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The Privilege to Fish
Changing U.S. Ocean Policy Can Set a New Direction for Marine Resource Management
Andrew A. Rosenberg
Salmon, Science, and Reciprocity on the Northwest Coast
D. Bruce Johnsen
Public Fisheries
Josh Eagle and Amanda Kuker
Haida Marine Planning: First Nations as a Partner in Marine Conservation
Russ Jones, Catherine Rigg, and Lynn Lee
Who is Right to Fish? Evolving a Social Contract for Ethical Fisheries
Mimi E. Lam and Daniel Pauly
Fishful Thinking: Rhetoric, Reality, and the Sea Before Us
Tony J. Pitcher and Mimi E Lam
Of Fish and Fishermen: Shifting Societal Baselines to Reduce Environmental Harm in Fisheries
Mimi E Lam
A Cautionary Note on Individual Transferable Quotas
U. Rashid Sumaila
Guest Editorial
The Privilege to Fish
Mimi E. Lam and Meaghan E. Calcari Campbell
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087