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Table of Contents: Volume 26, Issue 4

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Guest Editorial
State of Alaska's salmon and people: introduction to a special feature
Peter A. H. Westley, Jessica C Black, Courtney Carothers, and Danielle Ringer
Building adaptive capacity in a changing Arctic by use of technology
Jennifer I Schmidt, Vera H Hausner, and Christopher Monz
Participatory futures thinking in the African context of sustainability challenges and socio-environmental change
Emma Li Johansson
Water management, hydrological extremes, and society: modeling interactions and phenomena
Maurizio Mazzoleni, Vincent O. Odongo, Elena Mondino, and Giuliano Di Baldassarre
Residents' perceptions of the role and management of green spaces to provide cultural ecosystem services in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Rumana Sultana and Samiya Ahmed Selim
In the trap of interacting indirect and direct drivers: the disintegration of extensive, traditional grassland management in Central and Eastern Europe
Dániel Babai, Béla Jánó, and Zsolt Molnár
Panarchy and management of lake ecosystems
David G. Angeler, Craig R. Allen, Ahjond Garmestani, Lance Gunderson, and Richard K. Johnson
Automated content analysis of the Hawaiʻi small boat fishery survey reveals nuanced, evolving conflicts
Aviv Suan, Kirsten M. Leong, and Kirsten L.L. Oleson
Drawing on diverse knowledge systems to enhance local climate understanding in the southern Cape, South Africa
Catherine D. Ward, Georgina Cundill, Guy F. Midgley, and Astrid Jarre
Looking at hidden connections to explore adaptive capacity of cultural landscape systems: case studies of four landcare associations in Germany
Hyunjin Park and Claudia Bieling
Non-governmental organizations improve the social-ecological fit of institutions conserving the Andean bear in Colombia
Rhianna R. Hohbein, Nathan P. Nibbelink, and Robert J. Cooper
Changing trends and perceptions of sea turtle egg consumption in Redang Island, Malaysia
Meenakshi Poti, Seh Ling Long, Mohd Uzair Rusli, Jarina Mohd Jani, Jean Hugé, and Farid Dahdouh-Guebas
Climate change stressors and social-ecological factors mediating access to subsistence resources in Arctic Alaska
Kristen M. Green, Anne H. Beaudreau, Maija H. Lukin, and Larry B. Crowder
Mapping mental barriers that prevent the use of neighborhood green spaces
Dagmar Haase, Manuel Wolff, and Nadja Schumacher
Retaining multi-functionality in a rapidly changing urban landscape: insights from a participatory, resilience thinking process in Stockholm, Sweden
Sara Borgström, Erik Andersson, and Tove Björklund
Why do large-scale agricultural investments induce different socio-economic, food security, and environmental impacts? Evidence from Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique
Christoph Oberlack, Markus Giger, Ward Anseeuw, Camilla Adelle, Magalie Bourblanc, Perrine Burnod, Sandra Eckert, Wegayehu Fitawek, Eve Fouilleux, Sheryl L Hendriks, Boniface Kiteme, Livhuwani Masola, Zaka Diana Mawoko, Sara Mercandalli, Aurélien Reys, Maya da Silva, Michael van der Laan, Julie G Zaehringer, and Peter Messerli
Assessing the learning process in transdisciplinary research through a novel analytical approach
André Mascarenhas, Johannes Langemeyer, Dagmar Haase, Sara Borgström, and Erik Andersson
Participatory scenario planning and framing of social-ecological systems: an analysis of policy formulation processes in Rwanda and Tanzania
Lucas Rutting, Joost M. Vervoort, Heleen Mees, and Peter P. J. Driessen
Applying community-based and Indigenous research methodologies: lessons learned from the Nuxalk Sputc Project
Rachelle Beveridge, Megan F. Moody, Bernie Pauly, Grant Murray, and Chris T. Darimont
Integrated and innovative scenario approaches for sustainable development planning in The Bahamas
Katherine H. Wyatt, Katie K. Arkema, Stacey Wells-Moultrie, Jessica M. Silver, Brett Lashley, Adelle Thomas, Jan J. Kuiper, Anne D. Guerry, and Mary Ruckelshaus
Situating Indigenous knowledge for resilience in fire-dependent social-ecological systems
Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz, Shannon M Hagerman, and Lori D Daniels
Multi-secular and regional trends of aquatic biodiversity in European Early Modern paintings: toward an ecological and historical significance
