Table 1. The model network ITE²M with its indicators, spatial reference units, and model output considered in this study. All models, with the exception of SWAT (Arnold et al. 1998), were developed in the research groups contributing to this study.

Acronym Name Selected publications Indicators considered in this study Spatial reference unit Model output
ATOMIS Assessment Tool for Metals in Soils Breuer et al. 2007, Reiher 2008 Cu, Zn, and Cd input loads and topsoil concentrations 20 × 20 m Means per ha
SWAT Soil and Water Assessment Tool Fohrer et al. 2005, Breuer et al. 2007 Nitrate-N loads, discharge, evapotranspiration 100 × 100 m Means per ha and year
ProF Prognosis of Floristics Waldhardt et al. 2004, Sheridan and Waldhardt 2006 Plant species richness, richness in insect-pollinated species, and low-nutrient indicators 500 × 500 m Means per 25 ha
GEPARD Geographically Explicit Prediction of Animal Richness Distributions Gottschalk et al. 2007, 2009, 2010 Breeding populations of nine indicator bird species 10 × 10 m Means per 100 m²
ProLand Prognosis of Land Use Möller 1998, Möller et al. 2002, Weinmann 2002, Weinmann et al. 2006, Sheridan and Waldhardt 2006, Sheridan et al. 2007 Land rent, transfer payments, recommendation on N-fertilization Land parcel Means per ha and year
CHOICE Choice Valuation of Non-Commodities Schmitz et al. 2003, Borresch et al. 2005, Schmitz 2008 Willingness to pay for landscape scenery Landscape Willingness to pay per household and year