Table 2. A Principal Components Analysis matrix of the responses of fishers to policy change. The first Principal Component (PC 1) represents statements related to the perception of risk associated with absorbing and adapting to change; these statements made reference to the ability to secure work elsewhere if the need arose, as well as the ability to cope with small changes within the industry. The second component consisted of statements related to the ability to plan, learn, and reorganize. The third component consisted of statements related to the ability to cope with change or the rate at which thresholds of coping are reached. The fourth and final component consisted of a single statement reflecting the ability and interest of fishers to adapt to change by reinventing themselves. Factor loading scores of less than 0.45 are not displayed.

Survey items PC 1
PC 2
PC 3
PC 4
I have many options available if I decide to no longer be a fisher. 0.808
I am confident that I could get work elsewhere if I needed to. 0.787
I am too young to retire and too old to find work elsewhere. 0.625
I would be nervous trying something else. 0.603
I can cope with small changes in industry. -0.462
I have planned for my financial security. 0.858
Every time there is a change I plan a way to make it work for me. 0.746
I am more likely to adapt to change compared to other fishers. 0.628
I do not think I am competitive enough to survive much longer. 0.682
I am confident things will turn out well for me. 0.637
If there are any more changes I will not survive much longer. 0.547
I am interested in learning new skills outside of the industry. 0.936

The data for negatively worded statements were reversed prior to analysis.