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Table of Contents: Volume 25, Issue 2

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Guest Editorial
Full-spectrum sustainability: an alternative to fisheries management panaceas
Paul Foley, Evelyn Pinkerton, Melanie G. Wiber, and Robert L. Stephenson
Resilience: what it is and is not
Brian H Walker
Knowledge coproduction improves understanding of environmental change in the Ethiopian highlands
Cara Steger, Girma Nigussie, Michael Alonzo, Bikila Warkineh, Jamon Van Den Hoek, Mekbib Fekadu, Paul H. Evangelista, and Julia A. Klein
Transfers of vulnerability through adaptation plan implementation: an analysis based on networks of feedback control loops
Olivier Barreteau, John M Anderies, Chloe Guerbois, Tara Quinn, Clara Therville, Raphael Mathevet, and Francois Bousquet
A bitter taste of fish: the temporality of salmon, settler colonialism, and the work of well-being in a Yupiaq fishing village
William Voinot-Baron
Multiattribute decision making for the assessment of disaster resilience in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Yuying Yang, Haixiang Guo, Linfei Chen, Xiao Liu, Mingyun Gu, and Wenwen Pan
The interaction of flow regimes and nutrient fluxes on the water quality and ecosystem health of a clear, freshwater wetland
Margaret Shanafield, Anna Rigosi, Yang Liu, and Justin Brookes
Culture and the social-ecology of local food use by Indigenous communities in northern North America
Roxanne Tremblay, Manuelle Landry-Cuerrier, and Murray M. Humphries
Quantifying community resilience in South Sudan: The FEED project (Fortifying Equality and Economic Diversification)
Martin J. Bunch, Sohrab Pathan, Antoinette G. Battaglia, Bryn Greer-Wootten, Alana Mascoll, Trevor Russell, and Josh Folkema
Integrating conflict, lobbying, and compliance to predict the sustainability of natural resource use
Jeremy J. Cusack, A. Bradley Duthie, Jeroen Minderman, Isabel L. Jones, Rocío A. Pozo, O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo, Steve Redpath, and Nils Bunnefeld
Operationalizing the social-ecological system framework to assess residential forest structure: a case study in Bloomington, Indiana
Mikaela L. Schmitt-Harsh and Sarah K. Mincey
Historical insights for understanding the emergence of community-based conservation in Kenya: international agendas, colonial legacies, and contested worldviews
Kasmira A. Cockerill and Shannon M. Hagerman
A comparative framework to support an ecosystem approach to fisheries in a global context
Emma M. Lockerbie, Lynne Shannon, Christopher P. Lynam, Marta Coll, and Astrid Jarre
The importance of relational values in river management: understanding enablers and barriers for effective participation
Simon A. Mould, Kirstie A. Fryirs, and Richard Howitt
Assessing the sustainability and equity of Alaska salmon fisheries through a well-being framework
Rachel Donkersloot, Jessica C. Black, Courtney Carothers, Danielle Ringer, Wilson Justin, Patricia M. Clay, Melissa R. Poe, Erika R. Gavenus, William Voinot-Baron, Carrie Stevens, Mike Williams, Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, Freddie Christiansen, Sara Jo Breslow, Stephen J. Langdon, Jesse M. Coleman, and S. Jeanette Clark
Seeds of change: reversing the erosion of traditional agroecological knowledge through a citizen science school program in Catalonia, Spain
Petra Benyei, Laura Aceituno-Mata, Laura Calvet-Mir, Javier Tardío, Manuel Pardo-de-Santayana, David García-del-Amo, Marta Rivera-Ferre, María Molina-Simón, Airy Gras, Antonio Perdomo-Molina, Sara Guadilla-Sáez, and Victoria Reyes-García
Economic value of small-scale sea cucumber fisheries under two contrasting management regimes
Maria Eggertsen, Hampus Eriksson, Matthew J. Slater, Caroline Raymond, and Maricela de la Torre-Castro
Combining ecosystem modeling with serious gaming in support of transboundary maritime spatial planning
Jeroen Steenbeek, Giovanni Romagnoni, Jacob W Bentley, Johanna J. Heymans, Natalia Serpetti, Magali Gonçalves, Carlos Santos, Harald Warmelink, Igor Mayer, Xander Keijser, Rhona Fairgrieve, and Lodewijk Abspoel
Determining management preferences in a multimethod consumptive recreational fishery
Mary Mackay, Satoshi Yamazaki, Jeremy M. Lyle, and Emily M. Ogier
Using a social-ecological system approach to enhance understanding of structural interconnectivities within the beekeeping industry for sustainable decision making
Vidushi Patel, Eloise M. Biggs, Natasha Pauli, and Bryan Boruff
Using social network analysis to assess the Pontocaspian biodiversity conservation capacity in Ukraine
Aleksandre Gogaladze, Frank P. Wesselingh, Koos Biesmeijer, Vitaliy V. Anistratenko, Natalia Gozak, Mikhail O. Son, and Niels Raes
Comparing social representations of the landscape: a methodology
Carole Vuillot, Raphael Mathevet, and Clélia Sirami
Homosocial stewardship: the opposed and unpaid care work of women water stewards in West Virginia, USA
Martina Angela Caretta
Local institutions of culture as urban stewards: in pursuit of hybrid governance in Warsaw, Poland
Artur Jerzy Filip
Biocultural stewardship, Indigenous and local ecological knowledge, and the urban crucible
Heather L. McMillen, Lindsay K. Campbell, Erika S. Svendsen, Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililani, Kainana S. Francisco, and Christian P. Giardina
Developing a sustainability science approach for water systems
Christa Brelsford, Marion Dumas, Edella Schlager, Brian J Dermody, Michael Aiuvalasit, Melissa R Allen-Dumas, Janice Beecher, Udit Bhatia, Paolo D'Odorico, Margaret Garcia, Patricia Gober, David Groenfeldt, Steve Lansing, Kaveh Madani, Linda Estelí Méndez-Barrientos, Elena Mondino, Marc F Müller, Frances C O'Donnell, Patrick M Owuor, James Rising, Matthew R Sanderson, Felipe A. A. Souza, and Samuel C Zipper
A review of Indigenous knowledge and participation in environmental monitoring
Kim-Ly Thompson, Trevor C Lantz, and Natalie C Ban
Ecomimicry in Indigenous resource management: optimizing ecosystem services to achieve resource abundance, with examples from Hawaiʻi
Kawika B Winter, Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Fikret Berkes, Rosanna A. Alegado, Natalie Kurashima, Kiana L. Frank, Puaʻala Pascua, Yoshimi M Rii, Frederick Reppun, Ingrid S.S. Knapp, Will C McClatchey, Tamara Ticktin, Celia Smith, Erik C. Franklin, Kirsten Oleson, Melissa R Price, Margaret A. McManus, Megan J. Donahue, Kuulei S Rodgers, Brian W. Bowen, Craig E. Nelson, Bill Thomas, Jo-Ann Leong, Elizabeth M. P. Madin, Malia Ana J. Rivera, Kim A. Falinski, Leah L. Bremer, Jonathan L. Deenik, Sam M. Gon III, Brian Neilson, Ryan Okano, Anthony Olegario, Ben Nyberg, A. Hiʻilei Kawelo, Keliʻi Kotubetey, J. Kānekoa Kukea-Shultz, and Robert J. Toonen
Nurturing resilient forest biodiversity: nest webs as complex adaptive systems
José Tomás Ibarra, Kristina L. Cockle, Tomás A. Altamirano, Yntze van der Hoek, Suzanne W. Simard, Cristián Bonacic, and Kathy Martin
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