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Table of Contents: Volume 27, Issue 1

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Double exposure to capitalist expansion and climatic change: a study of vulnerability on the Ghanaian coastal commodity frontier
Callum Nolan, Izabela Delabre, Filippo Menga, and Michael K. Goodman
Hunting as land use: Understanding the spatial associations among hunting, agriculture, and forestry
Wiebke Neumann, Christian Levers, Fredrik Widemo, Navinder J. Singh, Joris P.G.M. Cromsigt, and Tobias Kuemmerle
Patriotism, place, and provisioning: assessing cultural ecosystem services through longitudinal and historical studies in Vietnam
Pamela McElwee, Hương Vũ, Giang V , and Dianne L
Perceived impacts of woody encroachment on ecosystem services in Hluhluwe, South Africa
Linda Luvuno, Reinette Biggs, Nicola Stevens, and Karen Esler
Assessing the potential delivery of ecosystem services by farmlands under contrasting management intensities
Ana Buchadas, Francisco Moreira, Davy McCracken, Jos Lima Santos, and Angela Lomba
Not too small to benefit society: insights into perceived cultural ecosystem services of mountain lakes in the European Alps
Uta Schirpke, Rocco Scolozzi, and Ulrike Tappeiner
Resilience-performance trade-offs in managing social-ecological systems
Mehran Homayounfar, Rachata Muneepeerakul, and John M Anderies
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