Table 1. Comparison of Haida and scientific principles for ecosystem-based management

Haida Principle Parallel Scientific Principle Possible Applications
Respect Precautionary
Account for well-being of all species.
Prevent wasteful fisheries practices (e.g., bycatch).
Balance Sustainable use over
the long term
Ensure sustainable fisheries.
Consider ecological and socioeconomic information.
(everything depends
on everything else)
Link to land-use planning decisions.
Consider compatibility of marine activities and cumulative impacts of developments.
Giving and receiving
Equitable sharing Appreciate the inherent value of all living things in planning.
Develop fair and equitable approaches to sharing limited resources.
Seeking wise counsel Adaptive management
Best information
Use traditional knowledge.
Improve understanding through research, education, and monitoring.
Responsibility Inclusive and participatory Respect for Haida title and rights.
Ensure sufficient enforcement capacity.