Fig. 2. Pattern state space [Pd, Pdd] defined by composition (Pd) and configuration (Pdd) and disturbance trajectories at multiple scales (10 window sizes) for eight clusters (C1-C8) representing disturbance patterns in Apulia in the period 1997–2001. On top, the two figures correspond to an overall Pd = 0.10, i.e., disturbance of 10% (left), and Pd = 0.20, i.e., disturbance of 20% (right) respectively, with Pdd in both cases about 0.41. The percentage of pixels belonging to each cluster is given in the legend. All trajectories converge from the finest to the coarsest scale, i.e., from smallest to largest window size, on a regional point called convergence point (CP). Below, the single trajectories of Pd and Pdd vs. scale (10 window sizes) are shown (see text; adapted from Zurlini et al. 2006, 2007).