Fig. 1. Panarchy of nested jurisdictional levels defined as clearly bounded and organized jurisdictional units in Apulia, an administrative region of 1,936,000 ha in south Italy. Three main jurisdictional levels can be identified (region, province, county): one unit for the region, five units for the province level, and 258 units for the county level. The entire region or each sub-unit in the panarchy can be described in terms of their unique social-ecological landscapes (SEL) based on land-use composition. Six broad land-use/land-cover classes (top) and a simplified example of Corine land-cover map for one county (down) are presented. The original Corine land-cover map (1:100.000) updated at 1999 has a global accuracy of 88.1% and a Cohen's K coefficient of 0.84 (APAT 2005). Our use of broader land-use/land-cover categories improves upon that classification accuracy.