In your opinion, how important are the following for the future of Nidderdale?

Please circle the number that best reflects your opinion:
strongly disagree 1 2 3 4 5 strongly agree

  1. Developing alternative flood risk management approaches in the face of climate change is important
  2. Improving water storage capacity in upland catchments is important
  3. Increasing biodiversity is important
  4. Changing land management to block grips is important
  5. Changing land management to reduce sheep numbers is important
  6. Changing land management to stop burning on blanket bog is important
  7. Understanding the relationship between moorland burning and water colour is important
  8. Enforcement of tighter moorland burning regulations is important
  9. More financial support from Government for upland farmers is important
  10. Encouraging recreation is important
  11. Encouraging tourism is important
  12. Reducing the negative environmental impact of tourists is important
  13. Improving the links between the local community and land managers is important
  14. Exploring Nidderdale's potential for wind farms is important
  15. Restoring moorland grips is important
  16. Land owners need to work more closely with agency staff and Government policy
  17. Land owners need more autonomy in making land management decisions
  18. We need to change current land management practices to address climate change
  19. Improving the economic viability of upland farming is important
  20. We need to encourage more local people into the farming sector
  21. We need to improve carbon storage in uplands
  22. We need to maintain shooting and sporting interests in the uplands
  23. Providing affordable homes for local people is important
  24. Changing land management to reduce water colour is necessary
  25. We should allow the uplands to return to a natural state, without management
  26. ' I rely on what I have done in the past when forming opinions about land management'
  27. ' I think we should experiment with new land management strategies'
  28. ' I think we should rely more on previous experience when it comes to land management strategies'
  29. ' Land management practice is guided too much by regulatory bodies'