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Table of Contents: Volume 26, Issue 1

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Linking landscape attributes to salmon and decision-making in the southern Kenai Lowlands, Alaska, USA
Coowe M. Walker, Dennis F Whigham, I. Syverine Bentz, Jacob M Argueta, Ryan S King, Mark C. Rains, Charles A Simenstad, Chris Guo, Steven J. Baird, and Conrad J Field
Measuring rural community resilience: case studies in New Zealand and Vermont, USA
Penny R Payne, William H Kaye-Blake, Amy Kelsey, Margaret Brown, and Meredith T Niles
Linking the social, economic, and agroecological: a resilience framework for dairy farming
Nicholas A. Cradock-Henry
A decision support tool for assessing cumulative effects on an Arctic migratory tundra caribou population
Don Russell, Anne Gunn, and Robert White
Social learning for building community resilience to cyclones: role of indigenous and local knowledge, power, and institutions in coastal Bangladesh
Mahed-Ul-Islam Choudhury, C. Emdad Haque, Ainun Nishat, and Sean Byrne
Promises and limits of community-based organizations in bridging mismatches of scale: a case study on collaborative governance on federal lands
Jean Lee and Jacopo Baggio
Bogs, birds, and berries in Belarus: the governance and management dynamics of wetland restoration in a state-centric, top-down context
Lucas Dawson, Marine Elbakidze, Marie Schellens, Anton Shkaruba, and Per K. Angelstam
Combining biophysical optimization with economic preference analysis for agricultural land-use allocation
Andrea Kaim, Bartosz Bartkowski, Nele Lienhoop, Christoph Schröter-Schlaack, Martin Volk, and Michael Strauch
Meeting places and social capital supporting rural landscape stewardship: A Pan-European horizon scanning
Per Angelstam, Mariia Fedoriak, Fatima Cruz, José Muñoz-Rojas, Taras Yamelynets, Michael Manton, Carla-Leanne Washbourne, Denis Dobrynin, Zita Izakovičova, Nicklas Jansson, Bogdan Jaroszewicz, Robert Kanka, Marika Kavtarishvili, Leena Kopperoinen, Marius Lazdinis, Marc J. Metzger, Deniz Özüt, Dori Pavloska Gjorgjieska, Frans J. Sijtsma, Nataliya Stryamets, Ahmet Tolunay, Turkay Turkoglu, Bert van der Moolen, Asiya Zagidullina, and Alina Zhuk
Nature’s contributions to people: coproducing quality of life from multifunctional landscapes
Enora Bruley, Bruno Locatelli, and Sandra Lavorel
Socioeconomic impacts of resource diversification from small-scale fishery development
Steven W. Purcell, Alejandro Tagliafico, Brian R. Cullis, and Beverley J. Gogel
Indigenous peoples and salmon stewardship: a critical relationship
Courtney Carothers, Jessica Black, Stephen J Langdon, Rachel Donkersloot, Danielle Ringer, Jesse Coleman, Erika R Gavenus, Wilson Justin, Mike Williams, Freddie Christiansen, Jonathan Samuelson, Carrie Stevens, Brooke Woods, S. Jeanette Clark, Patricia M. Clay, Liza Mack, Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, Andrea Akall'eq Sanders, Benjamin L. Stevens, and Alex Whiting
Understanding the drivers of subsistence poaching in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area: What matters for community wildlife conservation?
Herbert Ntuli, Aksel Sundström, Martin Sjöstedt, Edwin Muchapondwa, Sverker C. Jagers, and Amanda Linell
Payments for ecosystem services within the hybrid governance model: evaluating policy alignment and complementarity on California rangelands
Nicole Buckley Biggs, Jayce Hafner, Fadzayi E. Mashiri, Lynn Huntsinger, and Eric F. Lambin
Soils, landscapes, and cultural concepts of favor and disfavor within complex adaptive systems and ResourceCultures: human-land interactions during the Holocene
Bruce R. James, Sandra Teuber, Jan J. Miera, Sean Downey, Jessica Henkner, Thomas Knopf, Fabio A. Correa, Benjamin Höpfer, Sascha Scherer, Adriane Michaelis, Barret M. Wessel, Kevin S. Gibbons, Peter Kühn, and Thomas Scholten
Toward an urgent yet deliberate conservation strategy: sustaining social-ecological systems in rangelands of the Northern Great Plains, Montana
Kathleen Epstein, David J. A. Wood, Kelli Roemer, Bryce Currey, Hannah Duff, Justin D Gay, Hannah M Goemann, Sasha Loewen, Megan C Milligan, John A. F. Wendt, E. N. J. Brookshire, Bruce D Maxwell, Lance McNew, David B McWethy, Paul C Stoy, and Julia H Haggerty
Grasping darkness: the dark ecological network as a social-ecological framework to limit the impacts of light pollution on biodiversity
Samuel Challéat, Kévin Barré, Alexis Laforge, Dany Lapostolle, Magalie Franchomme, Clélia Sirami, Isabelle Le Viol, Johan Milian, and Christian Kerbiriou
Guest Editorial
Beyond social-ecological traps: fostering transformations towards sustainability
Hampus Eriksson, Jessica L. Blythe, Henrik Österblom, and Per Olsson
Lessons learned from synthetic research projects based on the Ostrom Workshop frameworks
Michael Cox, Georgina G. Gurney, John M. Anderies, Eric Coleman, Emily Darling, Graham Epstein, Ulrich J. Frey, Mateja Nenadovic, Edella Schlager, and Sergio Villamayor-Tomas
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