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Scale and Governance
Guest Editorial
Scale and Governance: Conceptual Considerations and Practical Implications
Kasper Kok and Tom (A.) Veldkamp
From Scaling to Governance of the Land System: Bridging Ecological and Economic Perspectives
Tom Veldkamp, Nico Polman, Stijn Reinhard, and Maja Slingerland
Disentangling Scale Approaches in Governance Research: Comparing Monocentric, Multilevel, and Adaptive Governance
Catrien J.A.M. Termeer, Art Dewulf, and Maartje van Lieshout
Effect of Policy Interventions on Food Security in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
Anne van der Veen and Tagel Gebrehiwot
Governance, Scale and the Environment: The Importance of Recognizing Knowledge Claims in Transdisciplinary Arenas
Marleen Buizer, Bas Arts, and Kasper Kok
Economic Governance to Expand Commercial Wetlands: Within- and Cross-Scale Challenges
Arianne T. de Blaeij, Nico Polman, and Stijn Reinhard
Databases, Scaling Practices, and the Globalization of Biodiversity
Esther Turnhout and Susan Boonman-Berson
Do Scale Frames Matter? Scale Frame Mismatches in the Decision Making Process of a “Mega Farm” in a Small Dutch Village
Maartje van Lieshout, Art Dewulf, Noelle Aarts, and Catrien Termeer
The Role of Governance in Agricultural Expansion and Intensification: a Global Study of Arable Agriculture
Menno Mandemaker, Martha Bakker, and Jetse Stoorvogel
Panarchy Rules: Rethinking Resilience of Agroecosystems, Evidence from Dutch Dairy-Farming
Dirk F. van Apeldoorn, Kasper Kok, Marthijn P.W. Sonneveld, and Tom (A.) Veldkamp
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