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Table of Contents: Volume 11, Issue 1

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Generating and Fostering Novelty
Lance H. Gunderson, Carl Folke, and Marco Janssen
Guest Editorial
Exploring Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems Through Comparative Studies and Theory Development: Introduction to the Special Issue
Brian H Walker, John M Anderies, Ann P Kinzig, and Paul Ryan
Sprawl and the Resilience of Humans and Nature: an Introduction to the Special Feature
Craig R. Allen
Modeling Distribution and Abundance of Antarctic Baleen Whales Using Ships of Opportunity
Rob Williams, Sharon L. Hedley, and Philip S. Hammond
Urban Containment Policies and the Protection of Natural Areas: The Case of Seoul's Greenbelt
David N Bengston and Yeo-Chang Youn
Temporal Stability in Fishing Spots: Conservation and Co-Management in Brazilian Artisanal Coastal Fisheries
Alpina Begossi
Viability and Risk Assessment in Species Restoration: Planning Reintroductions for the Wild Boar, a Potential Disease Reservoir
Néstor Fernández, Stephanie Kramer-Schadt, and Hans-Hermann Thulke
Economic Evaluation of Pollination Services Comparing Coffee Landscapes in Ecuador and Indonesia
Roland Olschewski, Teja Tscharntke, Pablo C Benítez, Stefan Schwarze, and Alexandra-Maria Klein
The Importance of Social Learning in Restoring the Multifunctionality of Rivers and Floodplains
Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Citizen, Science, Highways, and Wildlife: Using a Web-based GIS to Engage Citizens in Collecting Wildlife Information
Tracy Lee, Michael S Quinn, and Danah Duke
Is Corruption Bad for Environmental Sustainability? A Cross-National Analysis.
Stephen Morse
Understanding the Risk to Neotropical Migrant Bird Species of Multiple Human-Caused Stressors: Elucidating Processes Behind the Patterns.
Ralph S. Hames, James D. Lowe, Sara Barker Swarthout, and Kenneth V. Rosenberg
Eliciting the Implicit Knowledge and Perceptions of On-Ground Conservation Managers of the Macquarie Marshes
Ioan Fazey, Katrina Proust, Barry Newell, Bill Johnson, and John A. Fazey
Trade-offs across Space, Time, and Ecosystem Services
Jon Paul Rodríguez, T. Douglas Beard, Jr., Elena M Bennett, Graeme S. Cumming, Steven J Cork, John Agard, Andrew P. Dobson, and Garry D. Peterson
Scenarios for Ecosystem Services: An Overview
Stephen R Carpenter, Elena M Bennett, and Garry D Peterson
Linking Future Ecosystem Services and Future Human Well-being
Colin D Butler and Willis Oluoch-Kosura
Periodic Closures as Adaptive Coral Reef Management in the Indo-Pacific
Josh Cinner, Michael J Marnane, Timothy R McClanahan, and Glenn R. Almany
Supporting and Enhancing Development of Heterogeneous Ecological Knowledge among Resource Users in a Kenyan Seascape
Beatrice Irene Crona
Efficient Conservation in a Utility-Maximization Framework
Frank W Davis, Christopher Costello, and David Stoms
Relationships Between Perceived Coastal Waterway Condition and Social Aspects of Quality of Life
Melanie E Cox, Ron Johnstone, and Jackie Robinson
Understanding the Stability of Forest Reserve Boundaries in the West Mengo Region of Uganda
Nathan D Vogt, Abwoli Y Banana, William Gombya-Ssembajjwe, and Joseph Bahati
A Framework for Spatial Risk Assessments: Potential Impacts of Nonindigenous Invasive Species on Native Species
Craig R Allen, Alan R Johnson, and Leslie Parris
Exploring Strategies that Build Livelihood Resilience: a Case from Cambodia
Melissa J Marschke and Fikret Berkes
Ten Principles for Biocultural Conservation at the Southern Tip of the Americas: the Approach of the Omora Ethnobotanical Park
Ricardo Rozzi, Francisca Massardo, Christopher B Anderson, Kurt Heidinger, and John A. Silander, Jr.
