Table 1. Coding scheme for the evaluation of the cover articles: five subcategories for the connectedness and the potential dimension (number of coded statements in brackets) were developed. Examples of identified statements for each subcategory and in-group and out-group dimensions are provided. Note: DAV = Deutscher Anglerverband, the East German umbrella association for anglers; VDSF = Verband Deutscher Sportfischer, the Association of German Sport Fisheries in the West.

Dimensions and subcategories Examples of statements supporting
in-group (East)
Examples of statements supporting
out-group (East towards West)
(28 statements)
“The simultaneous membership in DAV and VDSF is not possible” (Apr 1992) “Cooperation between DAV and VDSF develops well” (Jun 1990)
(8 statements)
“Protection of the achievements of the DAV” (Apr 1991) No code assigned
(55 statements)
“We – the DAV provide a home for all anglers” (Jan 1993, Apr 1992) No code assigned
(42 statements)
“Suggestions for cooperation were not answered” (Oct 1992) “Four working groups are going to meet every three month” (Jun 1990)
(31 statements)
“VDSF is not interested in an equal and proportional unification” (Sep 1992) “On the way to an unified umbrella organization” (Dec 1990)
(8 statements)
“There is no reason to discard all skills, which were developed in the former GDR even though this state does not exist anymore” (Apr 1991) “The VDSF will not blind itself when help and advice is needed” (Dec 1990)
Group support
(3 statements)
“Association meeting was a clear and convincing vote for the continued existence and legal capacity to act” (Apr 1991) “Despite different starting points a common understanding was created very fast” (Jun 1990)
(24 statements)
“VDSF defamed DAV board members in public” (Aug 1992) “Further trustworthy cooperation” (Dec 1990)
(52 statements)
“We do not have fears about contact but we must be treated fair” (Aug 1992) “Convergence without fears about contact” (Feb 1990)
(12 statements)
“We do not have any hopes for a partnership with the VDSF”
(Aug 1992)
“Consultations in very jovial atmosphere” (Jun 1990)