Table 5. Wildlife sale prices in the vicinity of Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, 1997–2005. Adapted from Robichaud and Stuart (1999); 2003–2005 data from Robichaud (2003, 2005)

Species Prices in U.S.$ equivalent
1998 2003–2005
Big-headed turtle, Platysternon megacephalum $12.00/kg $15.00/kg
Indochinese box turtle,
Cuora galbinfrons
$4.00/kg $3.00/kg
Soft-shelled turtle, Amyda/Pelochelys $6.00/kg $7.00-10.00/kg
Tokay gecko, Gecko gecko $0.80 each
Monitor lizards, Varanus spp. $4.00/kg
Pythons, Python spp. $0.80/kg
(King?) cobra, Naja sp/Ophiophagus hannah $20.00/kg
Pangolins, Manis spp. $18.00/kg $20.00/kg
Macaques, Macaca spp. bones: $0.80/kg
infants: $6.00/each
Douc Langur, Pygathrix nemaeus bones: $0.80/kg
infants: $24.00/each
Gibbons, Nomascus spp. bones: $0.80/ kg
infants: $40.00/each
Bears, Ursus spp. gallbladder: $3000.00/kg
Otters, Lutra/Aonyx spp. $40.00/pelt $100.00/pelt
Antlers of Sambar,
Rusa unicolor
$24.00/set $50.00–300.00/set