Table 3. Parameters to assess sustainable governance of Cameroonian community forests.

Parameter Proxy Values
Resource pressure Hectares of community forest by inhabitant 1=Low pressure; 2=Medium pressure; 3=High pressure
Purpose of management Objectives of resource management 1=Conservation; 2=Commercial logging
Productive potential Logging commercial potential 1=Low; 2=Medium; 3=High
Coherence of interests and activities among managers Struggle for control of management decisions 1=Conflict occurs (incoherence); 2=Conflict does not occur (coherence)
Strength of local institutions Mismanagement of logging rent 1=Mismanagement (unresponsiveness); 2=No mismanagement (responsiveness)
Incentives to local people Ratio logging rent investment 1=Low incentives (<25% invested); 2=Strong incentives (>25% invested)
Appropriate leadership Appropriate leadership 1=No; 2=Yes