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The Energy-Water Nexus
Guest Editorial
The Energy–Water Nexus: Managing the Links between Energy and Water for a Sustainable Future
Karen Hussey and Jamie Pittock
Underground Thermal Energy Storage: Environmental Risks and Policy Developments in the Netherlands and European Union
Matthijs Bonte, Pieter J. Stuyfzand, Adriana Hulsmann, and Patrick Van Beelen
Energy and Water Use Related to the Cultivation of Energy Crops: a Case Study in the Tuscany Region
Anna Dalla Marta, Francesca Natali, Marco Mancini, Roberto Ferrise, Marco Bindi, and Simone Orlandini
Exploiting Soil-Management Strategies for Climate Mitigation in the European Union: Maximizing “Win–Win” Solutions across Policy Regimes
Christian Bugge Henriksen, Karen Hussey, and Peter E. Holm
The Energy-Water Nexus in Texas
Ashlynn S. Stillwell, Carey W. King, Michael E. Webber, Ian J. Duncan, and Amy Hardberger
National Climate Change Policies and Sustainable Water Management: Conflicts and Synergies
Jamie Pittock
Enhancing the Resilience of the Australian National Electricity Market: Taking a Systems Approach in Policy Development
Barry Newell, Debborah M Marsh, and Deepak Sharma
The Penobscot River, Maine, USA: a Basin-Scale Approach to Balancing Power Generation and Ecosystem Restoration
Jeffrey J Opperman, Joshua Royte, John Banks, Laura Rose Day, and Colin Apse
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