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High Nature Value Farming Systems in Europe
Management of high nature value farmland in the Republic of Ireland: 25 years evolving toward locally adapted results-orientated solutions and payments
James Moran, Dolores Byrne, Julien Carlier, Brendan Dunford, John A. Finn, Daire Ó hUallacháin, and Caroline A. Sullivan
Dehesas as high nature value farming systems: a social-ecological synthesis of drivers, pressures, state, impacts, and responses
Tobias Plieninger, Lukas Flinzberger, Maria Hetman, Imke Horstmannshoff, Marilena Reinhard-Kolempas, Emmeline Topp, Gerardo Moreno, and Lynn Huntsinger
Measures against the abandonment of common property summer pastures: experimental evidence from joint appropriation–provision games
Ivo Baur and Heinrich H. Nax
Semi-natural habitats in boreal Europe: a rise of a social-ecological research agenda
Irina Herzon, Kaisa J. Raatikainen, Sølvi Wehn, Solvita Rūsiņa, Aveliina Helm, Sara A. O. Cousins, and Valerijus Rašomavičius
Assessing the potential delivery of ecosystem services by farmlands under contrasting management intensities
Ana Buchadas, Francisco Moreira, Davy McCracken, José Lima Santos, and Angela Lomba
Result-based payments as a tool to preserve the High Nature Value of complex silvo-pastoral systems: progress toward farm-based indicators
Teresa Pinto-Correia, Isabel Ferraz-de-Oliveira, Maria Helena Guimarães, Elvira Sales-Baptista, Carla Pinto-Cruz, Carlos Godinho, and Ricardo Vieira Santos
Limited effectiveness of EU policies to conserve an endangered species in high nature value farmland in Romania
Jacqueline Loos, Juliane Gallersdörfer, Tibor Hartel, Matthias Dolek, and Laura Sutcliffe
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087