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High Nature Value Farming Systems in Europe
Management of high nature value farmland in the Republic of Ireland: 25 years evolving toward locally adapted results-orientated solutions and payments
James Moran, Dolores Byrne, Julien Carlier, Brendan Dunford, John A. Finn, Daire Ó hUallacháin, and Caroline A. Sullivan
Measures against the abandonment of common property summer pastures: experimental evidence from joint appropriation–provision games
Ivo Baur and Heinrich H. Nax
Semi-natural habitats in boreal Europe: a rise of a social-ecological research agenda
Irina Herzon, Kaisa J. Raatikainen, Sølvi Wehn, Solvita Rūsiņa, Aveliina Helm, Sara A. O. Cousins, and Valerijus Rašomavičius
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087