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Empowering Local People through Community-based Resource Monitoring: a Comparison of Brazil and Namibia. 2012. Constantino, P. de Araujo Lima, H. Santiago Alberto Carlos, E. Esterci Ramalho, L. Rostant, C. Marinelli, D. Teles, S. Fonseca Fonseca-Junior, R. Batista Fernandes and J. Valsecchi

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"Review On Article"
Carla Medina on Oct 26, 2013 16:30:29

Hi I'm  Mrs. Medina, I read the Article on empowering people thought community base resources and I feel that when people work together walls can be broken down and great things can be accomplished. If the the world would start focusing more on combining there resources with other countries we probably could solve allots of problems that we are   facing in society today. We have so must disconnect among us that more situations are being brought about, even though we have  the key which is love; Never the less, it not being recognize world wide. "God can fix all thing if we just follow his will that has been laid out from the begining of time.

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