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Reframing the sustainable development goals to achieve sustainable development in the Anthropocene—a systems approach. 2018. Lim, M. M. L., P. Søgaard Jørgensen and C. A. Wyborn

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Additional journal article showing dynamics, linkages, and feedbacks between individual SDGs
James Mihelcic on Sep 24, 2019 09:30:08

Readers may also be interested in the following peer reviewed journal article published in 2016 that used a systems approach to demonstrate and understand the fundamental dynamics, linkages, and feedbacks between the individual SDGs. The casual relationships within the system were defined and it was then possible to align the overall system structure using generic archetypes in order to identify leverage points from which to effectively influence changes in the system.

Zhang, Q., Prouty, C., Zimmerman, J.B., Mihelcic, J.R. (2016).  “More than Target 6.3: A Systems Approach to Rethinking Sustainable Development Goals in a Resource-Scarce World,” Engineering, 2(4):481-489.


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