer, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, William R. Freudenburg, Eeva Furman, Rüdiger Kaufmann, Fridolin Krausmann, Ernst Langthaler, Hermann Lotze-Campen, Michael Mirtl, Charles L. Redman, Anette Reenberg, Andrew Wardell, Benjamin Warr and Harald Zechmeister

Landscape-scale Approaches for Integrated Natural Resource Management in Tropical Forest Landscapes   PDF Version

Peter Frost, Bruce Campbell, Gabriel Medina and Leonard Usongo

Conservation Biology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Integrating Academic Disciplines for Better Conservation Practice   PDF Version

Joshua A Drew and Adam P Henne

Response to: "Electronic Field Guides and User Communities in the Eco-informatics Revolution"   PDF Version

John A Burton

Social Networks in Natural Resource Management: What Is There to Learn from a Structural Perspective?   PDF Version

Örjan Bodin, Beatrice Crona and Henrik Ernstson

Volume 11, No. 1 (2006)

Generating and Fostering Novelty   PDF Version

Lance H. Gunderson, Carl Folke and Marco Janssen

Exploring Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems Through Comparative Studies and Theory Development: Introduction to the Special Issue   PDF Version

Brian H Walker, John M Anderies, Ann P Kinzig and Paul Ryan

Sprawl and the Resilience of Humans and Nature: an Introduction to the Special Feature   PDF Version

Craig R. Allen

Modeling Distribution and Abundance of Antarctic Baleen Whales Using Ships of Opportunity   PDF Version

Rob Williams, Sharon L. Hedley and Philip S. Hammond

Urban Containment Policies and the Protection of Natural Areas: The Case of Seoul's Greenbelt   PDF Version

David N Bengston and Yeo-Chang Youn

Temporal Stability in Fishing Spots: Conservation and Co-Management in Brazilian Artisanal Coastal Fisheries   PDF Version

Alpina Begossi

Viability and Risk Assessment in Species Restoration: Planning Reintroductions for the Wild Boar, a Potential Disease Reservoir   PDF Version

Néstor Fernández, Stephanie Kramer-S