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Table of Contents: Volume 26, Issue 3

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Advancing practical applications of resilience in Aotearoa-New Zealand
David Wither, Caroline Orchiston, Nicholas A. Cradock-Henry, and Etienne Nel
Understanding the local biodiversity and open space strategies in two South African cities
Quraisha Bux, Pippin Anderson, and Patrick J O'Farrell
Toward understanding the long-term persistence of a local governance system among artisanal fishers in Chile
Jaime A Aburto, Wolfgang Stotz, Georgina Cundill, and Carlos Tapia
Barriers to scaling sustainable land and water management in Uganda: a cross-scale archetype approach
Luigi Piemontese, Rick Nelson Kamugisha, Joy Margaret Biteete Tukahirwa, Anna Tengberg, Simona Pedde, and Fernando Jaramillo
Lessons for human survival in a world without ecological templates: what can we learn from small-scale societies?
Roope O. Kaaronen, Mikael A. Manninen, Emery Roe, Janne I. Hukkinen, and Jussi T. Eronen
Limited effectiveness of EU policies to conserve an endangered species in high nature value farmland in Romania
Jacqueline Loos, Juliane Gallersdörfer, Tibor Hartel, Matthias Dolek, and Laura Sutcliffe
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