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Game-Changers and Transformative Social Innovation
Guest Editorial
Game-changers and transformative social innovation
Flor Avelino, Julia M. Wittmayer, René Kemp, and Alex Haxeltine
Climate adaptation, transitions, and socially innovative action-research approaches
Inês S Campos, Filipe M Alves, João Dinis, Monica Truninger, André Vizinho, and Gil Penha-Lopes
Innovating at the margins: the System of Rice Intensification in India and transformative social innovation
Shambu C Prasad
The economic crisis as a game changer? Exploring the role of social construction in sustainability transitions
Derk Loorbach, Flor Avelino, Alex Haxeltine, Julia M. Wittmayer, Tim O'Riordan, Paul Weaver, and René Kemp
Coproduced game-changing in transformative social innovation: reconnecting the “broken city” of Rio de Janeiro
Carla Cipolla, Rita Afonso, Bonno Pel, Roberto Bartholo, Édison Renato Silva, and Domício Proença Júnior
Africa’s game changers and the catalysts of social and system innovation
Mark Swilling
How game changers catalyzed, disrupted, and incentivized social innovation: three historical cases of nature conservation, assimilation, and women’s rights
Frances R. Westley, Katharine A. McGowan, Nino Antadze, Jaclyn Blacklock, and Ola Tjornbo
The concept of the Anthropocene as a game-changer: a new context for social innovation and transformations to sustainability
Per Olsson, Michele-Lee Moore, Frances R. Westley, and Daniel D. P. McCarthy
Potentialities and constraints in the relation between social innovation and public policies: some lessons from South America
Ariel Gordon, Lucas D. Becerra, and Mariano Fressoli
Emergent transformation games: exploring social innovation agency and activation through the case of the Belgian electricity blackout threat
Bonno Pel, Grégoire Wallenborn, and Tom Bauler
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