Fig. 5. Illustration of landscape predictions for each site (responses to perception survey) (adapted from Therville 2008). Each point of the triangle represents 100% of land cover of the traditional forested system (damar agroforest in Lampung, rubber agroforest in Jambi, upland rice in Sulawesi), the intensified traditional crop (rubber monoculture in Jambi, coffee monoculture in Lampung, swidden fallows enriched in cocoa or coffee in Sulawesi), or the challenger crop (oil palm in Jambi, cocoa plus oil palm in Lampung, cocoa monoculture in Sulawesi). The arrows represent the proportions of land cover estimated by the respondents (average of all responses) at present and in 20 years from now. The bar chart illustrates the farmersí feelings in relation to the scenario they predicted; the data are missing for Jambi (not included in Therville's survey).

Fig. 5