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Public policies and management of rural forests:  lasting alliance or fool’s dialogue?
Are Local People Conservationists? Analysis of Transition Dynamics from Agroforests to Monoculture Plantations in Indonesia
Laurène Feintrenie, Stefan Schwarze, and Patrice Levang
Revisiting the Resilience of Chestnut Forests in Corsica: from Social-Ecological Systems Theory to Political Ecology
Genevieve Michon
Local Community Attitudes toward Forests Outside Protected Areas in India. Impact of Legal Awareness, Trust, and Participation.
Biljana Macura, Francisco Zorondo-Rodríguez, Mar Grau-Satorras, Kathryn Demps, Marie Laval, Claude A. Garcia, and Victoria Reyes-García
Patrimony for Resilience: Evidence from the Forest Agdal in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains
Laurent Auclair, Patrick Baudot, Didier Genin, Bruno Romagny, and Romain Simenel
Logging Concessions and Local Livelihoods in Cameroon: from Indifference to Alliance?
Guillaume Lescuyer, Samuel Assembe Mvondo, Julienne Nadège Essoungou, Vincent Toison, Jean-François Trébuchon, and Nicolas Fauvet
How to Maintain Domesticity of Usages in Small Rural Forests? Lessons from Forest Management Continuity through a French Case Study
Anne Sourdril, Emilie Andrieu, Alain Cabanettes, Bernard Elyakime, and Sylvie Ladet
Resilience of Sweet Chestnut and Truffle Holm-Oak Rural Forests in Languedoc-Roussillon, France: Roles of Social-Ecological Legacies, Domestication, and Innovations
Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Clara Therville, Cedric Lemarchand, Alban Lauriac, and Franck Richard
Social-ecological Functions and Vulnerability Framework to Analyze Forest Policy Reforms
Fanny Rives, Martine Antona, and Sigrid Aubert
Forests as Patrimonies? From Theory to Tangible Processes at Various Scales
Genevieve Michon, Bruno Romagny, Laurent Auclair, and Marc Deconchat
The Multiple Dimensions of Rural Forests: Lessons from a Comparative Analysis
Didier Genin, Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Gérard Balent, and Robert Nasi
Guest Editorial
Public Policies and Management of Rural Forests: Lasting Alliance or Fool's Dialogue?
Genevieve Michon, Robert Nasi, and Gérard Balent
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