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Wayfinder: a new generation of resilience practice

Elin Enfors-Kautsky, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
Linn Järnberg, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
Allyson Quinlan, Resilience Alliance
Paul Ryan, Australian Resilience Centre


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Here, we introduce Wayfinder, a novel conceptual framework and a process design for resilience practice. Framed by the Anthropocene argument, and with an explicit social-ecological system focus, the purpose of Wayfinder is to help users navigate toward trajectories of sustainable development. We present the theoretical perspectives that underpin the Wayfinder framework, which draw together and synthesize multiple strands of contemporary resilience thinking. We also describe how we operationalize this framework through an action-oriented process that is designed to facilitate transformative change on the ground. Wayfinder’s contribution to resilience theory and practice emerges from the combination of: (1) framing that enables users to address the complex sustainability challenges that we face today, (2) synthesis of recent key advances in resilience science into one comprehensive framework and process, (3) practical guidance that moves beyond an assessment of the current state of affairs and provides concrete advice for planning and action, and (4) emphasis on learning as a key mode of operation in the rapidly changing Anthropocene.

Key words

Anthropocene; complexity; participatory approach; resilience assessment; resilience practice; social-ecological systems

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