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Alaska's Salmon and People: Synthesizing Knowledge and Dimensions
Guest Editorial
State of Alaska's salmon and people: introduction to a special feature
Peter A. H. Westley, Jessica C Black, Courtney Carothers, and Danielle Ringer
A bitter taste of fish: the temporality of salmon, settler colonialism, and the work of well-being in a Yupiaq fishing village
William Voinot-Baron
Assessing the sustainability and equity of Alaska salmon fisheries through a well-being framework
Rachel Donkersloot, Jessica C. Black, Courtney Carothers, Danielle Ringer, Wilson Justin, Patricia M. Clay, Melissa R. Poe, Erika R. Gavenus, William Voinot-Baron, Carrie Stevens, Mike Williams, Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, Freddie Christiansen, Sara Jo Breslow, Stephen J. Langdon, Jesse M. Coleman, and S. Jeanette Clark
Linking landscape attributes to salmon and decision-making in the southern Kenai Lowlands, Alaska, USA
Coowe M. Walker, Dennis F Whigham, I. Syverine Bentz, Jacob M Argueta, Ryan S King, Mark C. Rains, Charles A Simenstad, Chris Guo, Steven J. Baird, and Conrad J Field
Indigenous peoples and salmon stewardship: a critical relationship
Courtney Carothers, Jessica Black, Stephen J Langdon, Rachel Donkersloot, Danielle Ringer, Jesse Coleman, Erika R Gavenus, Wilson Justin, Mike Williams, Freddie Christiansen, Jonathan Samuelson, Carrie Stevens, Brooke Woods, S. Jeanette Clark, Patricia M. Clay, Liza Mack, Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, Andrea Akall'eq Sanders, Benjamin L. Stevens, and Alex Whiting
Opportunities and impediments for use of local data in the management of salmon fisheries
Sarah C. Inman, Janessa Esquible, Michael L. Jones, William R. Bechtol, and Brendan Connors
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087