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Understanding Adaptive Capacity in Forest Governance
Guest Editorial
Understanding Adaptive Capacity in Forest Governance: Editorial
E. Carina H. Keskitalo
Local Consequences of Applying International Norms: Differences in the Application of Forest Certification in Northern Sweden, Northern Finland, and Northwest Russia
E. Carina H. Keskitalo, Camilla Sandström, Maria Tysiachniouk, and Johanna Johansson
National Parks and Protected Areas and the Role for Employment in Tourism and Forest Sectors: a Swedish Case
Linda J. T. Lundmark, Peter Fredman, and Klas Sandell
Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Russian and Swedish Model Forest Initiatives: Adaptive Governance Toward Sustainable Forest Management?
Marine Elbakidze, Per K Angelstam, Camilla Sandström, and Robert Axelsson
Interlocking panarchies in multi-use boreal forests in Sweden
Jon Moen and E. Carina H. Keskitalo
Factors Influencing Adaptive Capacity in the Reorganization of Forest Management in Alaska
Colin Beier
Small Sawmills Persevere While the Majors Close: Evaluating Resilience and Desirable Timber Allocation in British Columbia, Canada
Evelyn W Pinkerton and Jordan Benner
The Neglect of Governance in Forest Sector Vulnerability Assessments: Structural-Functionalism and “Black Box” Problems in Climate Change Adaptation Planning
Adam M. Wellstead, Michael Howlett, and Jeremy Rayner
Comparing Sustainable Forest Management Certifications Standards: A Meta-analysis
Michael Rawson Clark and Joelyn Sarrah Kozar
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