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Table of Contents: Volume 14, Issue 1

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Lumpy Information
Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke
Guest Editorial
Reconnecting Social and Ecological Resilience in Salmon Ecosystems
Daniel L. Bottom, Kim K. Jones, Charles A Simenstad, and Courtland L Smith
Resources Management in Transition
Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Jan Sendzimir, and Paul Jeffrey
Managing Surprises in Complex Systems: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Resilience
P. H. Longstaff
The Fate of Coho Salmon Nomads: The Story of an Estuarine-Rearing Strategy Promoting Resilience
K V. Koski
Reconciling Social and Biological Needs in an Endangered Ecosystem: the Palouse as a Model for Bioregional Planning
Shannon M Donovan, Chris Looney, Thor Hanson, Yaniria Sánchez de León, J. D. Wulfhorst, Sanford D Eigenbrode, Michael Jennings, Jodi Johnson-Maynard, and Nilsa A Bosque Pérez
Trade-Offs in Values Assigned to Ecological Goods and Services Associated with Different Coral Reef Management Strategies
Christina C Hicks, Tim R McClanahan, Joshua E Cinner, and Jeremy M Hills
Application of Structured Decision Making to an Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Options for Sustainable Forest Management
Aynslie E Ogden and John L Innes
Cumulative Effects of Coastal Habitat Alterations on Fishery Resources: toward Prediction at Regional Scales
Stephen J Jordan, Lisa M Smith, and Janet A Nestlerode
Range of Variability in Southern Coastal Plain Forests: Its Historical, Contemporary, and Future Role in Sustaining Biodiversity
Robert J. Mitchell and Sally L. Duncan
Is There Potential for the Historical Range of Variability to Guide Conservation Given the Social Range of Variability?
Jonathan R Thompson, Sally L. Duncan, and K. Norman Johnson
Supporting the Shift from State Water to Community Water: Lessons from a Social Learning Approach to Designing Joint Irrigation Projects in Morocco
Marcel Kuper, Mathieu Dionnet, Ali Hammani, Younes Bekkar, Patrice Garin, and Bettina Bluemling
The Impact of Resource Scarcity on Bonding and Bridging Social Capital: the Case of Fishers’ Information-Sharing Networks in Loreto, BCS, Mexico
Saudiel Ramirez-Sanchez and Evelyn Pinkerton
Consequences of Environmental Service Payments for Forest Retention and Recruitment in a Costa Rican Biological Corridor
Wayde C Morse, Jessica L Schedlbauer, Steven E Sesnie, Bryan Finegan, Celia A Harvey, Steven J Hollenhorst, Kathleen L Kavanagh, Dietmar Stoian, and J. D. Wulfhorst
Quantifying the Road-Effect Zone: Threshold Effects of a Motorway on Anuran Populations in Ontario, Canada
Felix Eigenbrod, Stephen J. Hecnar, and Lenore Fahrig
Frogs Call at a Higher Pitch in Traffic Noise
Kirsten M Parris, Meah Velik-Lord, and Joanne M. A. North
Adaptive Water Governance: Assessing the Institutional Prescriptions of Adaptive (Co-)Management from a Governance Perspective and Defining a Research Agenda
Dave Huitema, Erik Mostert, Wouter Egas, Sabine Moellenkamp, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, and Resul Yalcin
Road Zone Effects in Small-Mammal Communities
John A. Bissonette and Silvia A. Rosa
Avian Influenza H5N1 and the Wild Bird Trade in Hanoi, Vietnam
F. Brooks-Moizer, Scott I Roberton, Kelly Edmunds, and Diana Bell
Impacts of Traffic Noise and Traffic Volume on Birds of Roadside Habitats
Kirsten M. Parris and Angela Schneider
Linking Resilience Theory and Diffusion of Innovations Theory to Understand the Potential for Perennials in the U.S. Corn Belt
Ryan C Atwell, Lisa A Schulte, and Lynne M Westphal
Selling Conservation? Scientific Legitimacy and the Commodification of Conservation Tourism
Jenny A Cousins, James Evans, and Jon Sadler
Stable Forest Cover under Increasing Populations of Swidden Cultivators in Central Laos: the Roles of Intrinsic Culture and Extrinsic Wildlife Trade
William G Robichaud, Anthony R. E. Sinclair, Naa Odarkor-Lanquaye, and Brian Klinkenberg
Interactive Land-Use Planning in Indonesian Rain-Forest Landscapes: Reconnecting Plans to Practice
Eva Wollenberg, Bruce Campbell, Edmond Dounias, Petrus Gunarso, Moira Moeliono, and Douglas Sheil
Linking Hunter Knowledge with Forest Change to Understand Changing Deer Harvest Opportunities in Intensively Logged Landscapes
Todd J Brinkman, Terry Chapin, Gary Kofinas, and David K Person
