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Heterogeneity and Resilience of Human-<i>Rangifer</i> Systems: A CircumArctic Synthesis
Seasonal Climate Variation and Caribou Availability: Modeling Sequential Movement Using Satellite-Relocation Data
Craig Nicolson, Matthew Berman, Colin Thor West, Gary P. Kofinas, Brad Griffith, Don Russell, and Darcy Dugan
Cultural Resilience of Social-ecological Systems in the Nenets and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs, Russia: A Focus on Reindeer Nomads of the Tundra
Bruce C. Forbes
Modeling Regional Dynamics of Human–Rangifer Systems: a Framework for Comparative Analysis
Matthew Berman
“Letting the leaders pass”: barriers to using traditional ecological knowledge in comanagement as the basis of formal hunting regulations
Elisabeth Padilla and Gary P. Kofinas
Voices of the Caribou People: a participatory videography method to document and share local knowledge from the North American human-Rangifer systems
Archana Bali and Gary P. Kofinas
Indigenous social and economic adaptations in northern Alaska as measures of resilience
Stephanie Martin
Insights into integrating cumulative effects and collaborative co-management for migratory tundra caribou herds in the Northwest Territories, Canada
Anne Gunn, Don Russell, and Lorne Greig
The role of harvest, predators, and socio-political environment in the dynamics of the Taimyr wild reindeer herd with some lessons for North America
Leonid Kolpasсhikov, Vladimir Makhailov, and Don E. Russell
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