Q1: Please think back on the most recent decision you had to make regarding land management in Nidderdale. Did you discuss this decision with any person or organization? If yes, who was that person/organisation? You may list more than one.

Q2: Are there certain places or events (e.g. Pubs, particular meetings) where you most often tend to discuss land management issues pertaining to Nidderdale? If so, where are these places, and with whom, at these places, do you converse about land management issues?

Q3: Are there any other individuals, government agencies, non-government agences, or businesses with whom you discuss land management issues pertaining to Nidderdale?

Q4: Finally, think back to the last time you had a disagreement or dispute regarding Nidderdale land management issues: who was the person or group with whom you had this dispute?

Based on the nominations respondents gave to these questions, we asked respondents a series of follow-up ‘name interpreter’ questions. These questions allowed us to gather more detailed information on the nature of the tie, and they included the following:

Q1: How frequently do you interact with this person or group?

[ ] very rarely [ ] a few times/year [ ] monthly [ ] weekly [ ] daily
(Please note: We inputted the above data as 1 = very rarely...5 = daily)

Q2: How would you define your relationship to them? Select as many as apply:

[ ] colleague [ ] friend [ ] boss [ ] employee [ ] neighbour [ ] other __
(Please note: We inputted each of the above relations as separate matrices, e.g. a ‘colleague’ matrix, ‘friendship’ matrix, and so forth. All responses recorded as binary data, e.g. 1 = friendship tie in friendship matrix)