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Social Network Analysis in Natural Resource Governance
Guest Editorial
The Right Connections: How do Social Networks Lubricate the Machinery of Natural Resource Governance?
Beatrice Crona and Klaus Hubacek
Adaptive Co-management Networks: a Comparative Analysis of Two Fishery Conservation Areas in Sweden
Annica Sandström and Carl Rova
Competing Structure, Competing Views: The Role of Formal and Informal Social Structures in Shaping Stakeholder Perceptions
Christina Prell, Mark Reed, Liat Racin, and Klaus Hubacek
Can Properties of Labor-Exchange Networks Explain the Resilience of Swidden Agriculture?
Sean S. Downey
Scale-Crossing Brokers and Network Governance of Urban Ecosystem Services: The Case of Stockholm
Henrik Ernstson, Stephan Barthel, Erik Andersson, and Sara T Borgström
Power Asymmetries in Small-Scale Fisheries: a Barrier to Governance Transformability?
Beatrice Crona and Örjan Bodin
Synapses in the Network: Learning in Governance Networks in the Context of Environmental Management
Jens Newig, Dirk Günther, and Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Strengthening Regional Cohesion: Collaborative Networks and Sustainable Development in Swiss Rural Areas
Christian Hirschi
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