The Relation Between Income and Hunting in Tropical Forests: an Economic Experiment in the Field
Anders H Sirén, Juan Camilo Cardenas, and José D Machoa
Effects of Heterogeneity in Residential Preferences on an Agent-Based Model of Urban Sprawl
Daniel G. Brown and Derek T. Robinson
Wildlife Conservation in Bornean Timber Concessions
Erik Meijaard, Douglas Sheil, Robert Nasi, and Scott A. Stanley
Agent-based Analysis of Agricultural Policies: an Illustration of the Agricultural Policy Simulator AgriPoliS, its Adaptation and Behavior
Kathrin Happe, Konrad Kellermann, and Alfons Balmann
A Handful of Heuristics and Some Propositions for Understanding Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems
Brian Walker, Lance Gunderson, Ann Kinzig, Carl Folke, Steve Carpenter, and Lisen Schultz
Scale Mismatches in Social-Ecological Systems: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
Graeme S Cumming, David H. M. Cumming, and Charles L Redman
Toward a Network Perspective of the Study of Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems
Marco A Janssen, Örjan Bodin, John M Anderies, Thomas Elmqvist, Henrik Ernstson, Ryan R. J. McAllister, Per Olsson, and Paul Ryan
Water RATs (Resilience, Adaptability, and Transformability) in Lake and Wetland Social-Ecological Systems
Lance H Gunderson, Steve R Carpenter, Carl Folke, Per Olsson, and Garry Peterson
Collapse and Reorganization in Social-Ecological Systems: Questions, Some Ideas, and Policy Implications
Nick Abel, David H. M. Cumming, and John M Anderies
Shooting the Rapids: Navigating Transitions to Adaptive Governance of Social-Ecological Systems
Per Olsson, Lance H Gunderson, Steve R Carpenter, Paul Ryan, Louis Lebel, Carl Folke, and C. S. Holling
Governance and the Capacity to Manage Resilience in Regional Social-Ecological Systems
Louis Lebel, John M Anderies, Bruce Campbell, Carl Folke, Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Terry P Hughes, and James Wilson
Resilience and Regime Shifts: Assessing Cascading Effects
Ann P Kinzig, Paul Ryan, Michel Etienne, Helen Allison, Thomas Elmqvist, and Brian H. Walker
Fifteen Weddings and a Funeral: Case Studies and Resilience-based Management
John M Anderies, Brian H Walker, and Ann P Kinzig
Assessing Sustainability of Logging Practices in the Congo Basin’s Managed Forests: the Issue of Commercial Species Recovery
Alain Karsenty and Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury
Vertical Interplay among Scale-dependent Environmental and Resource Regimes
Oran Young
Considering Background Condition Effects in Tailoring Tropical Forest Management Systems for Sustainability
David S Hammond and Roderick J Zagt
The Significance of Context in Community-Based Research: Understanding Discussions about Wildfire in Huslia, Alaska
Henry P Huntington, Sarah F Trainor, David C Natcher, Orville H Huntington, La'ona DeWilde, and F. Stuart Chapin III
Contracts or Scripts? A Critical Review of the Application of Institutional Theories to the Study of Environmental Change
Samy Hotimsky, Richard Cobb, and Alan Bond
From Community-Based Resource Management to Complex Systems: The Scale Issue and Marine Commons
Fikret Berkes
Can Resilience be Reconciled with Globalization and the Increasingly Complex Conditions of Resource Degradation in Asian Coastal Regions?
Derek Armitage and Derek Johnson
Bridging the Science–Management Divide: Moving from Unidirectional Knowledge Transfer to Knowledge Interfacing and Sharing
Dirk J Roux, Kevin H Rogers, Harry C Biggs, Peter J Ashton, and Anne Sergeant
Science for Place-based Socioecological Management: Lessons from the Maya Forest (Chiapas and Petén)
David Manuel-Navarrete, Scott Slocombe, and Bruce Mitchell
Matching Social and Ecological Systems in Complex Ocean Fisheries
James A. Wilson
Assessing Risks to Wildlife Populations from Multiple Stressors: Overview of the Problem and Research Needs.
Wayne R. Munns, Jr.
Urban Landscapes and Sustainable Cities
Erik Andersson
Adaptive Management Planning Projects as Conflict Resolution Processes
Greg Walkerden
Response to: ‘Should Ecosystem Management Involve Active Control of Species Abundances?’
A response to: Lessard et al. 2005. “Should Ecosystem Management Involve Active Control of Species Abundances?”
Don E. Harron
Expanding the Role of Systems Modeling: Considering Byproduct Generation from Biofuel Production
A response to: Chan et al. 2004. “The Role of Systems Modeling for Sustainable Development Policy Analysis: the Case of Bio-Ethanol”
Kurt A Rosentrater
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