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Empirically Based, Agent-based Modeling
Guest Editorial
Empirically Based, Agent-based models
Marco A Janssen and Elinor Ostrom
Effects of Heterogeneity in Residential Preferences on an Agent-Based Model of Urban Sprawl
Daniel G. Brown and Derek T. Robinson
Agent-based Analysis of Agricultural Policies: an Illustration of the Agricultural Policy Simulator AgriPoliS, its Adaptation and Behavior
Kathrin Happe, Konrad Kellermann, and Alfons Balmann
Creating Agents and Landscapes for Multiagent Systems from Random Samples
Thomas Berger and Pepijn Schreinemachers
Learning, Signaling, and Social Preferences in Public-Good Games
Marco A Janssen and T. K. Ahn
Multiactor Modeling of Settling Decisions and Behavior in the San Mariano Watershed, the Philippines: a First Application with the MameLuke Framework
Marco G. A. Huigen, Koen P. Overmars, and Wouter T. de Groot
Companion Modeling, Conflict Resolution, and Institution Building: Sharing Irrigation Water in the Lingmuteychu Watershed, Bhutan
Tayan Raj Gurung, Francois Bousquet, and Guy Trébuil
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