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Realizing Water Transitions: The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Water Policy Change
Guest Editorial
Realizing water transitions: the role of policy entrepreneurs in water policy change
Dave Huitema and Sander Meijerink
Water Management in Spain: the Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Shaping Change
Nuria Font and Joan Subirats
Water Governance in Mexico: Political and Economic Aperatures and a Shifting State-Citizen Relationship
Margaret Wilder
Implementing Integrated River Basin Management in China
Dorri G. J. te Boekhorst, Toine J. M. Smits, Xiubo Yu, Lifeng Li, Gang Lei, and Chen Zhang
Individuals Matter: Exploring Strategies of Individuals to Change the Water Policy for the Tisza River in Hungary
Saskia E. Werners, Piotr Matczak, and Zsuzsanna Flachner
Policy Entrepreneurs and Change Strategies: Lessons from Sixteen Case Studies of Water Transitions around the Globe
Sander Meijerink and Dave Huitema
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087