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Public Forum

Science, Policy, and Advocacy

June 25 - July 1, 1997

Welcome to the first Conservation Ecology Public Forum on Science, Policy, and Advocacy. The collection of Perspective, Commentaries, and Young Scholar Dialogue presented in the inaugural issue of Conservation Ecology is a stimulating exchange on the relationship between policy and science. A moderated discussion of the issues raised in these articles took place over the period of June 25th to July 1st, 1997.

The Public Forum was structured to capture the best aspects of an in-person conference without requiring that participants leave their offices. Like a conference, it took place over a defined interval. To addresss time zone conflicts, we designated three "days" for discussion: June 25-26, June 26-27, and June 30-July 1. The topics for discussion each day were:

Each topic area, or symposium, was facilitated by several "guest speakers" who were charged with raising issues within each topic, guiding the discussion to maintain focus, and highlighting new ideas or approaches. The moderator prepared a synthesis of each day's discussion. Please feel free to browse through the discussion and read the syntheses.

All are invited to read the results of the Public Forum as guests - simply click the link below.

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