Increasing Social–Ecological Resilience by Placing Science at the Decision Table: the Role of the San Pedro Basin (Arizona) Decision-Support System Model
Aleix Serrat-Capdevila, Anne Browning-Aiken, Kevin Lansey, Tim Finan, and Juan B Valdés
Ecosystem Services, Land-Cover Change, and Stakeholders: Finding a Sustainable Foothold for a Semiarid Biodiversity Hotspot
Belinda Reyers, Patrick J. O’Farrell, Richard M. Cowling, Benis N. Egoh, David C. Le Maitre, and Jan H. J. Vlok
Company–Community Logging Contracts in Amazonian Settlements: Impacts on Livelihoods and NTFP Harvests
Mary C. S. Menton, Frank D Merry, Anna Lawrence, and Nick Brown
Flavor or Forethought: Tuhoe Traditional Management Strategies for the Conservation of Kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae) in New Zealand
Philip O’B. Lyver, Christopher J Jones, and James Doherty
Exploring Social Resilience in Madagascar’s Marine Protected Areas
Joshua Cinner, Mariana M. P. B. Fuentes, and Herilala Randriamahazo
Respect for Grizzly Bears: an Aboriginal Approach for Co-existence and Resilience
Douglas A Clark and D. Scott Slocombe
Integration of Regional Mitigation Assessment and Conservation Planning
James H Thorne, Patrick R Huber, Evan H Girvetz, Jim Quinn, and Michael C McCoy
Conceptual Models for Ecosystem Management through the Participation of Local Social Actors: the Río Cruces Wetland Conflict
Luisa E. Delgado, Víctor H Marín, Pamela L Bachmann, and Marcela Torres-Gomez
The Problem of Scale in Indigenous Knowledge: a Perspective from Northern Australia
Marc Wohling
The Social Construction of Fishing, 1949
Carmel Finley
Natural Length Scales of Ecological Systems: Applications at Community and Ecosystem Levels
Craig R Johnson
Resilience: Accounting for the Noncomputable
Stephen R Carpenter, Carl Folke, Marten Scheffer, and Frances Westley
Beyond Baselines: Rethinking Priorities for Ocean Conservation
Lisa M Campbell, Noella J Gray, Elliott L Hazen, and Janna M Shackeroff
Panarchy: Discontinuities Reveal Similarities in the Dynamic System Structure of Ecological and Social Systems
Ahjond S Garmestani, Craig R Allen, and Lance Gunderson
Naturalness and Place in River Rehabilitation
Kirstie Fryirs and Gary J Brierley
Enrichment Planting in Secondary Forests: a Promising Clean Development Mechanism to Increase Terrestrial Carbon Sinks
Alain Paquette, Jessica Hawryshyn, Alexandra Vyta Senikas, and Catherine Potvin
The Role of Ecological Science in Environmental Policy Making: from a Pacification toward a Facilitation Strategy
Lucien Hanssen, Etiënne Rouwette, and Marieke M. van Katwijk
Integrating Ethno-Ecological and Scientific Knowledge of Termites for Sustainable Termite Management and Human Welfare in Africa
Gudeta W Sileshi, Philip Nyeko, Phillip O. Y. Nkunika, Benjamin M Sekematte, Festus K Akinnifesi, and Oluyede C Ajayi
Evolutionary History, Habitat Disturbance Regimes, and Anthropogenic Changes: What Do These Mean for Resilience of Pacific Salmon Populations?
Robin S. Waples, Tim Beechie, and George R. Pess
Resilient Salmon, Resilient Fisheries for British Columbia, Canada
Michael C Healey
Coastal Lagoons and Climate Change: Ecological and Social Ramifications in U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ecosystems
Abigail Anthony, Joshua Atwood, Peter August, Carrie Byron, Stanley Cobb, Cheryl Foster, Crystal Fry, Arthur Gold, Kifle Hagos, Leanna Heffner, D. Q Kellogg, Kimberly Lellis-Dibble, James J Opaluch, Candace Oviatt, Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, Nicole Rohr, Leslie Smith, Tiffany Smythe, Judith Swift, and Nathan Vinhateiro
Resilience, Adaptability, and Transformability in the Goulburn-Broken Catchment, Australia
Brian H Walker, Nick Abel, John M Anderies, and Paul Ryan
Effects of Roads on Animal Abundance: an Empirical Review and Synthesis
Lenore Fahrig and Trina Rytwinski
The People Paradox: Self-Esteem Striving, Immortality Ideologies, and Human Response to Climate Change
Janis L Dickinson
Designing Landscapes for Performance Based on Emerging Principles in Landscape Ecology
Sarah Taylor Lovell and Douglas M. Johnston
Freshwater Ecosystems and Resilience of Pacific Salmon: Habitat Management Based on Natural Variability
Peter A Bisson, Jason B Dunham, and Gordon H Reeves
Caution Against Using Intact Forest-Landscapes Data at Regional Scales
A response to: Potapov et al. 2008. “Mapping the World’s Intact Forest Landscapes by Remote Sensing”
Peter G. Lee
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