Table 1. Autocorrelations between land management views and social network features.

  Significance Level
Land management views Tie Tie-strength Simmelian tie
Landowners need more autonomy in making land management decisions. 0.018 0.012 0.045
Enforcement of tighter moorland burning regulations is important. 0.003 0.011 0.05
Encouraging more local people into the farming sector 0.006
Changing land management to reduce water color 0.006
I rely on what I have done in the past when forming opinions about land management.

Please note: In correlating the Likert-scaled items with the social network data, a randomization test of autocorrelation, making use of permutation testing, was used. The Geary C statistic was used for testing levels of significance. See Appendix 3 for more details.