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Artwork by Alex Rodin,
Nudging Evolution? Critical Exploration of the Potential and Limitations of the Concept of Institutional Fit for the Study and Adaptive Management of Social-Ecological Systems
Guest Editorial
Nudging Evolution?
Katharine N. Farrell and Andreas Thiel
Environmental Governance as Stochastic Belief Updating: Crafting Rules to Live by
Daniel W. Bromley
Spatial Fit, from Panacea to Practice: Implementing the EU Water Framework Directive
Timothy Moss
Fit, Interplay, and Scale: A Diagnosis
Arild Vatn and Paul Vedeld
Diagnosing Institutional Fit: a Formal Perspective
Michael Cox
Institutional Fit and River Basin Governance: a New Approach Using Multiple Composite Measures
Louis Lebel, Elena Nikitina, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, and Christian Knieper
Institutional Misfits: Law and Habits in Finnish Wolf Policy
Juha Hiedanpää
How fit turns into misfit and back: Institutional Transformations of Pastoral Commons in African Floodplains
Tobias Haller, Gilbert Fokou, Gimbage Mbeyale, and Patrick Meroka
The Patronage of Thirst: Exploring Institutional Fit on a Divided Cyprus
Dimitrios Zikos and Matteo Roggero
Going Transboundary? An Institutional Analysis of Transboundary Protected Area Management Challenges at Mt Elgon, East Africa.
Jn Geir Petursson, Paul Vedeld, and Arild Vatn
Applying the Concept of Fit to Water Governance Reforms in South Africa
Elke Herrfahrdt-Phle
Fit in the Body: Matching Embodied Cognition with Social-Ecological Systems
Janne I Hukkinen
Public Participation and Institutional Fit: A Social–Psychological Perspective
Daniel A. DeCaro and Michael K. Stokes
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