Anne-Sophie Tribot, Daniel Faget, Héloïse Villesseche, Thomas Richard, and Thomas Changeux
An integrated livelihoods and well-being framework to understand northeastern Colorado ranchers' adaptive strategies
Jasmine E. Bruno, Maria E. Fernandez-Gimenez, and Meena M. Balgopal
Converting monospecific into mixed forests: stakeholders’ views on ecosystem services in the Black Forest Region
Iulia Almeida, Christine Rösch, and Somidh Saha
Participatory monitoring and evaluation to enable social learning, adoption, and out-scaling of regenerative agriculture
Raquel Luján Soto, Mamen Cuéllar Padilla, María Rivera Méndez, Teresa Pinto-Correia, Carolina Boix-Fayos, and Joris de Vente
From fAIrplay to climate wars: making climate change scenarios more dynamic, creative, and integrative
Laura M. Pereira, David R. Morrow, Valentina Aquila, Brian Beckage, Sam Beckbesinger, Lauren Beukes, Holly J Buck, Colin J. Carlson, Oliver Geden, Andrew P. Jones, David P. Keller, Katharine J. Mach, Mohale Mashigo, Juan B. Moreno-Cruz, Daniele Visioni, Simon Nicholson, and Christopher H. Trisos
Failing to plan is planning to fail: lessons learned from a small-scale scenario planning process with marginalized fishers from South Africa’s southern Cape
Louise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre, and Charles Mather
Land-use changes associated with large-scale land transactions in Ethiopia
Tim G. Williams, Sadie A. Trush, Jonathan A. Sullivan, Chuan Liao, Nathan Chesterman, Arun Agrawal, Seth D. Guikema, and Daniel G. Brown
Adaptive resilience of and through urban ecosystem services: a transdisciplinary approach to sustainability in Barcelona
Claudia De Luca, Johannes Langemeyer, Simeon Vaňo, Francesc Baró, and Erik Andersson
Barriers to incorporating ecosystem services in coastal conservation practice: the case of blue carbon
Aaron L. Strong and Nicole M. Ardoin
Evaluating determinants of social trust in water utilities: implications for building resilient water systems
Madeline A. Grupper, Michael G. Sorice, Marc J. Stern, and Madeline E. Schreiber
Shifting beach wrack composition in the SW Baltic Sea and its effect on beach use
Florian Weinberger, Swantje Sundt, Nadja Staerck, Christine Merk, Rolf Karez, and Katrin Rehdanz
Place attachment and perceptions of land-use change: cultural ecosystem services impacts of eucalyptus plantation expansion in Ubajay, Entre Ríos, Argentina
Theresa Selfa, Victoria Marini, and Jesse B. Abrams
Archetypal games generate diverse models of power, conflict, and cooperation
Bryan Bruns and Christian Kimmich
Iterative scenarios for social-ecological systems
Dustin L. Herrmann, Kirsten Schwarz, Craig R. Allen, David G Angeler, Tarsha Eason, and Ahjond Garmestani
Farmer networks and agrobiodiversity interventions: the unintended outcomes of intended change
Marney E. Isaac, Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong, Petr Matouš, Evans Dawoe, and Luke C. N. Anglaaere
Toward an ecology of disasters: a primer for the pursuit of ecological research on disasters
Nathaniel L. Gibson, Elizabeth A. Green, Guido A. Herrera-R, Sarah J. Love, Sophia C. Turner, Maryrose Weatherton, Alexandra S. Faidiga, Amy R. Luo, Michael L. Ngoh, Eric Shershen, Hyun Seok Yoon, and Michael J. Blum
Climate change risks and adaptation options for Madagascar
Sarah R. Weiskopf, Janet A. Cushing, Toni Lyn Morelli, and Bonnie J. E. Myers
Social learning in conservation and natural resource management: taking a sociocultural perspective
Christopher C. Jadallah and Heidi L. Ballard
Conservation and indigenous cultures: learning from the Yanadi community in the Eastern Ghats, India
Diya Paul and Suresh Jones
Capturing practitioners' "how-to" knowledge in the form of recommendations for more effective planning of collaborative adaptive management projects
Jim Berkley and Kathi K. Beratan
A framework for ecosystem resilience in policy and practice: DECCA
Angelina Sanderson Bellamy, Jim Latham, Steve Spode, Sarah Ayling, Rhian Thomas, and Kirsty Lindenbaum
Technology in support of nature-based solutions requires understanding everyday experiences
Jiayang Li and Joan Iverson Nassauer
Urban resilience thinking in practice: ensuring flows of benefit from green and blue infrastructure
Erik Andersson, Sara Borgström, Dagmar Haase, Johannes Langemeyer, Manuel Wolff, and Timon McPhearson
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