Table 1. State variables of households represented in the DECUMA model. Variables are grouped into classes for clarity. These variables are assigned initial values only. Livestock populations, the cashbox, assets, and debts may change during a simulation. Milk income depends on the number of lactating cattle in the household herd. Other attributes of the household do not change during a simulation.

Attribute class Units Notes
ID Number A unique identifier
People Number Age and sex classes
Location Meters X and Y coordinates
Cattle Number By sex
Goats Number By sex
Sheep Number By sex
Irrigated Acres Swamp agriculture
Rain-fed Acres Upland agriculture
Highland Acres Slopes of Kilimanjaro
Wages Shillings Hourly wages
Livestock trading Shillings
Business Shillings Petty trade and business
Milk sold Percent Of total produced
Household goods Shillings Tea, sugar, etc.
School fees Shillings
Crop inputs Shillings Seed, fertilizer, etc.
Veterinary inputs Shillings Medicines, supplies
Cashbox Shillings
Assets Shillings
Debt Shillings