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Sandhu, J. S. 2001. Fixed visions and visionaries. Response to Wayne Tyson (2000). "God, nature, and interpretation.". Conservation Ecology 5(1): r1. [online] URL: http://www.consecol.org/vol5/iss1/resp1/

Response to Wayne Tyson (2000). "God, Nature, and Interpretation"

Fixed Visions and Visionaries

Jaswinder S. Sandhu

Published: April 30, 2001

I read with interest the views of Holling (1999), Rogers et al. (2000), and Tyson (2000) on vision. As far as vision is concerned, I think it is an excellent topic that can continue to interest scientists forever. However, the sculpting or carving analogy used to represent vision seems a bit too static to me. A sculpture is an object that is rigid and fixed; it can never change once it has been created. I believe, on the contrary, that vision is something that is, and should be, constantly changing. Regardless of whether you start with only a hazy idea, as Holling did, or a clear view, such as the one that Rogers et al. claim to have had, vision must be dynamic. This is essential in a world where change is a law of nature.

Rogers et al. also make a compelling argument for seeking consensus in terms of vision, i.e., not allowing a single person's vision, or even the most mainstream, to dominate. If we cannot achieve this, then I think we deserve mismanagement of our resources.


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Address of Correspondent:
Jaswinder S. Sandhu
22 Cordgrass Crescent
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6R 1Y4
Phone: (905)799-7359

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